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Ruthie Bell “Allegedly” Leaves Kids Home Alone With A Lighter… And You Can Guess The Rest

Unrelated: Allegedly is a good word. I’m just sayin’. Remember, all these people are guilty until proven innocent, erm… Innocent until proven guilty. Though some work harder at proving their alleged innocence/guilt than others.

Note: Sources at the bottom. That’s just how I generally put blog posts together and if you don’t like that, let me know!

Warning: Angry Sarcasm Ahead.

It should be obvious not to leave young children at home without supervision. It should be even more obvious not to do so when said young children have access to something that they can use to make fire. But as we all know from reading this “Bad Breeders” blog, the obvious (not to mention common sense) concepts are not understood or are ignored by some people. In fact, they wouldn’t get those concepts if they were beaten in the face with them–or a brick, even. I like the brick idea.

Ruthie Lee Bell, 27, of Wichita, Kansas sits in jail now on a $75,000 bond for three counts of aggravated endangerment of a child. Now, I know that you’re wondering what the hell happened, but from not only my introduction, but the title of this post, you probably have a pretty solid idea of what came to be–but I’ll give you the details anyway. Nosy bastards. But that’s okay because I’m a nosy bastard too, else I would not have put this post together. So let me give you the timeline:

Ruthie Lee Bell

Thursday, July 11, 2013. Time: No Idea O’Clock

Ruthie leaves her home, leaving her three girls–ages 4, 6, and 7–hoe alone to do I-Couldn’t-Care-Less. Obviously it was so important that she couldn’t take the kids, and that it was worth risking their lives to go do whatever-the-frack she had to do. Probably grocery shopping. That sounds like something worth risking a child’s life over, right? Right?

Thursday, July 11, 2013: Time: Around 7pm

Ja’kara Tiora Lashon Dickson–the 6-year-old–was playing with a lighter that she managed to obtain. It is reported that she was in the bathroom, lighting some trash on fire. At some point, her clothing caught fire and she ran into a bedroom, removing her clothes and putting them on the bed. The bed caught fire and it quickly spread around the house. The smoke alarms went off. Luckily, neighbors heard the smoke alarms and came outside to see smoke coming from the house. 911 was called. Children could be heard screaming. When one tried to go through front door, it was locked so she went to the back and heard children screaming that they could not get out. Another neighbor said he heard terrible screams, and that one child was screaming about her sisters.

Firefighters showed up and got the children out of the house. Just as they were being loaded into ambulances, Ruthie arrived, driving through the front yards of neighbors and over a hose being used by the firefighters and got out of her vehicle screaming for her children. Why she was not arrested at that time is not known. She was arrested for unrelated charges along with child abandonment between July 11 and July 21, but was released on bond.

Two children, the 4-year-old and 7-year-old were released from the hospital the night that they came in, one having minor injuries and the other not harmed at all. Ja’kara remained in the hospital in critical condition having suffered from severe burns. The two children that were released were released to protective police custody.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ja’kara died from her injuries and burns.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A third child, a one-year-old boy, is removed from Ruthie’s (the family’s) care in connection with the house fire. So that leaves three children in protective custody, and one child dead. This is just… Beyond sad. I hope the children stay safe.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Ruthie Bell, who had been arrested prior and was released on bond, was again arrested–this time charged with three counts of child endangerment and has a bond of $75,000.

Edit/Update: Thanks to “LoveMybabies” for sending a picture of a source for Ruthie Lee Bell’s photo to be added!

A child is dead because of Ruthie Lee Bell’s actions. And while I truly think that this was not intended–was an accident, the fact is that Ruthie left these children at home with no one old enough to supervise them. I am (obviously) angry. She didn’t ask a neighbor to watch her children while she went to do whatever-the-hell-she-did. She didn’t get anyone to do that. And as if that wasn’t bad enough (and might not necessarily be so bad if this next fact didn’t exist), she did not remove any and all lighters from the access of these children. What else, I wonder, did these children have access to? So much was on Ruthie’s shoulders regarding prevention of this tragedy, and she neglected to prevent it. Surely she knew there was a lighter in the house? Regardless, the point still stands that one shouldn’t leave young children home alone without adult or responsible supervision (I add that last bit because a 16-year-old, as an example,  isn’t an adult, but could still be responsible supervision of the young children).

And this isn’t the only case in which she got in trouble regarding the welfare of her children. In 2010 she was pulled over for driving with a suspended license and also ticketed for a child not wearing a seat belt.

