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Michigan “Dad” Convicted of Murder and Sexual Assault

Father killed 15-week-old daughter during oral rape     

Father blames “evil spirit” in daughter’s deaths

Father charged with disturbing sexual assault

Expert: infant likely fatally choked 

Northern Michigan man guilty 

 “This is about as heinous as it gets”, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Phil Green about the tragic case of 15-week-old Evelyn Deuman, and he was right. This is one of the worst stories I’ve ever come across. This will be hard to read, but Evelyn deserves to have her story known.

On August 12th, 2011 Evelyn died from asphyxiation while her father was orally raping her. There was no gentle way to break that. According to Deuman, this was all an accident. He was frustrated with little Evelyn when he laid her on his bed with a blanket and went out for a cigarette. While he was outside, Evelyns’s mother, Natasha Maitland, called to say she was coming home from work. Suddenly, Deuman had a “bad feeling” and went to check on the baby. He found Evelyn on the floor bleeding from her nose, unconscious, and not breathing, with a used condom in her mouth. Deuman did not call 911, but instead spent the evening going over scenarios that might explain what happened. Right, because that’s what any dad would do if he innocently found his baby girl dead on the floor?!

Deuman took a polygraph test during which he hinted perhaps his body did it while his mind was possessed by an evil spirit. What bullshit! Not surprisingly, the results showed him to be deceptive in his answers.

Throughout the trial, the defense maintained that the death was an accident and that the mobile home they shared with ten other people was “an accident waiting to happen.” While I agree that a mobile home with ten people probably is an accident waiting to happen, sexual assault is not an accidental result of overcrowding! Steven Deuman is a demented waste of human skin that would have done this no matter how many people he lived with!

The only witness for the defense was the chief medical examiner, Ljubisa Jovan Dragovic. Usually a prosecution witness, Dragovic said he considered the manner of death to be indeterminate, not homicide. This was supposed to cast doubt on the prosecution’s theory, but in no way supported the defense’s theory that Evelyn somehow rolled all the way off the bed and just happened to fall face down on a used condom and choke on it.

Dr. William Bush, a Grand Rapids pediatrician, testified for the prosecution about the development of a 15-week-old child. When asked if he would expect a baby that age to roll over obstacles, such as blankets, he answered, “absolutely not”. Also testifying on behalf of the prosecution was Evelyn’s mother, Natasha, who had proved extremely important to the investigation. My heart is broken for her and the unimaginable horror that she has gone through. Jurors also heard from witnesses who, as children, claimed they were sexually abused by Deuman.

This week, jurors took less than an hour to convict Deuman of first-degree murder and aggravated sexual assault. Unfortunately, Steven gets a break he doesn’t deserve because of the location in which he committed this horrific crime.  Normally, capital murder charges are subject to the death penalty. This case was handled in federal court because the murder occurred on an American Indian reservation in Michigan. Like most tribes in the U.S., the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians declined to make capital crimes subject to the death penalty. The Federal Death Penalty Act of 1994 “conditionally eliminated” the death penalty on Native American lands unless a tribe’s governing body reinstated the penalty. Deuman faces a mandatory life sentence.

Evelyn was a beautiful little angel, gone too soon because of her disgusting “father’s” perverse desires. Crimes like this will always make decent people wonder why. There is no point in puzzling over why Steven Deuman is a monster. All we can do is bear witness to Evelyn’s suffering and to not let her memory fade. RIP, Evelyn, I’m so sorry you had to miss your life. You deserved the best.

***Special thanks to Your Pal, Nancy for the write-up and tip.*** 

Disgusting Dads

Since lately, I have been doing regular posts about Momsters, I thought it would be an interesting switch to have a look at some Disgusting Dads.

Anthony DeSimone

First up we have Anthony DeSimone, who as taken into custody on August 1st.  Anthony has been accused of buying drugs, while having his 5-year-old son in the car.

Reports say police saw DeSimone get into a parked car and hand over cash in exchange for cocaine.  When he returned to his car, with his son still inside, he was arrested.  Police seized .5 grams of cocaine and 3.5 grams of marijuana.

He was charged with possession of both drugs.

His son was released to a family member.

Errick Noe Rios 

Errick Noe Rios has been charged with one felony count of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, two felony counts of third degree assault and one felony count of domestic assault by strangulation.  Who did he assault you ask, well a 4-month-old baby, of course…why else would he be featured here?

