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Roller disco dropkick killed his kids because of a custody dispute

Divorced Briton admits killing children in France

Dad: I killed my two kids

Briton cuts his son and daughter’s throats at French apartment: Father due in court after fleeing scene on roller skates

The second storey flat where the children were killed.

The second storey flat where the children were killed.

Divorce is a thing. It happens all over the world. Most people just pick up and carry on with their lives after their marriage falls apart. But some people can’t handle it when things don’t go their way…

Julian Stevenson (47), from Britain, killed his children Mathew (10) and Carla (5) because he couldn’t get it together and his wife and mother of his children had divorced his loser arse and rightly kept the kids away from him. He considered the visitation conditions, that the court had set out, to be “insufficient”.

On Saturday afternoon, the useless crapwad had his first unsupervised visit with Carla and Mathew in his flat in Saint-Priest, a southeast suburb of Lyon, France. Their small bodies were found shortly afterwards, both with throats slit. When their maman came to collect them, she found her ex husband looking panicked and angry, according to a neighbour. The same neighbour told police that he was in the stairwell of the block of flats, covered in blood. Now here comes the funny bit amongst all of this sadness. The neighbour reported that the killer fled…on a pair of roller skates! Obviously the roller skates didn’t take him very far, because he was found that evening in Lyon’s 8th arrondissement. He was arrested and will face French prosecutors today.

The wife divorced the dropkick in 2010 because he was violent towards her. He was an alcoholic and was unemployed. Understandably, the wife was awarded custody with the dickhead having minimal contact with the kids. Investigators are eager to find out who in their right mind would award unsupervised visits to a violent and lazy drunk.

Rest in peace Carla and Mathew. Un souffle du ciel.

No, we don’t want her back.

Canada to deport Aust killer mum: report

Deportation to Australia for child killer Allyson McConnell despite appeal

Australian mother Alyson McConnell drowned her sons in a bath, Canadian court hears


Alyson McConnell

Selfish bitch c*** Allyson McConnell

A selfish bitch c*** who drowned her two little sons is being deported back to Australia after serving a measly 10 months of a 15 month sentence. For “manslaughter”. All because she was “depressed”.

Authorities say that Allyson McConnell, then 31, drowned her two little boys, Jayden (20 months) and Connor (3) in the bathtub of their Millet, Alberta home in February 2010. She allegedly left their little bodies to rot while she tried to kill herself by jumping off of a bridge. Unfortunately she did not succeed. Why is it that these selfish fucks who kill their kids and themselves get it in the wrong order? It’s “Kill yourself” first! The selfish bitch c*** only got a few broken bones and was taken to a hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. They should have let her die. Broken bones can kill and it’s a lovely slow painful death.

The boys’ father, Curtis McConnell, told the court that trouble had been brewing for months. They had split, and the selfish bitch c*** wanted to take the boys and move back to Australia. He was afraid that she’d take off with the boys without his knowledge. Even though the couple were separated, they still lived in the same house, and Mr McConnell was seeking joint custody of the boys, or sole custody if Allyson did indeed move back to Australia. Mr McConnell returned from work to find his sons’ lifeless bodies on the bathroom floor. Neighbours tried to console him and helped him call the authorities. The selfish bitch c*** was convicted of manslaughter and was sentenced to a lousy 15 months in a psychiatric hospital. 15 months. Shorter than the lives of her sons, which she so brutally snuffed out. She only served 10 of them.

Fast forward to 2013. The selfish bitch c*** has served her blip of a sentence and is being deported to Australia. She is now 34, still young enough to have more children that she can kill when things don’t go her way. There has been a review of the decision to deport the selfish bitch c***, following protests from her ex husband and Alberta authorities who opposed her lenient charges and sentencing. She was deported today. I hope her plane never makes it to Sydney and that she dies in a firey bleeding mess.

Allyson McConnell

RIP Jayden and Connor


Idiotic Isidro killed his sons to make his ex-wife suffer

Estranged father kills sons in front of mother

Isidro Zavala killed his sons before taking his own life. (WSVN-TV)

Selfish loser bastard

Relationships and marriages bust up all the time. Sometimes it can’t be avoided, people just grow apart. But it’s no reason to kill yourself or your children.

