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Bleach: The New Albuterol

Florida dad jailed after giving baby bleach; he thought it would help her asthma

Hey, Parents, guess what? No more lengthy waits in the doctor’s office are needed for your kids who have asthma! No more expensive medications! Now, you can cure your child of this horrific breathing disorder by simply feeding them BLEACH!!! NO! Not really. But, apparently a father in Florida has spent too much time sniffing bleach fumes (or something stronger?) himself, and thought that a cap full of bleach was just what was needed to improve his two-month old daughter’s breathing problem.

Little Caelynn Washington is recovering in a Gainesville, FL, hospital after her father added bleach to her bottle and fed it to her. He said he thought it would improve her breathing, because “someone had told him it would”. Yeah, I remember those days…I had friends tell me all manner of things when I had my first child. Luckily, I had the requisite number of brain cells to distinguish between good and bad advice. For instance, I had one friend tell me that giving my child tylenol would help her sleep at night. I’m sure it would, but Tylenol is not a sleeping aid for babies, and I figured my babies slept quite enough without that nutritional additive, thankyouverymuch. I was also told that rubbing whiskey on my baby’s gums would help with teething. Again, are you freakin’ kidding me?!? You don’t give alcohol – in any form – to a baby. Teething rings worked fine, and were much cheaper than a bottle of Jack – and reusable, as well.

Apparently, 20 year old Carron Washington, of Ocala, FL, has fewer brain cells than a dead turnip, however. He thought that the bleach would help his daughter. Right. Sorry, folks, I don’t buy it. No one with an education higher than third grade would think that bleach is an acceptable medical treatment for anything, except, perhaps, assisted euthanasia. Which I also disagree with, by the way. This guy’s sister has told reporters that her brother made an honest mistake, because this was his first child, and he didn’t know it would harm the child. Again…right…not so much. Did he drink any of this ‘miracle cure’ himself? I think not. I’m sure if he had, he would have realized that the burning sensation caused by the bleach as it traveled down the esophagus was not an indication of healing properties. Besides, as anyone who has ever cleaned with bleach knows, it has a warning right on the bottle that states there should be adequate ventilation while using the product because it can CAUSE respiratory problems. In simplified terms, the fumes from bleach can burn the lining of the lungs. So, how in blue Hell did this guy think DRINKING such a toxic substance would help his child’s asthma? He didn’t. I don’t buy it, and I hope he gets sent to jail until his baby is grown. Who knows, next time, he might try giving her gasoline thinking it will make her run faster. Or antifreeze to cool her off when she has a fever.

If ever there was a time to enact a law punishing criminal stupidity, this is it. It has long been my opinion that such high levels of stupidity should be accompanied by excruciating pain, so that the idiots who think up such asininity would be so incapacitated by the pain that they would be unable to move well enough to act upon such thoughts. And if wishes were nickels, I’d be a millionaire.

Carron Washington is being held on $25,000.00 bond and has been ordered to stay away from Caelynn when she is released from the hospital. Oh, and in the article, it mentioned that when the baby threw up, the “parents” called 911. If the mother was at home at the time and was a party to this ill-conceived ‘medical treatment’, then why is she not being charged as well? Just a little something to wonder about, I guess.

Well, I need to go and give my kids their medicine, now. I think I’ll let them have a cup of Tide detergent instead of bothering with those long tedious baths. And give them Miracle-Gro plant food to help them grow strong and healthy. After all it says right on the bottle of plant food that it will strengthen and make plants grow faster – so it should work for the kids, too, huh? No, I’m not really gonna give that stuff to my kids…because I’m not stupid.

Sorry for the snarkiness of my post – wait, no I’m not. I’m only sorry I couldn’t come up with something even more harsh to say about the stupidity of this moron. I must be slipping.

Get ready to vomit, then wet yourself.

Man beats little girl for wetting herself

I am so angry about this on some many levels. Flori-duh should be a separate country from the United States. Every other tip comes from Florida with horrifying details of child abuse. Social workers, officers and the local CPS offices must all be collectively allergic to doing paperwork or their jobs for that matter.

