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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Most Cowardly Moron of All…

“Mom” Leaves 4 yr old at DUI Crash, Infant and Baby Home Alone

“Mom” Flees Scene Leaving Daughter


Drunken, Moronic Breeder Lisette Gonzales Avakian


That would be 35 year old Lisette Gonzales Avakian.  Not to mention she’s a selfish twit to boot!!  Of course this is all “allegedly”.

This 35 year old single “mother”  decided to get her drink on…  Of course if she had been responsible before she got drunk and got a sitter she wouldn’t be gracing our pages!!

It seems she was out for a joy ride at 2am and drunk as hell, “allegedly”.  Of course, she needed a companion on her midnight drive so who better to keep your drunk ass company than your 4 year old baby girl?!?  The wet brained bitch hit two parked cars and flipped her car.

Now, as bad as that is, her selfish stupidity doesn’t stop there!!  She then proceeded to exit the vehicle and run away…  That’s right she ran, LEAVING her 4 year old, who was thankfully strapped in her car seat, hanging upside down in the crashed car!!

Police were called by people that lived in the neighborhood that heard the crash.  These people ran to the car and found the 4 year old hanging in her car seat.  They released the baby from her seat and authorities found her sitting in the car.  She told them her mother had run away…  What a wonderful memory for a child to have!!

But wait there’s more still!! 

Some of the neighbors told police they heard her say “Where’s my baby?” as she ran away.  At the crash site there was an infant car seat.  This led police to think there was an infant involved in the crash that had been ejected.  And they started searching for the infant.

When they found the cowardly c***, hiding behind some bushes a block away, she refused to cooperate or even tell them if there was another child in the car!!  Wait, if  she was drunk enough to run away from the car because she was searching for her infant wouldn’t she want help finding that baby?!?  I think she’s full of shit!!  If your frantically looking for your baby why the fuck would you be hiding in the bushes?!?

When they took her and the 4 year old to the hospital, a nurse remembered the little girl from a previous visit and told authorities she also had a 3 month old baby.  They finally found her address when searching the vehicle and went to her apartment.  They then found a 1 year and 3 month old in the home alone.  The 3 month old was in a bassinet and the 1 year old was walking freely around the house!!

Luckily, none of the baby’s injuries were serious and the 1 year and 3 month olds were ok.  They were all taken into protective custody and later released to their father.

The complete waste of estrogen was treated and released from the hospital, and then booked for suspicion of drunk driving and child endangerment.  She’s being held on $100,000 bond.  Child services is investigating before more charges are filed.


Thanks go to Deena for the tip!

The Duh in FloriDuh x2

Man Brings Baby to Bar Fight

Man Brings Baby to Bar, Starts 2 Brawls




The stellar Floridian you see above helped put the duh in Floriduh!!  That’s 32 year old Kristopher Mills.

It would seem on Sunday night he got thirsty and decided to go to his favorite bar and have a drink.  Of course that wouldn’t have his ugly mug being featured on BB.  What brings him to our site is his choice of a bar companion!

Evidently, the wet brained dick thinks it’s appropriate to take a 9 month old baby bar hopping!

Not only did he take the baby to a bar to toss back a few, when he arrived at the bar he started a fight with another man by pulling his hair…  Sorry, but where I’m from “men” that are starting shit with another man don’t pull hair!!!  After that little altercation this dumbass handed the baby to a friend in the bar and proceeded to start another fight with a second man by punching him.

Mills drank six beers while at the bar and then tried to drive home with the baby.  When deputies arrested him he pulled away, struck an officer, threatened, and tried to stop them from shackling his legs.  Once they got him to jail they had to carry him to the booking area because he refused to walk…

He’s being charged with battery, child neglect, and assault.  Where the hell are the child endangerment charges, resisting arrest, assault on a police officer??

On a good note the baby is fine and with Child Protection Officers.

