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Hey, if we go to the casino can u listen for the boys

Parents Arrested After Reportedly Leaving Children Home Alone To Go To Parx Casino:

It’s no secret that I grew up around Atlantic City, New Jersey. When I was 21 the casinos there were a lot of fun. It was a great place to take a date for a show and a dinner if you had the cash. It was also a great place to take friends that were from out-of-town. What they aren’t is a reason to leave your kids home alone while you played the quarter slots.

For example take the case of 24-year-old Nicole Donahue and 29-year-old Ryan Feyh of Levittown, Pennsylvania. This past Friday they allegedly decided to hit Parx Casino in nearby Bensalem, PA. Instead of trying to find a sitter they texted their neighbors.

“Hey, if we go to the casino around 11 or so can u listen for the boys they are sleeping right now.”

Followed by another text that read:

“Guess u are sleeping.”

Apparently that wasn’t discouragement enough to keep them from hitting the keno parlor.

One of their kids must be a light sleeper or needed a scratch off because their 2-year-old son decided to take off to the local supermarket. Luckily he was found by a good Samaritan who called police. The boy motioned towards their apartment where police found his 4-year-old brother still sleeping.

According to reports the Breeders tried saying that they were out running errands. If by errands they mean splitting on two aces then yes they were running errands.

The kids are now in the custody of other family members and ironically the Breeders must not have won enough at the casino because they were unable to post bail.

Not to stereotype an entire city but for most of my life I’ve had family that lived in a very trailer trash section of Philly. Instead of trailers they lived in row homes. I even lived there for a while myself and I used to refer to it as a vertical trailer park. Living there I had never met a more concentrated area of degenerate gamblers in my life. These people would bet on two c*ckroaches racing which unfortunately was an all too common occurrence. The check cashing place where I used to cash my paycheck also sold lottery tickets and they made money hand over fist that way.

There’s just something about the Philly area that makes people think that gambling is a priority over their kids. I’m surprised we haven’t heard more stories like this.

Thanks to Beth and Cheri for the tips.

Y’all place your Betts now – in jail, please….

I Betts this hag didn't miss any meals
Tracy Lynn Betts, Teacher’s Aide, Arrested After Daughter Was Found Naked, Eating From Trash: Police
TEMECULA: Naked girl foraged food from trash
Naked girl eating from trash cans shocks Temecula neighbors
Calif. teacher’s aide Tracy Lynn Betts arrested after her 12-year-old daughter was found naked, eating from trash

Tracy Lynn Betts, 40,is a teacher’s aid at an elementary school, so you would think she might know a thing or two about how to treat a child. You’d be wrong. Tricky Lyin’ Butts’s 12-year-old daughter was found naked, wandering the street and digging in trash cans for food, in a neighborhood near the school in which Tricky works. Oh, and the birth-beast was assigned to a special education classroom. I bet the kids in her class could probably figure out that kids need to eat….

There are so many conflicting circumstances in this case, that I hardly know where to begin. First, the egg donor was a teacher, but did not have her pre-teen daughter in school…why? Second, the child was naked and starving, but judging from the picture above, it seems that there was adequate money for food and clothing – the she-beast is nicely dressed and…ummmmm….well, a healthy weight. Really healthy. Plus, the child was being held prisoner in a BMW. Now, I’ve never had one of those, but I understand they’re pretty expensive. Economics 101 would suggest that if money was scarce, Butts could have sold the car and bought herself a bicycle. That would take care of three issues at one time.
1. Extra money from the sale of the car to use for food and clothing for the child.
2. Extra money from not having to purchase gas for the car – also to use for food and clothing.
3. Riding a bike is good exercise.

Unfortunately, it seems the birth vessel would rather have a nice set of wheels than a well-fed child. I wonder if she’ll get to take her car to the grey bar hotel when she gets her room there? Probably not.

I cannot for the life of me understand why some people consider their own personal comforts to be more important than the welfare of their child(ren). I’D be starving and naked before I’d let any of my kids do without anything THEY needed.

It seems that Betts has posted the $15,000.00 bond set by the judge, and is currently not in custody. One of the articles linked above mentioned a husband, but no one seems to know where he is either. Perhaps Tricky Butts starved him to death and buried his naked body somewhere? That’s only conjecture on my part, though. However, if he doesn’t have a really good explanation about his whereabouts for the last few weeks, he probably needs to be brought up on charges as well.