Police were called to check on the welfare of an infant on July 25th, when they arrived Rios allowed them in and they found the baby covered in layers of blankets and clothing in a hot, muggy room and sporting facial bruises, a bite mark, scabs on its chest and back and finger mark bruises on its tummy.  Mother Effer!

After giving the usual array of excuses for the bruising, Rios admitted to hitting the baby because he would not stop crying, punching him in the mouth and picking him up by his torso so hard he’d leave marks.  He also admitted him and his wife and taken the baby to hospital in the past due to his abusive behavior and that it needed to stop.  Really genius, you think?

Rios also admitted to becoming angry with the baby the night of his birth and hit him four or five times and squeezed his stomach. He went on to further to confess to biting the baby’s face and putting his little mouth over and faucet and turning it on.  It doesn’t end there, he also admitted to engaging in criminal sexual conduct with the baby.

An examination showed the baby had three cracked ribs in addition to bruising and scratching.

If convicted Rios faces more than 40 years in prison and $65,000 in fines.

Maurice Brown Sr.

Maurice Brown Sr. back in court

Maurice Brown Jr. went missing on July 1st, two days later his body was found in a dumpster a few miles from his father’s apartment and where he “allegedly” disappeared from.

Maurice Brown Sr. told police he fell asleep for a few hours and when he awoke his son was gone and the door was open.  He claimed his son was kidnapped.  However, a witness told police they saw Brown Sr. leaving his apartment with a child draped over his shoulder and walking towards a parking lot between 7 and 8 pm that Sunday.

Police found evidence of spattered and pooled blood in the man’s bathroom, consistent with a beating.  Detectives said “Based upon the age of the missing child, the blood evidence in the bathroom, which is consistent with blunt force trauma, the affiant has probable cause to believe the child sustained serious bodily injury.”

The ME determined cause of death as blunt force trauma.

Brown Sr. was originally charged with child neglect or endangerment; those charges have since been upgraded to first-degree murder.

R.I.P. Maurice, your sweet smile will surely be missed.

Thanks to all the tipsters.


10-year-old dies of starvation.

CHILD_DEATH -Williams and Holloway Indictment

Woman appears at hearing in son’s death

Mother and boyfriend charged in son’s death

I can’t find a whole lot on the fucksticks you see above, but I will share with you what the indictment says they did to the female fuckstick’s 10-year-old son, Marcus Holloway.

In September 2010 Candice C. Holloway (31) moved with her two children Marcus and his younger sister to Fort Sill Military base to live with her boyfriend Connell C. Williams(32).  The two then set about systematically starving her son; he was deprived of food and made to march around the dinner table while they ate dinner.  Marcus died in May of 2011.

Both the fucksticks have been charged with first-degree murder and face life in prison or death if convicted.

I have to ask… who does this shit?  How does the idea of starving anyone let alone your child come up in conversation?  How do people this warped find each other, seriously is there some sick-o dating site we don’t know about?

Thanks to Muggle for the tip.

Rest in Peace Marcus.

Yokeia Smith… crazy or evil?

Woman  is accused of killing her children

2 children shot, mother arrested

Mother arrested for shooting her children

Judge denies bond for Illinois mother charged in shotgun killings of 2 of her children

On August 31st, witnesses heard the sound of an engine revving and a thud Yokeia Smith (25) had just hit a man and his 3-year-old son, before stopping her car, getting out with a loaded shotgun in hand and sitting on a bench.  In her car, was her 8-year-old son and he had a story to tell police that would lead them to what they called “one of the most gruesome crime scenes they have ever seen.”

8-year-old Xaveious Brown would tell the police that his mother had killed his brother LeVada Brown (5) and sister Yokeia Smith (4) and that he had fled the apartment.  Police, following up on what he said, went to the family’s apartment and found the babies both dead of a close range shotgun blast to the head.  Ugh… I can’t even believe I just had to type that. 

As of last week there was no motive released for why Yokeia had killed the children.  Her family is coming forward and saying she is bi-polar and on medication, but that is it.  She has a history with CPS. All allegations stem from neglect, not physical abuse, and the kids were never removed from her care. 

