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90 days for death of 6-month-old… justice??? NO!

Fury-father (19) killed baby daughter given just 90 days in jail, judge feels prison creates repeat offenders  

Judge Douglas Walker should be ashamed of himself.  Judge Walker wasn’t caught outside of court doing anything improper; no he saves his deplorable judge for inside his court room.

Dylan Kuhn (19) of Colorado has been sentenced to only 90 days after pleading guilty to manslaughter in the death of 6-month-old daughter, Sailor.  To Judge Walker apparently  Sailor’s life is worth  less  jail time, than the total amount of time she was alive. He doesn’t want to create a repeat offender. So instead he’s going to take parenting classes and we can all hope when he breeds next that they stick and he doesn’t murder another child.

See, Dylan was out partying on Halloween 2011 and then came home to his beautiful child and as you can see she was a truly beautiful child.  Just a happy, gorgeous looking baby with a bright future and he got mad she wouldn’t stop crying so instead of trying to feed her, or changing her he told her to “shut up” and slammed her down on a bed killing her.  I’m pretty sure that young babies at 6-months lack the ability to communicate verbally or understand what’s being said to them.

It also bears mentioning that he first told police she fell off the couch because that’s what people, who are truly sorry do, they LIE.  He apparently only told the truth when he was told that the facts just didn’t support what he said.

Not many people in poor Sailor Serenity Raine Kuhn’s life were upset by her death because her own mother, April Coleman, testified that Dylan was sorry.  Apparently being sorry for a crime gets you leniency so take note criminals.  Be sorry and you won’t have to do even a quarter of the time you should. Judge Walker wouldn’t want to harden someone behind bars.  I wonder what type of impact little Sailor would have had on the world.  Would she have discovered the cure for AIDS? Been a famous actress or the first female president?  Would she have just been a happy adult who living a fulfilled life? Sadly we will never know because Dylan Kuhn can’t control his anger and now won’t do the time for his crime.

I also want to say I think that April Coleman has betrayed her daughter and her memory on the most fundamental level by supporting her c*cksucker boyfriend’s bid to avoid punishment for killing her child.  I wish I could just smack the shit out of her to be honest. How dare she just close her eyes to the death of her baby like that? Who wants to bet that once he’s out of jail they procreate again? Shame on everyone for not treating this with the seriousness it deserves.  Shame on this little girl’s parents for caring to little about her and SHAME ON THE JUDGE WHO DIDN’T VALUE HER LIFE!

Looking at that amazing little girl it’s just so sad.  What a heart breaking loss.  Tonight I will mourn little Sailor since it appears the people who should obviously didn’t.

 R.I.P Sailor Serenity Raine Kuhn 

***Special thanks to Jackie for the tip and write-up.***

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