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New Jersey nazi on the run

New Jersey nazi on the run

Heath Campbell

You may remember New Jersey’s Heath Campbell when he made headlines back in 2008 when it was discovered that Campbell and his then-wife Deborah had named their kids after nazi icons. Campbell then had his kids taken away by DYFS on child abuse allegations that may or may not have been related to their unfortunate names. Since that time his then wife has left him and he’s shown up to custody hearings in full nazi regalia.

Now he’s back in the news again and for once it’s not for his choices of baby names. Campbell in on the run from police in Holland Township, New Jersey. He’s wanted on domestic assault charges. I can’t say for certain that this is why he’s being charged but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if this assclown is a woman-beater.

The Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office named him fugitive of the week last week and there are several places you vsn provide police with information if you have any about Campbell…

Anyone with information as to any fugitive’s whereabouts is asked to contact Detective Sgt. Mike Nugent, Detective Frank Modaffare or Detective Lamont Garnes of The Joint Hunterdon County Fugitive Task Force at 908-788-1129 or the local police department.

Information can also be left at: Crime Stoppers of Hunterdon County.

Report a tip in four ways for cash rewards:
– call the tip line at 1.800.321.0010 (The line has no recording device)
– text HCTIPS plus your tip to: 274637 (CRIMES)
– submit online at by clicking on the Submit link to fill out the online form (form also in Espanol)
-download free app “Tipsubmit” by Public Engines; select Hunterdon County, submit your tip.

With any luck he’ll be arrested by a black officer and a Jewish officer and he’ll resist.

UPDATE 3/19/2016: Campbell was taken into custody in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, after being recognized by a tattoo artist he was patronizing. I wonder if he was getting his swastikas covered up or getting new ones.

UPDATE 3/28/2016: Due to being considered an extreme flight risk Campbell has been denied bond.

UPDATE 4/27/2016: Campbell has pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and resisting arrest. He faces 180 days in jail when sentenced in June. No word on if he had coerced his mein squeeze into trying to drop the domestic violence charges against him.

UPDATE 6/16/2016: Campbell was sentenced this past Monday to 180 days behind bars and two years probation. After he gets out how long do you think it will be before he’s arrested again?

Kids left alone inside storage unit

New Jersey mother charged after 2 kids found in storage unit

Mother breaks down in court as she tells how she had to live with her two children in a filthy storage unit measuring just 10ft x 5ft

Sheena Johnson faces court, charged with child endangerment, criminal mischief, domestic violence and violating a restraining order.

This story was from a couple of days ago, and I thank crys for sending in the tip. I have heard of people living in storage units as an alternative to a flat, but I thought it was an urban myth.

Sheena Johnson (27) has been charged with 2 counts of child endangerment after her 5 and 10 year old sons were found all by themselves in a storage unit in New Jersey. She was originally being arrested for criminal mischief  for slashing her ex-fiance’s tyres, but she told police that her two young sons were by themselves in the locker.

In court, Sheena broke down, explaining that she had no other options but to live in the locker. She’d fled her home with her two sons and some stuff, and went to live with a relative. She had a blue with the relative and then moved to a hotel. After that, she spent most of the time moving from hostel to hostel or couch surfing with friends. When she was denied benefits and money ran low, she thought her only option was to live in a storage unit filled with junk.

Sheena and the boys would sleep on the mattress, with blankets stacked on top of them to keep them warm. They would eat takeaways and go to friends’ houses so that they could shower and the boys could watch telly. The boys continued to go to school despite their living conditions. What’s even more strange about their locker, is that half the junk in there looks like it’s broken! The chair’s missing a leg (and wouldn’t be practical in a locker), there’s an old grotty bean bag, some old tacky Easter decorations (???) etc. Come on, Sheena, did you really need to grab an Easter basket when you were fleeing your home?

Sheena tried the usual sob story of how she had it so hard growing up. Born to drug addicted parents, working at 14, pregnant by 16, yadda yadda yadda. Listen, sister. You knew how hard you had it growing up, and you probably swore black and blue that you would never put your own kids through that. That’s no excuse. You did not “run out of options”. There were plenty of options. Stay with the friends that let you use their showers and TVs. Go to a women’s shelter. Not fight with your relative and respect the rules of their house that they so kindly shared with you. Living in a storage locker with no electricity or running water may be fine if you’re single with no kids. But it’s just not good enough when you have children. You cannot let their quality of life slip.

Sheena has also been charged with domestic violence and violating a restraining order, which is interesting. I don’t think it’s a case of the helpless woman fleeing in the middle of the night from her violent and abusive husband. She must have been dealing it out as much as she’s been taking it.

