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5 year old boy shoots and kills his sister…after his parents give him his “first rifle”

Coroner: Boy, 5, Shoots 2-Year-Old Sister in Ky.

Kentucky girl, 2, shot dead by brother, 5, who was playing with gun he’d been given as a gift

US boy shoots two-year-old sister dead


They look like fucking toys!!

A 5 year old boy has shot his baby sister dead, after his hick parents not only bought him a rifle, but also failed to unload it and secure it. This happened in Kentucky, by the way.

The little boy, named Kristian, was playing with the rifle while his redneck breeder Stephanie Sparks was cleaning the kitchen. While she was out on the porch, she heard the gun go off. She went inside and found her 2 year old daughter Caroline had been shot in the chest. The little girl was rushed to Cumberland hospital, but died from the wound.

The gun in question was a 0.22 calibre Crickett rifle, marketed by Keystone Sporting Arms as “My First Rifle”. KSA is all about safety and enjoyment of hunting and shooting. They also market little hi-vis vests, helmets and safety goggles. The rifle was being “stored” in the corner of the mobile home that the family lived in. The hick breeders hadn’t realised that there was a shell remaining inside the weapon.

Now I don’t know much about guns. Australia has severe gun laws and the whole American gun culture is just so alien to me. But I do know the basics. That gun was not secured properly, it was left in the fucking corner of their trailer! And the little boy was not properly taught about guns i.e. always assume any weapon is loaded, never point a gun at someone, and that dead is dead. But all of that inbreeding must have bred out commonsense. I don’t know why these hicks haven’t been selected against. One day, she’ll catch up with these sins against nature.

Not only are the breeders stupid rednecks, but the KY coroner must be the king of the hicks! He’s ruled the shooting as an accident and shrugged off the shooting as “just one of those crazy accidents”. Now you see here, you inbred banjo-twanging bumpkin. There are no “accidents” when it comes to guns. Someone has to pull the trigger or in this case, they left the gun accessible to the uneducated child. You’re just as bad as the hick breeders. A police trooper has said that it’s too early to say whether charges will be laid against the parents. Here, let me help you out. Failure to secure a firearm. Negligence resulting in death. Possibly possessing an unregistered firearm.

Rest in peace, little Caroline. Somehow, let your big bro know that your death wasn’t his fault. It was the fault of your inbred hick breeders who don’t know how to act around guns.

Toddler Accidentally Shot.JPEG-0fb23

Cue “Duelling Banjos”…

Bad granny shoots and kills her grandson

Grandmother jailed for murdering grandson

Sandra Layne sentenced to 20-40 years in death of grandson

UPDATED Sandra Layne, 75, sentenced to 20 to 40 years in grandson’s murder WITH VIDEOS

Sandra Layne being led out of court

Sandra Layne being led out of court

Sandra Layne (75) has been sentenced to life in prison, after being found guilty of second degree murder, for allegedly shooting and killing her 17 year old grandson Jonathon (Jon) Hoffman. Police say she shot him 6 times, including twice in the back, while he was living with her in her West Bloomfield condo, near Detroit MI. The bad granny testified that she had become afraid of Jon in the last month that he was living with her, and that she’d bought a Glock handgun. Things came to a head on May 18 last year, when Jon threatened to run away after testing positive to synthetic marijuana. That’s when bad granny went upstairs, grabbed the Glock, and shot Jon. Even as he dialled 911, screaming that his grandma shot him, she continued to fire, filling his lean young body with six hollow-point bullets.

Bad granny’s own daughter and the mother of Jon, Jennifer Hoffman condemned her mother’s actions, saying “Sandra Layne is pure evil and, if given the opportunity, would surely kill again,” and “Sandra Layne deserves the maximum penalty allowed. Please do not show mercy on her. She showed no mercy when she planned, stalked, ambushed and murdered my son in his bedroom.”

The reason why Jon was living with his grandma was because his younger sister Jessica was being treated for a brain tumour. Jon went to live with his grandma so that he could continue to go to school and reclaim some stability and normalcy. As if that wasn’t bad enough, now they have to deal with the fact that a beloved, trusted mother and grandmother shot their child dead. Bad granny even had the nerve to blame Jon’s parents for her cold murder of her grandson.

“I would have never let (Jonathan Hoffman) come here. I would have told his parents ‘It’s your responsibility to help him.’ I see my daughter and the pain she’s experiencing. My heart breaks for her. I know what I’ve done. There isn’t a moment in my life I don’t feel that pain.” – Sandra Layne.

