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Robert Farquharson wishes to be buried with the sons that he murdered

Mum vows to fight dam dad burial wish A summary of the boys’ murders and Farquharson’s arrest and sentence

A few years ago, a horrible crime shocked the nation of Australia. Robert Farquharson, a Victorian idiot, killed his sons on Father’s Day 2005, allegedly to get back at his ex-wife Cindy Gambino. He drove his car, carrying his three sons Jai (10), Bailey (2) and Tyler (7), into a farm dam and left them to drown. When first responders turned up to the scene, he asked a witness for a smoke and made vague directions to stall rescuers for as long as possible to ensure that his sons were well and truly dead. He offered up the lame excuse that he “blacked out during a coughing fit and woke up in the dam”.

Rest in peace, young gentlemen



Now in 2013, Robert Farquharson has made arrangements to be buried with the sons that he killed in a petty act of revenge. His ex-wife, Cindy Gambino is making every attempt to block his intended actions, saying that Farquharson forfeited every right to be near his sons the day he murdered them. Too right, Cindy. The only reason the boys are buried is because Robert Farquharson is a pathetic loser who couldn’t behave like a rational adult. He blamed all of his own problems on Cindy and the boys. Before Cindy and Robert divorced, he was suffering from depression that he refused to get help for. It got so bad that he was snapping at the boys. Cindy had had enough of Robert’s selfish ways and split, taking the boys to where she could provide a loving and stable environment for them. They are dead because their father could not think of people other than himself. He saw his sons as possessions and tools to “get back” at Cindy for a split that was all his fault. And how friggin’ sick must this bastard be to want to be buried next to the children HE killed?!

Robert Farquharson

Robert Farquharson = murderer and coward

Cindy also aims to have the name “Farquharson” removed from the boys’ headstone.

Farquharson grave

Robert Farquharson was sentenced to life in prison in 2010, with a minimum sentence of 33 years, for the murder of his three boys. Cindy Gambino is happily remarried with a child with her new husband, but will never forget her beloved boys. A book “On Father’s Day”, which details the killings and the court case that ensued, written by Megan Norris, is out now.

Indonesian incubator kills son for the most disturbing reason ever

Mother Kills 9-Year-Old Son For Having Small Penis In Indonesia

Here’s a new excuse for killing a child…

An Indonesian incubator drowned her 9 year old son in the bathtub, dressed him and laid him in his bed. Then she calmly went and turned herself in at the cop shop. Why? Because she was worried about his penis size! Reports say that the mother was worried about the size of his willy and decided to “take action” after it appeared to shrink after he had to be circumcised for a medical condition. So she filled up a bathtub with water and drowned her son. Then she dressed him and laid him out on his bed, and went to confess at her local police station. She was worried that his small penis would affect his prospects for the future…

First of all, the extent that this woman was obsessed with her son’s junk is very disturbing. I don’t think mothers of sons are into measuring their penis or obsessing over it. At least I hope not, that’s kind of disturbing. And to kill her son because his penis was too small? He was 9 years old, as in not hit puberty yet! If she’d waited a few years and was still worried about his size, she could have taken him to the doctor instead of killing him! I wonder what she did to her sexual partners when she found out that they, ahem, “failed to measure up”? Did she kill them too for disappointing her?

An Indonesian police spokesperson told the Australian Federal Police that the woman was fully conscious of what she did and had shown premeditation and forethought, but will still undergo psychiatric testing. Please, please let her just be stupid and malicious and not “insane”! That way, she’ll get the maximum time!

On a lighter note: I think I speak for all women and gay guys when I say that size doesn’t matter – it’s how you use it!

Rest in peace little boy. Sorry that your incubator was a shallow bitch.

Crazy bitch who drowned her toddler now declared “sane”


Doesn’t look “sane” to me!

Murderer declared ‘sane again’ after just three years behind bars


UPDATED: Patterson Mom Who Drowned Daughter Released From Jail After Being Ruled Sane


The US justice system has seriously dropped the ball on this one. A child killer, the child’s own mother, walks free after serving just 3 years in prison for drowning her precious little girl. She was deemed to be not guilty of the crime by reasons of insanity. Now she’s been deemed sane and allowed to walk free, free to kill another child or possibly an adult.