Sheena’s attorney is arranging for her to be put in transitional housing where she can live with her boys. Hopefully she will get back on her feet and make a better life for her boys.

Hateful Hatey hits his son

Partner avoids jail for attack

Hateful crapbag destroyed his family because of grog

 This histoire of horrible hitting comes to you from Wanagnui, New Zealand. Bodene Benjamin Tekaha Hati (try saying that five times fast!) has narrowly escaped jail after smacking around his girlfriend and his 6 year old son. I think his name suits him better if I spell it a little differently…

The day started off just like any other spring day in New Zealand. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. Hatey’s partner wanted to partake of the lovely sunshine so she opened the curtains. That’s when Hateful Hatey kicked her in the back because the sunlight was worsening his hangover (probably). After this little hiccup, Mrs. Hati went into the kitchen to make some breakfast. Hatey didn’t want any breakfast (probably because he felt nauseous from a hangover) so he grabbed their 6 year old son by the hair and threw him onto a bed that was in the loungeroom.

Mrs. Hatey yelled at him to stop but Hatey didn’t want to stop, so he pushed her into a wall and then punched her twice in the left side of the face. Then he kicked and punched her in the stomach. Hatey then followed his girlfriend into the bathroom where he told her “you’re lucky that’s all you got”. Then he grabbed her by the throat, leaving her gasping for breath. She managed to free herself from Hatey’s clutches, but he grabbed her in another bedroom and kicked her 3 or 4 times in the left thigh and twice in the stomach. Unperturbed by Hatey’s campaign of c***ery, Mrs. Hatey went back into the kitchen to continue making breakfast. Okay, well if you’re that hungry. She soon heard a hullaballoo coming from the loungeroom and found Hatey and their son in there. Hatey screamed like a little bitch for his partner and his son to go outside. As the frightened family made their way outside, Hatey then grabbed their son back, threw him against the wall and slapped him. Because the boy just hadn’t been traumatised enough by seeing his mum being bashed and by being thrown around by his sperm donor!

From reading the graphic description of the girlfriend’s beating, you may be able to guess why he was targeting her stomach area. Any takers? The girlfriend thought she may have been pregnant. The motive behind the beating was that Hatey had lost his job and his partner hadn’t paid the bills. Well, Hatey, maybe if you weren’t such a hateful douchebag, you’d still have a job because people would actually want to work with you? I can’t imagine why you lost your job. As for the bills, what’s stopping you from paying them yourself? Or did you piss the bill money up against the wall? Shoot it into your arms perhaps? It’s not hard to infer that if he’s just lost his job and she thinks she might be pregnant, that he might’ve been trying to get rid of another possible drain on finances.

The judge was surprised by Hatey’s pre-sentencing report that recommended home detention, where imprisonment would’ve been more appropriate. Nah, you think?! Home detention was what they wanted, so home detention is what he got. he was charged with intent to injure and assault on a child. 6 months. He copped another 4 months for a drink driving charge. What the fuck is it with Kiwi courts and “home detention”? Are they too afraid to give out real sentences? At least he’ll be serving it at his parents place in Wainuiomata, and hopefully his partner may have the good sense not to follow him. She’s not completely blameless in all of this. In 2009, Hatey was charged with assault – on her! Why didn’t you leave then and spare yourself and the kids grief?

I’m going on looks here, but Hatey’s partner seems rather plain. And on the bigger side. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Strewth, I’m not exactly an oil painting either and I’m carrying more kg’s than what’s good for me. But this may contribute to her sticking around Hatey despite the anger and grog problems. She may not have the self-esteem to think that she deserves better. She may think that she can “fix” him. If you’re out there, please read this. You cannot fix him. He can only fix himself and only if he chooses to. You can do better. Stay in Wanagnui and raise your kids away from the grog and the anger. Your children deserve a peaceful home and you can provide it all without him.

Bad boyfriend beats partner while she’s holding their baby

Domestic violence is something that no person should ever commit or endure. No child should ever have to witness their breeders fighting. A woman (or man) who is the victim of DV has a responsibility to their child to provide a stable and loving home, free from violence. If a child witnesses DV it can impact on the way they treat their future spouses and how they view relationships as a whole.

The idiot with the tea cosy on his head is Misifosa Aleni (22) but I’m going to name him Missy. He attacked his girlfriend while she was holding their baby!! Fucking prick!! According to Judge Roy Wade, an argument broke out between Missy and his partner, so he threw her mobile phone at a wall before picking up a power cord and whipping her in the back of the head with it. Bastard!! He then followed her into the hallway and grabbed her round the throat, all while she was holding their baby! After she put the baby down, he grabbed her again by the throat and pushed her head into a wall three times. He then pulled her back, causing her head to hit a window sill. All while their young kids were watching!!