Oh, and for the coup de grace? The spokesperson for the school district that employed Betts stated that she was not sure how the arrest would affect Betts’ employment status. WHAT!?!? She needs to be fired, you eejit! My brain hurts.

A big thank you to Durham Red, Tambra, HFlowers, Erin and Lori – who all sent in tips about this worthless breeder.

Mommy splits for NY with live-in penis, leaves son behind

Mother Locked Disabled Son In Rodent-Infested Trailer – Fed Him 4 TImes A WEEK – Then Split To NYC 



Police were called to the cow you see above, 36-year-old Amanda Jolliff’s, mobile home park, located in Erie, CO, after a neighbor noticed her 14-year-old disabled son, who was not identified, hiding underneath his porch with his mother nowhere in sight. Her live-in boyfriend, 31-year-old Robert Smith was also nowhere to be found.

The neighbor told police Jolliff and Smith had taken a bus to New York two weeks ago, and other people who lived in the home had moved away leaving the boy to fend for himself. I am assuming no one knew the boy was along until he was found under the porch of his neighbor. If that is the case then I give many thanks to this neighbor for doing the right thing in calling the authorities and saving this young man’s life.

When police searched the home they detected an “overpowering odor of animal feces and urine.” Puke. They also were met with mice scurrying throughout the residence, as well as,  two dogs, a macaw, two c*ckatiels, a c*ckatoo, two ducks and four toads. Not the worst case of many animals we’ve seen, but I’ve never understood the need for a petting zoo running loose in your home. Police also said the boys bedroom was boarded up, and there was also a lock on the outside of his door. When they inspected the food pantry they found bags of spaghetti noodles that had been chewed open by mice and contaminated by their feces. Double puke! I hope this boy was not fed these contaminated noodles before his egg-donor and her penis left him there, but I am certain that he was. But wait, there’s more!

The boy told police his mom would lock him in his room, letting him out only to clean up after the ducks. He said that since 2008 he was fed spaghetti or macaroni a mere four times a week. Yes, you read that right. That wonderful birth-organism only fed him some kind of noodle, four times a week, for the last three years at a point in his life where he was going to need the extra nutrients for the onset of puberty. How fucking wonderful of her, right? The boy also told the cops that he was supposed to be home-schooled, but he had not received any education since his “mother” removed him from his public school in 2008. Sounds to me that she met her vag-filler in 2008, began abusing her son around this same time because of said vag-filler, and did everything she possibly could to conceal it. Maybe the dip shit who was fucking her told her that her disabled son deserved to be treated like an animal for not being “normal,” or that maybe being closed off and starved would “fix” her son. I don’t care why or the reason, she obviously didn’t care too much for her son if she’s willing to imprison him, starve him, and then abandon him, probably to leave him for dead.

When Jolliff was located by police and questioned, she admitted to locking up the boy because he would run away (gee, I wonder why you dumb bitch) and “used to irritate me really bad.” You have got to be fucking kidding me! She did not give a reason as to why she would starve him.

Amanda Jolliff, 36, is charged with false imprisonment, child abuse, and at-risk neglect of her son, according to a statement from the Weld County District Attorney’s Office. Richard Smith, also was charged, it said. They were jailed on $20,000 bond each.

Nothing stated if the boy was placed with a relative or in foster care.

***Thanks go to Shannon for the tip***





The Abner Twin’s – Evil times 2

Twin sisters face murder charges in burning deaths of 3 toddlers 

Mothers charged with murder in deaths of 3 children killed in Atmore fire

Bond Set For Sisters Charged With Murder In Fire Deaths

The sadness I feel when we get tips for a murdered child who leaves behind a twin sibling is almost unbearable. I know the bond between twins runs deep. I never would have thought the bond would include murder.

Earlier this month, twin sisters Akeevia Lajoseia Abner and Tekeevia Lajoseialan Abner (18), were arrested and charged in the deaths of their 3 children. 3-year-old Aniyia Abner, 3-year-old Takia Abner and 22-month-old Michael Coleman died alone in a home fire. Yes… ALONE!! 3 young children home alone is almost always a recipe for disaster. Add in the mix an oven left open and… Viola!! Murder most foul.