To start this story, we need to jump into our DeLorean and travel to 2010. Alexandria Bigham (3) was found unconscious by relatives in the bath tub at her home just southwest of Modesto, CA. Her egg-donor, Jennifer (23) was found locked in a bedroom with self-inflicted stab wounds. Funny how they never seem to stab just deep enough to actually mean it? Relatives called 911 and little Alexandria was air-lifted to hospital, where she gained her angel wings a few hours later. Jennifer admitted to drowning Alexandria in the bath. She underwent psychiatric evaluation and the judge ruled her not guilty by reason of insanity. She was placed in jail where she refused to co-operate with prison guards and police officers.

Fast forward to 2013: Jennifer is now 26, young enough to produce more children for her to kill. She has undergone more psych testing which ruled that she was “sane” and therefore free to go out into society. WTF?? She killed her daughter because she was insane! Mental problems do not go away on their own, they’re only kept at bay with medications and psychiatric treatment! I highly doubt she got any of these while she was in the slammer! So anyhoo, she’s out and free. But she’s not free from criticism and condemnation of her peers. Prosecutors are already planning to appeal this appalling decision, with deputy district attorneys saying she’s a danger to society and that she hasn’t been evaluated properly. The cute little twist at the end is that under double jeopardy, she can’t be tried for the same crime twice. So what’s it going to take to get her back into jail where she belongs? Does another innocent child have to die at her hands?

The treatment of mental health issues has changed a lot in the last couple of decades. Both Australia and the US have similar problems – that there just isn’t enough money and resources to go around. 30 years ago, Jennifer would’ve been locked up in a mental institution where they would’ve forced her to take medication and been kept away from society in an environment that was safe for her and others. But no, apparently institutionalising mentally ill people was “cruel” and “inhumane”. Now we often have people with undiagnosed or untreated mental illnesses who pose a danger to themselves or to other people. People who refuse to take medication and whose families have given up on them for their own safety and sanity. There needs to be a better way of handling people who are a clear danger to society.

Murder/Botched-Suicide–Lisette Bamenga

Internet Research Helped Kill Kids

Mom Faces Murder Charges

Bronx Siblings Gassed and Poisoned

29 year old Lisette Bamenga, a teacher, found out her husband had allegedly cheated on her, having a baby by someone else.  Her reaction was to murder their kids and unfortunately fail at killing herself…

This selfish, vindictive c*** admittedly searched the web to find out how to poison 5 year old Trevor Noel Jr. and 4 month old Violet Lily.  She gave them grape juice laced with windshield wiper fluid.  When that didn’t seem to work she put them in the bathtub to drown them, she then dressed them, took them to the kitchen, covered the windows with plastic, turned on the gas and slit her wrists.

A neighbor called 911 to report a gas leak.  First responders found the useless bio-bitch unconscious with minor cuts on her wrists.  Tragically, they were unable to revive the children.

In one of the suicide notes she left was written:  “You got what you wanted, me and the kids are in a better place now.”

She’s facing 2 counts of 1st Degree Murder.  Her lawyer is already screaming about her rights being violated because police interviewed her at the hospital.  He’s trying to get her statements thrown out.  — “I poisoned them.  That didn’t work, so I drowned them,” and “It’s not fair, Trevor had a baby with another woman,”

This man arrived home, after working his shift with the NYPD, to total devastation.   My heart breaks for the father and family of these angels.


Rant On:

I can understand the anger directed at a cheating spouse.  I get divorcing him and taking half of everything!  I can even understand, to a point, wanting to hurt or kill his ass!!  What I can’t wrap my mind around is killing your babies because your husband screwed around!!  I don’t care if he had 20 different kids running around by 20 different women; no one deserves the loss this man is suffering!

Why do the selfish, cowardly fucks insure the death of the babies but they always seem to survive!?!  She didn’t drink the juice she poisoned those babies with or research how to properly slice her damn wrists in order to die, but she made damn sure they wouldn’t survive!!  She poisoned, drowned, and then gassed them…

Those babies were innocent and deserved to have a full life!!  Children aren’t pawns to be used to hurt someone!! 