The partner, feeling a bit worse for wear and tear, managed to call the police and Missy was arrested and charged with assault with intent to injure, assaulting a female and using an electrical cord as a weapon. He’s been sentenced to 150 hours’ community work and 12 months’ supervision, and a protective order has been issued for his partner.

Apparently this is the first time that Missy’s lashed out at his girlfriend, but you can bank on the fact that it won’t be the last. If a “man” hits you once, HE’LL DO IT AGAIN!! And if he hits you, you can bet your bottom dollar that he’ll hit your kids. These cowards will bash kids for the same reasons that they bash their spouses – that they’re mouthy, that they “misbehaved”, because the beer made them do it, etc. All of these pathetic excuses and more are designed to put blame on the victims, make them feel it’s their fault they’re being abused. But it’s not their fault. It’s never their fault. For these kids, the best thing their mum can do now is to leave Missy while she’s under the protective order. Run. Run for the hills. Don’t look back. You owe it to your kids.


Abusive arsehole makes wife have sex with dog in front of kids

Dad made mum have sex with dog: court


This is a truly “What the FUCK??” moment if I ever saw one. I wish I could get names and mugshots, but because the woman is a domestic violence victim and revealing names would put her in danger as well as identify her kids, I don’t see it happening any time soon.

The woman in question, who is 31 years old, appeared in Brisbane court charged with two counts of child cruelty and two counts of bestiality. The woman allowed her husband to take photos of her engaging in sex acts in front of some, or all, of their six young kids. The acts sometimes involved the pet DOG!! She was involved in a violent and abusive marriage with her husband and was “forced” to do these things, but she should have fought back – stab him, bash him, take the kids and run like hell. I always vowed that the first time a male raises a hand to me in anger, it would be the last time he did so. He’d be on the floor and I’d be out the door.

The foul sperm donor had also been sexually abusing the kids and is now in prison for a lengthy stint. Now he’ll find out what it’s like to be beaten and raped, being forced to engage in sex acts against his will. Open wide for Bruce! The judge acknowledged that the woman was in an abusive relationship and spared her jail. She’s been sentenced to three years’ probation and the judge told her to stay away from the limp dick. Hopefully she’ll recall the horror and humiliation of being married to the bastard and will stay the fuck away from him.

Jonah Mendoza was the victim of a selfish tw*t of a mother


Deputies: Mother killed baby, shot self in Ocala

Florida mother, 20, in hospital after killing her 6-month-old son in murder-suicide bid she warned about on Facebook

Mom who killed son taken off life support


There is only one thing I can think of that would be worse than losing custody of my son and that is my son losing his life.  You see, if I lost custody, I could still see him and even fight to regain custody.  If he died…. Well…. I don’t even want to go there.  I imagine that thought never occurred to Jonah Mendoza’s selfish tw*t of a mother.

Unemployed Melanie Reyes, who was pregnant with her second child, was on food stamps and was fighting little Jonah’s father, Jordan Mendoza, over paternity and his visitation rights.  Being as this chick was recently arrested on a domestic violence charge for attacking her most recent boner doner with a bat, it’s fucking beyond me how she even had custody of Jonah.  She bonded out on December 21st; 2 weeks before ending the life of her precious baby boy.

The day before the murder, police visited Reyes to do a wellfare check.  What good that did.  Reyes was found in her parents Florida home the morning of the murder.  She was in critical condition from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  6-month-old Jonah was ling next to her… dead… from a gunshot wound that was selfish-tw*t-inflicted.

Her parents were not home at the time of the murder.  A family member alerted police that they had been contacted via Facebook by Reyes about her sadistic  plans.  Sadly, police didn’t arrive in time to save poor little Jonah.

Prior to the murder, Reyes’ second baby daddy and her discussed abortion.  She was due to have the “procedure” on January 5th.  Two days before the murder, she texted him that she would kill Jonah and herself.  If he had only alerted police then, that precious baby boy may still be alive.

Having to have the last word, Reyes texted Mendoza a series of passively threatening texts.  The final one indicating that he would be tagged in it soon – I assume referring to “obituaryeque” post she left on Facebook.

Last Tuesday, Reyes was removed from life support and was pronouced dead.  The coward never had to face the consequinces of her actions.  Fuck.


Thanks for the tips go to Mandy and Sarah.

Boy toy kills baby while mom is in jail….

