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Mia Caito Lost Her Life As Neighbors Did Nothing!!

Man Charged in Death of 3 Year Old

Coroner’s Statements

Neighbor’s Could Have Saved Mia

Father’s Interview


Julian Gates aka Pussy Boy

That tough guy wannabe up there is 22 year old Julian L. Gates.  Pussy boy likes to beat on 3 year old little girls.  The tw*t is being charged with first degree murder in the death of his live in girlfriend’s 3 year old daughter Mia Caito.

This baby girl was covered from head to toe with bruises!  She died from “multiple trauma” according to the coroner.  Sgt Michael Hundelt stated, “In 20-plus years of law enforcement, this is one of the most heinous things we’ve seen.”

It seems that bio-bitch, Brandy Johnson, left that beautiful baby with the prick while she went to work Friday.  (That is not why I’m referring to her as a breeder and not a mother.)  At about 6:45pm a 911 call was made by the murder’s sister reporting an unresponsive child.  I need to make this clear; she was not there when he beat this child!  She came home hours after the beating and found little Mia and called 911.  Family members took Mia to the hospital before police arrived while the abusive bastard went for a walk.  One report said she died on the way to the hospital, another said she died at the hospital…

The police have a timeline because the neighbors heard the beating!  Now, let that sink in a minute…  The heard him yelling at and hitting this baby and her screaming and crying out in pain and fear.  They heard it all and not one of the worthless, selfish fucks picked up a phone and dialed 9-1-1!  They say they couldn’t intercede because they feared for their lives…  What a bunch of fucking spineless, morally bankrupt c***s you all are!!!  You don’t know true fear!!  What do you think Mia felt?!?  I truly hope that you hear those cries for the rest of your miserable lives!!  I hope they haunt you until you waste away straight to hell!!  Sadly, that would only work if you had a conscience and obviously none of you do!!!  Mia’s blood is on your hands just as much as the fucker that actually killed her!!  You deserve the same punishment!!  It took officers less than 5 minutes to get to the scene, had these worthless pricks called 911 when it was happening she probably wouldn’t have lost her life…

According to the coroner this wasn’t a one time thing.  Mia’s injuries were in various stages of healing.  So even if the breeder didn’t abuse this baby she had to know her dildo was and she still left her with him!!!  She’s being investigated for neglect.

Mia was in a foster home for a year and then sent back to this worthless c***!  She should be charged with murder just like the fuck she let abuse this child to death!!

He’s pled not guilty and is being held on a $2 million bond.

I’m going to end this with a quote from Andrew Robertson.  He and his wife Shannon were Mia’s foster parents.  He says his family is mourning the loss deeply.  “Mia was an amazing, bright, happy baby,” Robertson said.  “She was a brilliant, shining child.”

My heart goes out to them and their family.

Your smile is lighting up the heavens beautiful Mia! Be at peace.

“Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.


Thanks to Deena for the tip on this one.



Worthless 'mom' alert!!

Parents charged with the abuse of 3-year-old son

Candace Nez, 21 of Peoria, AZ isa worthless excuse for a mother.  Nothing will sway this opinion. 

On May 18th, Candace’s pet penis named Justin Hardy (21) told her he had done something bad, he “spanked” their 3-year-old boy. He said that the boy had tossed toys around, walked his shoes over the clean carpet and ‘broke a door’. Justin then showed Candace a hanger that he used to hit the little boy with. 

Call me captain obvious but what the fuck did he think little 3 year old boys do??  

I am searching to find the part where she snatched the hanger from his hands and beat the equally worthless father with it until he was a bloody mess. But she didn’t do that at all.  She simply yawned and went to bed. She said she would deal with it in the morning. Are you kidding me?!!!! 

The poor little guy went to bed that night thinking that this was his fault and he had deserved what happened to him. His mother wouldn’t save him, she wouldn’t comfort him and she wouldn’t take a moment out of her beauty sleep in order to make sure he was alright. 

The next day on the 19Th, Candace bio-bitch finally managed to check her son’s condition. She saw lacerations, bruises and marks through out his little body including HIS FACE. She realized that she was in some deep shit so she simply kept quiet and let her son suffer. He received no treatment for his wounds, or his broken heart. The next day, May20th, the police received a report of abuse in the household. When they knocked on the door Candace answered. Candace eventually told the officers about the incident and quickly added that Justin was at work. In reality the pissant was hiding in the shower. He came out like a big boy and admitted to what he had done to his son. Candace said she didn’t seek treatment for her son because she was afraid to loose him to CPS. 

Little did she know if she had reported the abuse immediately and sought treatment her 3- year-old son she would still have him living with her. Instead she chose to protect her abusive, low life, pissant of a toy.  

Both her son and 1-year-old daughter are now in protective custody where they belong. 

Candace Nez was rightfully charged with failure to protect her child and giving police misinformation. Justin Hardy was charged with child abuse, and for a misdemeanor for failure to appear in court for a criminal damages charge in Avondale.  Sounds like Justin has a damn temper. The only highlight of this article is the face that Justin is making in his mug shot. 

Thanks diamond for the tip! 

**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up.**

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