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2-year-old had 48 packets of heroin at daycare

Heroin found on 2-year-old at Paterson day care center:

Phillips Young

When I got married my stepchildren were already too old for daycare so I don’t know what you send with your kids to daycare. Lunch? A snack maybe? Possibly whatever their security item is? I do know one thing that you shouldn’t send to daycare with your kids. That would be 48 packets of heroin, even if it is New Jersey.

Police in Paterson, New Jersey arrested 27-year-old Phillips Young after daycare workers found 48 packets of heroin in his 2-year-old son’s jacket. Luckily daycare employees caught it in time and no one came in contact with any of the drugs and no kids were harmed.

The article doesn’t state why the heroin was in the kid’s jacket but I would imagine that one would think that if they were stopped by police that the cops wouldn’t shakedown a 2-year-old. You just need to remember to take it back before you drop off your kid. Then again criminals aren’t know for their smarts or they wouldn’t be criminals.

I bet if it came down to it this guy probably would have used his own kid as a human shield if a shootout ensued.

McHeroin, I’m lovin’ it

Robert Paul Palmer and Tamica Lynn Jeffers

Parents overdose on heroin at McDonald’s as kids, 5 and 8, play at restaurant’s PlayPlace: Outrage?:

Cops: Parents shoot up heroin while kids play at McDonald’s:

Here’s a scene I’m sure a lot of us are familiar with. You’re getting a touch of cabin fever and want to get you, your significant other and most importantly your kids out of the house for a little while. The thing is you don’t have a lot of cash for an expensive day out like a movie or an amusement park. Instead you scrape up what little cash you have and take everyone to McDonald’s for some dollar menu burgers and the kids can play in the play center. Everybody is having such a good time that you and your squeeze decide to shoot up. Wait, what? Go back a second. What the fuck? No one does that. Who the hell shoots up heroin in a McDonald’s while their kids are in the ball pit?

According to police in Green Township, Ohio, that’s exactly what Robert Paul Palmer, 37, and Tamica Lynn Jeffers, 33, from Indiana allegedly did. Not only did they shoot up in McDonald’s but they both overdosed to the point that reports are calling them life threatening overdoses. Luckily the children, ages 8 and 5 were unharmed you know, except for the trauma of seeing their parents OD’d and arrested.

I wonder if they asked for a moist towelette so they could keep the needle clean.

Thanks to Helen for the tip.

Michelle Nguyen jailed for leaving baby to die in hot car

Michelle Nyugen, 21, leaves the Melbourne Magistrates Court last year. (AAP)

Nothing can save you now, lazy druggy tw*t

Melbourne mum jailed for baby car death

Melb mum to be jailed over car baby death

Michelle Nguyen (21) from Melbourne, VIC, was too lazy to bring her sleeping baby girl Thy Tran (10 months) inside from the car. So she left her there, with the good intentions of “checking up on her”. Well, we all know what the road to hell is paved with, don’t we? Yes, neglectful Nguyen fell asleep and left little Thy to die a slow and uncomfortable death from heat exhaustion and hyperthermia.

When the stupid egg donor finally called paramedics for her baby, they found her body temperature was around 41.5C (106.7F). The normal body temperature is 37C. This incident occurred in November, on a warm spring day (which would’ve been a hot day, because we don’t do mild weather in Australia!)

Michelle, who surprise, surprise is a heroin addict had done this before. The night before Thy died, neighbours found her locked in the car crying, and knocked on Michelle’s door. She had been in there for an hour and a half before the neighbours found her. It was her usual practice to leave the baby in the car to sleep, despite countless warnings from family, friends, neighbours and authorities not to do it.

Her bottom-feeding lawyer told the court that Michelle was a heroin addict who had two young kids and was raising them by herself without any support, stable accommodation blah blah blah. Oh, cry me a river, dickface. If she truly cared about her kids, she would’ve quit riding the white horse and sought help from the Salvos or Vinnies or whoever to find work and get stable accommodation. When you have kids, it’s no longer “me, me, me”. Michelle’s selfishness and incompetence cost her her baby girl’s life. Nothing can excuse her actions.

The worthless junkie birth dispenser has been sentenced to just 4 years jail for her act of dumbfuckery. She will only serve 9 months’ of her sentence before she’s eligible for parole. The grubby lawyer suggested that she not go to jail because she didn’t mean to kill her baby and that putting them in the car was the best way to get them to sleep. Yeah, get them to sleep…permanently!! How did this walking crock of shit get through life? Or even law school for that matter? The prosecutor agreed to a shorter than usual minimum term because it was an “accident”. So gettting high as a kite off heroin, making your kids sleep in the car and then forgetting about them is an “accident” now? I hope the egg-donor “accidentally” overdoses in a piss-filled laneway somewhere. Or gets locked in a hot box that you see in prison movies and is “accidentally” forgotten about.

