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Hateful Hatey hits his son

Partner avoids jail for attack

Hateful crapbag destroyed his family because of grog

 This histoire of horrible hitting comes to you from Wanagnui, New Zealand. Bodene Benjamin Tekaha Hati (try saying that five times fast!) has narrowly escaped jail after smacking around his girlfriend and his 6 year old son. I think his name suits him better if I spell it a little differently…

The day started off just like any other spring day in New Zealand. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. Hatey’s partner wanted to partake of the lovely sunshine so she opened the curtains. That’s when Hateful Hatey kicked her in the back because the sunlight was worsening his hangover (probably). After this little hiccup, Mrs. Hati went into the kitchen to make some breakfast. Hatey didn’t want any breakfast (probably because he felt nauseous from a hangover) so he grabbed their 6 year old son by the hair and threw him onto a bed that was in the loungeroom.

Mrs. Hatey yelled at him to stop but Hatey didn’t want to stop, so he pushed her into a wall and then punched her twice in the left side of the face. Then he kicked and punched her in the stomach. Hatey then followed his girlfriend into the bathroom where he told her “you’re lucky that’s all you got”. Then he grabbed her by the throat, leaving her gasping for breath. She managed to free herself from Hatey’s clutches, but he grabbed her in another bedroom and kicked her 3 or 4 times in the left thigh and twice in the stomach. Unperturbed by Hatey’s campaign of c***ery, Mrs. Hatey went back into the kitchen to continue making breakfast. Okay, well if you’re that hungry. She soon heard a hullaballoo coming from the loungeroom and found Hatey and their son in there. Hatey screamed like a little bitch for his partner and his son to go outside. As the frightened family made their way outside, Hatey then grabbed their son back, threw him against the wall and slapped him. Because the boy just hadn’t been traumatised enough by seeing his mum being bashed and by being thrown around by his sperm donor!

From reading the graphic description of the girlfriend’s beating, you may be able to guess why he was targeting her stomach area. Any takers? The girlfriend thought she may have been pregnant. The motive behind the beating was that Hatey had lost his job and his partner hadn’t paid the bills. Well, Hatey, maybe if you weren’t such a hateful douchebag, you’d still have a job because people would actually want to work with you? I can’t imagine why you lost your job. As for the bills, what’s stopping you from paying them yourself? Or did you piss the bill money up against the wall? Shoot it into your arms perhaps? It’s not hard to infer that if he’s just lost his job and she thinks she might be pregnant, that he might’ve been trying to get rid of another possible drain on finances.

The judge was surprised by Hatey’s pre-sentencing report that recommended home detention, where imprisonment would’ve been more appropriate. Nah, you think?! Home detention was what they wanted, so home detention is what he got. he was charged with intent to injure and assault on a child. 6 months. He copped another 4 months for a drink driving charge. What the fuck is it with Kiwi courts and “home detention”? Are they too afraid to give out real sentences? At least he’ll be serving it at his parents place in Wainuiomata, and hopefully his partner may have the good sense not to follow him. She’s not completely blameless in all of this. In 2009, Hatey was charged with assault – on her! Why didn’t you leave then and spare yourself and the kids grief?

I’m going on looks here, but Hatey’s partner seems rather plain. And on the bigger side. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Strewth, I’m not exactly an oil painting either and I’m carrying more kg’s than what’s good for me. But this may contribute to her sticking around Hatey despite the anger and grog problems. She may not have the self-esteem to think that she deserves better. She may think that she can “fix” him. If you’re out there, please read this. You cannot fix him. He can only fix himself and only if he chooses to. You can do better. Stay in Wanagnui and raise your kids away from the grog and the anger. Your children deserve a peaceful home and you can provide it all without him.

Angel Diaz was given the right name…

Hammer, bloody rug, clothes evidence in baby murder

The only one thing these parents got right was what they named their 6-month old son – Angel.

I don’t even know where to fucking begin with this story. First I will say that its SO hard to read and going to be even harder to summarize what this poor baby went through in the 24 WEEKS of life that he had.

Here goes:

Angel Diaz had a very tough 6 months on this earth. His male-breeder beat him, kicked him, put blankets over his mouth to stop him from crying, refused to feed him, threw him, broke his bones, bruised him up,  and anything other horrific thing you can think of. Henry Diaz claims that he was rough with him, but never to the point where he would’ve broken anything.

Female-breeder was scared of her baby daddy. He was violent and had been arrested on charges of domestic abuse just back in December.  Baby momma had not taken Angel to the doctor since he was just a few days old, she was too afraid of them seeing his injuries and pissing off Henry.  The night the baby died, male-breeder put 3 blankets over his face and went back to bed. Then they found him unresponsive in the morning. Ya think? And you read that right, “they found him”. Which means that she went back to bed too.

Grand-breeder lived with them and she told investigators her son was always yelling at the baby to shut up, and told her “to stay out of it.” She said when she would tell her son the infant was “just a baby,” he told her “he knew how to raise his son.” The baby’s grandmother also told deputies “multiple times” that she knew “the baby would not be with us long.” Seriously?

All three should be charged with child abuse, neglect and murder. One of them did it and the other two sat back and let him be abused. They failed to protect this baby and they are as much to blame for the baby’s death as the one who dealt the blows.

If you’re scared of your man, it’s time to go. If you see your man abusing the fuck out of your child (or any child)  it’s time to go. I’m sure that these 2 stupid women left the house at some point each day. They could’ve gone together with Angel to the police department and reported what Henry was up to. They could’ve probably stayed at the police station for safety until Henry was picked up and his ass hauled off to jail. I just don’t fucking get it and I guess I never will. To sit back and watch someone hurt your baby, what the fuck is going through your mind.

RIP sweet angel, Angel. You are better off flying above us then here on earth with the hand you were dealt.

Thanks to Bzn Princess for the tip

***Special thanks go to Danielle for writing this one.  I know I couldn’t have stomached it today.

Breeder and Boyfriend arrested on abuse charges

Police: Man threw Chandler toddler on concrete floor:

Mom arrested in child abuse case:

Police in Chandler, Arizona have arrested 20-year-old birth organism Josefa Talavera and her bad boyfriend/illegal immigrant 21-year-old Jeremias Joel Aguilar. Aguilar, who looks like Zippy the Pinhead in his mugshot, is accused of throwing Talavera’s 2-year-old daughter down on a concrete floor on her head. As far as I’ve found the girl is still on life support in the hospital. It seems like in most of these cases he got angry at the girl when she wouldn’t stop crying.

When the girl was taken to the hospital the pair said that the girl had fallen. Apparently she must have fallen on a carton of lit Newports because she also had multiple cigarette burns in her body.

Aguilar also had a history of abusing Talavera as well.

I know I’m preaching to the choir here but Ladies, if your ‘man’ hits you or your child he’s never going to stop.

Thanks to Amaze for the tip.

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