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Meth and Molestation in Maricopa County

PD: Mom accused of injecting daughter with meth

Jacqueline Trousdale, Phoenix Mom, Accused Of Injecting Child With Meth

Meth leaves a nasty taste in your mouth

Our meth-tarded “mummy” up there, is Jacqueline Trousdale (30) of Tolleson, AZ. She was arrested last Sunday after it was found that her 5 year old daughter tested positive to meth.

Back in October of last year, there were accusations of child abuse and molestation made by the girl’s father. Tweaky Trousdale was apparently taking drugs in front of 5 and 9 year old daughters, and the girls had told their dad that she was injecting them with drugs and letting men molest them in a room at the Victory Inn at Tolleson. Police stormed the hotel room and found Trousdale and her daughters. CPS had been notified, and the younger girl had given a urine sample to a social worker, which then came back positive for meth and amphetamines. The young girl was also examined for signs of molestation and sexual assault, but luckily doctors didn’t find any signs of present abuse. But that’s not to say that they weren’t abused in the past.

CPS now have custody of the two girls for now, and I hope that they will be released to their dad. Trousdale was charged with one count of child abuse, one count of endangering the life and health of a minor, and later on, one count of theft. What did she steal? The screws from a light inside her holding cell! Maybe she needed to replace the screws that came loose inside her head.

Thanks to Steve for the tip.

Moronic Mommies

I know we all enjoyed Danielle’s post about Antoinette and her ass kicking skills, unfortunately Antoinettes are not the norm on BB. I’d love to be  posting another story like Antoinette’s but instead I have another group of Moronic Mommies.

Crystal Dawn Craig and Amy Elizabeth Lam

Amy Lam and Crystal Craig

August 26th eight children were taken into protective custody and their mothers charged with felony counts of child neglect.  Yes… I said mothers, as in more than one.

A 2-year-old girl found wandering naked in convenience store parking lot was able to point police in the direction of her home.  When the police went to the home to investigate how it came to be that the little streaker had escaped unnoticed, they were greeted with a home filled with filth and eight children.

Deputies immediately noticed a strong odor of rotten food and animal waste.  The rotten food was in the kitchen and the animal waste in several areas of the home.

The eight children were taken into protective custody and later released to their grandmothers.  Also taken into protective custody, of Animal Control that is, were seven dogs and two kittens.

Crystal Dawn Craig (29), mother of 3 of the children, was charged with three felony counts of child neglect.

Amy Elizabeth Lam (38), mother of 5 of the children, was charged with five felony counts of child neglect, failure to maintain her premises and duty if an owner to provide food and water.

Both are being held without bond.

Esmeralda Trejo 

Esmeralda Trejo (22) was arrested and charged with two counts of endangering a child, after she left her two daughters 4 and 5-years-old alone to go to the bar.  A neighbor hearing the girls crying in the apartment contacted her roommate who came home to find the girls alone.  She would text Trejo and inquire about her where-a-bouts to which she replied at the bar, be home soon.  Ten hours later and no Trejo insight the roommate called police.

The 5-year-old suffered burns to the hands trying to cook food for her and her sister.

Trejo was arrested and held on a $10,000 bond.

The sisters were taken into custody by CPS.

Jennifer Torres 

Jennifer Torres was arrested and charged with four counts of child neglect in June after police found her four children living in deplorable conditions.

Police were going to Torres’ house to investigate allegations her 11-year-old had molested another child and found an apartment full of filth and fecal matter.  Fecal matter was on the walls and floors and knives were on the ground.  The children were EATING moldy food off the floor, the same floor where the fecal matter was located, old food covered dirty dishes and there was spoiled milk in the fridge.

CPS told police that Torres has two substantiated cases against her already regarding her children, ranging in age form 4 to 11-years-old.

Torres was arrested on four counts of child neglect.  Her 11-year-old was taken to a Juvenile Detention Center on a lewdness charge.

The remaining children were placed in emergency foster care.

Thanks to Katie, Aimee and Delicia for the tips.




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