I am thankful for the neighbors though, who heard the smoke alarm going off and saw the smoke and called 911. One of the first ones to notice mentioned that it was lucky that she was able to hear it, as she was downstairs in her home with the T.V. on and it was a very faint sound from where she was. But she is thankful, as I am, that she was able to hear it. This situation could have ended with even more tragedy. All of the children could have died.

Rest in peace, Ja’kara.

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Mom and aunt charged in “toddlers’ death by fire.”

The sisters Meakens

The sisters Meakens

The ass-hats Tatiana Meakens, 23, and aunt Britany Meakens, 22, of Englewood Chicago, have been charged in the death of two toddlers of which they left at home…alone with two other children!! Why were they left alone? Because they both had a party to attend, at 3:30 in the morning! Stupid asses!!

Tatianas son, Javaris age 2, and her daughter, Jariyah, age 3 were found in a bedroom where the fire started. The home was heated with space heaters and a fucking hot plate which incidentally started the fire!! So they had no money for appropriate heat but plenty to go “party” on! Fuck-ups!! The children died from soot inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning.

The two older children were able to escape. Apparently Tatiana had agreed to stay home with the children while Britany went out and partied but Tatiana (what the hell kind of name is that) got a phone call and yo, she had to go!! Hey, Tat told Brittany that she was leaving and Brittany said nooooo, your suppose to watch the kids….but Tat said fuck that and left! Tat came home…..when she found out her house was on fire, stupid c***!

So the explanation is the Aunt thought she was coming right back, mom technically did not leave her kids alone, the aunt did it, in the apartment, with a space heater…anybody got a clue? The heat was cut off and dumb and dumber were doing the best they could said the stupid public defender. Well I call horse shit on that excuse. Also this is completely the landlords fault cause there were no smoke detectors in the apartment. OK, well, as a good parent, you go to your local home improvement store and buy one or better yet go to your local fire station and they will GIVE you one.

As bad as it sounds I hope the carbon monoxide got to the babies first. A fire has to be a horrible way to die! Dumb and Dumber were charged with two counts of felony for endangering a child causing death and two counts of misdemeanor for endangering the life and health of a child. On December 24th a judge set bond…what a great way to spend Christmas! Those poor children!!

A former neighbor of Tats said that the was a single mom of 4 kids and a good parent. Really??? Another neighbor said it was hard to believe cause they were always with their kids. She loved them kids. Again…Really???

The two surviving children, both boys, age 7 and 4 were taken into CPS. Not to mention, the family was under investigation for child neglect….a little too late there CPS!


***Thanks to April for the tip and Leslie for the write up***

Danielle Brockman left her babies alone and now they're gone!

Danielle Brockman faces charges in children’s deaths 

Mother of kids killed in Aurora fire arrested 

Children left alone die after house fire 

Just after 5am on October 30th, Aurora, CO Police arrived at the home of Danielle Lynn Brockman (23) and her two children Timothy Joseph “T.J.” Ramirez (3) and Alivia Ramirez (2).  Danielle was hysterical, the house was in flames and the children were trapped inside.  Police tried to gain entry through the door, but there was too much smoke, they then moved to windows but had to pry off security bars before being able to get to the children.

T.J. would die shortly after arriving at the hospital and Alivia would die two days later; around 1am on November 1st.

The cause of the fire is unknown, but what is known is that… wait for it…  Danielle left the children alone at the time the fire started.  Shocker!

Danielle was arrested on November 9th, by the Fugitive Apprehension and Surveillance Team, after developing information that she might flee the state.  Ummm, excuse me?  Just so I am clear, not only did she leave her children ALONE, therefore causing their death but the coward then plans to flee.  Sorry ass bitch!

Brockman has been charged with two counts of child abuse resulting in death with a bond of $500,000.

According to neighbors several calls have been made to CPS in the short time the family lived in the home due to T.J. being found alone outside and on at least one occasion he was naked.  Nice!

Thanks to Aimee and April in Colorado for the tip.

T.J. and Alivia Ramirez

R.I.P. Angels.

PyroMom…. GUILTY!