Man Appears Before Judge In Toddler Murder, 911 Tape ReleasedDaybeon-for-web


Christopher Bralley, 28, of  Duplin County, NC was arrested after a 2 year old boy in his care died at Vident Duplin Hospital on Tuesday. Daybeon Keim  was brought to the hospital around 10:30 am, unresponsive! Doctors and nurses tried to revive him but could not.  He had been severely, brutally beaten by his moms live-in boyfriend. Christopher was the care giver of Daybeon while his mother dearest was serving a domestic violence jail sentence.  The mom, 19 year old Lyawna Allen, had been arrested and charged with injury to personal property, injury to real property, and simple arrest. There ya go, 2 winners rolled up in one….too bad she was not out to beat Christophers dumb ass!!

This poor baby suffered a broken neck, a broken spine, severe internal bleeding caused by blunt forced trauma to the abdomen, severe head trauma, and injuries indicating sexual assault.  Dear God what I would like to do to this son of a bitch!!

Christopher was charged with first degree murder, felony child abuse, and a sex offense. His first court appearance was Friday morning.  He is in jail without bond!!

He was given a court appointed attorney and had nothing to say during his court appearance.

The mother was released from jail due to the circumstances of her sons death and she told authorities she still has feelings for her baby’s killer and is facing emotional distress. Throw that bitch back in fucking jail…are you fucking kidding me right now??? OMG!!!!!

The baby’s real daddy is in prison in Ohio for property crimes….this poor child was doomed from the start!

To add a little more fuel to the fire, Lyawna and Christopher also have an 8 month old daughter together who has been placed in foster care.

I hope and pray the mother never gets custody of the baby girl and that all 3 of these scum bag parent wanna be’s rot in jail and then in hell!!

Thanks for the tip and write up go to Leslie.

“Daddy shot Mommy”


Pairs’ death appears to be a murder-suicide 

Toddler tells Grandma, “Daddy shot Mommy” 

On Tuesday, March 13th, Alyshia Alexander (24) loaded her three boys – Jedidiah (3), Jerimiah (2) and Jeadin (1) -into her car, told her brother “I’m going to drop the boys off.” and headed over to the home of her estranged husband Jedidiah Alexander (25).  She didn’t know, her brother didn’t know and her boys didn’t know this was the last trip they’d make with mommy to visit daddy.

Alyshia and Jedidiah had a rocky relationship, with occasions of domestic violence.  They had married in early 2009, but were separated and she had made the decision to move forward with a divorce.  She was, by all accounts, a loving and devoted mother and wanted to allow the boys to maintain a relationship with their father.  Jedidiah, also by all accounts, was a good father to the boys but was resistant to the divorce.

Alyshia arrived at Jedidiah’s mother’s home to drop the boys off for their visit.  There is nothing I can find that details exactly what happened but what is known is that Jedidiah shot Alyshia as they sat in her car before turning the gun on himself.  All the while their three boys sat in the back seat, watching.

The boys would be found in the back seat splattered with the blood of their parents and covering their little ears.  **Cry** Laying across the front seat were the bodies of their mommy and daddy.  These poor, poor babies my heart literally breaks for them.

All three boys are with Alyshia’s mother, she has said the three year old told her “daddy shot mommy.” She is concerned the effects the tragedy will have on the boys and rightfully so, the younger ones may come out unscathed, but the 3-year-old will remember this and for that I am so sorry.

My heartbreaks for these little guys, heading over excited to see daddy happy and anxious, to end up never being able to see mommy or daddy again.  How does their grandmother explain it?  How do you erase that image from their memories?  How do you make them understand that daddy’s lack of self control has changed their lives forever?  How do you make them understand that mommy’s love for them was more important than her own safety and she walked into her death so that her boys could still have a relationship with their daddy and he’s gone too?

R.I.P. Alyshia

“Mommy just left us on the sidewalk and drove away.”

Heartless mother deserts daughters,leaving the alone on  a Brooklyn sidewalk 

Brooklyn mom Dalisha Adams charged with abandoning daughters on street 

Dalisha  Adams arrested for abandoning her daughters on a Brooklyn sidewalk 

Brooklyn mother Dalisha Adams posted Facebook picture of naked man hours after dumping kids 

OK,  so allow me to introduce you to Domini (5) and Diani (3), cute aren’t they?  These two cuties are sisters and were found wondering a Brooklyn sidewalk alone and carrying disposable diapers on Sunday, January 29th.  The girls were bundled up warmly and wearing UGG boots and showed no outward signs of abuse.  So how did they end up on a Brooklyn sidewalk alone? I’m getting to that right now!

