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Home schooling needs to be regulated

The Sinister Side of Homeschooling:

Now before everyone gets all butthurt no one is saying that home schooling should be outlawed or that all families that home school are child abusers. However there are an inordinate amount of child abusers who use home schooling as a way of covering up abuse.

For example every child listed in the article I linked to that was a victim or alleged victim of child abuse that was covered up under the guise of home schooling have all been written about on this very website. Those mentioned in the article were Erica Parsons, Hana Williams, Nubia and Victor Barahona, and Dashawn Harris.

As with most things that start out with good intentions a few assholes have to ruin it for everyone else however in this case ruining is the death of innocent children at the hands of their abusers. States need to have a regulation for home schooled kids that at least requires the physical well-being of the child be checked on periodically.

School of Hard Knocks. Literally.



Dashawn Harris discovered at his Philadelphia home covered in bruises and cigarette burns



Homeschooling really does get a bad rap sometimes.  For some families, it’s a great way to ensure that their children get a quality education.  My sister lives in the middle of no where NC, and she homeschools her children.  She belongs to several homeschooling clubs, and her children play sports, have homeschool outings with other kids, boy/girl scouts, and music lessons.  Sadly, for some children, like 5 year old Deshawn Harris of Philadelphia, homeschooling means you never get a break from torture, and you never have the chance for someone to pick up on the abuse and try to get you help.


On December 1,2012, Deshawn’s little body was discovered by the police, who described him as being covered with bruises, cigarette burns and belts marks.  His waste of a life mother, 23 year old Lashay Patterson, and her child beating lover, 25 year old Christian Patrick, have been charged with is murder.  It’s being reported that Patrick lost his temper while trying to teach little Deshawn how to read during a “home schooling lesson” and he tried to beat him with a hair dryer and a belt. Really? That’s OK on what planet?  I’d hate to know what this fuck’s idea of “discipline” was for math..


Grace Fitch, the paternal grandmother is quoted as saying “I can’t believe she did that. Shay was just the sweetest person you could meet and when she got with this guy she just started getting distant.”  Fitch also says her son was unaware of how his young sons were beating treated. Patrick has a record with police and is a known drug addict.


Leshay and Deshawn’s father also have another child, 3 year old Daqwon.  Relatives believe that he too was abused, but he is thankfully safe in the custody of his father.  No information on what’s going on with Mommy dearest Patterson and her bed warmer Patrick.  The Philadelphia Department of Human Services refused to comment on the incident or comment if they had an open case involving the family.


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