The article doesn’t say he is this baby’s father, but considering the child was taken by child protection and not released to the mother or another relative, I’d say he was at least a guardian…



The next contestant on who put the Duh in FloriDuh…

Trench’s Note 11/4/2012: The 2nd contestant has had her story removed due to the fact that she got her life back together and was able to get her child back. We here at BB wish her the best. See, we’re not complete monsters.

When titty twisters go bad… they go REALLY bad


Guilty plea entered in nipple-ripping incident

Woman enters guilty plea in nipple-ripping incident

While I was never the recipient of a purple nurple, I have been the giver of quite a few – having brothers and all. After reading this next story, I think my titty twister days are over. I think when I read the title in the source link, I had the same reaction (with my ta-ta’s) that most men have when you mention another man getting injured in his nether region. Youch!

Early morning December 12th, 2010, Las Cruces, New Mexico resident, Amelia Love Oveide was having a drunken argument with her 27-year-old son when her daughter-in-law attempted to intervene. When the DIL got physical, punching Oviede in the face, she protected herself by grabbing the DIL’s breast. Oviede was eventually removed from the home. It was at that point that the DIL realized that the altercation left her bleeding. When she untucked her shirt to investigate, her nipple… NIPPLE!!! fell on the floor. Damn.

The DIL put the nipple in a bag instead of calling 911. She eventually went to an emergency room. While trying to reattach the right nipple, the police were called. The injury left her unable to breastfeed from that breast. Dayum.

This isn’t Oviede’s firt time at the rodeo. She has two prior convictions for drug possession, one for firearm possession and one for concealing a weapon. The senseless act of titty torture earned Amelia Love Oviede another trip to the pokey, a spot on, an image in my head that I can’t shake, a $10,000 medical bill for the attempted nip-repair, and possibly supervised probation. She decided to enter a guilty plea to aggravated battery against a household member with great bodily harm, days before her trial was to begin. Saved her some time and trouble I suppose.

I think I’m going to go admire my own glorious INTACT nips now. I feel slightly traumatized by this story and I need some alone time with my “girls”.

Drunken Slag Kelly Chaffee and Her Priorities

Woman Leaves Toddler at Pool to Drink Beer

Mom Leaves Tot Unattended to Buy Beer With Girls Ice Cream Money


Irresponsible Bitch


A mother that takes her 3 year old son to a pool on a hot summer day is usually there to enjoy the sunshine and play with her son in the water right?

Well, not if that so called “mother” is 22 year old Kelly Lynn Chaffee.  She seems to think a pool is a perfect place to keep her 3 year old occupied so she can scam an 11 year old for beer money and then go toss back a few!!

The night of June 22nd Fort St. Lucie police met with a man at a local pool who told them his 14 year old step-daughter had brought a 3 year old little boy to his home.  She said she waited for the “mother” for about 4 hours before bringing the baby home with her.

The step-father then proceeded to go out and look for the “mom”.  He found her looking for the baby but decided he wasn’t comfortable giving the baby back to her because she was drunk and called the cops.

When police spoke to the 14 year old she said that the toddler had been running around the pool and someone asked who was looking after him.  She volunteered to watch him because she’d seen him before.  Bio-twit was nowhere to be found at this time!! After 3 ½ hours she decided to take him home with her because she had no clue where the idiot had gone!!

Police then spoke to the man’s 11 year old step-daughter.  She said Chaffee told her she was going to get beer and cigarettes but had no cash.  Evidently, bio-bitch told the little girl that she’d go get her some ice cream.  The 11 year old gave her $5.00 for the ice cream.  The little girl said she didn’t know she had to watch the baby.

Of course the c*** says she left her son with the 11 year old.  She said she took the $5.00 to buy beer and cigarettes.  She then planned to use her food stamps to get the little girls ice cream.

When she turned back up 4 hours later there was no ice cream in sight.  When asked where it was she said she lacked “enough money in food stamps.”

When asked what she did with the $5.00 she said she drank beer at Cumberland Farms.

She’s been arrested on a charge of child neglect.  Where the hell are the endangerment charges?? The 3 year old was released to his grandparents.