Now, let me introduce you to their mother Dalisha Adams (26).  It appears Dalisha needed a break and decided to drop her daughters off at the paternal grandmother’s apartment to take a few hours for her.  Not a big deal, as mothers and fathers here was can understand the need for a little “me” time now then, except that Dalisha literally dropped her daughters off on the side of the road and took off.  Not only did she drop them off on the side of the road, it was not even in front of the grandmother’s complex, not that that would make it better, but instead the complex next to it.

The sisters were found and police were alerted by an elderly couple who noticed them standing on the sidewalk next to a busy street holding only diapers and looking shaken and confused at about 2:40 pm. When questioned by police the girls gave them their first names and told them their mommy dropped them off.  They couldn’t tell police where they lived accept that they lived in a blue house with flowers outside they also said their mother’s name was Dalisha and she drove white car.

While police searched for Dalisha, going door to door at the apartment complex, scouring nearby surveillance video and getting pictures of the sister out to the media, a picture of, what appears to be, a naked man holding a bottle of pink champagne was posted to Dalisha’s Facebook.  She and her sister have denied she posted that picture, claiming perhaps the girls’ father, whom she has a protective order against for domestic violence, may have done it.

The above mentioned protective order and the family’s history with CPS because of the domestic violence is how the police were able to identify the girls’ mother.  After identifying Dalisha police went to her apartment around 10 pm and used a crowbar to gain entry but she wasn’t there.  She would get word from a co-worker police were looking for her and turned herself in around 11 pm.  Dalisha has been charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.  The sisters are in the custody of the state, temporarily.

A lot of people have a lot to say about Dalisha and the way she treats the girls.  Neighbors are coming forward and saying that she is often heard cursing at the girls telling them to “shut the fuck up.”  One neighbor said she heard her tell the youngest “I’ll punch you in the fucking face.”  Shortly before she dropped the girls off she was heard telling one of the crying children, “Shut the fuck up, I’m going to get you out of here.”  I feel so bad for these little girls, this is awful.  They had to have stood there and wondered why she left and if she was going to come back.  The thought of that is so frightening to me.

The paternal grandmother is trying to get the girls and says though she is angry she does not believe she left the girls alone intentionally.  I am not sure how in the love of gawd she can say that, I mean seriously, she dropped them on the side of the road.  She thinks she meant to drop them in front of her complex, OK so she has never taken her kids to their grandmother’s before and doesn’t know which complex is hers.  I doubt that, and even if she thought she was in front of the right complex, in what universe is it OK to drop off two little girls of any age on the sidewalk and drive off?

Of course Dalisha has her own version of what happened and in her version she dropped the girls off to the grandmother’s apartment and handed them off to grandma.  She admits to not going into the apartment for fear of her ex, but said she did not leave the girls standing on the side of the road.  Well Dalisha…I think the fact that your child (no one else) told the police you dropped them off and drove away kinda calls bull shit on your version of the incident.

Her sister and friends are saying, they don’t believe she dropped the girls on the side of the road and left and describe her as a doting mother.  Well, ladies in the world I live in “doting mothers” don’t tell their 3-year-old child, “I’m going to punch you in the fucking face.”  Just sayin’….

Thanks to all who sent in the tip.

Overzealous Father Punches Son for Losing

Angry dad arrested for ‘punching his eighth-grade son after he lost basketball tournament’
Man arrested for punching son at youth basketball tournament

Plenty of parents have disturbed many by their actions at their child’s sporting events. Parents have heckled children at sporting events, fought with referees, and even dooked it out with each other for some of the most ridiculous of reasons. Please, for all the parents out there with children in sports, it is supposed to be a fun activity. Yes, we expect there to be competition, but if you want your kids to have fun and learn from their sport, don’t embarrass them by being unsportsmanlike and down right  barbaric.

A Minnesota father, 52-year-old Steven Wilson, took his sons recent loss at a basketball tournament hard. He was more upset than anyone at the event. In fact, he was so upset that he did something parents and coaches had never seen before. He held his 14-year-old son, who hasn’t been identified, down with one hand and then repeatedly punched him in the face when they had been walking down a hallway together after the sons loss.

Several parents had to physically intervene and separate the two, but not before the father had hit the boy several times. While parents fought to remove the man from the boy others called police to the scene. Wilson was arrested on the scene and charged with fifth degree domestic assault. He spent the night in jail and posted a $10,000 bond without conditions. If convicted he faces up to a $3,000 fine, 90 days in jail, and also a no-contact order.

Child protective workers were notified by police to check on the boys well-being. The Eagan Athletic Association is also looking into further penalizing Wilson by banning him from future basketball games.

The only positive note is the boy did not need any medical attention outside of being looked over, and we have no dead kids to report.

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