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Girl left tied up outside betting agency:

A video has emerged over here in the UK of an unidentified woman (who I hope doesn’t remain unidentified for much longer)
trapping her young daughter’s rein underneath the door of a betting shop, leaving the girl trapped outside, while Miss Priorities went inside the building to, I presume, place a bet. A man who was working in the office building opposite the shop caught the whole thing on camera. You can view the video via the link posted above.

Ya see, the girl wouldn’t have been allowed inside the shop because she’s clearly under 18, so instead of, you know, NOT going in, her breeder decided it would be perfectly rational to trap her daughter’s leash under the door of the shop and then go in and do whatever the Hell her selfish, obviously small mind decided was more important than her daughter’s safety. What a stupid cow. As far as I know, the girl wasn’t hurt, but that’s not the point. She was scared.

In the video you can clearly see the girl trying to free herself. She was left trapped under the door for around 3 minutes before her breeder released her. I sure hope the police are following this thing up. We can get into a huge debate about whether kids should even be on leashes or not, but ain’t nobody got time fo dat.

I think every normal, loving parent (the kind who puts the safety of their child first), regardless of whether they use leashes or not, would know that trapping their child’s leash UNDER A DOOR while they went inside is NOT the smartest thing you can do. Either this breeder is supremely stupid or doesn’t give two hoots about her kid. Probably both.

Thanks go to Marge for the tip.

***Written by Cobalt Rose***

Breeder gambles while son is towed away in repo'd car

Elizabeth Tato

Tow truck repossesses car, unaware of boy inside:

Tow truck repossesses car, unaware of boy inside:

I grew up in the Atlantic City area. I also come from a family of successful gamblers. The one thing you learn in that kind of environment is that you never gamble to pay the bills. Apparently no one ever told that to Elizabeth Tato of Sanford, Florida.

Tato was in what the article calls a strip mall casino. If Florida has the same places that North Carolina has calling it a casino is a compliment. These are usually what they call sweepstakes places that have moved into a lot of low rent strip malls. There are no slot machines or gaming tables. Just a bunch of computers playing pre-determined sweepstakes type games.

So Tato was busy being ripped off when the friendly neighborhood repo man towed her car from the parking lot. What the repo man didn’t know is that Tato’s 11-year-old son was inside the car at the time.

As usual when kids are left in cars Tato allegedly claims that she was only in there for 15 minutes while the security guard says that she was in there at least for an hour.

Apparently she had no problem gambling with the welfare of her child.

Thanks to Adrianne for the tip.

La. man gambles with his parental rights

Baby Left In Car While Dad Gambled, Police Say:

27-year-old Craig Bychurch of Larose, La. was arrested for leaving his 3-month-old baby in the car while he gambled at a casino. After his arrest the baby was given to the mother who happened to be at work at the time. So she’s pulling in the dough while he’s wasting it at a casino. Not much of a man right there.

Bychurch has been previously arrested for various charges including failure to register as a sex offender.

He’s been court ordered to stay away from the baby which may be best for everyone.

Thanks to super tipper LadyJade for the tip.

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