Rant On:

This fucking Cunt decided alcohol was more important than her three year old child!!  I’m so sick of writing and reading about sloppy ass drunks and scummy ass druggies putting their next high before their kids!!  GROW THE FUCK UP!!!

On what planet is an 11 year old, that you don’t even know, an acceptable babysitter poolside??  Hell, both girls showed more maturity and concern for this child than the skanky slag that gave birth to him!!!

Not only did she abandon her baby in a dangerous situation, she scammed and took advantage of an 11 year old child!!  How fucking low can you be?!?  I won’t even get started on the food stamp shit!!

Do yourself and that child a favor- sign away your parental rights, go have a hysterectomy and drink yourself into oblivion!!

Rant Over



Thanks for the tip goes to Marcy.

Chauffeuring the Sloth

Mom uses 10-year-old daughter as designated driver  

Mother Uses 10-Year Old as Designated Driver 

That doughy diva you see there is another shining example of stellar parenting out of sunny Flori-DUH.  33-year-old Ashley Willoughby and her boyfriend had a little too much to drink.  Willoughby, being the responsible drunk, handed the keys to the car to her 10-year-old daughter.  She had the right idea with finding a designated driver, but a taxi would have been a better choice than a 4th grader.  Just sayin’…   

As soon as the child pulled out, she rammed 3 cars and a house.  She panicked, as any normal 10-year-old would do, and hit the accelerator instead of the brakes.  The good news is no one was hurt – including the girl’s 8-year-old brother. 

Willoughby pleaded no contest to child abuse charges and won’t serve more tha 18 months in prison under the plea agreement. 

Even if mommy WAS giving the girl driving lessons, it still was a bone-head move that ended her lard ass up in the pokey.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, she gets her picture posted her for our clan of “mean” girls to poke fun at.  BRING IT BITCHES!! 

Thanks go to Starri and Sean for the tip

Dogs – check. Fishin’ pole – check. Bait – check. Toddler – no check.

Deputies: Man Leaves Toddler In Car, Goes Fishing

Public Safety Log 

At 43-years-old, you would expect a parent to have their shit together.  Am I wrong?  I mean, we kinda aren’t hella shocked when we read about teen parents that have fucked up priorities, but 43?  That’s an age you expect a person to act like a grown up.  Maybe someone should have told Steven Schneiter that. 

Scneither went on a fishing trip earlier this month.  He brought along his dogs and his 25-month-old baby.  Why not?  Bonding with the baby while fishing.  ‘Cept Schneiter left the tot in the car, unattended and in near freezing temperatures, while he was fishing.  Did I mention that he was drunk?  No?  Well, he was. 

Once the police showed up and place Scheniter under arrest, that’s when the real fun began.  Schneiter went ape-shit, squeezing out of his cuffs and banging his head on the metal bars in the police car.  Good times. 

The child’s mother was called to the scene to retrieve her baby and the dogs.  Schneiter was hauled off to the pokey, where he faces charges of reckless endangerment and DUI.

On the plus side, no dead babies.   

Thanks go to SarahO for the tip.

Drunk Ind. Breeder leaves kid in cold car naked

Brittany Hazelwood

Court: Drunk mom leaves nude kid in cold car:

Mom Arrested After Children Found In Freezing Car:

Police in Fishers, Indiana arrested 24-year-old Brittany Hazelwood for allegedly leaving her two children in the car, one of them naked, while it was 36 degrees outside. Police say that Hazlewood was drunk off her ass and almost passed out inside the house. The kids were said to have been in the car outside the house for 40 minutes. Hazlewood’s BAC was said to be .19.

The other Breeder of the pair came home while police were at the house and guess what. He was drunk too with a mighty .21 BAC. That’s almost 3 times the legal limit.

And to top it all off police say that the home was filthy with trash and open food.

Now as far as I can tell Hazlewood was not charged with DUI however if the kids were in the car in the driveway and she was inside passed out I’m going to assume that the kids didn’t drive themselves there which means that Hazlewood earned herself the #7 spot on the BB BAC Board.