It was before 8 pm on November 2nd when fire fighters arrived at the home. By then home was completely engulfed in flames and all 3 children were found unconscious and suffering burns; one in a bedroom and the other two in a hallway. There was a mattress blocking the living room door.

All 3 children died a short while after arriving at the hospital. The initial cause of death was listed as smoke inhalation. You gotta wonder when “acts of selfish dumb fuckery” will be a viable cause of death.

There was no mention which child belonged to which dumb fuck, but I guess it’s not really important. All 3 are gone and no longer belong to either of these selfish bitches.

The Abner twins are each being charged with 3 counts of reckless murder and are being held on $300,000 bond. If convicted, they face up to life in prison on each count.

Thanks go to every one who sent this one in.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Most Cowardly Moron of All…

“Mom” Leaves 4 yr old at DUI Crash, Infant and Baby Home Alone

“Mom” Flees Scene Leaving Daughter


Drunken, Moronic Breeder Lisette Gonzales Avakian


That would be 35 year old Lisette Gonzales Avakian.  Not to mention she’s a selfish twit to boot!!  Of course this is all “allegedly”.

This 35 year old single “mother”  decided to get her drink on…  Of course if she had been responsible before she got drunk and got a sitter she wouldn’t be gracing our pages!!

It seems she was out for a joy ride at 2am and drunk as hell, “allegedly”.  Of course, she needed a companion on her midnight drive so who better to keep your drunk ass company than your 4 year old baby girl?!?  The wet brained bitch hit two parked cars and flipped her car.

Now, as bad as that is, her selfish stupidity doesn’t stop there!!  She then proceeded to exit the vehicle and run away…  That’s right she ran, LEAVING her 4 year old, who was thankfully strapped in her car seat, hanging upside down in the crashed car!!

Police were called by people that lived in the neighborhood that heard the crash.  These people ran to the car and found the 4 year old hanging in her car seat.  They released the baby from her seat and authorities found her sitting in the car.  She told them her mother had run away…  What a wonderful memory for a child to have!!

But wait there’s more still!! 

Some of the neighbors told police they heard her say “Where’s my baby?” as she ran away.  At the crash site there was an infant car seat.  This led police to think there was an infant involved in the crash that had been ejected.  And they started searching for the infant.

When they found the cowardly c***, hiding behind some bushes a block away, she refused to cooperate or even tell them if there was another child in the car!!  Wait, if  she was drunk enough to run away from the car because she was searching for her infant wouldn’t she want help finding that baby?!?  I think she’s full of shit!!  If your frantically looking for your baby why the fuck would you be hiding in the bushes?!?

When they took her and the 4 year old to the hospital, a nurse remembered the little girl from a previous visit and told authorities she also had a 3 month old baby.  They finally found her address when searching the vehicle and went to her apartment.  They then found a 1 year and 3 month old in the home alone.  The 3 month old was in a bassinet and the 1 year old was walking freely around the house!!

Luckily, none of the baby’s injuries were serious and the 1 year and 3 month olds were ok.  They were all taken into protective custody and later released to their father.

The complete waste of estrogen was treated and released from the hospital, and then booked for suspicion of drunk driving and child endangerment.  She’s being held on $100,000 bond.  Child services is investigating before more charges are filed.


Thanks go to Deena for the tip!

San Antonio mom leaves FOUR kids home alone

Mom Charged with leaving 4 kids home alone

CPS Investigating child abandonment case

Thank you Danielle for finding me this picture of the “mom.”

Lasandra Mitchell

29 year old Lasandra Mitchell of San Antonio, TX was recently charged with four counts of Child Abandonment when her four children aged 11, 6, 3 and 1 were discovered at her home alone in the middle of the night!  Deputies went to her home to investigate at 1 am and found the children, unsupervised in the home.  The oldest child was not able to tell them where her mother was.  So they called CPS.  While they were waiting the father of the oldest child showed up and took custody of her but the other three were taken by CPS.  Lasandra showed up sometime later and was arrested.  She later posted bond and was released.  It’s still not clear WHY she left four children home alone, an unidentified neighbor said that she believes Lasandra works nights but was under the impression that Lasandra had a babysitter for the children. 

