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Disgusting Dads

Since lately, I have been doing regular posts about Momsters, I thought it would be an interesting switch to have a look at some Disgusting Dads.

Anthony DeSimone

First up we have Anthony DeSimone, who as taken into custody on August 1st.  Anthony has been accused of buying drugs, while having his 5-year-old son in the car.

Reports say police saw DeSimone get into a parked car and hand over cash in exchange for cocaine.  When he returned to his car, with his son still inside, he was arrested.  Police seized .5 grams of cocaine and 3.5 grams of marijuana.

He was charged with possession of both drugs.

His son was released to a family member.

Errick Noe Rios 

Errick Noe Rios has been charged with one felony count of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, two felony counts of third degree assault and one felony count of domestic assault by strangulation.  Who did he assault you ask, well a 4-month-old baby, of course…why else would he be featured here?

Police were called to check on the welfare of an infant on July 25th, when they arrived Rios allowed them in and they found the baby covered in layers of blankets and clothing in a hot, muggy room and sporting facial bruises, a bite mark, scabs on its chest and back and finger mark bruises on its tummy.  Mother Effer!

After giving the usual array of excuses for the bruising, Rios admitted to hitting the baby because he would not stop crying, punching him in the mouth and picking him up by his torso so hard he’d leave marks.  He also admitted him and his wife and taken the baby to hospital in the past due to his abusive behavior and that it needed to stop.  Really genius, you think?

Rios also admitted to becoming angry with the baby the night of his birth and hit him four or five times and squeezed his stomach. He went on to further to confess to biting the baby’s face and putting his little mouth over and faucet and turning it on.  It doesn’t end there, he also admitted to engaging in criminal sexual conduct with the baby.

An examination showed the baby had three cracked ribs in addition to bruising and scratching.

If convicted Rios faces more than 40 years in prison and $65,000 in fines.

Maurice Brown Sr.

Maurice Brown Sr. back in court

Maurice Brown Jr. went missing on July 1st, two days later his body was found in a dumpster a few miles from his father’s apartment and where he “allegedly” disappeared from.

Maurice Brown Sr. told police he fell asleep for a few hours and when he awoke his son was gone and the door was open.  He claimed his son was kidnapped.  However, a witness told police they saw Brown Sr. leaving his apartment with a child draped over his shoulder and walking towards a parking lot between 7 and 8 pm that Sunday.

Police found evidence of spattered and pooled blood in the man’s bathroom, consistent with a beating.  Detectives said “Based upon the age of the missing child, the blood evidence in the bathroom, which is consistent with blunt force trauma, the affiant has probable cause to believe the child sustained serious bodily injury.”

The ME determined cause of death as blunt force trauma.

Brown Sr. was originally charged with child neglect or endangerment; those charges have since been upgraded to first-degree murder.

R.I.P. Maurice, your sweet smile will surely be missed.

Thanks to all the tipsters.


Squalor, squatting and DCFS fail

Toddler left home alone, falls out of window

Mother charged after toddler falls from second-story apartment in MarquettePark


22-year-old Vernisha Carter gets a court date for being a failure as a parent.  What the lucky bitch doesn’t get to do is identify a tiny body or pay for a funeral.  You see, she’s a lucky fucker.  Unlike most babies that grace the pages of, little Jeremiah Carter is still alive.

After9 p.m.Tuesday night, Vernisha and her main squeeze left 2-year-old Jeremiah home alone to go fetch some food.  A neighbor found little Jeremiah on the ground outside of the supposedly vacant apartment building.  The baby had fallen from a second story window, escaping with only a scrape on his head.  He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Carter’s man claims that the pair was only gone for 5 to 7 minutes.  Anyone with an IQ higher than 15 knows you don’t leave a baby alone for ANY length of time.

The couple and the baby were squatting in the vacant apartment building and were living in squalor.  Hopefully Carter will be squatting behind bars and Jeremiah will be in the arms of a loving family with a little sense.

Just so we’re clear – Verninsha is not the only one who failed Jeremiah.  Neighbors say that they contacted DCFS about the apartment prior to this incident and got no response.  Good ol’ DCFS.

Carter is being charged with endangering the life of a child and reckless conduct. She’s due back in court in July.

How Jeremiah survived his mother’s dumbfuckery is a miracle, but I sure am glad he did.  I think he has a greater purpose in this life than government check for his mother.

Thanks go to Barroness for this tip.

