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Brandy wanted to cause her babydaddy some Payne

Father talks after mom charged with homicide in week-old baby’s death

Milwaukee mom charged with killing her week-old baby

Murderous twunt Brandy Payne

Thanks to crys for the tip on this one. This is just an awful story.

Brandy Payne (22) of Milwaukee, WI has been charged with first degree reckless homicide after she allegedly killed her week-old son Michael A. Johnson III. Fancy that. A week old baby – 7 days old. Fresh out of hospital, with new baby smell. The vernix barely cleaned off his brand new baby skin. Her c*** still stretched out from giving birth to him. And she killed him.

What could a week-old baby boy do to anger someone so much, that they would kill him?

It wasn’t baby Mike who angered the wrathful wench. It was his dad, Michael Johnson, who had had an argument with Brandy on the phone. The topic of the heated discussion was whether baby Mike was Michael’s son or not. Michael had his doubts and did not want to help out with a child that maybe wasn’t his. So what did Brandy do? Did she offer to pay for a DNA test to put Michael’s mind at ease? No. When she hung up the phone, she picked baby Mike up and threw him to the floor, according to police reports. This childish outburst resulted in Mike having a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain. When she saw her son bleeding from the head, Brandy panicked and put a cap on his head. Then she delivered him to Michael, who also lived in Milwaukee. When Michael and his parents realised that Mike was severely injured, they rushed him to hospital. Unfortunately, doctors could not save him and baby Mike gained his angel wings.

According to the Milwaukee ME, Brandy is considered to be significantly cognitively/intellectually disabled. Pssht, don’t bring a disability into this. Most people with a disability know the difference between right and wrong, and they know that a baby is small and fragile and must be treated with care. What’s worse, is that the babydaddy is sticking up for the selfish twuntwaffle! He wants to keep his Fleshlight, even if it means his son’s killer goes free. They’re just as bad as one another.

If she is convicted, the twunt will face up to 60 years prison. Plenty of time for Big Bertha to deal with her.

Rest in Peace baby Mike.

Thanks again to crys for the tip.

Shane Marquardt Gets First-Degree Reckless Homicide for Fatally Beating Foster Child

shane_marquardt.jpgShane Marquardt, 32, of Waupun, Wis. got first-degree reckless homicide for fatally beating one foster child and injuring his younger brother.

Marquardt punched his foster children, Camron Gardner, 3, and Ethan Schwartz, 2, after becoming angry when Camron threw up in bed after a nap. Marquardt told police he snapped and punched both boys in the stomach as hard as he could. He hit Cameron at least three times in short succession. Marquardt told police the boys were whiny, upset, tired and cranky. Yes, most kids are tired and cranky when they’re sick and vomiting. Both boys suffered blunt force trauma to the abdomen. Camron died of internal bleeding several hours later.

The boys were placed in Marquardt’s home while their teenage mother, Ashley Mundt, tried to get her life in order. Mundt said precious minutes were wasted when Marquardt lied to hospital staff and said Camron may have accidentally swallowed something. An alert police officer on the scene recognized the onset of similar symptoms in Ethan. He was transported to Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee for emergency surgery.

The maximum penalty for first-degree reckless homicide is 40 years of confinement followed by 20 years of extended supervision. This would pretty much be a life sentence for Marquardt. Hope it makes him whiny and cranky, too.

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