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Bad granny shoots and kills her grandson

Grandmother jailed for murdering grandson

Sandra Layne sentenced to 20-40 years in death of grandson

UPDATED Sandra Layne, 75, sentenced to 20 to 40 years in grandson’s murder WITH VIDEOS

Sandra Layne being led out of court

Sandra Layne being led out of court

Sandra Layne (75) has been sentenced to life in prison, after being found guilty of second degree murder, for allegedly shooting and killing her 17 year old grandson Jonathon (Jon) Hoffman. Police say she shot him 6 times, including twice in the back, while he was living with her in her West Bloomfield condo, near Detroit MI. The bad granny testified that she had become afraid of Jon in the last month that he was living with her, and that she’d bought a Glock handgun. Things came to a head on May 18 last year, when Jon threatened to run away after testing positive to synthetic marijuana. That’s when bad granny went upstairs, grabbed the Glock, and shot Jon. Even as he dialled 911, screaming that his grandma shot him, she continued to fire, filling his lean young body with six hollow-point bullets.

Bad granny’s own daughter and the mother of Jon, Jennifer Hoffman condemned her mother’s actions, saying “Sandra Layne is pure evil and, if given the opportunity, would surely kill again,” and “Sandra Layne deserves the maximum penalty allowed. Please do not show mercy on her. She showed no mercy when she planned, stalked, ambushed and murdered my son in his bedroom.”

The reason why Jon was living with his grandma was because his younger sister Jessica was being treated for a brain tumour. Jon went to live with his grandma so that he could continue to go to school and reclaim some stability and normalcy. As if that wasn’t bad enough, now they have to deal with the fact that a beloved, trusted mother and grandmother shot their child dead. Bad granny even had the nerve to blame Jon’s parents for her cold murder of her grandson.

“I would have never let (Jonathan Hoffman) come here. I would have told his parents ‘It’s your responsibility to help him.’ I see my daughter and the pain she’s experiencing. My heart breaks for her. I know what I’ve done. There isn’t a moment in my life I don’t feel that pain.” – Sandra Layne.

Earlier she said that Jon’s parents ignored her pleas to take Jon with them. During that statement and a few others, Mrs Hoffman was seen to be whispering “She’s lying”. Michael Hoffman reflected on Jon, as a strong and independent young man, who did things “the Jon way”. He said he was looking forward to seeing the man that Jon would become. Now that’s all been taken away from him by Sandra Layne.

He also related the effect that Jon’s murder has had on his family, “My beautiful daughter (Jessica, who underwent surgery for a brain tumor) now has a hole in her heart to match the hole in her head,” he wrote.

“Death is final, and my prison is every bit as confining as that which Sandra Layne soon will inhabit.”

Jon could not have been that threatening, if bad granny had time to run up the stairs to grab her gun. If she had time for that, she had time to call the police if she felt she was in danger. Not to mention the fact that she kept shooting him even after he’d tried to call 911. If she really did need to shoot (say he was coming at her with a knife), surely a leg shot would have been enough to fell him? And shots to the back indicates that she either snuck up on him and shot him, or he turned away from her to flee, and she shot him some more. Either way, what kind of coward shoots at someone in the back? This was not an act of self defence. Granny had simply had enough of him being around and waited for the perfect opportunity to get rid of him. The poor kid was messed up because his sister was critically ill, needed understanding and love, did some pot to forget his troubles (not a great idea) but that did not warrant being shot dead. Due to the 40-60 year jail sentence, it’s very unlikely that she will ever live to see freedom. She will die in prison.


Rest in Peace, Jon. You did it “Jon’s Way”

The Family That Abuses Together…


Scalding Bath Ends w/Child Abuse Charges













25 year old Wynita Evette Dale and 44 year old Joanne Evette Gale are charged with child abuse, assault, reckless endangerment, and several conspiracy charges in a case that involves the abuse and torture of 3 year old twin boys and a 2 year old baby boy.

All 3 toddlers were beaten and had U shaped scars and bruises from arms, legs, chest, face and back.  One of the twins had 2nd and 3rd degree burns from being scalded.  Guess what the reason for placing that baby in 115 degree water was?? Yeah, he had a potty training accident!!

Not only did the bio-c*** run the tub full of scalding water and place him in it and made him stay but she then let the water out and repeated the process this time she made him stay in it for an hour!!  The poor baby had 3rd degree burns on his feet and legs, 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his fingers and genitals, and severe blisters on his skin were the worst of the injuries.  That is on top of all the bruises on his little body from being beaten with plastic clothes hangers and a piece of television cable!!