Seizures Led To Broken 10-Day-Old

Mother charged with injuring 10-day-old son  

Mother charged with felony neglect for injuries of 10-day-old son 

Ok so I think this will be my last post for the day, these stories are hard enough to research and write when you feel good, but when your brain feels like it is splitting in two they are all the more difficult to read and/or write.  So let’s get to it.

On Monday, January 30th, the beauty you see above 30-year-old Jennifer Ann Pickar appeared in court facing charges of injuring her 10-day-old son.  Wait she’s only 30??  Shit, I’m going to be 39 in a few weeks and ….never mind, let me get back on topic.

On New Year’s Day Pickar and her baby daddy went to the hospital seeking treatment for Pickar’s tremors.  A very alert nurse, while tending to mommy, noticed that brand new baby was sporting TWO black eyes.   Yes, you read that right, the baby all of 10-effing days-old was sporting not one, but two black eyes.  The nurse suggested the family take the baby to Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota.

The baby was examined at the hospital and found to not only have two effing black eyes, but bruising of the left ear, fractures of the bones around his eyes and bleeding in the front and back of his brain.  Fuck me; he’s only 10-fucking days-old!  He was immediately transported to another hospital where his condition worsened and he underwent surgery.

So I am clear the baby has been in intensive care since New Years day and as of January 30th his condition is still unclear.  He is expected to have “significant deficits.”  According to the treating doctors, he would not have survived without medical care.  His injuries are consistent with “significant” or “multiple” impacts to the face.  He also appeared to have been pinched.  For fuck’s sake…where do these monsters come from?

No worries though Pickar has a plethora of excuses for her baby’s injuries.  First, she woke up to her son crying in her armpit on January 1st.  She said she must have had a seizure during the night and hit herself and the baby on the crib next to the bed.  Creative Jen, but no cigar.  Later her mother would tell police she claimed to have had a seizure while holding the baby and dropped him.  Lastly, she rolled on the baby while having a seizure.

Let’s not forget she was not at the hospital seeking treatment for her son, she was there seeking treatment for her tremors.  What’s worse is her husband found her trembling when he arrived home from a night shift, seen his baby with two black eyes and he too only sought treatment for his wife.  Let’s also not forget this a 10-day-old baby… 10 DAYS and neither of them showed any concern for the two black eyes.

Pickar has a criminal history:

–        2011 – felony assault and two counts of misdemeanor assault

–        2008 – felony theft and drug possession

For the injuries on her son she is charged with felony child neglect and endangerment.  Her bond has been set at $20,000 or $10,000 with conditions…um, excuse me is this some kind of joke.  That’s nothing!  Each of the charges for the baby’s injuries carries a sentence of 5 years.  That is utter bull shit; she’ll be out before he’s old enough for first grade, provided he survives.  Travesty!



Kimberly Johnson can’t handle the kids she has, yet she’s pregnant again. Wow

Mother Accused Of Locking Children In Room

Children Found In Room With Doors Locked By Chains 

Oh…. I’d give my left tit to find a picture of this woman.  My guess is that 25-year-old Kimberly Johnson is a sloppy, slothy woman – If her parenting skill (or lack thereof) are any indication. 

Contractors hire to do some repair on Johnson’s Chillicothe apartment notified authorities when they found Johnson’s 2-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son locked in their rooms and yelling to get out – not “locked” exactly , but one was held captive by a shoe string and the other by a dog chain attached to the banister.  Johnson admitted to keeping the children locked in the bedrooms because she didn’t know what they are capable of doing.  Huh?  A 2 and 3 year old?  She said they liked to play with sharp objects and that one time they had a pair of scissors and were after the kitty.  Well, damn!  That is just lazy parenting.  You put that shit where they can’t get it.  Those drawer locks are super cheap at Walmart and sure as Hell beat a trip to jail. 

Locking the kids in their rooms was the only shining example of Johnson’s stellar parenting.  She has also disconnected the smoke detectors in the apartment because the c*ckroaches kept setting them off (puke).  So, not only would she NOT have ediquate warning if there was a fire, she probably wouldn’t be able to get those kids out of their rooms fast enough to escape.  She’s a smarty…. 

Besides the 2 and 3 year old, Johnson has a 6 year old and is 37 weeks pregnant.  The children showed no sign of abuse, but have been placed in the custody of their father. 

Johnson has been charged with 2 counts of child endangerment and will possibly be evicted from her apartment.  It seems that disabling the smoke detectors is cause for eviction – I guess the preschool prisoners and roaches are okay….