Rant Over

R.I.P. Sweet Babies

Thanks for the tip goes to April.


Trout pout skank leaves baby unattended in the tub


Poor Trout Pout.... she's so sad.

Police: Mom Was On Computer When Baby Was Found In Tub 

Baby Who Drowned In Tub Born To Jailed Mother 

Mother Arrested After Baby Found Dead In Bathtub


While 39-year-old Muriel Keer’s infant son was breathing his final breaths, she was in the kitchen pounding away at her keyboard.  I supposed it never occurred to her that she should leave the 9-month-old alone in the tub.  Then again, this is a child who spent the first part of his short life in the custody of Denver Human Services because his mother was a drug whore, so why should his death be a surprise to anyone?

Before little Aldrich Leathers was even born, it seemed like his future was going to be pretty bleak.  Before his birth, Keer was arrested for drug possession.  While out on bond last fall, she was arrested again for violating probation by failing 2 drug tests for methamphetamine and opiates.  Pleading guilty for the methamphetamine possession, she received a suspended 4-year prison sentence and 4-years of intensive supervised probation.  She entered a drug treatment program and, in May, she regained custody of Aldrich.  After a month of monitoring his progress in her custody, Homan services deemed closed the case as if little Aldrich was okay in the custody of Ol’ Trout Pout.  They were wrong.

On Tuesday night, officers were called to the home.  Aldrich had been found unconscious in the tub by another adult in the home.  Not his “mother” who should have been watching him… Another adult.

Honestly, Trout Pout is the perfect example of why certain people should have their reproductive organs removed before they have a chance to reproduce.  In addition to her obvious skankery and just flat out being a burden on society, Keer was involved with Michael Leathers, a career criminal, whose list of illegal activities involve a possible murder for hire case, in  2009, where a man named Robert Walters murdered his wife, Brittney Brashers.  I don’t want to go into too much detail on that – you can follow the links for the details.  Walters, Keer and Leathers are pretty much cut from the same mold.  Anyhow, Leathers was thought to be the father of little Aldrich, but a paternity test proved otherwise. 

Keer has not been formally charged, but is being held on $10,000 bond for suspicion of child abuse resulting in death. 

Please, please remove her useless uterus before she does any more damage.

By the way… is that meth face that  I detect?

Jonathan Singer was found in a cardboard coffin

Father accused of shopping while leaving son in tub 

Texas Dad Charged After Son Found Dead In Box 

Autopsy underway on Jonathan Singer, disabled boy found dead in cardboard box, father is suspect

Dad Charged After Disabled Son Found Dead in Cardboard Box

There are so many children featured on this site that you have the lean back in your chair and think to yourself “Damn…. They really never had a chance with such selfish assholes for parents”.  Well, 10-year-old Jonathan Singer is a perfect example of a child that never had a chance because his parents were selfish.

Jonathan was not a typical child.  He had cerebral palsy and he was blind.  That’s a double whammy right there.  Little Jonathan needed extra care and extra love.  Besides those crucial things, he needed help eating, which he did through a feeding tube, and moving.  A child with such needs should never be left alone, right.  Well, tell Jeffrey Singer (the DNA donor) that.  Never mind.  It’s far too late to tell that mother fucker anything.  Jeffrey is being accused of leaving Jonathan in a bathtub while he went to a store on April 12th.  The result… Jonathan is dead.

5 days after Singer left his child alone to die, the child’s uncle made a phone call to police.  He was concerned for the child and asked that they go look in on him.  When officers arrived at the home, Jonathan’s mother, Tina Madrid, told police that the child was fine and was out with Jeffrey.  Jonathan WAS with Jeffrey, but he was far from fine.

Jeffrey showed up at his father’s house, which was about a 4 hour drive from their Pasadena, Texas apartment.  He told his father that something bad had happened and Jonathan had been killed.  His father made a phone call to police.  When they arrived, they searched Singer’s car.  They were met by a foul smell and, in the back of the SUV, Jonathan’s decomposing and emaciated body rested in a cardboard box.   

