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Another Bad UK Boyfriend gets a life sentence

***Post by our UK correspondent Cobalt Rose***

Man beats girlfriends 10 month old baby girl to death because he was angry that his girlfriend had met up with her ex:

*sigh* Here I am, writing yet another story of an innocent child murdered by their mother’s boyfriend. This time, the victim was a 10 month old baby girl by the name of Taliqa Fields. On July 1st last year Taliqa’s mother, Zoe Harman, went out, leaving her baby in the care of her boyfriend, 22-year-old Louis Burdett. At 12:47pm Zoe rang Louis to tell him she was meeting up with an ex boyfriend in McDonalds. Louis didn’t like that very much, and within FOURTEEN MINUTES of the phone call, Louis called 999 to report that Taliqa had ‘gone limp’. Zoe must have known something was up from the phone call, because she rushed home to find an ambulance outside her home. Taliqa was taken to hospital but died the next day. She had suffered a fractured collarbone as well as swelling and bleeding on the brain.

It later emerged that Louis, already pissed that his girlfriend was actually taking to another guy (how dare she! *rolls eyes*), became even more enraged when Taliqa interrupted his video game. He decided that the best outlet for his anger was his girlfriends innocent baby girl.

According to doctors, Taliqa was subjected to a ‘sustained’ assault, and there was evidence she had been violently shaken and slammed into a hard surface. On November 9th this year, Burdett was sentenced to life in prison and must serve at least 13 years behind bars. Hopefully the other prisoners will decide that Louis is the best outlet for THEIR anger and will subject him to what he put this innocent baby through. There is NO excuse for child abuse. If you’re pissed, punch a pillow! Hell, punch a wall if you feel like it! The one thing nobody should EVER be punching is a baby not even a year old. What a pathetic little scumbag. I hope he rots.

R.I.P Taliqa.

Bad Boyfriend Scott the scumbag gets life for smashing baby’s head against the wall

***Post by our UK correspondent Cobalt Rose***

Ashley Johnson

Babysitter, 33, killed girlfriend’s baby by dropping him on the floor and smashing his head against a wall because he wouldn’t stop crying:

Wow, it seems like only a couple of days ago I was writing a story about an innocent child murdered by their ‘mothers’ boyfriend in the UK. Oh wait, it WAS only a couple of days ago. Well, here’s yet another similar story.

This time, the victim was an adorable 18 month old boy named Ashley Johnson. Ashley was being ‘looked after’ by his mothers’ boyfriend, 33-year-old Scott Hepburn while his mother Samantha Knox was out. Now, Scott the scumbag and Samantha had only been dating for FOUR measly months, yet she seemed to think it was perfectly fine to leave her son alone with Hepburn. Well, that stupidity would cost Ashley his tragically short life.

On January 27th this year, Ashley was doing what every baby does. Crying. Old Scotty couldn’t handle it (even though he’d only been looking after the baby for an hour) and decided that the best way to quiet Ashley would be to drop him from a height of three feet and then smash his tiny head against a wall. Twice. Well, it worked, and Ashley shut up. Permanently.

Scott Hepburn, the face of a baby killer.

After the attack, Scott then calmly put Ashley in his cot and went downstairs to watch television. Evil bastard. It was only after Ashley’s mother arrived home later that day to find her son unconscious that he finally received medical attention, but by that point it was too late, and Ashley died in hospital. He had suffered multiple skull fractures, a fractured leg and a ‘catastrophic’ brain injury. When questioned, Hepburn apparently had ‘no idea’ how Ashley got injured. Sure, because he had NO IDEA that dropping a baby from three feet and smashing their head against a wall would seriously hurt them. *rolls eyes* That’s clearly bullshit, because Scott later admitted that he ‘flipped out’ and attacked Ashley because he couldn’t handle his crying.

On the 2nd of November this year, Scott was jailed for life. He must serve at least 15 years, not nearly enough in my opinion, but then again, no sentence would be tough enough for a baby-killing scumbag like him.

As it turns out, Scott has a history of violence. (I know, try to muffle your gasps of surprise). In 2002 he was sentenced to 30 months behind bars for an arson attack. Well, he’s got plenty of time to get reacquainted with prison life now. I’m sure he’ll be Mr Popular in no time.

R.I.P Ashley. It’s a tragedy that your life was cut short in such a brutal way.

