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Kids found in meth lab in Sydney

Kids discovered during raid on drug lab

Police raid suspected clandestine drug lab in Hinchinbrook

Not a lot on this one, but three kids have been discovered during a raid on a meth lab in Sydney’s southwest. Detectives searched the Hinchinbrook home and found three children aged from 16 months to 16 years, along with their 42 year old mother. In a shed out the back of the house, police found a meth lab complete with glassware, liquids and other items used to make methylamphetamine (commonly known as “ice” or “speed”). More chemicals were found in a bedroom. A 48 year old man (I presume he may be the father or a boyfriend of the mother) was questioned by police but has since been released pending further enquiries. The police have also reported this incident to the Department of Family and Community Services and will be continuing the investigation, and cleaning up the site of the meth lab.

I really wish I could find more info on this, like mug shots and names. Meth is such a dirty drug, it’s made in filthy glassware by people who are high most of the time. The chemicals used to make meth include drain cleaner and phosphorus, and the process is highly dangerous and explosive. Because these people are high as a kite, they don’t monitor the shit bubbling away until it blows half the house up. The chemicals often cause burns to children (I don’t know why they never seem to cause burns to the idiot drug addicts) and inhaling the vapours can cause all sorts of health problems. All in all, not a suitable place to raise children!


Hey, Hey, Good loookin’. Whatcha got cookin’?


DaytonPolice: Meth mom charged 

Two charged in Burkhardt meth case

35-year-old Karen Day is a typical methtard.  Selfish and stupid.

Day, the mother of a 7-year-old, has been arrested and is being charged with child endangering after a meth lab was discovered in herDayton,OH home.

Police were tipped off by a neighbor.  When they arrived at the house, an officer looked in the window and saw 34year-old Manuel Ortiz Jr. cooking meth.  BUSTED!  He is also being charged with child endangering as well as manufacturing drugs.

Let’s hear it for the nosy neighbors who weren’t afraid to get involved.  They may have saved a child’s life!

Thanks go to Cathy Blake for the tip.  She must know how I love the meth-tards.

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