Rest in Peace, little Thy Tran

Nobody Deserves to Sit

Toddler died of Methadone overdose, Social Workers failed 

So, I’ll admit that I may have watched one or two episodes of the Steve Wilkos show in my life. Judge me if you will, but something about that bald headed, chair throwing, polyester-clad ape is moderately endearing to me. Maybe it’s the fact that he puts up with about as little bullshit as I do from lowlifes who neglect or abuse their children. Maybe it’s due in part to his vast repertoire of hideous bowling shirts. I’m not sure. One characteristic of Steve’s show that I quite enjoy is the fact that if you’re accused of wrongdoing against a child or spouse, he refuses to let you sit down. As a general rule, he’ll tell his guests “If you haven’t made your child comfortable, then why should you be comfortable on my stage?” – Though not necessarily in those words. One particular episode that stands out in my memory featured a really classy mother who called Steve for help because she was “afraid her boyfriend was abusing her child”. It turns out he was – both physically and sexually – and that she had at least some prior knowledge of it. The bio father actually made an appearance too, hollering and flailing, until it was revealed that he paid no child support and rarely saw his son. Thus, the episode was rightfully entitled “Nobody Deserves to Sit”. Sadly, the same principle applies to the story of little Jayden Lee Green.

Beautiful blue eyed baby Jayden was found dead in his parents’ bed a month shy of his second birthday. At a time when he should have been discovering toy trains, finger painting, and learning the joy of puddle jumping, he was being fed drugs in a filthy hovel by his neglectful parents Jamie Green and Sonia Britton. Adding insult to injury, child protection agencies were aware of a potential risk to Jayden even before he was born. It seems the birthing bitch Sonia Britton was fond of heroin. Surprised? Me neither. In fact, she enjoyed the drug so much that she continued to inject it regularly during her pregnancy with Jayden. When child welfare agencies caught wind of the “alleged” drug use, they made Jayden Lee the subject of a child protection plan upon his birth. Apparently, the agency wasn’t too interested in protecting baby Jayden, since the plan was soon discontinued. A second plan was initiated, but Jayden was never removed from his parents’ clutches. In another brilliant display of heroism from Britain’s social services, officials scratched their heads as Green and Britton falsified information, failed to co-operate and continued to use drugs right under their noses. The pair later admitted they “knew some tricks to get around screening”. Combined with the moronic nature of British officials (think Baby P case) the neglectful junkies’ deception led to the eventual death of their baby boy.

Here are some excerpts from what I like to refer to as the “failure report”:

“What was lacking was the authoritative challenge to this lack of co-operation, there was a lack of enforcement of consequences. There was a lack of challenge by practitioners across the range of agencies. The extent of the parents’ lack of engagement, avoidance and dishonesty grew over time and although this was recognized by practitioners there was insufficient challenge by professional and no sustained, planned approach to protecting the child.”

The report specifically states, referring to Jayden as “Child K”, that his death could have been avoided entirely:

“The only way that Child K’s death would definitely have been prevented was if he had been placed away from his parents. The opportunity to do this was lost due to the failure to follow through on the initiation of care proceedings. However, a better-planned and authoritative approach to the family may also have prevented his death.”

Nice, well a fuckload of good that does now – and I have no doubt that the same blundering idiocy will be applied when handling the next at-risk child. Once again, British child protective agencies demonstrate to the world that they don’t give a flying goat fuck about children.

The report later detailed that Jayden Lee had suffered head injuries at 7 weeks and 11 weeks, for which the same explanation was given, and had also sustained injuries to his face and 21 and 23 months at which point the excuse was again re-used. Britton and Green are accused of murdering little Jayden Lee by force-feeding him methadone in order to keep him sedated. Fucking fuck. Because they were neglectful bastards and they’d rather get high and pass out in a puddle of drool than play with their healthy, active almost-two-year-old boy. The fact that this bitch was somehow, by the grace of God, given a healthy baby despite her abuse of the fetus should have woken her up to her second chance at life and motherhood. But instead, she and her sperm snake continued to ignore the fact that they were parents, not cleaning their apartment or going to work, lying to officials and abusing and poisoning their baby.

After a three week trial at Bristol Crown Court, Green was convicted of manslaughter and causing cruelty to a child and jailed for nine years. The jury cleared Britton of manslaughter but convicted her of child cruelty and causing or allowing the death of a child. She was jailed for four years.

I am so fucking done with writing this right now. Four fucking years. I can’t even find words to describe the injustice that was done here.

During the trial, jurors heard the deplorable conditions baby Jayden was subjected to. Bags of garbage on the floor, drug paraphernalia everywhere – including in the baby’s crib – dirty potties left for days. Jurors also heard that the fatal dose of methadone was not the first one that had been given to Jayden.