Now, being the scum that this c*** is you don’t think she took that baby to a doctor do you?!?  5 days after the baby agonized with these burns a friend of the Cunt took him to the hospital and he was then transported to a burn unit at Johns Hopkins.  I’m glad someone cared enough about him to get him help!!

According to bio-c***, grand-bitch started it all.  She admits to running the baths and scalding the baby but says it was because grand-bitch told her to.  She also says she beat the boys with a piece of a TV cable but only after grand-bitch told her she needed to start beating the children.  It’s a damn shame she didn’t tell you to go have an antifreeze c*cktail!!  Stupid twit!!! She said grand-bitch left the U shaped scars beating the boys with the hangers.

At her hearing she said, “I just want to be able to get some type of help because I have bad judgment”.  Bad judgment?!?  Since when is burning and beating a baby/babies bad fucking judgment?!?  Abusive piece of shit!!!

Of course grand-bitch denies everything!!  According to her she’s never hit the boys.  “I was not there when (the victim) got like that,” she said.  She told the judge she has reported her daughter to CPS in the past and has been the one person protecting them from abuse.  If those injuries were made while she was “protecting” them I say let her protect her daughter in gen pop!! She also said her daughter has “a medical condition.”  “If you check Wynita’s medical history, you will see she is capable of placing her kids in hot water.”

Fortunately, all 3 toddlers survived these 2!!  They’ve been placed with family…  Whoever that family member is I just hope they don’t allow any contact with these 2 whatsoever!!


If not for the friend I would probably be writing a very different ending.  Thank you!




Thanks for the tip goes to Derek




New Treatment for a Gassy Baby—Benadryl and Soma?!?

Baby Overdoses:  Mother/Grandmother Charged

Mother/Grandmother Charged w/Manslaughter


Brain-Dead Bitches!!!

November 13th, 2010, a 911 call was made about an infant not breathing or moving.  5 month old Draven Stambaugh was pronounced dead at the scene by the County Corner.

On May 19th, 2011, 34 year old Heather Stambaugh and her mother 65 year old Alice Stambaugh were arrested on a charge of 2nd degree manslaughter.

It seems the final autopsy report classified the death an overdose of Benadryl and Soma.

The grand-bitch admits the baby had been given medicine for gas in the days before his death but says she never gave him Benadryl.  What about Soma?? “I helped take care of the baby, but I didn’t help hurt him,” says Alice Stambaugh, “The truth is I didn’t do it, and the truth is I never saw or heard anything that would tell me who did it.”

Grand-bitch has been released on a surety bond.  Bio-bitch is still in jail on a $10,000 bond.  Both face 5-10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.


Rant On:

When did Benadryl become recommended for a baby that small???  Hell, since when did it become a treatment for gas?!?  And Soma???  Are you fucking kidding me?!?  I have to take muscle relaxers daily.  I’ve taken Soma once in my life; it wiped me out for 3 days!!!

What kind of brain dead idiot gives a 5 month old Soma?!?  Soma alone was a death sentence for this baby but they wanted to make sure they wouldn’t be disturbed by his pain so they added Benadryl to it!!!

The way the reports read it was the grand-bitch, the bio-bitch, and the baby living in the grandmother’s apartment, it’s inconceivable to me that this old biddy didn’t notice something was wrong with that baby!!! Innocent my ass!!

As for the worthless bio-bitch, sterilize the c*** before she goes to prison!!  If she’s stupid and selfish enough to give Soma and Benadryl to an infant she’s definitely too moronic to have a child!!!

Rant Over



Thanks to Angie for the tip.

Sounds like G'ma needs a hobby. Now she can learn how to make license plates.

Baby Ramey


California missing baby-grandmother arrested

We have all seen bad mothers here on BB; she is by far not the worst.


However I think Ericka Gallego is a contestant for the craziest grandmother and mother in law featured on BB. Technically she’s a Bad Breeder candidate since she inflicted unimaginable trauma to her son and his wife. Sometimes we forget that some breeders terrorize their children well into adulthood.


Ericka Gallego (58) of California claimed she was pregnant. Ericka, who I suspect is a big hog of a woman, even went so far as to throw a baby shower for herself. Neighbors and friends of Ericka were skeptical though. More then likely stuck around just to see what the next stop on the crazy train was going to be.


Meanwhile her son and his wife Kristen had given birth to the cutest little girl named Ramey. On Mother’s day Ericka would see her granddaughter for the first time. I think everyone can guess what happens next.


Kristen and her husband had no idea what this psychopath was brewing for the last few months.


On May 21st around 10pm, Kristen put little Ramey (who was 4-months-old) to bed. During the night Ericka, the paternal grandmother quietly crept into the house and kidnapped little Ramey.  Kristen woke at 6am to find her daughter missing from her bassinet. I can not fathom the agony that the parents must have been in when they saw the bassinet empty. The police were called and 100 volunteers helped search for little Ramey.

