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Murder…not murder…murder!!!

Same shit different day, moms boy toy kills her baby!
Christopher Edwards, 27, of Marion NC aka Ashville was arrested on Wednesday after his girlfriend’s baby, 20-month-old Lilly Kerr,  was taken to the hospital for head trauma.  Social workers for Buncombe County contacted the police about child abuse when the child was brought in.  Baby killer was charged with felony intentional child abuse inflicting serious bodily injury and placed on a $200,000 bond. Now things get sticky…
The hospital told police at 10:02 am that the Lilly had died which prompted murder charges along with the child abuse charges. BUT…at 1 pm the hospital changed their mind…WTF…and said Lilly had NOT died but was in critical condition.  So police dropped the murder charges.  How the hell does that happen??
During all this drama, the hospital said Lilly APPEARED to be brain-dead when she was admitted via some test that were performed. Lily’s father decided to donate her organs but lo and behold little Lily’s will to live kicked in and she started breathing on her own!! The hospital put Lily back on life support and baldy’s murder charges were dropped.  OK remind me to never visit this hospital…EVER!
Lily died of her injuries on Friday, so baldy was again charged with murder.  Now my sister works for a criminal attorney and says this is a double jeopardy case, that the police can’t charge him with murder twice so this ass hat could potentially walk! Aint that a kick in the pants!!
Now, I do hope that baldy suffers a severe case of Bubba up his ass while he watches cable at the local jail.  If he is potentially going to walk, I hope the inmates have their way with him and by that I mean that he never really walks…..AGAIN!
No word on where mom was during all this…
*** Thanks go to Leslie for the tip and write-up.

“R.S.” went for a visit with dad and it would be her last.

Dad, stepmom charged in beating death of girl (4)    

A 4-year-old little girl, being identified as “R.S.”, was dropped off happy, healthy and uninjured to her father Anthony Chavez and stepmother Gayla Hernandez on Wednesday, October 3rd.  On Sunday she was dead suffering a brain herniation from possible head trauma with numerous bruises and scratches on her body in various stages of healing.

After giving several inconsistent stories, ranging from R.S. scratching herself in her sleep to her “possibly” falling off a bar stool, her father and stepmother were arrested.

Both have been charged with child abuse, child abuse with great bodily harm and conspiracy.

Thanks to Katelyn for the tip.

R.I.P. “R.S.”

Three for one…it’s a Monday…

3 indicted on child-abuse charges in Wood County

It’s Monday, I’m still tired from the weekend, and I wake up to this…

Three different cases, two dead children, and one six-month old with a fractured skull, but, thankfully still alive.

Nathan J. Brenner, 35, of Liberty Center, Ohio, has been charged with murder and three other charges in the death of his girlfriend’s 2-year old daughter, Emma Zehnpfennig. Emma died of severe head trauma, after spending a week on life support in Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. The boyfriend was ‘caring for’ the child when the injuries occurred. Apparently, the phrase ‘caring for’ is the new euphemism for ‘beating to death’, although the details of the abuse were not listed in this article – other than ‘head trauma’, of course. No word on the mother, Tabitha Zehnpfennig, or whether she has anything to say about the death of her baby. She has not been charged. Please, people, listen to me – no penis is worth the death of your child. Buy a dildo if you can’t live without sex, but don’t HIRE one to watch your kid for you! Geez….

Erin N. Taylor, 19, of Bowling Green, has been indicted on endangerment charges for the injuries to her 6-month old son, whose name was not listed in the article. The infant was taken to the hospital with a fractured skull and ‘other bleeding injuries’. WTF?!? How many injuries can a 6-month old have? Don’t answer that, it was a rhetorical question.