Earlier she said that Jon’s parents ignored her pleas to take Jon with them. During that statement and a few others, Mrs Hoffman was seen to be whispering “She’s lying”. Michael Hoffman reflected on Jon, as a strong and independent young man, who did things “the Jon way”. He said he was looking forward to seeing the man that Jon would become. Now that’s all been taken away from him by Sandra Layne.

He also related the effect that Jon’s murder has had on his family, “My beautiful daughter (Jessica, who underwent surgery for a brain tumor) now has a hole in her heart to match the hole in her head,” he wrote.

“Death is final, and my prison is every bit as confining as that which Sandra Layne soon will inhabit.”

Jon could not have been that threatening, if bad granny had time to run up the stairs to grab her gun. If she had time for that, she had time to call the police if she felt she was in danger. Not to mention the fact that she kept shooting him even after he’d tried to call 911. If she really did need to shoot (say he was coming at her with a knife), surely a leg shot would have been enough to fell him? And shots to the back indicates that she either snuck up on him and shot him, or he turned away from her to flee, and she shot him some more. Either way, what kind of coward shoots at someone in the back? This was not an act of self defence. Granny had simply had enough of him being around and waited for the perfect opportunity to get rid of him. The poor kid was messed up because his sister was critically ill, needed understanding and love, did some pot to forget his troubles (not a great idea) but that did not warrant being shot dead. Due to the 40-60 year jail sentence, it’s very unlikely that she will ever live to see freedom. She will die in prison.


Rest in Peace, Jon. You did it “Jon’s Way”

NZ breeders had been abusing their kids for years

Trial for couple’s long-term child abuse begins

Tokoroa couple found guilty of child abuse

We haven’t heard from NZ for a while. But every so often, something comes up which is just horrific. I really wish I could find mugshots of these dog-turds.

A  craptastic couple of crud-buckets, from Tokoroa NZ, have gone on trial for the systematic abuse of their two kids. Stanley Williard Hamon (46) and his penis-sheath Elizabeth Tanya Matangi (33) appeared in Rotorua District Court facing 13 charges between them. Those charges include four counts of assault with a weapon, three counts of assaulting a child, three counts of threatening to kill or threatening grievous bodily harm, and four charges of wilful ill-treatment (i.e. child abuse). They had been abusing their children for a period of 11 years! And no one noticed until now? The prosecutor explained that this case wasn’t like TV where they have DNA everywhere. But surely there would be bruises? Neighbours who heard yelling and screaming? I guess there are none so blind and deaf as those who will not see nor hear.

The egg donor pleaded guilty to two charges of wilful neglect, which the sperm spitter has also been charged with, but she pleaded not guilty to the rest of the charges. Harmful Hamon pleaded not guilty to all the charges. Of course he did. Scum like him never believe they do anything wrong. They think that they can do whatever they like to whomever they please. The judge discharged hamheaded Hamon from the charges of threatening grievous bodily harm and assault with a weapon. Um excuse me?! He fucking cut his daughter with a knife and threatened to chop her fingers off!! Sounds like this was the same judge who kept sentencing baby bashers to “home detention”. Luckily Hamon might lose a few fingers in prison. Or some toes. Or other bodily parts. Or his life.

The puke-inducing pair hit the kids with various household items, beat them with a leather belt, and the scumbag sperm dispenser had threatened the boy with a rifle and said he would bury him in the forest. The putrid penis also ran a knife over the girl’s fingers and threatened to cut them off. The kids’ heads were also flushed in the toilet and they were also belittled and berated. You all know what’s going to happen to these bad breeders when they go to jail, their treatment of their children is but a mere premonition of the punishment they’ll receive from their cellmates…

The poor daughter was so distressed by the sight of her breeders that she couldn’t give evidence in the same room as them! The jury were also very upset by the testimonies of the children. At least, this will help them put these shit-heads in prison where they belong! The jury took all of three hours to reach a unanimous guilty verdict on the tw*terific two.

The egg-donor admitted before the trial that she’d kidnapped two girls out of DCYF’s care! She probably thought they “stole” her daughters. That her children were her possessions and that no one else can take what’s hers. Selfish bitch. Big Bertha should put a size 12 boot through her jaw. And another one through her c***.

The couple have been remanded in custody and will be sentenced on March 14. I’ll update when I find out what they’ve been sentenced with. Let it be life! There’s no word on the kids, but I presume they’ve been taken far, far away from these mutated morons.