PyroMom  – original post by Angel – October 2009

Opening Statements November 1, 2011 

Mother’s murder trial-debate over evidence

Michigan mother found guilty in children’s deaths 

“She will die in prison…” said Wayne County Prosecutor Lora Weingarder on Wednesday, November 9th

On Wednesday, November 9th, it took a jury approximately two hours to give Anthony and Alayna Hinojosa, the justice they deserve.  After two long years their birth vessel Sharon (I’m an evil, child murdering beast) Hinojosa was found guilty of felony murder and arson.  Hell-to-the-yeah Baby!!! May every moment of the rest of her pathetic life be miserable!  I hate this cow!

For those of you who don’t know the story of Anthony and Alayna or don’t feel like reading the link above I will give you a little insight.  You see, Sharon had four children all by different fathers.  Her oldest Erin was living with her father; her three youngest Anthony (4), Alayna (3) and Aiden (1) lived with her and her boyfriend/Aiden’s father Justin Whistler.  By all accounts Sharon and Justin had a turbulent relationship with a lot of issues surrounding Anthony and Alayna and the fact Justin preferred they were gone.  Well… Sharon got rid of them alright, but she didn’t send them to family or their fathers she opted for a far more evil way to rid her life of her beautiful angels…she lit Justin’s trailer on fire grabbed Aiden (his son) and walked out.

She stood her sorry fucking ass outside that trailer and listened as her babies screamed before succumbing to the smoke and fire.  Imagine that if you can… the sounds of YOUR children burning to death.  Hard to stomach?  Yeah, it should be, but not for her. Sharon would lie to neighbors who tried to save her babies telling them the children were on the wrong side of the house.  She busied herself calling Justin to tell him various lies about what happened, but assured him his son was safe.  Funny how that worked out, isn’t it.  No not so much… this cow cared more about the man who was breaking up with her, evicting her and dating someone new, than she did the two beautiful children God blessed her with.  Sickening!

Sharon“attempted” to kill herself, by drinking rubbing alcohol after she confessed to killing the children.  She was unsuccessful, unfortunately, but aren’t they always when it comes to really ending their lives.

If I sound angry I am, or was until Wednesday the 9th, when the cow got what she deserved.  She cried crocodile tears throughout the trial and when the verdict was read.  I wasn’t moved in anyway.  I feel NO sympathy for her.  Her family said those children adored her… loved her with all they had and she burned them alive… ALIVE!  For what?  A man, who didn’t love her, didn’t want her.

This all happened close to my home and brought me to BB.  It changed me forever, these two sweet faced children, so innocent, so loving… murdered.  I would cry and tell my husband she has to get convicted I can not take it if they don’t get justice.  It just can not happen.  I was thrilled to hear she was convicted and that day I visited them, as I do on holidays and the anniversary of their deaths, and said NOW babies you can rest in peace.

I never met Anthony and Alayna, though I wish I had, but they changed my life and will forever be in my heart.

Angels.... Alayna and Anthony

 R.I.P. Sweet Angels…now you have the justice you deserve. xoxoxox

Tuan Dao – Ended It All and Took His Kids with Him

Vancouver police arrested Tuan Dao for fight with wife before he set deadly fire

Father facing bankruptcy and failed marriage ‘sets fire to home killing himself and 5 children’

Police: Father lit fire killing himself, 5 kids

I think it’s safe to say that most of us have, at some point or another, have faced some financial difficulties.  The drowning feeling sucks but it’s no excuse to blow up your home with you and five of your children inside which is what Tuan Dao (37) of Vancouver, WA decided was the best solution to his money woes.

According to police records, about three weeks prior to setting the deadly fire, Dao was arrested and charged with fourth-degree assault of his wife and reckless endangerment of their youngest son.  He and his wife, Lori, got into an argument over the phone which continued in person after she came home from work.  She left to go to the gym and when she returned Dao was watching television alone.  She told him she was going to bed at which point he called her a bitch.  Lori went to sleep with the youngest boy in the bed with her and she was woken up when Dao started yelling at her that he was going to leave her.  She said he then threw a packed suitcase at her and then picked up an iron and threw it at her head.  The cord hit the little boy but didn’t hurt him other than, I’m sure, scared the crap out of him.  The couple’s 13-year-old daughter called police to report her parents arguing.  Lori said she was concerned Dao would try to take the children from their schools the following day but police told her he wouldn’t be out of jail in time for that.  Too bad he wasn’t held for several more weeks.