I am assuming that the oldest, age 11, was supposed to be caring for the other three in mom’s absence but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, an 11 year old sibling is NOT proper supervision for younger children, no matter how responsible.  And the fact that the oldest had NO IDEA where her mother was just hammers that point home more.  I was 13 before my parents left me with my younger siblings who are 11 and 13 years younger than I am for long periods of time and even then I was not old enough to handle an emergency.  What if there was a fire?  What if one of the children became seriously ill?  What if there was a burglar or murderer on the loose?  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BABIES WITHOUT A PROPER SITTER!!!

Thanks to Aimee for the tip!

Two moms arrested for leaving their kids alone!

Two mothers on the same day arrested for leaving children alone

There must have been something in the water that made TWO Columbia, SC women think that it is OK to leave your children home alone to fend for themselves.  I can’t think of any other reason!

First let’s take 34-year-old Monica Wilson.  Old enough to know better for sure.  She’s the mom of three children aged 11 months to 9 years.  I guess the 9-year-old was supposed to be caring for the others?  A neighbor heard the kids crying and called the police.  According to the report Wilson left them alone to go to work and they were home alone at least an hour and a half possibly longer.  Wait it gets better.  When police entered the home they found the 4-year-old and 9-year-old hiding under a bed and the 11 month old had vomited and was in bed crying! Seriously, I have a 9-year-old and I still can’t bring myself to leave her alone for more than a few minutes at home, let alone leave her alone with her five-year old brothers for any amount of time.  And Wilson left her 9-year-old with a 4-year-old and an 11 month old???

Second, on the same day police arrested Kayce Peay after her 3-year-old daughter was found wandering the streets!  Kayce had left her daughter to go to the store and said she’d left the child sleeping.  Really?  You couldn’t wait until your daughter woke from her nap to go to the store, what is so wrong with taking her with you?

There’s no excuse in either case the simple fact of the matter is that you don’t leave your children home alone.  In both cases the mothers were wrong and THANKFULLY none of the kids were seriously harmed.  When I think of what could have happened to any of these kids I shudder.  All of the children in these two cases have been put in the care of social services.

Thanks LeAne for the tip!

***Thanks to Mercedez for the write-up.***

The Baby in the Suitcase

Coleman Charged with Homicide

Coroner:  Nutritional Neglect

Shallow Grave


Breeder--In every sense of the word!!


When firefighters were called to put out a kitchen fire, Captain Herrmann noticed something that seemed out of place.  A black suitcase with horseflies surrounding it laying about 10 feet from the fire truck.  After the fire was extinguished as he got closer to the suitcase he noticed more flies and the “smell of something dead”.  The suitcase had a large rip in the side and he looked in it and saw a blanket.  When he removed the blanket he saw a small body inside…

“I had a couple other firemen look to make sure we were all looking at the same thing,” Herrmann said.  “When we all agreed what it was, we secured the scene and immediately called police.”

When police started canvassing the area and asking questions they found 20 year old Tania R Coleman who told police the body was her 14 month old daughter Alayja Coleman.  She also has 2 and 3 year old little girls and is currently pregnant!!  Just to reiterate, that makes a grand total of 4 babies at the ripe old age of 20!!!

It seems the infant she’s going to have and the 2 and 3 year old all belong to her current dildo and co-defendant Xavier A Hollamon, also 20.  Alayja’s bio-dad is 22 year old Rahsean A Murphy who was released from prison the end of February.  

The autopsy reported Alayja died from nutritional neglect or starvation.  There were no signs of trauma.  I don’t know why this seems to make it worse in my mind!  It’s almost like that baby wasn’t even an afterthought.  Like she wasn’t even there…

When authorities checked out the other 2 babies they were in fine health and placed with family members.  Makes one wonder if the bio-bitch was playing favorites or just wanted her “perfect” little family unit and that didn’t include Alayja because she didn’t belong to Hollamon!!

Authorities think Alayja had been neglected for “a period of time” and was left in that house to die.  Coleman told authorities she died back in April.  About a month before she was found.  They also found a hole dug about a foot deep in the backyard that was meant to bury the baby in.  According to one report Hollamon got emotional and couldn’t go through with that plan…  How the hell was it better to put her on the curb like trash?!?