Killer stairs strike in the UK

***Guest post by a yet to be named UK contributor***

Rio Smedley: Toddler dies after suffering over 90 separate injuries

Rio Smedley murder: Daniel Rigby jailed for killing toddler:

Look at that adorable face above. That’s the face of two-year-old Rio Smedley. No more pictures will ever be taken of this sweet little boy. Why? Because he was viciously beaten to death by his mother’s boyfriend. Yes, this is another case of a brainless, heartless incubator choosing a man over her child.

On April 22nd this year, Rio’s ‘mother’ called 999 (Trench’s note: The UK version of 911) to report that Rio wasn’t breathing. She claimed that he ‘fell down four steps and banged his head’. Ah, the good old ‘falling over/down inanimate objects’ excuse, because bastardly child abusers just love to blame random objects for the vile things they do.

Rio was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital but passed away that same day. Cause of death? A ruptured liver. He’d been beaten so viciously his liver was ‘split in two’. Eugh. What was that lady? He fell down the stairs? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I doubt falling down FOUR steps would cause a hard enough impact to SPLIT SOMEBODY’S LIVER IN TWO. He had 91 separate injuries on his body, and there was clear evidence ‘extreme violence’ had been used. Daniel Rigby, 23, Rio’s mothers’ boyfriend, was arrested and charged with murdering this adorable little boy. On November 2nd of this year he was sentenced to life in prison, and must serve at least 17 years in prison. Yeah, because 17 years is a ‘life’ sentence…. *sigh* He initially tried to blame the injuries on his grandmother’s dogs. Yeah, animals, component of the child abuser’s bullshit arsenal. Of course, authorities saw right through him.

Daniel Rigby, long may he rot.

Of course, Rio’s incubator is not blameless in this. The 24-year-old was found guilty of causing or allowing her son’s death. She left her son alone with Rigby, who allegedly ‘lost his rag’ because he had to look after Rio instead of being able to do what he really wanted, which was go round a friend’s house and get high on weed. What a guy. But wait, it gets worse. Rigby had been arrested previously for BEATING KIRSTY UP WHILE SHE WAS PREGNANT. She eventually dropped the charges and didn’t kick his worthless junkie arse to the curb. I was almost gonna type that she deserved to get beat purely for stupidity, but then remembered she was pregnant with an innocent baby.

This just makes my blood boil. If the scumbag could sink so low as to beat you up while you’re pregnant with his child, surely he’s not gonna think twice about beating on your kid? Any sensible person would know that letting him anywhere near a child, let alone leaving him ALONE with one, would be a supremely DUMB thing to do. I hope they lock her up and throw away the key, but then again, this is the UK justice system we’re taking about, so she’ll probably get a couple of years, max.

It seems to me that Danny boy can only get away with beating on those who can’t defend themselves, namely unborn babies and toddlers. But then again, what child abuser isn’t a worthless, waste-of-carbon coward? I just hope he has a whale of a time in the slammer, and by ‘whale of a time’ I mean an exact re-enactment of what he did to this innocent little boy, performed on himself.

R.I.P Rio. You didn’t deserve this. I hope you’re having a great time in Heaven.

Not enough time for Julie Carr

Julie Carr

Woman sentenced after streaming sex abuse of daughter over webcam:

I originally posted about the slagtastic 30-year-old (really?) Julie Carr here. She’s the axe wound from Maine who was busted for web streaming herself ‘performing oral sex’ (ie molesting) her youngest daughter who at the time of Carr’s arrest was 18 months old.

Carr was sentenced recently to 15 years for child abuse and 20 years for child porn. It’s only the 20 year sentence that matters though because some dumbass in a black robe decided that the sentences should be served concurrently instead of consecutively.

I never understood the point of concurrent sentences especially for the lowest form of scum like this who inserted her tongue into the vagina of her own 18-month-old daughter. I gagged just typing that. Concurrent sentences should be reserved for people in minor crimes that are looking at some county time not child molesters who internationally broadcast herself molesting her own child.

I can’t decide if she should have a giant Wile E. Coyote sized boulder dropped on her or if she should be bound by her hands and feet in the prison yard naked and let both male and female inmates take their turns with her anyway they see fit.

Sponging UK parents only get one year

Couple whose daughter accidentally hanged herself after they locked her up for 12 hours jailed for just ONE year:

British Breeders Susan Moody, 24, and stepfather Simon Moody, 33, locked 8-year-old Charlotte Avenall in her room every night because they said it was for her own good. Charlotte was a special needs child and had learning difficulties.

The house was in deplorable conditions and the Breeders were on the government dole. As usual social services went to the house and did nothing.