Failure of social services was again detailed for the jury. “Sonia Britton and Jamie Green were aware that health care professionals, drug workers as well as social services were monitoring their behaviour as well as trying to help them,” prosecutor William Mousley QC told jurors. “They created an image with those professionals that they were looking after Jayden Lee. Of course nobody knew they were giving methadone to Jayden Lee.”

“While both of them cared about Jayden Lee, he was not their priority. They were drug addicts, whose need for drugs came before Jayden Lee.”

Fuck that. No they didn’t. Nobody did. And that’s why nobody deserves to fucking sit.

R.I.P. Jayden Lee

***Special Thanks to Sarea Snow for the write-up.** 



So, a 5-year old walks into Kindergarten with 50 packets of heroin…

5-year-old shows off 50 packets of heroin at school, stepfather gets arrested
Connecticut boy, 5, brings heroin to school for show and tell

Unfortunately, this is not the beginning of some demented joke.

A 5-year-old boy showed up at this elementary school with his step dad’s jacket, ready for his turn to stand up for show-and-tell. Imagine the teacher’s surprise when the boy pulled out 50 bags of heroin? The teacher reacted quickly — scooping up the dope and notifying the authorities. When the boy’s step-dad realized that his step-son had taken his jacket to school, he frantically made his way over there to retrieve his smack.  Only to find the classroom with cops occupying it instead of kindergartners.  Womp, womp, womp….

Santos Ramon, of Bridgeport, CT was arrested on charges of injury to a minor, sale of narcotics and possession of narcotics within 15-hundred feet of a school, and is being held on $100,000 bail after his initial court date on Tuesday.

The boy is custody of his grandma, even though his mother went to retrieve him from the school. At least something in this story is going in the right direction. NO fucking chance that this woman didn’t know that her husband was either a junkie or a chiva salesmen, or both.


Got my "fix kit", let's go on the field trip.

“I fucking hate all drugs, but heroin has got to be the worst drug ever known to man. It is the destroyer of lives and the taker of souls.” – Danielle

On Friday October 7th, Stephanie Bailey (28)  was accompanying her 7-year-old daughter’s class on a field trip to Historic Pioneer Village.   I am going to go out on limb here and say that if you have assumed by the quote above and the fact the Mrs. Bailey is gracing the pages of BB that this was not your average class field trip, you would be correct.

Stephanie was tasked with being a parent chaperone for her daughter’s class and whether that was too much for her to handle or she is just your average junkie loser is unknown, but she was discovered unconscious on the bathroom floor by another parent.  Next to her unconscious body was a small purse, a glass tube with burn marks and hypodermic needles.  The other chaperone placed the items back into her purse so the children would not see them.  Also found in the purse, metal spoon with burn marks, alcohol pads, rubber tube, two plastic containers of sterile water and a lighter.  Damn!  She was prepared.  I can see her now packing her and her daughter’s lunches for the day and her “fix kit.”

According to the criminal complaint, Mrs. Bailey had in her possession, four small plastic bags containing heroin, several hypodermic needles and other paraphernalia.  No worries though, she wasn’t shooting heroin on her daughter’s class trip.  She was just dehydrated from her birthday celebration the night before, which included the use of heroin and oxycontin.  Liar, liar… pants on fire!  I hate idiots like this!

Bailey was taken to the hospital treated and arrested.  She was charged with one count of felony narcotic drug possession and one count of possessing drug paraphernalia.  She faces 3 ½ years in jail and a fine of up to $10,000 if convicted.  She was released on $500 bond and ordered to maintain absolute sobriety.  We shall see if she can accomplish that task.  If she can’t stay sober for her baby’s fucking field trip can she stay sober for anything?

I am going to tell you all a little something… I know some about heroin addiction.  My niece’s father is a heroin addict, I have watched a man, who was one of the best fathers I have ever seen, turn into nothing but a useless piece of shit thief over the course of the last seven years.  My niece who is 11-year-old has not a single birthday in the past seven years that her father has shown up at sober and/or brought her a gift.  His money, state disability check, is better spent feeding his habit.  Just last week, while recovering from back surgery, he left the nursing home he was staying at while recuperating, went and got his “shit” and was found across the street at a bus stop overdosed.  If a passerby had not seen him and called 911 he would have died right there on the side of the road.  Imagine what it would do to an 11-year-old girl to hear her father died that way.  I do not feel pity for drug users – They chose to use drugs.  Drug addicts are selfish and hurt everyone around them. It’s pretty easy to go off shoot up overdoes and die, it’s not them that has to explain to the children left behind.  My heart breaks for my niece and all children of drug addicts.  It’s not fair!