That suitcase was found down the street from the home.  It was placed in a trash can in front of the residence but a neighbor decided to take the trash can and use it and placed the case on the street.  There was a storm that blew the suitcase down the street in front of the house with the kitchen fire.  Had it not been for those bizarre circumstances little Alayja may have never been found…

Coleman reportedly told anyone who asked about Alayja that she was visiting her father.  He claims she wouldn’t let him see her.

Coleman is charged with criminal homicide, concealing the death of a child, tampering with or fabricating evidence, endangering the welfare of children and abuse of a corpse.

Hollamon is charged with concealing the death of a child, tampering with or fabricating evidence and abuse of a corpse.  He’s currently out on bond.  Investigators say they don’t expect any upgraded charges in the murder of this baby…  WTF?!?


Rant On:

I have a hard time with starvation cases!  I can understand to a point the frustration of dealing with a crying baby or an unruly child or teen.  I fully believe the adult should have control over their reactions and emotions but I do understand the frustrations.  However, it is never ok to hurt or harm a child and the punishment should be death!!

Starvation isn’t an act of frustration or moment of anger it is a deliberate, calculated, conscience choice to deprive a baby of life!  It was a way for this Cunt to erase what she deemed a mistake in her fucked up life!!!  I cannot grasp the thought of not feeding a child!!

This poor baby had no one in her life to look out for her!!  There was no one that loved her enough to make sure she was being fed, given water, or just to show her love!  The father’s contact was minimal at best.  Where were the grandparents, aunts, and uncles?

One uncle has stepped forward and claimed he saw the callous sperm depository and her kids in January and the kids all ate and were healthy.  He says he’s standing by his sister no matter what and as a family they’ll get through this!  WTF is wrong with these people??  I fully understand loving your sibling but what about the niece she murdered??  Where is your love and compassion for that baby?!?

As for the Prick, he had to know what the hell she was doing!!  He allowed it to happen!  He deserves the same charges and penalties as the evil whore he’s bedded for the last 4 years!!!  He got emotional my ass!!  Most likely he was just too damn lazy to finish!!

This cold, calculating, unfeeling Cunt should be placed in a cell with her sperm dispenser and have an oyster cracker tossed in once a week!!  After she has the baby and both are sterilized of course!  Let the bitches starve to death or kill each other over the cracker!!

Rant Over



R.I.P. Beautiful Alayja You deserved all the love and caring in the world...



Thanks for the tip go to Angie, Blair, Jennifer, and Rose.

The Fuckers Leave Their Babies Alone to Get Methadone


Couple Accused of Leaving Preschoolers Alone in Tent

Two Kids Left to Fend for Selves While Parents go to Methadone Clinic

Girls Desperate for Food and Water After Being Left by Parents


When 26 year old Kathy Lee Tucker and 25 year old Mark David Tucker left their home May 9th, I’m sure they didn’t think they’d be sitting in jail later that day.

It seems when the moronic couple hopped in a transport van heading to a Gainesville methadone clinic, they were so looking forward to their methadone fix they thought the family dog was the perfect baby sitter for their 3 and 4 year old little girls!

All of this came to the attention of investigators when a woman who knows them and takes the same transport van asked them about their kids.  They told her the 5 year old was at school and that the 3 and 4 year olds had remained at the tent the family was living in…  I’m sorry but 3 and 4 year olds don’t remain anywhere…  They get left!!  Fucking idiots!!

She said she noticed the brain-dead duo weren’t lining up for the ride back from the methadone clinic.  They then informed her that they were planning on returning home later after they sold their plasma.  Seriously??  They actually pay addicts for blood products?!?  WTF?!?

The witness then convinced the van driver to take her to the place he picked the dipshits up.  She found the babies wandering around the woods in their pajamas dirty, hungry, and thirsty and one had lost a shoe.  She then went to the tent and found there wasn’t any food or water left for the girls.  She took them to her home, fed them, gave them something to drink, and called deputies!  Bravo Madam, Bravo!!!

Deputy Hanlon found the tent behind a trailer that was undergoing repairs but had running water and electricity.

The deputy also spoke with 2 of the kids grandparents.  They told him the 2 worthless slugs would sometimes drop the kids off without their knowledge.  One said they told the couple they were unable to care for the girls due to health issues.  A grandparent also said the idiots have left the babies alone before while they went to the methadone clinic!!

The Fuckers have been charged with child neglect.

All 3 children have been placed with a relative.  Thankfully, all were safe and not hurt!


