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Gardenia Johansson Leaves Kid in Car – But Takes Dog with Her!

Black 2002 BMWOkay. Here it is, today’s story by popular demand. Folks are already searching for this like mad, and reader SuperSnark sent it to me an hour or so ago in a link. What is “it”, you may ask? Why, it is the story of Gardenia Johansson of Scottsdale, Arizona, who was arrested after she tried to tell a Neiman Marcus parking attendant to park her BMW – with her baby still inside it.

But she took her small dog with her. You see, according to Madame Curie here, the staff at Neiman Marcus just hated it whenever she brought her bratty babe into the store. So she was doing them a favor. Whew! At least she didn’t abandon her defenseless child out of selfish stupidity! There’s a relief!

This woman is the pinnacle of self-absorption. Not only did she take her sweet-ass time in the store, but she asked her arresting officer to go pick up the gift was was waiting on back at the store. “Oh yes, I abandoned my child, blah blah blah, whatever – but the important thing is that I pick up Gracie’s gift-wrapped pendant!”

Ready for the kicker? Gardenia Johansson is a Montessori teacher. Oops, correct – she WAS a Montessori teacher. Montessori at Anthem, her former employer, has ripped her name off of the faculty page. I’ve uploaded an image capture of the Google cache which still has her bio on it. The bio reads:

Gardenia Johansson, Primary/Pre Primary Educator
Ms. Johansson is a Primary Educator at Montessori at Anthem. Ms. Johansson received her Montessori training in Sweden when she was living there. She has been involved in Montessori education for ten years. Ms. Johansson has a young son, who occupys her time when she is not at school. Ms. Johannson loves the calm spirit that is characteristic of a Montessori learning environment. She believes in helping the children in her room develop a love of learning that they will carry throughout their lives.

Ahem. Would you trust a school where the staff can’t spell “occupies” correctly? Apparently, Johansson’s son didn’t take up as much of her time as the school would have liked…

If this isn’t enough case-related snark for ya, check out SuperSnark’s write-up. She notes that this model of bad parenting had the temerity to ask the valet attendant whether leaving the baby in the car was a good idea – and when he said “no”, ignored him! Wow. Just…wow. It’s amazing this woman pulls her pumpkin-head out of her ass long enough to acknowledge that other people even exist.

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