Ok I am done preaching,  Heroin and heroin users are a sore spot for me.

Junkie Parents Shoot up with Their 3 Kids in the Car

SAPD: Parents Used Heroin With Kids In Car 

Heroin Junikes - Christopher and Monica

I fucking hate all drugs, but heroin has got to be the worst drug ever known to man. It is the destroyer of lives and the taker of souls. I know because my best friend is a heroin addict and I’ve watched that drug steal her very spirit and almost claim her life so many times. One thing that I am so thankful for is that she does not have any children that she is harming.

Christopher Murrell, 24, and Monica DeLeon, 22 are also heroin junkies. However, unlike my best friend, they have 3 children. They were arrested last week and charged with child endangerment when passersby in a San Antonio mall parking lot saw them doing heroin in their car with their 3 babies in the back seat. What makes matters worse is that there were needles all over the car, one of which was in the back seat with the kids. Also, there were baby bottles in the car filled with water that these motherfuckers were using to clean out their syringes. Heroin, in any amount, can be deadly if ingested in any way by a child.

Cops showed up and hauled their sorry asses to jail and the kids are in the custody of realtives.

No dead babies, there’s the silver lining.

Thanks to Aimee for the tip.

Father uses son as decoy in drug trafficking


New Jersey dad busted for stashing 500 bags of heroin in childs toy bag

At about 10:43 pm Saturday Sparta police stopped a 2000 Ford Explorer for displaying an out-of-date 2008 inspection sticker.  Following the Explorer was a GMC Jimmy also displaying fictitious plate, that vehicle was also stopped.  The drivers Christopher Ennis (31) and Alexander Dewer (43) gave conflicting stories as to whether they were traveling together, raising suspicion in the police and leading them to ask for consent to search the Explorer.


Ennis gave consent and discovered in the Explorer, his 5-year-old son, his toys and 500 bags of heroin.  Police located a black gym back in the back of the Explorer filled with toys, hidden underneath the toys was the heroin, packaging and paraphernalia.  Nice job dad, real classy.  Both men were arrested and the little boy was taken into protective custody.


While being interviewed, Ennis told police he brought along his son so he would appear less suspicious to law enforcement, adding that he did not think if he were to be stopped they would check a child’s toy bag.  Well you thought wrong there, loser!


Ennis was charged with using a juvenile in a drug distribution scheme, possession with intent to distribute heroin, child abuse, possession of hypodermic needles, and possession of drug paraphernalia.  He is being held in Sussex County jail on a $70,000 bond.


Thanks to Marcy for the tip.

Vicodin, Heroin and the death of Brooklyn

It’s January 26th 2011 and in Goshen, Oh Erin Pappas (30) and her boyfriend Samuel Johnson (32) are having a party, complete with Heroin, Vicodin and 3-year-old Brooklyn Upton.  The next day little Brooklyn would be found face down in her crib deceased.
How little Brooklyn smothered has not been released, all the authorities will say is, Johnson killed her during an act of violence while punishing her.  You mean to tell me the drug addicted boyfriend hurt her?? Shocking, no not really!  Same story different losers.
Anyhow this case has taken  sometime to move through the courts.  Pappas was first to be arrested immediately after Brooklyn’s death.  She was charged with child endangerment and held on a $500,000 bond.  Johnson would not be arrested until February 17th the charges then were manslaughter.  On March 3rd a jury indicted Pappas on one count of child endangerment and Johnson with one count of murder, one count of involuntary manslaughter, on count of child endangerment, four counts of trafficking heroin, and one count of heroin possession.  Yeah this guy is definitely “father”  material.
In every article I read, there was nothing, I mean nothing said about what actually caused her death.  I would love to know what this piece of shit did to her, so I can fantasize about him and her mother suffering the same fate.
These assholes, thought it appropriate to have her in attendance while they threw a drug fueled party ending with them passing out and Brooklyn dying.

R.I.P. Brooklyn, fly with the angels!

See Villi run, Run Villi run

 1009chase1-aMichael G. Villi is currently;  sitting in jail; where he belongs!
Read It Here
Police went to Villi’s house after they received a tip that he had left his child in the car unattended.

Villi did admit to leaving the 2 year-old in the car.  Police noticed he was acting very strange during the questioning and asked him to take a sobriety test.  Villi then put the car in gear and took off.

During the high speed chase Villi hit several motorist WITH HIS 2 YEAR-OLD SON IN THE BACKSEAT.

The chase finally ended when Villi tried to ram through a police cruiser and keep going.  when he realized his car was disabled, he got out and started running – leaving his child behind.

Witness’ saw Villi throw some bags out the window of his car which ended up to be 20 baggies of heroin.

He is facing multiple felony charges!

The child is safe and thankfully was not harmed during the chase.



Thanks Mir for the tip!

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