Rebecca Steinmiller, 25, also of Bowling Green, has also been charged with endangerment and is currently still a guest at the Gray Bar Motel (a.k.a. Wood County Jail), where her sorry arse has been sitting since May 11. I’m not sure why she has only been charged with endangerment, since the baby is DEAD, but there it is. 3-month old Carter Steinmiller died on May 5. The endangerment charges stemmed from a broken arm sustained several DAYS before the child was taken to the hospital. Steinmonster…oops…Steinmiller… called 911 on the evening of May 5 to tell them she had just awakened from a nap and found her baby not breathing. Good grief, people, I know babies are allergic to parents getting a reasonable amount of sleep (mine never wanted me to sleep for more than a couple hours at a time when they were that small), but the last time I checked, taking a nap was not enough to induce anaphylaxis in an infant. The cause of death has not yet been determined, but I would be greatly surprised if it was anything less than parent-induced. After all, this stellar parent DID withhold treatment of the broken arm for more than 4 days. The husband’s name was not mentioned, and I am wondering why, since he was present at the time,and should have been held equally responsible for the medical neglect, if nothing else…

That’s going to be it for me today – three strikes, and I’m out. I need to go hug my own babies for a while now, and remind them how much I love them.

May Karma join forces with Lady Justice to make this one b*tch of a day for the abusers.

I received no tips on this one – I actually stumbled across this one on my own.

This Cook needs to get forked

Nasty piece of trash
Glens Falls man accused of sexually abusing infant

UPDATED: Glens Falls Police make arrest in assault of 7-week-old

Ex-wife speaks out about suspect in Glens Falls infant assault

33-year old David Cook is a big man. He’s strong, authoritative and a strict disciplinarian. Oops….what I meant was, he’s a baby beating bully who sexually assaults those who are too small to defend themselves. His first wife spoke out to a reporter and listed, in great detail, the horrors he had subjected her (and her child) to before she divorced him. It was absolutely horrific. She said the final straw was when he stabbed her in the stomach with a fork. But this is not about his first marriage, it is about a seven week old baby girl belonging to his current girlfriend.

It seems that the 21-year-old mother, who has not been named, left her infant with her sperm slurpee for two days so she could go visit a friend. Although it hasn’t been explicitly stated, I don’t think the baby belongs to baby-raper above, which means that the mother already had a new man less than two months after the child was born. Cook, wielder of the one-eyed wonder snake that so fascinated the mother, abused the baby repeatedly during those two days. In addition to a broken leg and head injuries, there were undisclosed genital injuries. Genital injuries. Lord, help us all. The repulsive waste of DNA caused extensive injuries to the genitalia of a seven week old baby. But at least he owned up to it, right? That should earn him some brownie points. I’ll bake the brownies – I hear arsenic and belladonna are great seasonings for chocolate treats.

Cook not only admitted to causing the injuries, he also explained in graphic detail how he inflicted them. He said he was angry because he thought his woman was whoring it up with someone else, so he took it out on the baby. He claims that the broken leg was a result of him “yanking” the baby’s leg until he “heard a pop” while changing a diaper, and the genital injuries occurred when he was cleaning her. I have changed thousands of diapers in my life, and not once have I EVER had to ‘yank’ my child’s leg, or injured my child’s genitals while cleaning him/her. No mention was made by Cook concerning the head injuries. The doctors are checking to see if the injuries match the BS version provided by the snatch-stuffer. I’m betting not. Additionally, older injuries were found that were attributed to ‘falls’. Right. Because we’ve never heard that one before. One article even gave some detail about the falls, indicating that Cook claimed the child fell when a dog bumped the bed she was on. What kind of dog?!? A freakin’ Alsatian? A saint Bernard? A GreatfreakingDane?!? MY ARSE!!! No dog bumped the bed – a vile pecker-pustule lost its temper. The baby is still in critical condition. The boyfriend reportedly sent a text to the birth vessel on Saturday expressing a desire to kill himself for hurting the baby. Too bad he didn’t follow through. He also claims that he is sorry for what he did – I doubt that. From the look in his mug shot, he seems kind of proud of himself. The only thing he’s sorry for is the fact that he got caught. Then, to top it all off, the coward tried to run away when the baby was taken to the hospital – on a bicycle, no less.