While locked away in her room Charlotte accidentally hung herself. For their obvious disregard for their own child’s safety they were given only one year in prison.


Thanks to Sarah for the tip.

UK man who killed his daughter kills himself

Father killed daughter then posted on Bebo to pretend she was alive:

How’s this for a bastard?

47-year-old Tony Couchman of England killed his 19-year-old daughter Victoria. He allegedly blamed her for his son’s vehicular death in 2005 and that is believed to be the reason he killed her. Kids found her skull in the woods in October of 2008.

To try and cover up the crime it is believed that Couchman went on his daughter’s Bebo account and posed as her imitating the way teens speak. However his murderous love for his son may have been his undoing as he sent messages to his son’s friends as Victoria asking them to take the pictures of his son off their profiles and was rather rude about which people say was not Victoria’s nature.

To top it all off Couchman killed himself in his cell the day before his trial was to start. When this happens I usually say he took the coward’s way out which he did. However since there is no death penalty in England I say thanks for saving the British taxpayers some money.

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Vanessa George took nude pics of her own teen daughter

Mother Vanessa George sent picture of own daughter, 14, to online pedophile ring:

I’ve posted about ugly British sea cow Vanessa George here and here.  She’s part of the UK Facebook pedophile ring. She was accused of abusing 40 babies in her care at a nursery taking pictures of the abuse and sharing them with her pedophile Facebook friends.

Now allegations have come out that George took pictures of her then 14-year-old daughter as she was coming out of the shower. The daughter says that she was not sexually abused by George.

Normally I say that parents are the only line of defense between your kids and sexual predators online but what can you do when the parents are the predators.

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.

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British Breeders jailed for hell hole home

Children’s life in a ‘hell hole’: Parents jailed over rubbish-tip home:

A pair of British Breeders from York in England were sentenced to 3 years on child cruelty charges. The couple, who can’t be named for UK legal reasons, were the ‘parents’ of three children ages one, three and four.

The home had the prerequisite rotting food and feces and the windows were kept covered and the kids were not allowed outside and had developmental issues.

What makes this article different from all the other filthy home stories is this one has pictures. View at your own risk.

Thanks to Rosa for the tip.

Maine woman broadcast live child porn of own kids

Maine Mom Nabbed in International Child Porn Sting:

Child Porn Tip From U.K. Leads to Maine Woman’s Arrest:

That my friends is 30-year-old Julie Carr from Mars Hill, Maine. Before I get into the story I just want to say that she may be the roughest 30-year-old woman I’ve ever seen. She looks like she’s 70 and I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a case of meth mouth.

Anyway thanks to the combined efforts of law enforcement in England and the United States Carr was arrested for live streaming the sexual assaults of her children.

Carr is believed to have appeared in several videos. Police aren’t saying which of her cgildren were assaulted but Carr has 4 children ranging in age from 18 months to 5 years.

Personally I’m pissed as all hell that she’s being held on only $50,000 bail. That means she could post bond with just $5,000. As far as I’m concerned the bail should have been at least $1M. Carr was also moved to a segregated cell because the other inmates didn’t care for the crime she’s accused of.

UK woman abandons six kids to shack up with 18yo boyfriend

Mother abandons six children to be with son’s best friend, 18:

36-year-old Debbie Mallinson of England has abandoned her six children so she could shack up with her 18-year-old squeeze who just happened to be her 14-year-old son’s best friend.

Mallinson has six kids from 4 different fathers. Her 14-year-old son is now living with his grandparents and her 10-year-old has moved in with his father but the remaining four kids (ages 3-8) have been place with social services. Mallinson allegedly told social services that ‘she couldn’t cope’ anymore. That’s B.S.-speak for I don’t want the responsibility anymore.

She also allegedly told her kids that ‘I can’t help who I fall in love with’ before climbing out the window into an awaiting taxi. Classy.

But she says that she eventually wants to bring up her kids with her new squeeze but they just can’t afford it now. Here’s all you need to know about her new romantic interest…

But despite her passionate antics her unlikely Romeo still lists his relationship status as ‘single’ on social networking site Bebo.

On his webpage the keen rugby player boasts he is ‘happiest’ when out with his friends on the town, and ‘with sum1 special u no hu u r!’.

His lists his interests as ‘gettin twisted on the wekeends’ while he listens to rap and hip hop music.

They have a term in England for guys like him. They’re called chavs.

I get the feeling in about six months when he’s tried of her worthless ass she’ll be back out on the street.

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