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4 year old girl saves mum’s drugged arse

Girl, 4, calls for help after high on drugs mum passes out while driving pick-up truck

So NOW Alicia Pruitt is awake…just in time to realise what a useless wastoid she is.

A brave 4 year old girl from Texas made the call she never should have had to make…she called 911 after her useless druggie incubator Alicia Pruitt (24) fell asleep at the wheel of her truck and ran off the road. Luckily it was on a rural road, with barely anything to hit.

Police say the little girl used Alicia’s phone to ring them and tell them where she was and what had happened. When they arrived, they found the useless stoner slumped over the wheel, truck in gear with the engine running, and her foot still on the brake. Thank fuck for small miracles.

When the pothead awoke, she was in a daze and managed to mumble to officers that she had been smoking K2 – synthetic marijuana – and had also taken a bunch of illegally obtained narcotics (i.e. stolen pain meds).

Officers lauded the intelligence and bravery of the little girl and rewarded her by placing her in the care of relatives, away from the useless stoner bitch. Pruitt has been charged with public intoxication, possession of drug paraphenalia and possession of a controlled substance. No mention of any charges of child endangerment or neglect.

Sitting on a baby’s head will NOT make them go to sleep!

Police: DeLand man sits on baby’s head because child would not fall asleep

Jonathan Savas, Fla. man, charged with child abuse, allegedly sat on his baby’s head to stop him from crying

They took away my toy and my drugs. Sad now.

This is yet another one of those cases where you take one look at the mugshot and think “This person is bad news”. Then you see that the case happened in a trailer park in Flori-DUH and you’re not surprised.

Jonathon Savas (24) has an unusual way of making his baby go to sleep. According to witnesses, he sat on the head of his 10-month-old son in a strange and potentially dangerous attempt to make him go to sleep. Mr. Savas and his baby were staying at the trailer of Irene Hossain, at the Sha-De-Land trailer park in DeLand, FL, after showing up with the baby, who wasn’t wearing any clothes. Savas is currently homeless.  According to Ms. Hossain, the baby would not go to sleep (probably because the heat and humidity) so our scribbled-on scumbag Savas put the baby on the lounge face-down and sat on his head as some sort of bizarre punishment or soothing motion. Obviously, the baby didn’t like that and screamed his head off. Irene told him to knock it off, and Savas turned around and said “It’s my baby and I can do what I want”. Eventually he got it through his batshit brain that sitting on the baby wouldn’t work, so he stopped.

Irene didn’t call the cops straightaway, because she was afraid that Savas might sit on her too. Police later found Savas and the baby down the road, and Savas told he’d “disciplined” the baby but wouldn’t go into further detail. He was arrested and charged with child abuse, and drug possession after police found a pill container, baggies and needles in his backpack. He currently resides at Volusia County Jail and his bail has been set at $50,000.

Okay. Okay. Okay. How the hell has this drug-addicted bum managed to keep a baby alive for 10 months?! The poor baby had no clothes on, and his dopey daddy has been spending all his money on drugs. Some people have presumed that Irene Hossain is the mother of the unfortunate mite, but no news source actually says this. So where the hell is the incubator of this poor babe and why did she let a drug addict take her baby? Someone had better get that baby away from him before he kills him or sells him for more drugs.

Thanks to WarriorArtemis for the tip!

Got my "fix kit", let's go on the field trip.

“I fucking hate all drugs, but heroin has got to be the worst drug ever known to man. It is the destroyer of lives and the taker of souls.” – Danielle

On Friday October 7th, Stephanie Bailey (28)  was accompanying her 7-year-old daughter’s class on a field trip to Historic Pioneer Village.   I am going to go out on limb here and say that if you have assumed by the quote above and the fact the Mrs. Bailey is gracing the pages of BB that this was not your average class field trip, you would be correct.

Stephanie was tasked with being a parent chaperone for her daughter’s class and whether that was too much for her to handle or she is just your average junkie loser is unknown, but she was discovered unconscious on the bathroom floor by another parent.  Next to her unconscious body was a small purse, a glass tube with burn marks and hypodermic needles.  The other chaperone placed the items back into her purse so the children would not see them.  Also found in the purse, metal spoon with burn marks, alcohol pads, rubber tube, two plastic containers of sterile water and a lighter.  Damn!  She was prepared.  I can see her now packing her and her daughter’s lunches for the day and her “fix kit.”