During the wee morning hours of Sunday, April 24th neighbors heard a loud noise then saw huge flames shooting from the house.  The fire started due to “the ignition of introduced liquid fuels which caused an explosion.”  According to surveillance footage from one of the neighbors, Dao left the house around 12:20 am and returned around 12:38 am.  The owner of the surveillance footage said the only place open at that hour is a Chevron gas station.  About an hour after he arrived back home, the footage shows a small flicker followed by flames that lit up the entire neighborhood.  Dao along with five of his six children – 12-year-old Nolan, 9-year-olds Noah and Jacob, 8-year-old Samantha and 6-year-old Nathan – were inside and they all died in the fire.  Dao and Lori were separated and she and their oldest daughter were not living in the home.  All of the bodies are being autopsied but initial reports suggest they died of skull fractures caused by the explosion.

We all handle stress differently but I think you’ll all agree with me on this one; I am sick and tired of these cowardly pieces of shit who think it’s okay to get revenge on the living by not only taking their own life but the lives of their precious, innocent children also.  Here’s to Lori and the surviving daughter getting the help they need to get them through this and finding the closure to continue with lives they deserve.

Thanks go to Kiya for the tip!

Son turns in father for rape of sister

Wash. Deputies Rescue Rape Suspect From Fire

Father accused of raping daughter tries to kill himself in fire

Ok so first I am going to apologize for the lateness of this particular post.  I found several in February that I thought needed attention and unfortunately never got to them, but still had them in my BB folder.  I still think they are deserving of some shaming so here we go.

Back on February 16th Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputies entered a mobile home in the early morning hours and arrested a knife wielding rape suspect who was holding a homemade flamethrower.  Flamethrower?? That’s a new one.  Ok, I know get on with it.

As I am sure you have figured out, if it is on BB, the rape suspect has to be a parent and the victim their child, and you would be correct.  In this case we have David Jewell a father of three children ages, 17, 15 and 11-years-old.  David’s 15-year-old son had called the police to the family’s trailer stating that the night before his father had raped his 11-year-old sister and was now threatening to commit suicide.  To bad he didn’t do it before he forced himself on his daughter and altered her life forever.   

Anyhow as police arrived they could hear screaming coming from inside the home and called inside to make contact with Jewell and attempt to talk him out.  Instead he sent out his three children and began to set the curtains, cabinets and blinds in the house on fire.  Jewell then began waving his flamethrower (aerosol can and lighter) at the police and picked up a knife.  He was promptly tasered (sp?), handcuffed and removed from the burning trailer.

It was determined that Jewell had consumed a large amount of painkillers and was transported to the hospital before being booked into jail.  The children were interviewed by sex crimes detectives and released to their grandparents.  Their mother is a long haul trucker.

What a hero this little girl’s big brother is, he will never know how brave he was turning in his father.

30 visits from police, 5 DHS complaints and meth ends in in the death of 3 angels

 Abuse complaints preceded Del City childrens fire deaths,DHC says

Del City couple arrested on charges in fire deaths

Parents arrested and charged in death of 3 children

Where, oh where do I begin with this one?  Three children all under the age of 5-years-old lost their lives in a RV fire on January 4th, after their mother Stephanie Mae Dunham (25) left them alone and locked the door from the outside trapping them inside.  Yes, you read that right this was an RV, not a trailer home, it was inoperable, parked behind her mother-in-laws house and used extension cords for electricity.  A space heater left plugged in and unattended on the front passenger seat is believed to be what caused the fire.  

Yes, if you hadn’t guessed mommy is a meth head, and tested positive for being under the influence at the time she left the children… oh yeah and she is five months pregnant.  Nice!  Ladies and Gentlemen we have before us a real class act.  The children Christopher Jr. (4), Crystal (3) and Kailey (1) died from smoke inhalation and thermal burns.  The father Christopher Dunham  (25) was at work when the fire broke out, but daddy is no angel. I’ll get into that more in a minute.

This family has a history with DHS and the police, with no less than 30 reported visits from the police since 2002 ranging from domestic disturbances to suicide attempts and 5 total calls to DHS since 2008 regarding suspected abuse of the children.  Of course the police are not commenting and DHS is blaming them, so begins the blame game.  In my opinion both of these entities sworn to protect and serve FAILED, had they done their jobs properly those three babies would be alive today.  I won’t even get into my questions as to why these babies’ grandmother allowed them to live, not only with two drug addicts suspected of abuse and in a violent relationship, but in a freakin inoperable RV BEHIND her house.  I mean I can tell you this my mother-in-law, would never stand for that.  I may not always see eye to eye with her but she loves my kids and would never allow them to be in an unsafe environment, regardless of whether I liked it or not, never mind my sisters and family.

