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Trinity Could Have Been Saved…

Man Charged With Murder

Court Records Released

Growing Uproar Against Mother

Juvenile, violent, child-abusing meth-head

26 year old Eric Edward Foster aka Eric Luna/Ed Foster, who was due in court in April to prove he finished counseling on an unrelated domestic violence charge for battery of a spouse,  was arrested and charged with murder, torture, mayhem, and child abuse in the death of 3 year old Trinity Monique Hanna.  He’s pleading not guilty even after he failed a lie detector test and confessed to police; but I’m getting ahead of myself here…

Until the end of December Trinity had been the picture of health with no major illnesses or injuries.  Enter slick dick Foster and all that changed.  Within a month Trinity had been hospitalized for burns, had extensive bruising to her vagina and all over her body.  According to the autopsy she died of blunt force trauma to the head and abdomen.

In December, Trinity had second degree scald burns covering her back.  Angela Vickrey, Trinity’s “mother”, told police she came in from work and the babysitting dildo was crying and told her Trinity got burned in the shower.  He had walked out and heard her scream and ran in to get her and she was “climbing the walls like Spiderman”.  He grabbed her out of the shower and ran to the bedroom where he tripped and fell with her in his arms and she “fell on some toys”.  Now a woman deserving to be called mother would at least look at the burns right, maybe take their child to the hospital for treatment right?!?

Not this c***!  Her reaction was “accidents happen”; she waited two days and then called her friend, a registered nurse, to come look at it first.  The nurse told police that when she got there Trinity ran up to her and grabbed her and said “Eric bad!”  She stated when she looked, her back was covered with burns from her “neck down to her buttocks” and from her experience as a nurse, the burns looked to be 2 or 3 days old.  She told the idiotic breeder if she didn’t take her to the hospital she would call the police.  Trinity was hospitalized for over a week for the burns.  She would later tell her friend that the boyfriend “accidentally” caused the burns to which the friend told her to take Trinity and leave him.  CPS was called and investigated.  The gutless wonder told the egg donor not to tell them about him because he had a previous case with CPS that was unfounded.  In that case he was accused of throwing a different 3 year old across a room.  What is it with this freak and 3 year olds???  Trinity herself told her mother “Eric burned me”.  All of this should have sent red flags waving and sirens blaring, but the brain dead uterus still ignored the signs of abuse that were slapping her in the face!  Trinity was sent back home…


After lying to the police about what happened multiple times the cowardly fuck finally told how all of Trinity’s injuries occurred.

The burns were actually the start of everything.  According to his statement he got pissed off because Trinity had an accident and soiled her diaper.  He didn’t know how to clean a dirty diaper so he put her in the shower because he didn’t want to “rub and scrub” her.  Trinity screamed that the water was hot, instead of getting her out of it, he held the shower head in his hand and directed the hot water at her back and kept it there for what he says it was about 5 seconds.  All I can picture is this baby girl screaming and “climbing the walls…” to get away from the water as this shit stain kept moving the stream onto her…

After that incident Trinity no longer trusted or in his words “preferred” him.  She would choose strangers over him.  She was scared of him and that “hurt his feelings”, frustrated him and pissed him off.  What a juvenile asshole!!

Trying to “be a dad” he was teaching her to ride a bike.  His way of teaching was to pull a 3 year old child sitting on a bike with training wheels with a rope.  He deliberately took her to a spot in the yard he had dug up recently.  When her training wheel hit one of the holes causing her to topple over cutting her forehead and blacking her eye she, like any hurt child, started to cry.

He picked her up by around the torso hard enough to cause bruising and slammed her back onto the seat bruising her vaginal area.  Later, knowing she was hurting, he chose to intentionally cause her more pain by slamming her “good and hard” into her high chair that had a divider for the legs at breakfast and again at dinner causing more injury to the area.  This pussy’s punishment should include being hit “good and hard” in the genitals daily with a hammer!!  The bio-mom didn’t notice the vaginal injury until 2 days later

The fatal blow happened because he was pissed off at the breeder.  They were fighting, yet again, about her suspicions that he was cheating on her.  He was sitting on the couch with Trinity in his lap when she stormed into the bedroom and punched the door.  Not holding onto Trinity, and knowing she would fall, he jumped up (pushed her) and she flew into the coffee table hitting her head and then hit the floor.  He snatched her up, yelled for Vickrey and started putting ice on the knot on the baby’s head.

Both say Trinity vomited off and on during the night and into the next day.  Vickrey, after looking up info on concussions on the web, was up all night checking her pupils and asking her questions every 2 hours.  They knew, at the very least, that baby had a concussion!  Neither took her to the hospital until it was too late, she became unresponsive on the way to the hospital.  An ambulance was never called.  When asked if she ever thought about calling for one she said she didn’t think of that.

When asked about her relationship with the fucking meth-head she referred to it as “shitty” and “like one sided I guess”.  When asked about his drug use she referred to him as a “functioning addict” and stated she had been on meth but had been sober for 7 years.  What an oxymoronic statement!  WTF is a “functioning addict”?? 

She stated her and her grandparents paid the bills.  Trinity had been in daycare until the prick moved in.  They were “friends with benefits” until then or more likely she was a booty call!!

When asked if he had a history of violence she said he was always getting into fights and has priors for domestic violence.  She still thought it was a good idea to leave that baby with this violent freak as soon as he moved in with her!!

At one point Trinity’s paternal grandmother told the deluded twit that Trinity acted scared around the abusive piece of shit.  The twit herself says at times Trinity would give him a “weird look”; she just thought it was because he was a “big goofy dude”.  Gawd damn what would it have taken to remove this stupid bitch’s blinders?!?  Burns, bruises, fear in your child’s eyes, being told to lie or omit truth to CPS, Trinity herself telling her Eric burned me”!!  Friends and relatives noticed something wasn’t right!  What the hell is wrong with this c***??  Is she that brain dead or did she just trade her baby’s safety and future for her “shitty”, month long  relationship with a violent, drug abusing pussy?!?

At this time she isn’t facing charges and is co-operating with the investigation.  Charges or not, in the court of public opinion, she is guilty of neglect at the very least!!  She failed to get Trinity medical help.  She endangered Trinity the minute she let the abusive slime around her!!  By her own admission she felt she failed as a mother…

R.I.P. "Wubzy"




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