When Ericka showed up at her home with a 4 month old that she claimed was a 2 1/2 week old newborn, neighbors and friends became rightfully suspicious. With in 24 hours neighbors and friends of Ericka had alerted police to little Ramey’s where abouts.


When the police found Ramey with Ericka they asked Kristen Gallego and her husband if they wanted to fully prosecute her. Kirsten said (hell) “yeah” and so did her husband.

The worst part of all of this? No one in the family suspected that Ericka would do this. Ericka Gallego had worked as a middle school teacher’s aide and retired in June. They didn’t feel that she would ever have done something like this and were beyond shocked when Ramey was located in Ericka’s care.


Ericka’s roommate Jamie Portugal said it best “She wasn’t all there from the get-go; it’s a good feeling to know the baby’s going back to her mother.”


Ericka Gallego was being held at Los Angeles County Jail on suspicion of kidnapping. Bail has been set at $150,000. On Monday she was charged with one count of felony kidnapping of a child under the age of 14 which can carry an 11 year sentence in prison.

That will give her enough time to practice knitting sweater sets, making candies and crocheting doilies like every other normal grandmother out there.


I would like to point out why this is a good story. Little Ramey was returned to her loving parents unhurt. She will continue to live in a loving home surrounded by concerned and loving neighbors, family and friends. That’s heart warming really.


Ramey’s mother woke early in the morning to care for bundle of joy which is unusual for BB. The parents were involved in the search for their little girl, they chose to prosecute a family member to the fullest degree and are grateful for little Ramey’s safe return home.

Finally I can end a story confident that a child has a shot at a good life.


Kudos to the friends and neighbors of Ericka for turning her worthless ass in. They may have saved little Ramey’s life. Who knows what that whack job would have done with her?


Thanks Diamond for the tip!


***Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up.***


Grandmonster arraigned for forcing incestuous relationships

Kent grandmother accused of sexually assaulting six children
Arraignment for grandmother in sex-abuse case postponed when she is taken to Harborview

Well, I couldn’t find a pic of skanky grandho, so if any of you run accros one send it my way, please……

Rose Marie Johnson has been arrested and charged with child molestation. That’s all she’s being charged with, because the statute of limitations has run out on all of the other disgusting things she did with six children. I actually hesitated to write this story, because it doesn’t say that the kids were HER grandkids, or that an actual parent of the victims was involved, but I will make enough connections (even if only in my own mind) to make it a story worthy of BB.

For starters, she is in fact, a grandmother; and that makes her a mother as well. Hence the ‘parent’ part. Second, the children claimed they were forced to perform incestuous acts on each other, which means that one or more were related. I’m willing to go that extra little bit, and suggest that the only way a grandmother had six siblings staying with her would be if they were her grandkids. Again, that is strictly speculation on my part, and if it turns out not to be the case, I’ll rectify the error in this article.

On to the charges…..this hideous old bag has been charged with three counts of first degree child molestation. But that’s allegedly not ALL she did to these kids. If they refused to obey her, she would make them ingest their own feces and urine. The forced incestuous contact between the kids was also used as a form of punishment, and she began making the children ‘perform’ for her when they were as young as four years old.

Another horrendous aspect of this case is that she was reported to the authorities by one of the children in 2008. THAT’S TWO FREAKIN’ YEARS AGO!!!!!!! The police could not find enough evidence to charge her at that time, so she was allowed to not only remain free, but also continue ‘watching’ children. And abusing them. According to one of the reports the children actually lived with her, which just reinforces my belief that they were related to her. I need to go vomit now……

OK, I’ve brushed my teeth to remove the sour taste, so I’ll continue. The child who reported the abuse in ’08 was a boy, but his charges of physical and sexual abuse could not be proven.

I have several bones to pick on this one…..first, who in Blue Hades thought it would be a good idea to leave children with her after the first accusations were made? Second, WHY was she not (at the very least) monitored by CPS after the claims were made? Third, who in their right mind would leave their kids in the care of someone who has already been accused of such a thing? The parents of these children should also be brought up on charges of neglect. If they had done their jobs, these children should not have been left anywhere NEAR this slimy sack of worm vomit.

I am so completely disgusted by this case that I couldn’t even manage to come up with one of my trademark witticisms. I sincerely hope this wrinkled wart on the ass of humanity is put in a cell with some others who know what she’s done. And I hope they revisit her actions with her as the target. In spades. I need to puke again….

I did all of my own research on this article too. Thanks go to me for finding this sickening bit of information.

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