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Adoptive parents of Erica Parsons sentenced for fraud

Adoptive parents of Erica Parsons sentenced for fraud

Erica Parsons’ missing poster

This past Friday, the adoptive parents of Erica Parsons, Casey and Sandy Parsons, were both sentenced to federal prison time after being previously convicted on fraud charges. Casey was sentenced to ten years while Sandy was sentenced to eight. They were both immediately taken into custody at the time of sentencing.

The Parsons’ were collecting government benefits for their adopted daughter Casey, even though no one had seen Erica for a year before she was reported missing by her adoptive brother. Casey Parsons claimed she gave Erica to Erica’s maternal grandmother, a woman by the alleged name of Irene ‘Nan’ Goodman. The problem is no one can prove that Nan exists or that the exchange ever took place. There has also been evidence that while Erica was with her adoptive parents that she was abused horribly. Also there were other allegations of fraudulent activity by Casey Parsons against other persons as well. It seems like she was another grifter in the vein of Elisa Baker.

I wonder how long it will take before the Parsons turn on each other while in prison. Alive or dead Erica deserves justice, and not these measly fraud sentences.

UPDATE 6/23/2016: Casey Parsons has been moved to a minimum security prison in Florida.

UPDATE 7/18/2016: This is a super late update, but both Casey and Sandy Parsons have had their appeals for lesser sentences denied by the Federal Courts.

Erica Parsons’ adoptive parents guilty of fraud

Adoptive parents of Erica Parsons sentenced for fraud

Erica Parsons’ missing poster

Earlier today Erica Parsons’ adoptive father, Sandy Parsons, was found guilty of fraud for collecting government benefits for Erica long after she had disappeared. Her adoptive mother, Casey Parsons, pleaded guilty to fraud charges earlier this month. They are both scheduled to be sentenced in February. Sandy Parsons is looking at a possible sentence of 20+ years in prison.

I thought the fraud charges would get one of them to crack about the possible whereabouts of Erica but it appears that they are thick as thieves so to speak.

Adoptive parents of Erica Parsons arrested on fraud charges

Erica Parsons’ missing poster

Last week the adoptive parents of Erica Parsons,Casey and Sandy Parsons, were arrested by federal agents on fraud charges. Erica has been missing from their Salisbury, North Carolina home since 2011 but the Parsonses have allegedly been collecting government benefits on Erica since that time.

The pair have been charged with 76 counts of various fraud charges stemming from Erica’s disappearance ranging from mail fraud to healthcare fraud among others. The pair was released and have been ordered to wear monitors.

Hopefully this will jar one of the two into telling authorities what really happened to Erica instead of the outrageous story that she went to live with her biological grandmother ‘Nan’. If I had to take a guess on who will crack first I would imagine it would be Sandy Parsons as Casey probably doesn’t feel like she did anything wrong.

Anyone with information about the disappearance of Erica Lynn Parsons is asked to contact the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office, 1st. Lt. Chad Moose at 704-216-8687 or Investigator Sara Benfield at 704-216-8739.

Serial adopter and abuser at heart of federal lawsuit

Lawsuit says NY failed to protect disabled kids:

The U.S. federal government has launched a lawsuit against Ne wYork City claiming that failed to prevent a woman who used fake identities to adopt 10 disabled children so she could collect $1.68M in subsidies.

Of course the woman, Judith Leekin, 64, had no real interest in caring for the children as she was sentenced to 20 years in prison and the home was described as the usual ‘house of horrors’.

Leekin lived in Florida but had no problems adopting the kids from NYC and collecting the checks. She’s also been sentenced to 11 years in the federal pen for fraud.

The lawsuit seeks to collect $15M for each child.

Thanks to Angel for the tip.

Michael Bradway, Accused of Faking Son’s Illness, Now Faces New Charges

Michael BradwayMr. Bradway/We know your son is okay/Oh Mr. Bradway/Did you steal from the gays?