According to the criminal complaint, Mrs. Bailey had in her possession, four small plastic bags containing heroin, several hypodermic needles and other paraphernalia.  No worries though, she wasn’t shooting heroin on her daughter’s class trip.  She was just dehydrated from her birthday celebration the night before, which included the use of heroin and oxycontin.  Liar, liar… pants on fire!  I hate idiots like this!

Bailey was taken to the hospital treated and arrested.  She was charged with one count of felony narcotic drug possession and one count of possessing drug paraphernalia.  She faces 3 ½ years in jail and a fine of up to $10,000 if convicted.  She was released on $500 bond and ordered to maintain absolute sobriety.  We shall see if she can accomplish that task.  If she can’t stay sober for her baby’s fucking field trip can she stay sober for anything?

I am going to tell you all a little something… I know some about heroin addiction.  My niece’s father is a heroin addict, I have watched a man, who was one of the best fathers I have ever seen, turn into nothing but a useless piece of shit thief over the course of the last seven years.  My niece who is 11-year-old has not a single birthday in the past seven years that her father has shown up at sober and/or brought her a gift.  His money, state disability check, is better spent feeding his habit.  Just last week, while recovering from back surgery, he left the nursing home he was staying at while recuperating, went and got his “shit” and was found across the street at a bus stop overdosed.  If a passerby had not seen him and called 911 he would have died right there on the side of the road.  Imagine what it would do to an 11-year-old girl to hear her father died that way.  I do not feel pity for drug users – They chose to use drugs.  Drug addicts are selfish and hurt everyone around them. It’s pretty easy to go off shoot up overdoes and die, it’s not them that has to explain to the children left behind.  My heart breaks for my niece and all children of drug addicts.  It’s not fair!

Ok I am done preaching,  Heroin and heroin users are a sore spot for me.

Amusing Methtard logic from a knocked up repeat offender

Police: Five arrested in meth discovery on Read Street

Police: Pregnant woman admits using meth, bath salts 

Two Arrested for Westside Evansville Carjacking 

Oh boy… Where do I start with this one?  Lone methtards are more fun than a barrel of monkies, but 4 methtards and a knocked up, repeat offending methskank with skewed logic… Whoa fucking Nelly.  Now that is a party.

5 Evansville, Indiana methtastic shitheads were carted off to the hoosegow after an early morning bust prompted by a tip to the coppers.  Among those busted were 23-year-old Chastity A. Hertzberger, 21-year-old Christopher J. LeSieur, 20-year-old Timothy W. Hart, 20-year-old Kristina D. Benningfield and Benningfield’s 22-year-old boyfriend, James J. Moore. 

All of the methtards were residents of the upstairs portion of the home except Timothy Hart.  My guess is he still lives with his mommy.  Also, all of the methtards were high on meth, including the visiting Hart. The homeowner, who lived downstairs, allowed the officers in to search the home.  And search they did; turning up (in a back bedroom) several items used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine including over 100 pseudoephedrine pills.

During questioning, Benningfield told officers that she was expecting a little bundle of joy, and she was not talking in the form of pharmaceuticals.  Benningfield is, in fact, four months preggers.  She also told officers that she likes doing bath salts.  Winner, winner.  Pregnant, meth lab, high as a fucking kite and dumb as a box of rocks is certainly a recipe for disaster. 

When officers asked the Queen of Methtardia if she knew about the effects the drugs would have on her baby, she told the officers, “Well, my baby likes it.”

Are you fucking kidding me?  The baby likes being poisoned?  And perhaps Benningfield would like me to c*** punt her into next fucking week.  Sheesh.

Hart is being charged with dealing meth, possession of meth, possession of precursors and visiting a common nuisance.  Hertzberger and LeSieur are both being charged with maintaining a common nuisance.   Moore is being charged with dealing meth, possession of meth, possession of precursors and visiting a common nuisance.  

Benningfield who, as I mentioned in the title, is a repeat offender.  Thanks to handy dandy Google, I found where the Butterface… I mean Benningfield was previously arrested after her and Joseph J. Witham, another stellar member of society, threatened a man at knifepoint, forced him into his car, drove him around for two hours, threatened to kill him, and then let him go after beating and strangling him.  The pair was spotted in the stolen car in a parking lot and were taken into custody.  Witham had himself a myriad of charges including, but not limited to, carjacking and narcotics possession.  Benningfield’s charges included carjacking and criminal confinement.  This time around, Butter….errrr… Benningfield is being charged with dealing meth, possession of meth, possession of precursors and maintaining a common nuisance.  Hopefully CPS will keep an eye on her and take her baby as soon as it breathes its first breath. 

Thanks go to Mr. Steve Weiss for posting this one in the Open Thread.

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