Authorities are reviewing the older injuries to determine whether to file additional charges. I think that’s a great idea! Are they taking votes? Suggestions? Bribes? I think the incubator should be charged as well, for leaving her child with this monster even after he had previously abused her. And for putting the booze ahead of her baby. And for waiting another day before seeking help. Yup, she did all of that, and more.

I have just as much vitriol for the birth-beast as I do for the abuser, because she was told on Friday that her child was injured, but she was having too much fun getting sloshed to bother checking on the baby. She waited until the next day before going home, and then she waited a few more hours after ‘noticing’ the injuries before she sought medical help for her beaten infant. Did I say a few more hours? What I meant to say was “all night”. Yup, she noticed the injuries Saturday evening, but didn’t take her precious baby to the hospital until sometime Sunday morning. Why? Because the tube steak asked her to wait. He told her that this would “come back on” him, and that he would be accused of “rape abuse” or “rape assault”. Now I’m glad the media DIDN’T print the details. if the perpetrator himself characterized it as “rape” in any form – oh, Lord, I need to throw up now. As of this posting, no charges have been filed against the boozing she-beast, nor have I found a pic of her. She is being labeled a “witness”. Really? Witness? How about Participant? Facilitator? Or pimp, since she left her child to be raped by her snatch-master…..

My sincere hope for Cook is that he is treated with the same respect in jail that he showed to that poor, defenseless baby. A few “falls”, maybe a vigorous “cleaning” of his genital area, and let’s not forget the “wishbone pulling” contest. Choose teams and grab a leg, boys – who ever gets the biggest part wins. Don’t forget to make a wish!

I need to go now, before I burst a blood vessel or something. I think I need to eat a couple hundred Tums to get rid of the bile in my gut, too.

A big “Thank you” to Melanie and Kelsey for sending in tips. We couldn’t run this site without all of the help we get from our faithful readers.

A chair with teeth? What a novel concept….

Adrian Morgan Allen
Man jailed on assault charges; 18-month-old ‘extremely critical’

That charmer above, with the “eff me, I’m hot” look on his face is Adrian Morgan Allen, the man with the biting chair. He lives in Bristol Township, PA, with his girlfriend, and what used to be three children. Because of A-demon No-man Allen, however, there are now only two still living in the home. The third one, an 18-month-old identified only as B.A., currently calls St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children her home. She is in critical condition suffering from major head trauma, among other injuries. Allen has been arrested for the first-degree felony aggravated assault of baby B. A. For the rest of this article, and until I find out the child’s actual name, I will refer to her as Beautiful Angel (BA), or just Beautiful, for short. Because she is – both beautiful AND an angel.

This guy is apparently only slightly more clever than a dead plant, since he did what many baby-beaters on this site attempt to do. He blamed the injuries on an inanimate object. That in itself would not make him more clever than a dead plant, but since he attempted to attribute human qualities to the chair, I gave him extra credit for using his imagination. Apparently his chair has teeth, and bit the child too.

I think I’ll start at the beginning, or as close to it as I can figure. Nakia Adams, the uterine apparatus that expelled three children, apparently needed a vacation – because she had left her children in the care of this creature while she was out of town. He is not the father of any of them. Why does that not surprise me? While Nakia was out of town, Beautiful was severely injured by the clitoral response unit. He claims that she pulled on a stack of 4 wooden chairs, and they fell on her. Well, you say, that could explain the head injuries, and a certain amount of bruising – but the medical professionals disagree. They’re pretty smart that way. I think even if they had been inclined to give A-demon the benefit of the doubt, after finding the other (and older) injuries, that bird flew right out the window. In addition to the head trauma and obligatory bruising, doctors found that she also had a broken arm, broken ribs….and a freakin’ BITE mark on her triceps! For those of you who are unfamiliar with anatomy, the triceps muscle is the one on the underside/back side of the upper arm. I just wanted to point that out to you, because we have had abusers (and commenters) in the past who have tried to convince us that most children chew on themselves for fun. Not in this case – not unless Beautiful wore dentures, and took them out and used them to bite the back of her arm. Anybody here think that might have happened? I thought not.