Yokeia, who is on suicide watch, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder; the judge entered a not guilty plea on her behalf and appointed the public defenders office to handle her case.  She also faces charges of armed criminal action and first-degree assault for hitting the man and his son.

Thanks to everyone who sent in the tips.

Rest in Peace… Sweet Angels

Everyone failed Serenity and now she's gone.

Grandparents say DHS practically cut them out of their granddaughter’s life

Oklahoma Department of Human Services workers suspended over death of child

CPS report

Some if not all of you will remember the brief post April wrote about 5-year-old Serenity Deal, here.

Well since that post a lot more information has come out about the short life of Serenity and how it came to be that she would end up in the home of the man who would end her life.  It is nothing short of tragic and an epic failure by CPS of Oklahoma, well known for it’s involvement in the case of Kelsey Smith-Briggs.

Serenity’s story starts on June 4th when her father Sean Devon Brooks (31) called the police to report a child not breathing.  He would tell police that he had taken his daughter to work with him the night before, the next morning
while showering he heard and thud and found her unconscious.  He offered no explanation for the bruises covering the baby’s body, including her face, head and a gash to the back of her head.

Well if you read April’s post you know how it ended for the child abusing asshat… he is resting his sorry ass in jail, charged with first-degree murder.

But… April wanted you to know the story leading up to Serenity’s placement with her father and in evitably her death.  She has asked me to write and I am happy to oblige but it is heartbreaking to say the least, so let’s get to it.

Serenity was placed with her father, whom she had only met a short time before, after her mother was arrested for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy.  Samantha Deal entered a blind plea to a charge of forcible sodomy of a child and will be sentenced sometime this month.

DHS was involved in the case and pushed for Brooks to have permanent custody of the daughter, he only learned of a year prior following a paternity test.  Serenity had been living with her maternal grandparents, who were planning to adopt her, until it was learned that the grandmother was allowing her to have over night visits wither he mother and he boyfriend, a convicted sex offender.

Even with all of the messed up information above, it still doesn’t outline the clear failure to protect this little girl.  CPS pushed for this baby to placed with a man… who she cried and begged not to go with, she would return from visits with bruises and black eyes.  She would say he yelled at her all the time and hit her.   Brooks of course always had excuses for her injuries.  Feel free to read the link posted above that details all of the accusations and excuses… but consider yourself warned it’s going to piss you off.

Serenity Deal turned 5-years-old in May and died less than one month after being placed with her father.

She was failed by everyone who had a duty to protect her.

Four DHS employees – two supervisors and two caseworkers – are on administrative leave pending an agency investigation.

R.I.P. Serenity, you have the face of an angel.


Big Dick plays rough with the baby…

"Big Dick"

Father charged with abuse/death of infant son

Commerce Twp dad charged death his 4-month-old son

Commerce Twp man charged with killing his infant son


On June 10th rescuers were called the family home, when the Baby Richard was discovered not breathing and sporting some bruises and scratches.  When two paramedics and a sheriff’s deputy arrived and found the baby in respiratory distress, they went into action with the deputy driving the medic vehicle to the hospital, so the paramedics could work on the baby rather than wait for an ambulance.  When baby Richard arrived at Huron Valley
Hospital he was still breathing.

Baby Richard was transported to University of Michigan Mott Children’s Hospital, where the doctors discovered internal brain bleeds and multiple skull and rib fractures.  Holy Fuck!  Baby Richard would die 4 days later after being taken off life support.  On June 15th his death was ruled death by homicide due to craniocerebral trauma.

According to investigators  Big Richard or Big Dick, for short, made several incriminating statements, like “I play rough with the child occasionally,” leading to a warrant being issued for his arrest.  Big Dick was arrested on June 18th.  Police believe that on the day of the injuries, that Big Dick was playing with the baby and caused an injury that resulted in him crying and the crying enraged him, he wanted to stop the baby from crying and as a result struck the baby against a table to make him stop crying.  OMG, you mother fucker!

Big Dick is charged with first-degree child abuse and felony murder.

As a resident of Michigan, I would gladly have an increase in taxes to bring back the death penalty for fuckwads like this guy.  He will get life in prison and I will work daily to make sure he gets 3 hot meals, medical care, an education and a warm bed to sleep in.

R.I.P. Baby Richard

Daddy does his daughter, kills her and throws her away

DC man had sex with daughter then killed her, prosecutors say


This one is so twisted I am not even sure where to begin…..