Drongo dad leaves gun safe keys out, son takes gun to school for some shooting practice

Dad in court after boy took gun to school



A 42 year old man from Adelaide, South Australia, is in the poo after his 13 year old son took an unregistered revolver to school and fired it. The boy took the unregistered .32 calibre Smith and Wesson, along with some ammunition after he found the keys to the gun safe in his dad’s underwear drawer. He fired a single shot in an isolated part of the school.

The man’s lawyer asked the judge to not make him a scapegoat for other people’s actions, and blamed the boy for taking the gun to school. Honey, don’t come the raw prawn with the judge and jury. The boy obviously lacked knowledge and respect for firearms because his dad never taught him. Parents are supposed to guide their children away from danger and give them the tools to navigate this world. If your lifestyle includes firearms and other dangers, you have to incorporate that into how you raise your child.

The man has pleaded guilty to possession of an unregistered firearm without a licence and failing to store ammunition separately to weapons. He explained that the revolver was his grandmother’s and it had great sentimental value to him. He blamed financial difficulties for not registering the revolver, yet he’d registered his hunting guns. Well common sense would tell you to sell one of the hunting rifles or shotguns and use the money to register the revolver. Or have the revolver deactivated by filing off the firing pin. Ah, but the thing about common sense is, it’s not so common. The boy was put on a good behaviour bond and spared a conviction. It wasn’t his fault his dad’s an idiot.

Now for my two bob: I’m not against guns. My dad used to own shotguns and go hunting before I was born. I’ve been hunting before on a farm, where we shot rabbits because they were causing so much damage to the environment. I believe in using them for controlling feral pests and catching food. And defending your home. But if you choose to keep guns in your home and you choose to have kids, you must take certain precautions such as locking the guns away in a safe, keeping the ammo separate from the weapons and teaching your kids to respect guns, never point a gun at something you want to see again and that dead is dead. A little sense goes a long way.

A note on Australian gun laws: We have very strict gun laws. Automatic and semi-automatic weapons are banned in Australia after the Port Arthur massacre in 1996. Ammo is very expensive to buy here and this was the main reason my Dad gave up shooting. You need separate licences for handguns and hunting rifles/shotguns, hence why this failure of a fellow got into trouble for not having a licence even though he had a licence for the rifles.


Boy, 4, Shoots Self with Gun – Mom and Boyfriend Behind Bars

Fayetteville couple charged with child neglect

Couple Charged In 4-Year-Old’s Shooting

On August 6, 2011, 26 year-old Qunisha, more like Cuntisha Edwards’, 4-year-old son shot himself in the hip with a gun. Police said they were notified of the bullet lodged in the poor boys hip on October 5, 2011, when the boy was taken to the hospital because of difficulty walking. Six weeks this boy was forced to walk with a bullet lodged inside of his hip. I can only imagine the pain the child felt everyday when he had to sit, walk, stand, or wanted to run but couldn’t.

The boy’s mother turner herself in to authorities. She is being charged with negligent child abuse resulting to serious bodily injury, failure to store firearm to protect minor and contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile. Her bail was set at $100,000 secured. Her boyfriend, Vincent Massey, 25, also turned himself in to authorities. He is being charged with the same as Edwards, but also got charged with possession of a firearm by a felon. His bail was set at $185,000 secured.

Silver lining is the boy is alive, but his current condition is unknown, as are the effects of the bullet being inside his body for so long. Where the child is currently staying is also unknown.

When life gives you lemons, beat yourself with them.

Police: Pregnant woman shoots boyfriend near children

Patricia Jaggon could be a Milli Vanilli double and president to the lazy (crazy) eye convention at the same time.  She could also hold the title for being the biggest hood rat I have had the displeasure of doing a write up for.

Bobby Cord 58 is Patricia’s ‘boyfriend’. Bobby came to her apartment to retrieve his belongings before he left her for good. Patricia 28
could not even keep a man 30 years her senior.

There was 7 children from age 1 to 12 in the apartment and Patricia was also 6 months pregnant.

Instead of putting on her big girl panties she went into her bedroom and got out a gun. Then Patricia shot Bobby in the arm and chest. Patricia even called the cops and when they asked where the suspect was she replied “I’m right here!”

If this wasn’t interesting enough the children ratted Patricia out on a few things, they claim to have over heard her say that after she ” kills him she was going to put lemons in a sock and beat herself with them.”

