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Missing Lima beans leads to stabbing!

St Petersburg father stabs son multiple times over lima beans

Florida man stabs son over stolen can of lima bean

You see that smiling piece of shit up there? The one who looks proud to be getting his mug shot taken? That is 54-year-old Donald Wynn, and he is one sorry assed piece of shit that can’t live without his lima beans. Yeah, you heard that right. He apparently loves his lima beans so much that he is willing to kill for them; even if that means killing, or nearly killing, his own flesh and blood.

Let’s start from the beginning. You see, Donald Wynn and his son Donald Gilley have not always been in each other’s lives. Wynn was not a part of Gilley’s life until recently. After springing up the father-son relationship they began to live in an apartment together as early as a month ago. Fast forward a little bit to the morning of October 14, 2011 at 10:00 – 10:08 AM (two different times were listed) police responded to a report of a stabbing at the two’s apartment.

That morning I’m sure Mr. Gilley didn’t expect the good morning greeting he got from his father. He probably expected to awake to brew some coffee and make himself some breakfast and possibly his dad also. Instead, according to statements made by Wynn to the police, Gilley awoke and his father accused Gilley of stealing several items from him, including a missing can of Lima Beans. The two then got into an argument, and Wynn grew so angry that he attacked his son with a folding pocket knife stabbing him with it several times. When officers and Fire Rescue arrived at the apartment they found 26-year-old Donald Gilley suffering from stab wounds in his abdomen, upper chest, and lower abdomen from the folding-blade pocket knife. No word on what else was stolen other than the lima beans. Their landlord, Ramses Khan, said Wynn was “on medication and was a little off.” Mr. Khan I think you’re half-right. Yes, Wynn is off, but it’s more than a little. Seeing this makes me think he is going to try and pull off an insanity plea once things get going.

Gilley was then rushed to Bayfront Medical Center where he underwent emergency surgery that saved his life. He is now in critical but stable condition. May he make a full recovery and go back to being estranged from his father again.

Donald Wynn was taken to Pinellas County Jail and charged with Attempted Murder in the 1st Degree. Maybe we’ll get lucky while he’s in jail, and he will pick a bone with the wrong person about them stealing his lima beans.

 **Thanks to Suzee for the tip and write-up.**



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