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Midday Par-tay and 10 kids in an SUV

Mackisha Johnson and Christopher Jones

Oh boy this one is a dozy… we read here, more frequently than we’d like, about parents leaving their children in the car while they do whatever it is they are doing, but this one has to top them all.  Here we have a case of not one, not two but three adults leaving, not one, not two but TEN kids, yes you read that right, in a SUV while they headed on into the bar to get their drink on.  The temperature in Missouri that day 99 degrees with a heat index of 101 degrees.

On Thursday, July 28th Police responded to the Alibi Lounge at about 3:09 pm, after getting a call of children left in an SUV for at least two hours.  In the SUV police would find ten children ranging in age from 7-months to 11-years-old.  Witnesses said the children would occasionally turn the SUV on to use the air conditioning.  Surveillance video showed Christopher Jones (38) going out to check on the children waving his hands and returning to his midday par-tay!

Mackisha Johnson (25) the mother of six of the children and Shacona Johnson (30) mother of four of the children, are also accused of leaving the children in the car to get their midday par-tay on.  Mackisha told the police the three adults had left the children in the car so they could go into the bar a grab c*cktail.

Mackisha and Jones were arrested at the scene; Shacona was gone when police arrived.  Shacona would contact police the next day and explain she had left her children in the care of Mackisha and Jones while she went to a baby shower and that she had only left the kids in the car for 30 minutes and was under the impression the other two adults were leaving right after her.  Well… Shacona then all is forgiven, it was only 30 minutes you are guilty of leaving the kids in car, but what about the two people you left your kids with who were DRINKING.  Just sayin’

All three of them have past criminal records and/or some kind of pending warrant or case against them.  The two mothers and Jones have all been charged with misdemeanor child endangerment.  Mackisha and Jones are in jail in lieu if $2500 bond and Shacona now has another warrant for arrest.

Thanks to Sarah O. and one of my personal favs’ JJ for the tip.

Michael Marshall likes to drink

Cops: Dad goes to bar, leaves kid home alone

Michael Marshall

A “Dad” left his 6-year-old son home alone to go drinking, is facing child neglect charges Tuesday. Michael Marshall, 29, of Eustis, Florida was arrested after police said his son was found wandering on the street.   

Officers said a man found the boy and called the police. The boy told the man he was looking for his parents and his dad liked to drink, according to police.

Police said Marshall was under the influence of alcohol when he was found.

“It was unintentional. It wasn’t anything I meant to do,” said Marshall told WFTV reporter Mark Boyle. 

How sad is it when your own child – at six years old – knows you like to drink and knows it’s a problem? Sad. 

Thanks go to Meredith for the tip.

William Ferrer left his baby in the truck while he got his drink on

 Cops: Dad locked baby in pickup while he drank in bar

Dad leaves child in car during pool hall visit

Damn.  It’s been a few days since I posted any stories so I pardon me if the next several are short.

The asshole you see there is 33-year-old William Ferrer.  He is just the sort of selfish bastard that I know will have someone show up here to defend his reckless actions of complete dumbassery. 

Ferrer toted his child out, in the middle of the night, to a bar.  Well, most bars do not allow you to BYOB (bring your own baby) – not that any decent parent would have their baby in a bar in the first place.  Well, Ferrer was not about to miss out on throwing back a couple of drinks with his pals just because that pesky little tax write off was tagging along.  Hell fucking no.  Instead, he left his 17-month-old child locked inside the pickup while he went in and got his drink on. 

Thanks God that child had a set of lungs.  A passerby hear the baby screaming and called the police.  When police arrived, the baby was standing on the front seat, crying.  I’m so glad that was the extent of it.  We all know the possibilities and how much worse this story could have ended up being.   Ferrer sauntered out of the bar a few minutes after officers showed up.  He claimed that he was only in the bar long enough to say hello to a friend and that he didn’t partake in any libations.  Bummer for him, witnesses told police that Ferrer had been in the bar for 30 to 45 minutes and that he drank 2 beers.  Liar, liar!!! 

Ferrer was arrested and charged with child neglect.  The baby was turned over to the mother and the DCF was notified.  While I’m okay with the child being released to the mother because I don’t know enough to blame her – I have to wonder where she was while Ferrer had her child out at 1 in the morning.  That’s a head scratcher.

Ferrer has since been released Jail.

Thanks go to Marcy for this one.  Sorry it took me two weeks to get to this one, Marcy… Better late than never, huh?