And yet again we have a story where two Breeders are more concerned with getting their drink on then cleaning the house or caring for their children.

I wonder if the Breeders went to the same bar for both of them to get drunk and did they take the kids in the bar with them.

Thanks to AJ for the tip.

Beer sot babysitter fell asleep at the helm

Cops: Drunk grandpa passes out along U.S. 1, stranding baby in stroller 

The pain in my side is from the giggle that picture gave me.  I was only able to giggle because no babies are dead.  We seem to have a surplus of dead babies lately, so it’s refreshing when one makes it out alive; especially when the dumb ass in charge of their wellbeing passes out drunk.  What else would expect from a grand-breeder in Flori-DUH? 

56-year-old year Raymond Dascott, a West Palm Beach carpenter, was out for a walk on Monday with his 18-month-old grandson.  I say he was out for a walk, but when police found him, he wasn’t walkin’.  He was passed out, cold, on the pavement with his grandson in the stroller next to him.  Inside the stroller, with the baby, were two Keystone Ice beers, which Dascott had just bought from the store.  Two for the road, I guess.  And Keystone?  That just has “classy” written all over it. 

When Dascott came to, he told police that he was just “resting”.  Yeah, I’d say.  He was only about a block from his home.  

The child was released to the custody of his grandmother, who claims that she didn’t know Grandpa Shitforbrains was drunk.  She obviously didn’t know he was a dumb ass either, I guess. 

Dascott is being charged with felony child neglect and is being held without bond.  I think he should be charged with SWI (strollering while intoxicated), but I’m not sure strollering is even a word….  

This could have ended up so much worse.  That stroller could have rolled into the street and been hit by a car.  Some sexual deviant could have happened upon it and helped him or herself to that baby.  Dascott should wrap his elbows around his knees and kiss his own ass and thank the heavens that his grandson is safe.  

Thanks go to Emailforholly for posting this in the Open Thread

Holly Razo got stabby at party while kid was home alone

Holly M. Razo

Police: Child left alone as woman drinks, wields knife, bites officer:

Police in Sheboygan, Wisconsin arrested 28-year-old Holly M. Razo after she got thrown out of a party and returned wielding two knives demanding ‘respect’. While in the squad car she told police she needed to contact her mother to get her 18-month-old child. Turns out the child was home alone in the unlocked house while Razo got her drink on and showed up for a knife fight where no one else was invited.

While in holding she managed to get her cuffed hands from behind her back to the front. When police tried to re-cuff her she told the cops ‘good luck’ and assaulted a few police officers and also tried to kick out a squad car window. Eventually she was put in a restraint chair.

Thankfully the child was unharmed.

I really have nothing to add to this. I mean what else can I add to this story? I’ve rarely seen so much parenting failure in one story but hey, feel free to go nuts in the comments.

Thanks to Britt for the tip.

SC Breeder arrested for 17-day-old baby's skull fractures

I'm strong to the finish 'cus I eats me spinach...

Police: Mom Fractures Skull of 17-day-old Infant:

Woman arrested after 17-day-old baby suffers skull fractures:

There’s not a lot of detail on this story but I couldn’t pass up that mugshot.

Anyway, one eyed James Brown over there is 27-year-old Niosha Latricia Kelly, or Niosha Latrice Kelly depending on the article, of Darlington, South Carolina. She was arrested after EMS was called to her house and it was determined that her 17-day-old daughter had two skull fractures.

It’s unknown at this time how the baby’s skull was fractured but police say when they questioned Kelly she gave multiple stories on how the baby was injured so badly but police say that the injuries did allegedly occur while the girl was in Kelly’s care.

Oh, and did I mention that she was caring for two other children and police say that she was noticeably intoxicated when they arrived at her house.

Let’s hope she wasn’t breastfeeding or we may have the youngest person ever placed into rehab.

The baby is in stable condition at last report.

Thanks to DD for the tip.

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