Something tells me that there was a missed opportunity to save Jonathan’s life.  As we see so often on this site, CPS has a previous report, in January 2010, of neglect and abuse by both parents.  That case was closed.  Four months later, another investigation was started because of a claim that Tina Madrid may have been unable to care for Jonathan because of he own health issues.  The investigation was never completed because the family moved and could not be located.  We can find fucking terrorists living in caves on the other side of the world, but we can’t find child abusing assholes that live in our backfuckingyards.  Go figure. 

Jeffrey Singer is being charged with injury to a child by omission.  He is currently out on $50,000 bond.  Tina Madrid is being charged with neglect of a child. She was arrested then released pendng formal charges.  There may be other charges for both parents once the ME report comes back.  They will have to determine wether Jonathan’s death was murder or a tragic accident.  Leaving a handicapped child home alone in a tub full of water is murder in my books, but that’s just my opinion. 

Jonathan’s 2 sisters, ages 15 and 17, are reportedly safe and in the custody of relatives.

Rest in peace, Jonathan.  The tears soaking my pillow tonight are for you, little man.

Thanks go to all who sent this tip in.

Charles Bellamy is a lying lazy idiot and a coward


Toddler’s dad said she died after he fell asleep

Fort Worth mother recalls girl’s father telling her that toddler had died

As family grieves, still no sign of dead toddler’s dad

Tuesday, March 15th, 19-year-old Joy Howard went to work, leaving her 2 year old daughter with her father, Charles Bellamy (unemployed father of 7…errrrr … make that 6).   Joy received a phone call from Bellamy while he was one the way to pick her up.  He told Joy that he had something to tell her.  When she pressed for an explanation, Bellamy simply told her, “I’ll just talk to you when I get there.”

When Bellamy arrived at Joy’s workplace, their daughter, Jaz’mine, was not in her car seat.  We all know what comes next, so we can sympathize with how Joy must have been feeling.  She asked Bellamy what happened to her daughter.  Simple question, right?  Nope.  Not so simple…. 

On the ride home, Bellamy explained to Joy that Jaz’mine was dead.  He said it was an accident.  Liar.   He claimed that hours earlier Jaz’mine had an accident in her pants so he told her to get into the bath.  Lazy.  He stayed in the living room and fell asleep.  Idiot.   When he woke up, he found the child dead in the bathtub.  He then tried (unsuccessfully) to resuscitate the child before he drove her to the hospital – but never took her in because he had been drinking and he was afraid her would get into trouble.  Coward.

Only one question remained unanswered… Where was Jaz’mine.  Bellamy told Joy that he didn’t want her to see Jaz’mine so he put her body in the trunk.  He fucking drove MILES with that baby in the trunk and never told her mother that she was there the entire time.  Fucker. 

When they got home, Joy jumped out of the car and beat on the door for Bellamy’s family to help.  Bellamy’s mother and brother took Jaz’mine’s body from the trunk and tried to resuscitate her.  Bellamy went into the house and took a weapon and his mother’s car keys.  He told his mother that he had a weapon and was going to end his own life (told you he was a coward) then he drove off in her car.  Sayonara, mother fucker. 

Bellamy wasn’t some dick that Joy had just met.  They had known each other for several years.  Although they were no longer a couple, Joy moved from her home in Lubbock to Fort Worth for work and so that her daughter could get to know Bellamy and his family.  Bellamy’s family was kind enough to let joy and Jaz’mine stay with them until the young mother could get on her feet.  Even though Bellamy was a serial sperm donor, Joy didn’t believe that he had ever abused and of his other children and, in the weeks they lived with him, he had never been abusive to Jaz’mine.  I feel awful for Joy.  She seems to be a young mother who was trying to do right by her daughter.  I can’t imagine the pain she must be feeling.

There have been several sightings reported, but police have still not found Bellamy.  There is an outstanding warrant alleging injury to a child with serious bodily injury.  The ME hasn’t disclosed Jaz’mines cause of death, but police say she had immersion burns on legs and her stomach.

Rest in peace, beautiful baby.  I hope you didn’t suffer.

Thanks go to Dawn for the tip.

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