The last time anyone seen Ebony Franklin (17) alive was November 26, 2010, when she was dropped for a weekend with her father Rodney J. McIntyre (45).  She was found stabbed to death in a garbage can on November 27th, the same day her mother reported her missing.

According to her mother, Ebony was dropped off to spend the weekend with her father, but McIntyre said she was actually planning to spend the weekend with her boyfriend.  I am not sure if he meant himself or another boyfriend, as he would eventually confess to having a sexual relationship with his daughter.  Gag!  Semen found inside Ebony would confirm what McIntyre admitted.  Double Gag!

McIntyre stated his daughter never showed up to meet him, but witnesses say he was seen with her the day she disappeared.

Prosecutors are calling the murder “premeditated and deliberate”, as McIntyre went to great lengths to cover up the fact his daughter was dead, using her phone to text friends and her mother.  Upon investigation, they found that Ebony was dead before the texts were sent and both McIntyre and Ebony’s cell phones pinged in the area where her body was found.  Did I mention the alley where she was found was within a block of where McIntyre worked?  I didn’t… well it was.  I am not a detective but in my opinion by process of simple elimination all fingers point to daddy dearest, she was last seen with him, they were sleeping together (I can barely type that without throwing up a little in my mouth), there were mystery texts from a dead girl and she just happened to be found a block away from dad’s work.   Hmmmm!

McIntyre has been charged with first-degree murder.

What in fucking shit is going on with these two?  I am disgusted to the fullest on this one!   Did Ebony want to break off the sexual relationship with her father and he lost it?  Was she going to spill the beans to her mother and he lost it?  Either way, this shit is twisted.

R.I.P. Ebony



Mother who makes you want to sleep with one eye open.

Margarita Obando denied bond after murder charge

Mother stabs 12-year-old son

Margarita Obando, 45 of Florida (honestly, again with this state?) is a confirmed lunatic who was still allowed to care for her son. Really?

I’m holding back from making more comments about Florida since the state does have a couple competent residents. I would hate to include them in what I am beginning to believe is a cesspool.

Margarita has a past mental history that included severe depression along with a host of other (scarier) issues.

On Friday May 6Th Margarita woke up in a batshit crazy mood. Around 7am her 12 year old son woke to find her in his bedroom watching him, frankly just reading that made me feel the heebie jeebies. Somehow he managed to doze off again. He awoke again but this time his mother was on top of him. She started stabbing him (mind you it was 2 days before Mothers Day) in the chest while telling him “I am going to kill you. I don’t want you to hurt anyone.” Isn’t that a bit of a contradiction?

The little boy got away, ran into another bedroom to hide and called 911. Meanwhile he had severe stab wounds to the chest, what a strong solider.

Margarita is clinically insane though and I am almost positive it will also be her excuse defense.

In 2009, she agreed to go to the South County Mental Health Center in Delray Beach after deputies responded to a call of a mentally disturbed person. Her husband said at the time that she was depressed and was talking about death. Last year, Obando attempted to jump from a friend’s car as they were driving to the mental health center. She was taken there for treatment.

She was so determined NOT to receive any help for her illness that she jumped from a moving-fucking-car and tried her best to kill her son, but wasn’t determined enough when it came to taking her own life? Seriously she could have just done us all a favor and saved her poor son the
memory of his mother stabbing him.

Where the fuck was this child’s father and/or her husband at the time? Is she married to Waldo? How the hell was she allowed to have visitation with her son or custody? I find it hard to believe in 2009 she was whacked out her mind for a hot second but did not have another episode of
craziness since.

Another completely disgusting fact, she was found about four hours after stabbing her son, walking her fucking dog.

Are you kidding me?!

Was struggling to kill your son not enough of a work out that morning? Blood is easy to clean up but like hell she would clean up a little dog shit in her house. Maybe she needed some fresh air? Fuck her either way.

The judge denied her bond; she currently has her ass parked in a jail cell charged with first degree attempted murder.

I can’t even congratulate the judge on revoking her bond. It’s slightly obvious that she can not function as a human being in society. I will just say that thankfully he exercised some common sense.

Before leaving court she did remember to ask about her son’s condition. The judge told her that he had read that the boy had survived, which the boy did.