Isidro Zavala (45) couldn’t handle the fact that his marriage was over. His wife wanted a divorce. Instead of simply accepting it or maybe suggesting marriage counselling, Zavala had other ideas. A bad one. He rocked up to his ex-wife Victoria’s Florida home (where else?) and killed two of his three sons (12 and 11)  in front of her. Victoria told police that she was watching TV when she heard noises and found her ex-husband strangling one of their sons. He would then strangle both sons and shoot himself dead, like the coward he was. Mrs Zavala begged her ex to kill her instead, let their sons live. He told her that he was going to spare her so that she could suffer. What a selfish and callous dick.

Police found the body of one son in the patio area of the home and the other son’s body, along with that of the sperm donor in the kitchen. A third son aged 19 didn’t live with them, so he survived. A suicide note was left for him, saying he was a “good son”. Why, because he didn’t live with the ex-wife? Because the bastard couldn’t get to him? How awful for the young man to suffer the loss of his brothers, and to know that they died and he didn’t because he was his dad’s “favourite”? I can’t even begin to comprehend the crushing survivor’s guilt this poor young fellow must be feeling, even though it wasn’t his fault that his sperm donor was a selfish immature brat who couldn’t accept it when things didn’t go his way?

There was no history of domestic violence in the marriage, and Mrs Zavala had filed for divorce in October last year. So, plenty of time for the bastard to get used to the idea of singledom. Or plenty of time for him to plan this horrific attack on his children and for him to take the coward’s way out. These psychos view people as property, not living beings with their own thoughts and desires. Our little psycho bastard Isidro felt that his children were his to use as weapons against his ex-wife, despite their protests, fighting for their lives. None of it mattered to him. He just wanted his ex to suffer. I don’t know how Victoria and her remaining son will go on, but I hope they find the strength and the courage to live their lives in honour of Marco and Eduardo.

Marco Zavala, 11, and his brother Eduardo, 12, were both killed by their father. (WSVN-TV)

RIP Marco (11) and Eduardo (12). Such cheeky and fun-loving boys :'(


“Daddy shot Mommy”


Pairs’ death appears to be a murder-suicide 

Toddler tells Grandma, “Daddy shot Mommy” 

On Tuesday, March 13th, Alyshia Alexander (24) loaded her three boys – Jedidiah (3), Jerimiah (2) and Jeadin (1) -into her car, told her brother “I’m going to drop the boys off.” and headed over to the home of her estranged husband Jedidiah Alexander (25).  She didn’t know, her brother didn’t know and her boys didn’t know this was the last trip they’d make with mommy to visit daddy.

Alyshia and Jedidiah had a rocky relationship, with occasions of domestic violence.  They had married in early 2009, but were separated and she had made the decision to move forward with a divorce.  She was, by all accounts, a loving and devoted mother and wanted to allow the boys to maintain a relationship with their father.  Jedidiah, also by all accounts, was a good father to the boys but was resistant to the divorce.

Alyshia arrived at Jedidiah’s mother’s home to drop the boys off for their visit.  There is nothing I can find that details exactly what happened but what is known is that Jedidiah shot Alyshia as they sat in her car before turning the gun on himself.  All the while their three boys sat in the back seat, watching.

The boys would be found in the back seat splattered with the blood of their parents and covering their little ears.  **Cry** Laying across the front seat were the bodies of their mommy and daddy.  These poor, poor babies my heart literally breaks for them.

All three boys are with Alyshia’s mother, she has said the three year old told her “daddy shot mommy.” She is concerned the effects the tragedy will have on the boys and rightfully so, the younger ones may come out unscathed, but the 3-year-old will remember this and for that I am so sorry.

My heartbreaks for these little guys, heading over excited to see daddy happy and anxious, to end up never being able to see mommy or daddy again.  How does their grandmother explain it?  How do you erase that image from their memories?  How do you make them understand that daddy’s lack of self control has changed their lives forever?  How do you make them understand that mommy’s love for them was more important than her own safety and she walked into her death so that her boys could still have a relationship with their daddy and he’s gone too?

R.I.P. Alyshia

The Rope for Divorce Tug-A-War – Kids?

Brother says dad accused of shooting kids in Coldspring was ‘a man of his word’ 

How were the holidays for you? Did everything go okay, I hope, or was there a few memories made to groan/chuckle over due to too much eggnog?