Rant On:

How does a person think that trading one addiction for another is helpful??  I don’t care if methadone is legal and handed out like fucking candy it’s still a fucking drug!!

I’ve read comments on these articles where people are blaming this shit on the economy and these fucking junkies being poor.  BULLSHIT!!!

These worthless, brain-dead fucks chose to leave a 3 and 4 year old to fend for themselves in a tent in the woods!!  That has nothing to do with being poor and everything to do with being a neglectful, selfish, piece of shit junkie that is more worried about their next fix than they are about the well being of those babies!!

They sit in jail and I guarantee you someone is handing them their regular dose of methadone!!  That’s bullshit in my opinion!!  Detox their asses!  Cold turkey!  They should also have their parental rights severed and be forcibly sterilized!!  This isn’t the first time those babies have been left alone!!!  If you intentionally harm or place your child in harms way that should be it!!  No second chances!!  Why give someone a second chance to do more harm to a child???

Unfortunately, this happened in Florida.  We all know what the outcome will be.  A slap on the wrist, parenting classes and the children will be placed right back in harms way once again!!

Rant Over

For some reason I can’t seem to get a picture to upload…  I’ll update with one as soon as I can!!


Thanks to Emilie and Cathy for the tip!

"Parents" Out Dealing While Baby Dies in Fire

Tot Left Alone Dies in House Fire

Parents Investigated

Parents Out on Drug Deal


30 year old Anthony Walker and 22 year old Adrienne Haslam-Tatti decided to go for a midnight stroll.  Now, normally this wouldn’t land them on BB but when they took their walk they left their 18 month old son, Dillon Walker, in his crib alone.

Justin Stevens, the downstairs neighbor, told police he was brushing his teeth when he smelled smoke.  After searching his home he went outside and saw an orange glow coming from his neighbor’s suite on the second level.

He kicked the door in and saw fire coming from the oven.  He tried to put it out with water and when that didn’t work he ran from room to room to see if anyone was there.  He searched the living room and a bedroom but unfortunately couldn’t get to the bedroom Dillon was in because the smoke was too thick.

Canadian police and fire department received 3 emergency calls of a home burning and within 9 minutes were at the scene.   When they got there the second floor was fully engulfed in flames.  The intense heat and flames prevented firefighters from entering at first.  Eventually, they got the flames controlled and were able to get inside to find the baby dead in his crib.

While emergency workers were trying to get close to the home the bio-parents showed back up.  Haslam-Tatti immediately started screaming her baby was in there while Walker was yelling, “We just went for a walk.  Our gas was shut off.  We use the stove for heat.”  He said the gas had been shut off 2 days prior and they were using an oil heater, 2 small heaters, and the oven for heat.  He told police they were only gone 10 to 15 minutes.

Emergency workers arrived at 1:43 am, 9 minutes before that were the 911 calls so it was first reported at about 1:34.  According to reports the parents showed up on the scene at 2:05 am and were uncooperative and wouldn’t give the police their names.  So that’s about 30 minutes that we know the home was burning.  The neighbors didn’t notice it until it was already too late to save little Dillon.  So who knows how long these two were actually gone!!

Police now say that their midnight stroll was in fact a drug deal and that these two were the dealers!!  Neighbors told investigators that Walker “dealt numerous kinds of illegal drugs to people in the community.”

The two are being investigated for criminal negligence causing death, failure to provide necessities and child abandonment according to a search warrant.

They have another child who fortunately wasn’t in the home the night of the fire!!


Rant On:

I don’t know much about Canadian law but why the hell haven’t these two been arrested??  They left an 18 month old baby alone!!  Regardless of anything else that alone should land their worthless, negligent asses in jail!!

I don’t care if it was 10-15 minutes, which I don’t believe for one fucking minute, their actions cost this baby his life!!  They might as well have set the fire themselves!

Why did it take both of them to make a fucking drug deal!?!  If one of them had stayed with that baby this wouldn’t be an issue right now!!!

BTW, what kind of drug dealer doesn’t make enough money to pay his fucking utility bills!?!  Makes me wonder if they weren’t using up all the profit to feed habits of their own!

True justice would find both of these useless bastards burned alive!!!

Rant Over


R.I.P. Dillon



Thanks go to Connor for the tip.

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