I might be naive but… what the fuck does that accomplish? You beat someone with fruit to prevent bruises, not beat yourself. Right?

One of the kids also said that she was only with him because he drove a nice car.  Now before any old men get excited, let me make this clear. Driving a nice car may get you a 28 year old beastly looking bitch BUT it will also get your ass shot.

No mention on the children and how many if any were her’s.

Patricia Jaggon was arrested for attempted murder. I am pretty confident that she will adjust to her new prison life.

 ***Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up.***

Toddler shoots and kills sister, step-father charged.

Toddler fatally shoots sister, police find 53 guns in home.

Step-father admits, gun that killed girl was unsecured.

On May 29th the 2-year-old, half-brother the beautiful little girl above, Emily Lavender (6), shot and killed her while her two sisters (7 and 10-years-old) watched.  The toddler found the unsecured, loaded .45 caliber handgun under the bed of his parents took it out and carried it into a room where the children were playing.  He pointed it at Emily and accidentally fired; striking her in the chest… she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Emily’s step-father Jarred Dubois, was in the other room at the time and called 911.

Jarred gave a statement admitting to leaving the unsecured loaded weapon, used for “personal/family protection”, under the bed in the manufacturer’s box and not in one of the two gun safes he owns.  While searching the house the police would find 53 other firearms, including another unsecured loaded weapon.  WTH??  Most of the other firearms (that were secured in the gun safes) belonged to Dubois’ father who teaches firearm safety to Boy Scouts and Sea Cadets.

Dubois, a Marine veteran with plans to for a career in law enforcement, has been charged with first-degree criminal storage of a firearm.  If convicted he faces up to three years in prison.

The four other children living in the home were removed and placed with a relative.

Thanks to Carrie for the tip.

R.I.P. Emily.

Guns don’t kill; dumb breeders that own them might, though

Dumb Daddy

 Donnell Bernard Burney Arrested in Shooting of Young Daughter

32-year-old Donnell Bernard Burney is a gun toting retard.  Plain and simple.  Not only is he a retard, but he’s a breeder.  Bad combination. 

Burney was cleaning his gun, January 16th, when he set it down and headed off to the kitchen.  Did I mention his 7-year-old daughter was in the home?  Well, she was.  When Burney came back to attend to his unattended firearm, he found his little princess with a gunshot wound to the right side of her chest. 

Burney knew he fucked up.  He tried to cover his ass by telling cops that he was sitting outside his house when he heard a “pop” and that’s when he noticed that his daughter on the side of the house, holding her side and sporting the gunshot wound.  I guess he could tell that story wasn’t flyin’.  He changed his story later, telling police that he was cleaning his gun and left it unattended, and that he heard a “loud pop” from the kitchen.  That’s when he found that his little girl had been shot.  The fumb ducker hid the gun and then had his brother haul him and the child to the hospital. 

I’m kinda not buying that the kid shot herself, but that’s just my opinion.  Why would he take the time to hide the gun before taking her to the hospital?  I would think that a panicked parent who had done no wrong would be more concerned with a child that had a possible life-threatening injury than covering his own ass.  Hmph… Who am I to judge?   

Burney has been arrested for culpable negligence/improperly stored firearm/causing injury to a minor. 

There was no status on the girl. 

On the plus side…. No dead babies.

Thanks go to JIvey for the tip.

Mother’s should help their children – right?


Thanks sun runner for the tip

So 15 year-old Tremaine Davis had been involved in an argument that he apparently wasn’t finished with.  His van pulled up in front of the rec center and from the inside the hood was popped … Tremaine jumped out and reached under the hood for the 32 caliber revolver stashed there.  He fired off 4 shots which missed his intended target but killed 19 year-old Tremaine Davis who was an innocent bystander.

Where was the teens Mother (you may be asking) … well of course she was driving the van!  Most likely she pulled the hood release.

Nice of her to help her son throw away the life of an innocent young man along with his own.

Man admits to shooting his 14-month-old son

Police: Father Says He Accidentally Shot Son:

14-month-old Travis Bohannon was shot and killed while his father was pushing him along in a stroller in Midland, Indiana. Originally his father, 29-year-old Ronald Bohannon, told police that it was some kind of random shooting.

Eventually he admitted to police that he was carrying a gun in his hand while pushing the stroller and the gun went off.

How much of a stupid freakin’ idiot do you have to be to be carrying a gun in your hand while pushing a baby stroller?

Again I’m all for the 2nd Amendment but there are way to many idiots with guns.

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