Breeder uses visitation time to go on drinking binge

Father Charged In Abandonment Case:

Mother of kids kept in car: ‘I was just as shocked as everyone’:

27-year-old Richard Labo of Hillsdale County, Michigan was arrested for leaving his kids, ages 4 and 6, in the car while him and his brother were getting their drink on in a bar.

What differentiates this from other stories like this is that not only was Labo on a 2 day drinking binge with his kids in tow but this was his visitation time with them. He must have thought that visitation means spend all your money on booze and not food for the kids as they say they had not eaten much in those 2 days.

The kids’ mother is wisely looking to terminate his visitation rights.

Anybody else notice a pattern to the stories I’ve been posting lately? Is it because of the weather?

7 hours at a bar = one dead child

Cops: Jeffco baby died after dad left, went to bar:

23-year-old Joseph Trujillo of Jefferson County, Colorado allegedly went and drank at a bar for 7 hours. That’s a monumental amount of drinking. The problem was he was supposed to be watching his girlfriend’s five month old baby at home. So to put two and two together the baby was at home alone while Trujillo was getting his drink on.

Unfortunately the baby died. The details of the baby’s death have been sealed.

Trujillo is not the baby’s father.

Now I know you’re thinking where was the mother. She’s got a legitimate reason for not being there as she is serving our country in the military overseas.

Can you imagine being thousands of miles from home in a war zone finding out that your child has died due to the neglect of your boyfriend who thought 7 hours at a bar while your infant was home alone.

It’s unfathomable.

Thanks to Kim for the tip.

1-year-old survives night in the wilds of Canada

1-year-old boy in T-shirt, diaper survives night in woods:

An unidentified man from Quebec was arrested on charges of child abandonment after his 1-year-old son spent a night in the woods wearing just a diaper and a t-shirt in rainy 5C weather.

Police found the man’s car empty and later caught up with him at a hospital. Of course the man had been drinking.

Luckily the boy was ok.

Thanks to Anne for the tip.

Tot in Car, Step-Dad in Bar

Tot in Car, Step-Dad in Bar:

I hate to steal a headline from the media but that one was too good.

Anyway, that’s 22-year-old Bryant Rivera of Dallas, Texas. He felt it was necessary to leave his 3-year-old stepson in the car while he got his drink on from 9pm to 2:30am. But it’s ok because he left the kid with a Dr. Pepper and a video playing in the car.

Being a stepfather myself I know that sometimes you have to try harder to gain your stepkids’ acceptance. Apparently this assclown didn’t bother trying.

Thanks to Michelle for the tip.

15 year sentence for toddler suffocation

Mom Gets 15-Year Sentence In Toddler’s Suffocation:

Here’s another case of a Breeder who decided that getting their drink on was more important than their child’s well being.

25-year-old Latasha McMorris was sentenced in an Indianapolis court to 15 years behind bars in the suffocation death of her 2-year-old son Sheldon Bartley Jr.

Back in February McMorris was found in an Indy hotel room passed out on top of her son. Police said that gin and vodka bottles were found in the room.

Again you’re supposed top stop drinking to the point of passing out once you have kids. However considering McMorris’ history this probably wasn’t surprising.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

Stephanie Ann Helton Lets Her Infant Guzzle a Brewski

Stephanie Ann HeltonThanks to Sinthyia for the heads-up on yet another story of parents doling out the alcohol to minors. And when I say “minor”, I mean MINOR. 21-year old Stephanie Ann Helton of Phil Campbell, Alabama was busted by the authori-tays when police (for reasons unspecified) were called to perform a “welfare check” on the three kids who were at the house. Either the 7-year-old or the 8-year-old who were at the house had the common sense to tattle on the mom, telling the cops that mom had let the 1-year-old quaff some beer. Helton admitted as much to police, who booked her for child endangerment. She now faces up to 10 years in prison for her, ahem, lapse in judgment.

I have to say that, for a bad-behaving parent, Helton is kind of cute. Too bad she didn’t have the common sense that God gave crabgrass – at least, not when it counted. There’s nothing sexy about dumb parenting.

It’s not clear to me whether the 7- and 8-year-old are her kids or not. If so, that means that she would have had one child at age 14 and another at age 14, which seems doubtful. But the reports also state that all three children are in foster homes or with relatives. Being drunk around your kids may be stupid, but it’s not usually an offense that causes you to lose your kids. Can anyone clarify that?

If the baby if Helton’s only child, then I say that 10 years is too excessive. Give her a few years of probation and put her in parenting classes until her eyes bleed. Scare the shit out of her. That’s assuming, of course, that she let her kid drink a decent micro-brew, and not any of that Pabst Blue Ribbon shit – in which case, THROW THE BOOK AT HER!!

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