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NV father kills son, possibly for being gay

NV father kills son, possibly for being gay

Wendell Melton

In Henderson, Nevada, 53-year-old Wendell Melton is accused of allegedly shooting and killing his 14-year-old son, Giovanni Melton. Giovanni was openly gay, and by most accounts was well-liked by his friends and classmate. Many of the headlines on this story are saying that Wendell Melton killed Giovanni because he was gay, however, it’s not that clear just yet. That’s not to say that Wendell Melton isn’t a Grade-A monster.

The reason Giovanni’s sexual orientation has been making headlines is because Giovanni’s foster mother said Wendell Melton hated his son for being gay. According to the foster mother, Wendell Melton once pulled a gun on his son after finding Giovanni with his boyfriend. The foster mother believes that Wendell Melton “would rather have a dead son than a gay son.” Wendell Melton claims he shot his son in self-defense, however, police have said Wendell Melton changed his story several times. Police also think Wendell Melton drew his weapon before he was in any alleged danger.

So as of right now, the motive in the shooting is not 100% conclusive, but for the sake of argument let’s say Giovanni was shot by his father for being gay. I am close in age to Wendell Melton. There was a time when I was much younger when I was a legitimate homophobe. As I gained more experience in the world and experienced different cultures and lifestyles I realized something. How does someone being gay affect you? It doesn’t, unless you’re a close-minded bigot. To all the men who feel the need to put up some kind of super macho persona, having a gay son doesn’t make you any less of a man. As a matter of fact, if you have gay children and accept them, that makes you more of a man and more of a father.

If you’re so inclined, there is a GoFundMe to help Giovanni’s brother who Giovanni took care of.

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Anne Atkins Seduces Her Own Son Online So You Don’t Have to!

Anne AtkinsTalk about taking the cake. This story is nowhere as egregious as others we’ve profiled, but…damn. The “ick” factor cannot be denied. Musings of a Girl writes about a Daily Mail article by journalist Anne Atkins, in which one of Atkins’ friends dared her to try and “befriend” one of her own kids through a social networking site. So Atkins did what any good mum would do: she hopped onto the Bebo network, and created a fictitious persona for a 17-year-old girl called CheshaKitten – a sexed-up reference to Lewis Carroll, and a bit of an inside joke to boot. She then proceeded to make her teen son Ben fall in love with her.

Uh, I mean, with “CheshaKitten”. Not with her. That would be creepy and wrong…right?

Needless to say, Ben was pissed when he found out, though he seems to have gotten over it. I imagine that, after 13+ years of dealing with his mother’s whacked-out shit, he’s gotten used to her crazy by now. How does Atkins feel about crushing her son’s feelings? Ben, after all, had fallen in love with his mum – er, I mean, CheshaKitten! Says Atkins The Elder: “I felt wretched, probably much worse than Ben did. But at least I’d won my bet and proved that with ingenuity and guile one really can pretend to be anybody on the internet.”

Yep. ‘Cause winning a bet? WAY more crucial than your son’s emotions.

Now…ready for the Grand Finale? Anne Atkins is A VICAR’s WIFE. Atkins came to prominence as a commentator when she denounced a celebration by the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement at Southwark Cathedral. Wow. Religious fundamentalism, homophobia and creepy Oedipal deception? What a woman!

So, for the record: being gay? Disgraceful in the eyes of the Lord. Seducing your son over the Internet? Now you’re speaking God’s language!

(Hat tip: Emari)

Lesbian Mom and Partner Convicted of Murdering Son

Vereeniging, Gauteng, South AfricaThanks to MCA for providing proof that straight parents don’t have a monopoly on abuse. The Afrikaans word “Vereeniging” means “Association” or “Union”, giving it undertones of solidarity and community. But there was no community for four-year-old Jandre Botha of the town of Vereeniging, which lies in the Gauteng province of South Africa. That’s where his mother, 32-year-old Hanlie Botha, and her then-partner, 33-year-old Thea de Nysschen, beat the poor child until his brain began to die. The pair was sentenced to serve 15 and 20 years, respectively, for the child’s death. According to testimony, de Nysschen beat the child out of jealousy, while Botha stood back and did nothing. The parents maintained that their beloved Jandre had “fallen in the bath”. Hogwash, said a pediatrician, who described the child as looking like he’d emerged from a war zone.

In her verdict, Magistrate Retha Willemse tried to figure out what poor Jandre had “done” to deserve such savagery. What supposed crime did he commit that set the moms off, sending them on a violent tear? Wow, I wish it were that simple. Sometimes, Magistrate, people are pissed off at life itself, and they take their “revenge” out upon whatever innocent targets have the misfortune to stumble across their paths.

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