Thanks go to Deena for this one.

Dogs – check. Fishin’ pole – check. Bait – check. Toddler – no check.

Deputies: Man Leaves Toddler In Car, Goes Fishing

Public Safety Log 

At 43-years-old, you would expect a parent to have their shit together.  Am I wrong?  I mean, we kinda aren’t hella shocked when we read about teen parents that have fucked up priorities, but 43?  That’s an age you expect a person to act like a grown up.  Maybe someone should have told Steven Schneiter that. 

Scneither went on a fishing trip earlier this month.  He brought along his dogs and his 25-month-old baby.  Why not?  Bonding with the baby while fishing.  ‘Cept Schneiter left the tot in the car, unattended and in near freezing temperatures, while he was fishing.  Did I mention that he was drunk?  No?  Well, he was. 

Once the police showed up and place Scheniter under arrest, that’s when the real fun began.  Schneiter went ape-shit, squeezing out of his cuffs and banging his head on the metal bars in the police car.  Good times. 

The child’s mother was called to the scene to retrieve her baby and the dogs.  Schneiter was hauled off to the pokey, where he faces charges of reckless endangerment and DUI.

On the plus side, no dead babies.   

Thanks go to SarahO for the tip.

Brittany Bishop’s tan is as shitty as her priorities

Fugnasty Skank


Mother arrested after leaving her child in the car while she went tanning

POLICE: 3-year-old left in car during Suntan City visit

That fugnasty skank there is 25-year-old Brittany Bishop of Louisville, KY.  Aside from her repulsive visage, Brittany is quite the dumb ass. 

Our girl, Brittany, seems to think a stellar tan is far more important that the safety of her toddler.  That’s about all I need to say about this one.  Brittany left her 3-year-old son alone, in the back seat of her car, while she went into a tanning salon.  She was in the salon for over 15 minutes without a worry about her son being abducted, broiled, or letting himself out and getting into the street.  She should get some sort of award this display of selfishness.  Her award should come in the form of silver bracelets and an all inclusive stay at the Grey Bar Motel.

No mention of the actual outcome other than  Bishop is being charged with wanton endangerment.  I don’t know if the bitch was arrested or where the child ended up.  I wouldn’t be shocked if I end up writing about this bitch again in 6 months.

 Another one posted in the Open Thread.  Thanks Shannon.

What?!? The cage wasn't enough to hold her?

baby binder

Texas Mom Allegedly Tied Toddler in Filthy Room

Straight from the town of Pflugerville, Texas, we have another amazing story of a two year old who was so out of control that her mother had to keep her TIED to the playpen. Veronica Cannon, 40, allegedly told the cops that she has been tying the baby up since last December in order to control her. Lets see, the baby would have been only one year old then…..I’m sorry, but am I the only one who thinks that if a mother has to truss up a 2-year old in order to control her, then she has no business having kids to begin with?

Unfortunately, this egg donor also has three sons, ages 13, 10 and 4, in addition to the little girl. And they were all left at home overnight without adult supervision. Sooooo….she left a little hellion-child that she couldn’t even control with a 13-year old boy, hmmmmm? Is her child more mature than she is? (probably so) Should a child be left to take care of another child that the mother can’t control? (probably not) BTW, just in case there is any confusion (for new readers, or defenders of this witch) I applied liberal amounts of sarcasm to this last paragraph. The child(ren) in this situation are all completely blameless in this clustermuck. The breeder is the only guilty party as far as I am concerned.

Oh, and there was all of the requisite filth, feces and urine, and blah, blah, blah that we usually find in cases like these. I imagine both child and room were probably completely saturated with bodily waste and grime. Ewwwww…..

While Veronica has only been charged with child endangerment, at least CPS has removed the children from her custody. I wonder where the father is?

Thanks for this tip go to Krissy.

Ten Unbuckled People….

Stupid Mother #1

Stupid Mother #1

Stupid Mother #2

Stupid Mother #2

Article1, Article2, Article3, Article4

……..Nine besides the driver, eight days of drinking, seven endangerment charges, six times the legal limit, five seats to sit in, four other charges, three injured children, two stupid mothers, one PT Cruiser, ….and a partridge in a pear tree.

OK, so it’s a bit early for Christmas tunes, and I fudged a little on the number of days they’d been drinking and their BAC, but the rest of it is true. Sad, huh?

