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Man to be sentenced for sex with his own children, fiancee’s children, and dog

Dad to be sentenced for sex with kids, family dog
Alberta sicko pleads guilty to sex with own kids

I thought that since I skipped Monday this week, maybe it would be a better week…alas, not so. A man from Canada, unnamed to protect the identities of his victims, is to be sentenced for raping his own son and daughter over a ten year span, and then moving on to children belonging to his girlfriend/fiancee. Oh, and a dog – we can’t forget the dog. He didn’t actually have sex with the dog – he asked his fiancee to do that while he watched, and she complied with his request. He also used a whip on his victims during the sex acts, and chained one to the bed using a dog collar. He also encouraged other adults to participate in the abuse, including a neighbor. According to one of the linked articles, the fiancee and another ‘male friend’ are also facing charges, so maybe they will get their ‘just rewards’ for their participation too.

The Crown (Canadian justice system) is asking for an 18-20 year sentence for the ‘father’, but the pervert’s lawyer is asking for only 9-10. He says a sentence of 18-20 years would be “crushing”, and that the mitigating circumstances should warrant a lesser sentence. What are those mitigating circumstances, you ask? Well…the lawyer (Facundo) suggested that since the animal admitted his crimes and did not make the children testify in open court, AND he was abused as a child himself, he should be given lenience. My-yass. Since when does an admission of guilt make the crime any less severe, or the effects of the abuse less debilitating for the victims? Yeah. It doesn’t. No free pass for him there. As for the “I was abused too” defense – I think you all know how I feel about that BS claim. If he was abused as a child, then he sure as HELL knew what damage he was doing to those children, and that should be grounds for INCREASING his sentence, not reducing it. I personally think he should be given the DP, but Canada does not offer that sentencing option, so my desires will again be unfulfilled. As for the lengthy sentence being “crushing”, I think his third leg should be “crushed”, and then fed to the family dog, but that’s just me…

The article did not mention the mother of the two biological children much, or where she was while he was having sex with her children, but it did say that her choice of punishment (also not offered by the ‘Crown’) would be that he “rots in hell forever.” At least she’s not defending him. The first girlfriend had a thirteen year old daughter who was abused “when nobody else was around”. Reports state that the abuse continued even after the child told her mother, and the mother confronted the man. How is that possible? If she confronted him, I would have expected her to be arrested for murder – I would have been if I were in her shoes. If one of my kids ever came to me and told me someone touched them, the ‘confrontation’ would involve a pair of scissors, can of lighter fluid, blowtorch, and maybe a gun. Make of that what you will, but you can be certain the buttmunch would never again assault another child – especially not MY CHILD! I wonder why that girlfriend has not been charged?

The ‘fiancee’ apparently participated in the abuse, and as I said earlier, is facing charges of her own. I hope she gets as much time as he does. How can any woman allow some sick, twisted bastard to rape her kids?

As a side note, I thought the attorney’s name was somewhat appropriate – Facundo. Although the actual word ‘facund’ means “eloquent” (and this lawyer seems to have some sort of ‘gift of gab’ since he is trying to cut the proposed sentence in half), when I read the name I immediately thought of the word ‘fecal’ which means “of, pertaining to, or being feces”. That definitely describes anyone who wants to see an admitted child rapist walk free. A steaming pile of feces. That will conclude our vocabulary lesson for today children, now go and use the new words you’ve learned in a sentence or two.

If anyone sent in a tip on this, you have my thanks. However, I actually ran across this while reading online news myself this morning. I really need to quit doing that…

Kenneth and Wendy Watkins Videotape Toddler Drinking, Smoking, Swearing

Tequila!Sorry for my delay in posting today, folks. The weather in Seattle has been dank and dark for the past month, and the permanent darkness has taken its toll on my frail constitution.

But I’ve perked up enough to relay this tip from Danielle about Kenneth Watkins (40) and Wendy Watkins (29) of Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Jessica O’Donnell (22), an Olyphant resident. O’Donnell, who is Watkins’ girlfriend, was hanging out with daddy and his ex (?) at Wendy Watkins’ place when the three decided to play a little “game”. Papa Watkins held his two-year-old daughter while he and his girlfriend helped the girl puff on a cigarette, take sips of tequila, and recite vulgarities into the camera.

Where was mommy? Holding the camcorder, naturally! Where else would a good mother be when her toddler was smokin’ and drinkin’ and cussin’?

The brain trust was arrested and thrown in the clink after an anonymous source handed the tape over to detectives. (I imagine that the Three Amigos proudly broadcast it to some friends at a party, and one of them, not being bereft of a conscience and a sense of moral decency, snuck it off-premises afterwards.) All three face a variety of misdemeanor charges.

Can anybody tell me what the deal is with the husband and the girlfriend kickin’ it with the wife? Are the Watkins divorced? Or is this some sort of funky polyamory jazz? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. Based on this story alone, the Watkins and O’Donnell sound like a wonderful threesome – a regular ol’ match made in Hell.

Dad Admits to Abusing Girlfriend and Baby – But Denies Hurting the Dog!

Tony SopranoThere’s this one episode of The Sopranos that sums up Tony Soprano’s character so well. Tony has spent several episodes dumping love and affection on a horse that he recently bought. One night, the stable burns down, killing his prized possession. When Tony realizes that two-faced Ralph Cifaretto (Joe Pantoliano) faked the "electrical fire" in order to collect the insurance money, Tony wigs out and strangles his associate to death. It’s a telling insight into Soprano’s mind, revealing how he clings to surrogate attachments as substitutes for authentic relationships with people.

For some reason, that episode lept right to mind when I read the story of Abraham Figueroa of Lowell, Massachusetts, who admitted to getting drunk, kicking in the door to his girlfriend’s pad, working her over with a piece of the door frame, punching hurling his baby onto a bed, and threatening to kill the both of them. BUT! The out-of-control dad steadfastly denies that he ever, ever choked their dog.

Figueroa has been put on three years probation. Something tells me, sadly, that we haven’t heard the last of this dad gone bad; he’s got more than a little Soprano blood running through his veins.

Scottish Dad Stabbed By Son Over Girl

spacey.jpgIn a plot twist worthy of a Sam Mendes/Alan Ball movie, 35-year-old Scotsman Derek Graham was stabbed by his 17-year-old son Sean after hooking up with Sean’s girlfriend Danielle, also 17. Young Sean was a wee bit upset with Dad, as Danielle was also the mother of his son. Sean’s son, not Dad’s. Sean is Derek’s son. It’s confusing, I know. Displaying a gift for vast understatement, advocate-depute Paul Kearney said that “it appears that Mr Graham being in a relationship with the accused’s ex-girlfriend was the cause of some friction.” No, I don’t know what an advocate-depute is either. But it sounds important.

Now, I’m not saying it’s OK for you to down a bottle of Glenfiddich and take a knife to the Old Man if he bangs your girl. I UNDERSTAND it, mind you; I just don’t condone it. As for you, Derek Graham – really. “Fishing off the family pier” never, ever ends well. And I’m sure that your constant references to “the size of that boy’s HEED” played a big part in fueling his anger. Sean, meanwhile, is out on bail.

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