How about, for shits and giggles, we take a look at the history these two pieces of trash had with DHS.  Ready for it?  Here we go.

–         Sept. 17, 2010, daddy is accused of sexually abusing their 3-year-old daughter, after the investigation a finding of “unsubstantiated-services recommended” was made and there were NO additional safety concerns.

–         June 25, 2010, a complaint that the children are being exposed to domestic violence.  The complaint screened out due to no specific act of domestic violence, abuse or neglect was sited.

–         Nov. 13, 2009, a complaint that the children are being left with an inappropriate caregiver.  Sex Offender??  Mom denied the allegations, DHS reports the children are healthy and recommends an adult while in the home of the “questionable” caregiver supervises them.

–         Oct. 13, 2009, complaint that mommy is using drugs in the presence of the children, there was physical violence between the parents in front of the children, mom struck Crystal and caused injury.  DHS investigated, mom denied drug use and witnesses attested to that but expressed concern regarding dad’s temper.  The findings “unsubstantiated-services recommended”

–         April 17, 2008, complaint Christopher Jr. has been abused by his father and had a knot on his head as a result of being pushed down.

It seems there is a lot of “there was no proof”, but what there is proof of is a freakin RV as home, with no running water and/or electricity.  It seems to me that would be enough, I dunno, I’m not a trained professional. 

Both of these winners were arrested on February 11th, they both face three felony counts of child neglect and a misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia.  They both have bail set at $30,500. 

These two fuckwads collected about $20,000 from sympathetic donors before the allegations of drug use surfaced.  That makes me sick!

R.I.P. Christopher, Crystal and Kailey

Charlotte toddlers killied in home alone fire

Mother charged after toddlers killed in fire:

Mother of dead children had been charged before:

This is how bad it is for me working at ‘The Sweatshop’. I live in Charlotte but since I work second shift I had to hear this story from someone who doesn’t even live around here. At least I don’t think she does. If she does Jade and myself will have to get together for a beer.

Anyway, 26-year-old Orgal Paulette Opata of Charlotte, NC left four of her children home alone. No word yet on what the reason was she left the house but that’s neither here nor there. What is here and there is that the kids were left home alone with a kerosene heater.

I’ve never been a big fan of kerosene heaters. Personally I think their two dangerous to keep in a house. I just think they’re bombs waiting to go off but that’s just me. However even if I did have one in the house you would have to be potentially brain dead to leave one running in the house with four unsupervised children.

Neighbors were able to save two of the children but Josiah Hawthorne, 2, and Gabriel Hawthorne, 14 months, were unable to be rescued.

Opata has been charged with murder and was previously charged back in October for leaving kids home alone.

And as a public service here are some tips on using a kerosene heater safely.

You’ll notice it says do not let children operate it.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

Nicole Allen rewarded for stupidity

I love it when the tipsters do my job for me. Since I’m so pressed for time these days it helps me out a lot. Anyway this comes from Kim…

Nicole Allen is a 20 year old mother of three (now 2) who left her 2 toddlers and one infant home alone to go and buy beer. While she was gone -at least an hour – the apartment caught fire. The three children were severely burned and one later died. She has just been convicted for criminally negligent homicide, a lesser charge than she was originally arrested for.

The jury was lenient because they found that she was too terminally stupid to realize that leaving 3 babies alone with a gas burner turned on posed a serious threat to the children.

So not only do we have prosecutors making deals with child killers we have too soft juries letting them off on lesser charges as well.

The fact that Allen is dangerously stupid is even more reason to keep her behind bars.

She’s only looking at 4 years behind bars. That will give her plenty of time to kill more children.

Another Mom that can’t care for her baby

READ IT HERE firetruck_20090528145759_320_240

Caroline Bramlet 21-year-old Caroline Bramlet, has been arrested for Aggravated Child abuse, Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.  She lives in Escambia County, FL.

It seems Bramlet’s electricity was disconnected so she used candles for light – she left several burning in the room where her six-month old baby was sleeping – one fell and started the bed on fire burning the baby.

There are means to keep electricity connected and reach out for help… when the police/fire dept. responded to the fire, they found the drugs…SHOCK

Sorry I have been MIA folks … work calls sometimes.

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