Well, there’s a young boy who missed to see what Christmas would bring for him and his younger sister who is hospitalized through this joyous season for family and giving. Ironically, Pedrag Perisic forgot about all of this. He couldn’t think past himself. (As far as I can tell his first name is a derivative of Pàdraig which is the Irish/Scottish form of Patrick – I don’t think I was the only one wondering what the hell that kind of name is!)

He was in a bitter divorce and custody battle over the kids was nasty. So nasty in fact he promised they would go to live with their mother in Canada over his dead body. Hey, nothing says divorce like having the kids play the role of the rope in a tug-a-war right? Yeah that asshole thought he was the better parent or something; he definitely proved it, right, by keeping his word? In all actually, ironically, he didn’t keep his word at all – he’s still alive. Well, shit, when will the moron get it right – if it’s over “his” dead body, why didn’t he eat the damn gun instead of turning it on those two gorgeous children? Oh wait, I do know why, the runny smegma bastard’s a control freak and too cowardly to actually make good on that promise verbatim. Well, with any luck, the State of Texas will help him make good on it! (Although I will personally admit, this sorry excuse of the male species is getting it easy compared to what he did to his children.)


His identical twin brother said that he wanted reconciliation with his wife the article reports. Um, the former Mrs. Perisic was a very smart woman to pick up that the mister was a hamburger short of a Happy Meal™ (not a few fries, try the friggin’ burger) and got the hell out. Control freaks make shitty partners period, for they are the ones most often out of control which is why they feel compelled to control others!

So when Danyela and Deyan didn’t get back to their mom living in Montreal, finally – took oh almost two months – the cops came knockin’ with a warrant in hand. They entered the house where they were living – Dad was apparently living with a friend – and heard shots fired in the back of the house.

So the deputies ran to see the ten-year-old boy and his twelve-year-old sister shot and arrested Perisic. At the emergency room, Deyan was pronounced dead – his sister was airlifted to a different hospital and was reported to be in stable condition.

So Perisic is facing charges of interference with child custody, murder, and bond’s not an option for him. Guess he pissed off the justice system enough that they’re not going to give him a chance to play cat-and-mouse; they want him where they can find the 54 year old douchecanoe so he can lay in the bed he had made. If justice is done, that bed will be a gurney with straps and the needle. Can’t bring back the very charismatic Deyan to life or undo the horror and agony Danyela went through. I can’t imagine the heartache and pain their mother is going through as she heads south to deal with this nightmarish Christmas gift given by her ex; it’s very depressing and infuriating to me to even to attempt to do so.

A thank you goes out for Nicole for the tip.

*** Special thanks to Eccentric Lady for writing this one.


Dad Admits He Killed His Three Kids with Rat Poison

Jim Junior NiceOne problem with a Web site called “Parents Behaving Badly” is that there’s never any upside. Indeed, there were times in the past I shitcanned this blog solely for that reason. Who wants to read depressing stories about the harm done to kids, day in and day out? Judging from my recent stats, the answer is: waaaay too many people. So I apologize for dropping this next story in your lap before you’ve sucked down your first mug of joe. Just remember: You asked for it, ya rubber-neckers.

Today’s first tragedy comes from hot tipper Mrs. G, and centers on Jim Junior Nice of Twin Falls, Idaho, who has pleaded guilty to killing his 6-year-old twins and his 2-year-old daughter. The 35-year-old loser’s method of disposal? He fed his children rat poison. But it’s okay! Because, see, Nice was doing them a favor by sparing the kids from his nasty divorce proceedings with their mom!

Does Nice really believe that crap? I think, on a superficial level, that he does. Below that surface, however, the motivation can’t be anything other than hate. Nice wasn’t “saving” his kids from a brutal divorce; he was hitting his soon-to-be ex where he knew it would hurt the most. And, just as an abuser blames his spouse for “making” him beat her, I’m sure that in his mind Nice laid the blame for his murderous actions on his wife’s doorstep. (“If she hadn’t been such a manipulative bitch…”)

Sadly, what’s done is done. I’m not even comforted knowing that Nice will spend the rest of his life rotting in jail for his crimes. What would comfort me? Well, a Rat Poison Dacquiri doesn’t strike me as a bad idea…

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