In addition to the recent injuries, Beautiful also had a leg in a cast from a spiral fracture inflicted back in January, and burn marks on the backs of her legs even older than that. The doctors said that the injuries were consistent with child abuse. Ya think?!?! My question for the doctors is: if the child had a cast applied in January, and there were already burn marks on her legs at that time – then why in the blue depths of HELL was she not taken from the mother then? You wanna know why? Do ya? Huh? I’ll tell you….because the walking incubator told the doctors that the injuries had been inflicted by a babysitter that she had since fired. The spiral fracture was blamed on Beautiful’s 8-year-old sibling. Way to go, mom! Let an arse-munch beat your kids, then defend him, and then blame your other kids! Gotta admire that loyalty – too bad she didn’t apply it to her kids rather than the slithering snake that crawled beneath her sheets. After this latest incident, however, she admitted that all of the injuries had occurred while Beautiful was in the care of A-demon. Yet, she left her precious baby with him for an entire weekend! She needs to have her arse arrested too. They should start with gross stupidity and endangering the welfare of a child, and work their way on up through criminal negligence and any other charges they can make stick. She is just as responsible for her child’s condition as the vag-filler is, because she knew he was an abusive piece of buzzard-dung, and left her kid(s) with him anyway. What a sorry excuse for a mother!

A few more details, and then I’ll let you go. The injuries were inflicted on Sunday morning, but A-demon waited a while before calling the mother – and then only told her that Beautiful was ‘sick’. And she wasn’t taken to the hospital until Nakia returned sometime later that evening. Oh, and A-demon made a statement to the cops as well – “I knew this would look bad on me.” Only because you caused it you worthless, oxygen-stealing waste of DNA… What a flocked up bunch of dodo birds this is!

The good news (if there can be any good news in something this horrible) is that the judge has set the boyfriend’s bail at one million dollars.

Thanks for this tip go to one of our newer readers, Abc. Abc just provided us with Beautiful’s given name. It is Kamille. I think I will leave her name in the article as it is though. Thanks again, Abc.

Another dead angel at the hands of mom's boyfriend

Boyfriend charged in baby’s death

Kaitlynn Maxine Hill’s obituary
Here we go again…. another baby beaten to death at the hands of mom’s boyfriend.  Will it ever stop?
Kaitlynn Hill (1) was not breathing when she arrived at Providence Northeast Hospital on Sunday, May 22nd. Little Kaitlynn had extensive bruising and head trauma.  Her mother would tell WIS News 10 on Tuesday, May 24th that the baby was brain dead would likely be taken off life support the following Wednesday.

While Kaitlynn fought for her life, her mother’s boyfriend, Antwan Gaddist (31), and the person charged with caring for her on the 22nd turned himself into police.  He has been charged with Homicide by child abuse.  The judge set his bond at $75,000 and ordered him to have no contact with the Kaitlynn’s family.  As Gaddist stood in front of the court, Kaitlynn’s mother told the judge she doesn’t believe Gaddist would intentionally harm her daughter and wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.  Umm… what?

Why do women who date let the men in their lives baby-sit their children.  I have two sisters, one recently married and the other very single, my nephew met two of my sister’s boyfriends in fifteen years of life and one of those men is her husband now.  My other sister has allowed one of her boyfriends to meet my niece and he is a childhood friend turned romantic interest.  Until my sister married my nephew was never left with her fiancé and my niece has never been alone with any man in my sister’s life.  It’s not that hard, you keep your social life separate.  It’s just not worth the risk; you leave the most precious of gifts with someone that you like… just because you like them does not make them ideal sitter material.  The mistakes you make may cost your child their life! Think about it and call a reliable, safe baby-sitter.