No word about who has custody of the little boy though. Foster care was not noted. I like to think he is with someone who loves him, treats him well…. and lives a few states over.

**Rant on**

As far as Florida goes, I know I am going to catch a little crap for my statements (most of it’s in humor).  Frankly I checked the statistic’s and it’s hard to tell if Florida really has more abuse reports per capita.  Many states fight over who has more abused children.  Everyone wants that title. However again I will say I vacation in Florida, I know allot of good parents and families come from Florida. I would like someone, possibly a senator to read BB and feel the need to focus on child abuse though.

Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up.


“Oh my god, he looks like he’s been beaten to death”

District attorney seeks death penalty in Candler child’s slaying

4-year-old beaten to death, mother’s boyfriend charged

Slain Candler boy’s-family releases statement

Father of murdered boy releases statement


Oh my god, he looks like he’s been beaten to death,” was the statement a 911 caller heard from the sobbing mother of 4-year-old Trenton Scott, just after 6 am April 19th.  Heather Denise Bensen (29) woke up that morning to discover the beaten, bruised and bitten body of her son.


Police would arrest Heather’s live-in boyfriend, William Godfrey Hedden (24) the next day and charge him with first-degree murder and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.  Hell Yeah! Let’s get in line to plant some smooches on this prosecutor, me first!


There are several articles about the phone call to 911, the condition of Trenton’s body, what Hedden has been charged with but not a whole lot on what police believe actually happened in the to Trenton in the home that night.


Police searched the home the three shared and confiscated bed sheets, a syringe with needle, beer bottles, liquor bottles, a glass pipe, and plastic bag with marijuana residue, prescription pill bottles and child erotica.  Dental impressions were taken of Hedden’s teeth to make a match to bite marks on Trenton’s back, chest and buttocks.



The following are statements from both sides of Trenton’s family:


Statement by Kristy Benson and Tara Diaz, sisters of Heather Benson and aunts of Trent Scott:

“We are writing this on behalf of our sister, who is understandably not able to write such a letter after suffering the most tragic loss someone could suffer. Her son, our nephew, was such a loving, happy, sweet boy. He loved to play with his cousins. They would run around and chase each other or go on missions and have the most fun. He loved baseball, football and wrestling. He was going to start karate this summer and was so excited about learning how to break a board. Trent loved playing outside with his mommy, playing in the floor with her, but most of all cuddling with her.

“Our family will always remember his smiling face and his big hugs. We will always cherish the time we had with Trent and will always wish we had more time with him.

“We would like to thank everyone who has prayed for us. Your support and kind words are greatly appreciated and have touched us a great deal. God Bless.”

Justin Scott, the father of 4 yr. old Trent Scott, who was found beaten to death Tuesday morning at his mother’s home in Candler, issued the following statement to News13 this afternoon:

“I’m devastated and shocked at the events surrounding my son Trenton’s death. He is a beautiful, sweet boy who loves wrestling (especially John Cena). He loves any activity that involves the outdoors and is a big sports fan. He loves his school and neighborhood friends. Outgoing and kind hearted towards anyone he met. I, my friends, and my family will miss him so much. I love Trenton and take comfort knowing that I will see him again at our Father’s table in heaven.

Thanks to leelee ob for the tip.


R.I.P. Trenton, a beautiful soul, gone too soon.


"I played a little rough with her…"

Boyfriend charged in beating death of 4-year-old

Florida arrest info. –  Calvin Morris Lewis

South F lorida man charged with fatally beating girl friend’s daughter


See that face staring back at you… that is 5’10, 220 lb. Calvin Morris Lewis (20) and he likes to beat up on 4-year-old girls.  Impressed ladies?  Not so much… me either, I tend to like my man to pick on people his own size.


On Easter Sunday, Miami Police responded to a call of an unresponsive child.  She was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital Pediatric Trauma Unit and later pronounced dead.  An autopsy revealed extensive trauma to her organs, the death was ruled a homicide by means of brutal beating.


Lewis admitted to playing rough with the little girl.  Ummm… rough,  I think that is an understatement…. being as she is dead!  Fucker!   BTW… what 220 lb. man plays rough with any child?? I cry bullshit on that lame excuse!


Lewis has been charged with first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse and being held without bond.  He has a lengthy record with fifteen arrests ranging from domestic violence to various drug charges.


Thanks to KC Shaw for the tip.

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