With all apologies to Ozzy Osbourne for that butchering…

It seems that the greedy the rapacious Michael Bradway wasn’t content with convincing everybody that his son had cystic fibrosis in order to profit off of the sympathy. Now Bradway, of Cornwall, Connecticut, has been fired by gay rights nonprofit Love Makes a Family, on charges of accounting regularities. The group has reportedly found that records maintained by Bradway had been altered, and that at least one donation had been mishandled. (I’ll assume that we’re not taking about a mere five bucks in the tip jar here.) And that, it appears, isn’t even Bradway’s first foray into fraud. (Well, ignoring the whole “my son is dying” scam, of course.) In 1994, the faking father was sentenced to a year in jail for embezzling $167,000 from various people in a brokerage scam.

Anne Stanback, the nonprofit group’s director, is obviously upset about this development. But, she says, “it pales in comparison to the allegations about his son.” Actually, Anne, I think it makes it a little better. It would be one thing if Bradway were stealing only from his son. But now, it appears that he’s stealing from everybody! He doesn’t harbor any particularly animosity against his son – he’s just a bastard! Frankly, I think this ought to make it easier for the boy to cope knowing that his dad didn’t single him out.

Yeah. I’m not buying it either. I’m trying to work with what I have, people, and it ain’t much…

Father Fakes Son’s Cystic Fibrosis for Nearly Five Years

LungHere’s an unbelievable tale from hot tipper Rebecca. I relayed this story to my wife, who kept screwing up her face in disbelief. Let’s see if you share her frustration. According to The Associated Press, Michael Bradway of Cornwall, Connecticut has been arrested on charges that he manufactured doctors’ bills, lied to school officials, and bamboozled his in-laws out of $38,000. Bradway, in short, convinced everybody around him – including his now-10-year-old son – that the boy had cystic fibrosis, and that his condition was getting worse as he got older. Bradway reportedly brought some truth to the lie by keeping his son on a starvation diet that kept the youngster gaunt and frail. (The child bounced back to perfect health after Connecticut Department of Children and Families took him into custody.)

Here’s where my wife’s incredulity comes in. According to this report, the parents were separated. By the sounds of it, Bradway had physical custody of his son, which would explain why he was able to sustain this ruse for half a decade. But my wife can’t help but wonder: Didn’t the mom go to at least a single doctor’s appointment? Wouldn’t you, if you were told your son had a crippling disease? I’m not ready to come down with thunderous judgment on mom yet – but I have to admit, it sounds suspicious. How did this joker get away with this for so long?

Mom Accused Of Claiming She’s A Katrina Victim

fraud.jpgMichigan, as it turns out, suffered very little damage from Hurricane Katrina. This came as a surprise to Kim Horn, who received a house, cash, and other goods after reporting to charities that she was a victim of Katrina. Turns out Ms. Horn and her 6 year old daughter moved to Mason, Michigan nine days before Katrina came ashore.

Now, maybe I’m insensitive to the sufferings of others, but having to run down to the 8-Mile Walmart and shell out a buck fifty for a new can of AquaNet because a breeze messed up your bouffant is not the same as having everything you know and love wiped off the face of the earth by a massive storm.

Seriously, Michigan prosecutors – don’t put this woman in jail. Put her on a plane, send her down to New Orleans, give her a mop, and tell her to get to cleanin’. The Superdome would be a good place for her to start.

Parents Steal Child’s Identity

credit-card.jpgHoly flirting snit. I’m having a hard time believing that this advice column letter in the Los Angeles Times is real. Writing to Money Talk editor Liz Pulliam Weston, a concerned reader wants to know what to do about her credit rating, which was shot to hell after her parents opened up a credit card in her name and maxed it out. Needless to say, they didn’t pay a dime on it, and the bank closed the account – a huge black mark on a credit report, and a damaging blow to the child’s FICO score. Fortunately, Liz Pulliam Weston, unlike certain other advice columnists, isn’t afraid to pull punches. “On a $200,000 loan, you’d be paying nearly 50% more each month because of your parents’ fraud. And let’s not mince words, because that’s exactly what this is. They may believe they had the best intentions in the world — that they would somehow pay the money back and you’d never be affected — but the fact remains that honest people don’t take out credit cards in other people’s names.”

Damn, mom and dad. You got served. Be grateful that you also didn’t get served time in the county jail.

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