I think we may have found someone even more idiotic than Carmen Huertas. Two someones, actually. One mother was driving drunk, and the other mother knew her one year old twins were in the vehicle with the drunk and seven other people. Yup….ten people in a PT Cruiser. Those things only have five seats you know….At least the adults in the vehicle were fair in deciding who was going to be the safest for this trip, as not a single person in the PT was buckled up. There were seven children, so if I did my math correctly,then that means there were 3 adults in the car who should have known this was an extremely bad idea. Apparently they were all as stupid as the driver (maybe as drunk?).

Anyway, one of the adults got into a fight with someone outside the car, and when the cops were called – and showed up – the driver, Nancy Lopez, 28, took off. That’s when the first child fell out. After the police pulled Lopez over, a witness said that two other children had fallen out a few seconds before. One of the children who fell out (the three year old) belonged to Lopez, but the one-year-old twins belonged to 19-year old Vanessa Ramirez, who knew they were riding with a drunk. And she thought that was OK????

The driver, it turns out, had no business driving that night for several reasons – the least of which was her drunkenness. The tw*twaffle also had a suspended license. Anyone wanna guess why her license was suspended? My guess would be that she had a previous DUI, but since no reason was given in the paper, that is only speculation on my part.

The 3-year old who fell out got a cut on his eye, and was treated and released from the hospital, and placed in state custody. The 1-year old twins who fell out are still in the hospital; one is in critical condition, and the other is there for observation. The other four children in the car were also taken into state custody, though no mention of their parentage has been made thus far.

Both FBOs have been charged with seven counts of child endangerment. In addition, Lopez has also been charged with seven counts of unrestrained minor in a car, and one count each of DUI, driving with a suspended license, no headlights after dark, and open container. I would imagine if the critical twin doesn’t make it, they will charge her with vehicular homicide as well. I think they should charge all of the adults involved with attempted murder – since they all put these kids at risk. Too bad the DA doesn’t take suggestions from me, huh?

I’d like to thank Christina and Trench for the tips.

Drunk behind the wheel

A 3 year old boy and his 4 year old sister were found trying to cross a busy Broward country street alone and barefoot.  I good samaritan stopped them. 

It turns out their mother, Brenda Lee Duclos, 44, got in the the mini van with the toddlers to go pick up their older sister from school.  She started the van and then passed out … DRUNK.

After a couple of hours the toddlers climbed out of the vehicle and went to find their older sister. 

The sister had walked to an uncle’s house when Mom never showed up.

Brenda Lee has been charged with DUI and child endangerment

The kids are with their father … who said his wife is stupid and hopes something good will come of this and she will change.


Thanks LadyJade for the tip

Read It Here

Christopher Shelley Beats One-Month-Old Daughter, Baby to be Taken Off Life Support

shelly_christopher.jpgChristopher Shelley, 18, of Syracuse, NY, repeatedly punched his one-month-old daughter, Christiona’s face and body. The baby suffered severe head trauma, and is on life support.  Christopher admitted to striking Christiona out of anger after he argued with her mother, Stephanie Wood, 18.

Stephanie said her daughter is on life support. She is preparing to take her off it after relatives arrive to say goodbye.

christiona-shelly.jpgChristopher was watching Christiona Tuesday night while Stephanie went to visit a neighbor. He said the baby wouldn’t stop crying, so he punched her. When Stephanie returned, the baby was quiet. She didn’t notice that anything was wrong. On Wednesday, Stephanie’s mom noticed the bruises, and asked Christopher where they came from. He said the neighbor’s dog jumped on the baby. On Thursday, they visited Christopher’s mother who noticed more bruises. She told them to take Christiona to the hospital. Stephanie finally took the baby to the hospital Thursday morning – not because of the bruises but because it seemed like Christiona had a virus.

After examining the infant, doctors called police. At first, the father denied everything, and said the baby was dropped. Then he said she fell off the couch. Then he told them a dog jumped on the baby. Christopher finally broke down and admitted to beating his daughter.

Christopher was arraigned on first degree assault and child endangerment, and bail set at $20,000. An order of protection was issued keeping him away from his daughter. Once Christiona is taken off of life support and passes away, charges will be upgraded.

Another reason for babies not to have babies. Not only did a very young dad loose his temper and beat his kid, but a young mom was clueless that her daughter was severly injured. If it wasn’t for the grandmothers, I wonder if Stephanie would have ever figured it out.

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