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Wendell Kevin Bozeman broke the baby…multiple times.

Lucedale father accused of felony child abuse 

If you’ve ever held a newborn or young infant in your arms you know that they kinda have a heft to them.  They are delicate but they have sturdy bones, perfect, unmarked skin and barring the occasional dirty diaper the most wonderful “new baby smell”.  They are generally pretty loud little creatures as unfortunately they weren’t born with the ability to articulate themselves verbally.  They cry.  They can cry a lot when they need certain needs met.  To be fed, to be loved and to have their waste cleaned off of their bodies.  Pretty basic stuff.  I’m sure, however, when they have broken bones they cry a lot in pain.

Now, Wendell Kevin Bozeman; who at 18-years-old is already a father to a 3-month-old, made his child cry a lot.  This baby was treated at the George County Medical Center for MULTIPLE fractured bones on Tuesday night.  He was arrested Wednesday by the Sheriff’s office and charged with a felony child abuse in connection with the injuries to the baby. He is currently in jail (where he belongs) and is expected to stay there until his trial (here’s hoping someone teaches him what it is to cry in pain.)

Now as the mother of a 4-month-old baby I have to wonder what a tiny little infant could do beyond cry to express themselves. This poor baby must have really been in pain. I can’t imagine how much multiple breaks hurt a little baby.  I mean adults are given narcotics to deal with the pain of a single fracture. They can express their pain.  A 3-month-old baby..Oh it brings tears to my eyes to even consider.

***Special thanks to Jackie for the write-up.***


Katherine Barstis does “things” when she gets “mad”

Mother arrested for allegedly breaking newborns bones

Mother accused of breaking baby’s leg maintains innocence

A Fort Myers, Florida mother has been arrested for breaking her newborn son’s bones.

Baby Breaker


A nurse overheard her say that she does “things” when she gets “mad”. 

The baby’s father told officers that he noticed the baby’s leg looked funny and that the baby was crying more then usual. After x-rays came back, doctors found multiple fractures in the tibia and femur all leading them to believe the injuries were intentional. 

Katherine Barstis, 21, is being charged with child abuse. 

And you know she saying the accusations against her are false! I even willing to bet someone shows up to defend her too. 

Anyone want to volunteer to slap the smirk of this Bitch’s face?

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