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7 year old designated driver

7-year-old caught driving on Gold Coast at 3am and man in car with him charged with being under influence of alcohol

Boy, 7, found driving drunk dad, police say

Man charged after letting 7yo drive car through Surfers Paradise

A drunken idiot has been arrested after his 7 year old son was allegedly caught at the wheel of his car at 3am in Surfers Paradise, on Queensland’s Gold Coast. He has been charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and adult in charge under the influence of alcohol.

The 41-year-old drunkard, who is from NSW, was riding in the passenger seat when a police patrol noticed the car swerving erratically and without headlights on, at 3am on Friday morning. Instead of being in bed, dreaming of being a superhero and only having to worry about going to school the next day, his 7 year old son was forced to attempt to drive his drunken idiot father home. I don’t know why the son was out with dad in the first place. How would he be able to get into the bar? Don’t tell me that the drunken idiot left his son outside, unattended, so that he could get his drink on…

Authorities are appalled at the drunken idiot’s stupidity, saying that children do not have the physical or the mental ability to control such as complex and heavy piece of machinery that is a car. The drunken idiot not only put his son and himself at risk of injury, but also other road users and pedestrians. I hope Mum or another relative slaps this drunkard silly!

The drunken idiot will face Southport Magistrates Court on July 3. The boy is now in the care of relatives, who had to travel from NSW after they learned of the incident.

Anyone with more information about the incident is asked to call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit their website

Girl injured after drunken breeders crash quad bike

Girl critical after quad bike rolls with drunk adults

Fury over quad-bike adults drinking before girl hurt

Woman asked to take quad bike crash blame


The quad bike involved in the accident. Photo / Hawkes Bay Today

Six year old Ashlee Shorrock is in a critical condition at Auckland’s Starship Children’s Hospital, after a quad bike that she was on crashed into a ditch in Hawkes’ Bay. The quad bike was being driven by an adult (it’s not clear who yet) who had spent the day drinking and was smashed as a crab! Ashlee’s father, Daniel Shorrock (28), and two other adults had been drinking all day before they decided to drive the quad home. Ashlee’s stepmum Stephanie Lucas (22) had only had one drink that day, but nevertheless let a drunk person drive the quad bike home. Idiot! Now we all know what happens when you mix alcohol and driving. It doesn’t end well. The quad bike, carrying Ashlee, her dad, her step mum and two other adults crashed into the ditch on Okaihau Rd, near Waimarama Beach shortly before midnight. I didn’t know quad bikes could carry five people, but now we know they can’t…

Stephanie was asked to take the blame because she’d had the least to drink. Well, Stephanie, you should’ve offered to drive the quad instead of letting some drunken idiot take the wheel. She was also conveniently forgetful about who was actually driving that night. She claimed she’d only had one drink that day, yet couldn’t remember who was driving. Either she’s lying about how much she had to drink, or she actually does know who was driving and my money’s going to be on Ashlee’s dad. Either way she knew that whoever was driving wasn’t fit to drive, yet she still placed Ashlee in harm’s way by putting her on a quad with a drunkard at the wheel. She could’ve walked with Ashlee or offered to commandeer the bike. But no, that would’ve been sensible. Poor Ashlee didn’t have a say in this and now she’s injured.

The adults were injured too, but not to the extent that Ashley was. They’ve all been discharged from hospital while Ashlee continues to suffer.

Quad bikes in New Zealand are subjected to the same laws as any other vehicle travelling on a public road. They must be registered and the riders licensed to drive them. My bet is that this bike and driver were neither. Police are investigating, and charges may be filed against the adults. Nah, do you think?!


Monkey See, Monkey Do

Cops: Tot Spotted Drinking Beer, Dad Arrested

I have decided to start something new. Before I write about my favorite state Flori-duh, I will say something nice about the state. Florida passed a law requiring welfare recipients to pass a drug test before they are able to receive funds. Kudos to that. 

28-year old Elvin Garcia is an ignorant drunkard from Flori-duh .

On July 9th police responded to Elvins ‘home’ after a report was made about a child drinking beer. When the police arrived they witnessed an 18-month old boy picking up beer bottles in the yard and drinking out of them. Meanwhile father dearest ( Elvin ) was passed out in the doorway to their trailer. Fantastic.

The police were able to wake him long enough to handcuff him and haul his sorry ass to jail. He was arrested for aggravated child neglect.

The neighbors said “this isn’t the first time the baby has been left to wander around”. I only hope this same neighbor was the one to call the police. I truly hate it when someone witnesses something like this but doesn’t speak up as it happens. Why the hell they continued to let that little boy drink beer in the yard before the police showed or even as they showed up is beyond me. For that reason alone I can’t anything good about these ‘concerned’ citizens. The smell of beer on the child and a passed out father was enough to have Elvin arrested. Someone should have carried that little boy off to a safe place while they called the police. Instead they let the little guy continue to get his drink on. Idiots. 

I must bring up the subject of children and alcohol. A child can still get fetal alcohol syndrome if they consume any alcohol as an infant.

 Lets hope his little boy doesn’t suffer any long term effects from this binge. It’s bad enough his father is a drunk and he has to live in Florida.

 Thanks Deena for the tip

Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write up!

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