R.I.P. Kaitlynn, you are a beautiful angel.



“Death is not good enough for either one of them"

Exeter Police say the 3-year-old girl known as Sophia has died

In Our Hearts Baby Sophia (Facebook group)

Candlelight Vigil Held for 3-year-old Exeter Girl

Exeter prays for Sophia

3-year-old Sophia Acosta was failed.  She was failed by her mother, who should have protected her and didn’t.  She was failed by her live-in baby sitter, who should have protected her and didn’t.  She was failed by CPS, who was reportedly called and did nothing.  So much failure, as we all know so well, equals death. 

Sophia was taken to Hospital Central California in Madera after suffering major head trauma in the apartment she shared with her mother, her mother’s boyfriend, a younger sibling and her baby sitter on Saturday.  Her injuries got the best of her… She died last night after being removed from life support.  Police are calling the injuries “suspicious” (YA THINK??) and there are reports that little Sophia may have also been sexually abused.  Her mother and the swinging piece of meat that occupied the vast space between her thighs are “people of interest”, but have yet to be arrested. 

 Family members are speaking out.  Sophia’s great-grandmother, Ruth Williams, claims that the swinging piece of meat was physically abusive, but she holds the gestations device responsible as well (GG has her wits about her, I see).  

“He slapped them all the time. He whipped them all the time. But they made her lie and say that he didn’t do it,” Williams told reporters, “She’s just as much to blame as he is. Death is not good enough for either one of them.” 

Sophia’s 1 ½ year old sister has been placed in CPS custody.  I hope that the monsters responsible for the murder of this beautiful little angel get what’s coming to them… and fast.  I will update the story as updates become available. 

Thanks go to Miss Debbie for the tip.

A Lyon faces the death penalty

20970346_240X180If convicted, James Lyons here faces death!  19 month old Jaden Jenkins was Lyons son.  Jaden died September 12, from a blow to the head which Lyons purposefully inflicted on him.  There are also signs of previous  untreated injuries dating back to June of 2008.  Basically sicko here tortured the child until he finally took his life away.


Read It Here

Christopher Shelley Beats One-Month-Old Daughter, Baby to be Taken Off Life Support

shelly_christopher.jpgChristopher Shelley, 18, of Syracuse, NY, repeatedly punched his one-month-old daughter, Christiona’s face and body. The baby suffered severe head trauma, and is on life support.  Christopher admitted to striking Christiona out of anger after he argued with her mother, Stephanie Wood, 18.

Stephanie said her daughter is on life support. She is preparing to take her off it after relatives arrive to say goodbye.

christiona-shelly.jpgChristopher was watching Christiona Tuesday night while Stephanie went to visit a neighbor. He said the baby wouldn’t stop crying, so he punched her. When Stephanie returned, the baby was quiet. She didn’t notice that anything was wrong. On Wednesday, Stephanie’s mom noticed the bruises, and asked Christopher where they came from. He said the neighbor’s dog jumped on the baby. On Thursday, they visited Christopher’s mother who noticed more bruises. She told them to take Christiona to the hospital. Stephanie finally took the baby to the hospital Thursday morning – not because of the bruises but because it seemed like Christiona had a virus.

After examining the infant, doctors called police. At first, the father denied everything, and said the baby was dropped. Then he said she fell off the couch. Then he told them a dog jumped on the baby. Christopher finally broke down and admitted to beating his daughter.

Christopher was arraigned on first degree assault and child endangerment, and bail set at $20,000. An order of protection was issued keeping him away from his daughter. Once Christiona is taken off of life support and passes away, charges will be upgraded.

Another reason for babies not to have babies. Not only did a very young dad loose his temper and beat his kid, but a young mom was clueless that her daughter was severly injured. If it wasn’t for the grandmothers, I wonder if Stephanie would have ever figured it out.

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