Police responded to a report of a child screaming in an apartment. When the police arrived Suresh Antonio Chapman, 29 of Gainsville FL answered the door. They noticed he was sweating and with out prompting he immediately said “Look, I have a right to discipline my child, and nobody can tell me what I can and cannot do to my child.” He was holding a belt in his hand. Something tells me it wouldn’t take much for that fat hog to work up a good sweat. Oh but it gets much worse.

The little girl was seen by officers to have bruising and welts in various places on her body. It turns out she is not even Suresh’s child! She is the daughter of his girlfriend. Suresh was ‘teaching her a lesson’ because she had wet herself and vomited earlier. First of all if my mother brought home that miserable poor excuse of a man, I would vomit and piss myself too. Did I fail to mention that it gets worse? Suresh has been arrested for abuse in the past as well as petty theft and for writing bad checks. The little girl’s mother gave Suresh PERMISSION to beat her daughter with the belt inoder to teach the little girl not to wet herself. It gets even worse! The mother has NOT been charged with abuse!! That should be put in bold, italic and fucking neon flashing print. She was NOT charged! Holy shit!!

I hope the next few hurricanes to hit Florida takes that entire state and it’s unusually large population of freaks, completely out. I can not believe that came out of the mothers mouth and she did not get arrested for anything. I bet she still has custody of her daughter. Hell, I bet CPS gave her tips on how to discreetly beat your child so they do not receive anymore pesky calls.

This deserves a huge what the fuck! I am completely disgusted with that state all together.

I suggest better laws to protect children in Florida, stiffer penalties for lazy CPS workers too. If I beat one of those CPS workers or an officer with a belt it would be considered assault but if it’s a defenseless child it’s okay? What if the CPS worker or officer pissed themselves… then would it be okay? What if they desperately deserved a lesson? Because frankly I think they all do. As a matter of fact I am sure if I get permission to beat their asses by their mom it would be okay……..

That state is a boil on the ass of America.

**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write up** 

GrandBreeders use hot grease as weapon, baby as shield

Not gonna make a Buckwheat joke

Grandsons are hit with grease in family fight:

In Gainesville, Florida police arrested Johnnie Allen Hutchinson, 51, and Dorothy Williams Hutchinson, 51, after their grandchildren were hit with hot grease in the midst of the grandparents arguing.

Mrs. Hutchinson threatened to throw hit grease on her husband if he did not stop his arguing. Mr. Hutchinson continued and Mrs. Hutchinson allegedly made good on her threat. The problem is, besides using hot grease in a domestic dispute, is that Mr. Hutchinson is said to have picked up his sleeping 10-month-old grandson to use as a shield. Mrs. Hutchinson let loose anyway hitting the child. The boy sustained second degree burns on his leg and stomach. The spillover also managed to hit another grandchild which caused burns on the child’s face.

I got nothin’ to add on this one. Sometimes the stories speak for themselves.

Thanks to Kirsten for the tip.

James Linsinbigler hates his job so he breaks his infant's jaw

GPD: Man admits to breaking infant’s jaw, arm, rib:

It kills me that a lot of the white male Breeders have that same stupid expression on their face along with their bad 70’s mustaches.

Anyway Cluelss Mustcahio McNecktattoo over there is 26-year-old Brian James Linsinbigler of Gainesville, Florida.

He’s been charged with fracturing the arm, jaw and rib of his 5-month-old son.

At first Linsinbigler claimed that he was going to give his son a pacifier in his crib but rolled him over on his back so hard that it fractured bones. Dude, that’s not a good cover story. For those kind of injuries you would have had to have thrown him with the same force you would throw a bowling ball. Plus that still makes you look guilty as hell.

However Linsinbigler allegedly admitted to police that he beat and shook the child because he was frustrated with his boss.

So once again we have a trashy loser who took out his own inadequacies on a defenseless child.

I wonder who the fuck would give this idiot a job anyway. I mean besides McDonalds.

Thanks to kirsten for the tip.

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