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Cold callous carers chill child

Boy recovering after carers’ abuse

Toddler abused by caregivers

Eunice Towns

Eunice Towns is an abusive bitch


 Eunice Towns (42) and Stephen Towns (52) of Eastern Bay of Plenty, NZ, have pleaded guilty to abusing a 2 year old boy that came into their care. Eunice was charged with assault and grievous bodily harm, and Stephen was charged with assault after it was found that they were abusing the boy over a five-week period. Another woman (19) who has been granted interim name suppression (i.e. the cowardly cow couldn’t face the music) has been charged with wounding with reckless disregard, to which she plead not guilty. I found Eunice Town’s Facebook page and I presume this woman is Eunice and Stephen’s daughter, Rebekah Towns.

Soon after the Edgecumbe couple took the boy into their “care”, they began smacking him around and forcing him to take cold showers as some sort of “discipline”. The longest jaunt came after the boy refused to eat breakfast and wanted to play with his toys instead. This didn’t fly with Eunice, so she put him under the shower. The little boy began to suffer from hypothermia after he’d been under for between 10 and 15 minutes!! Fuck!! The disgusting daughter was “supposed” to turn up the temperature so she could wash him, but she forgot because she’s a stupid sadistic slut. He was unconscious when the sadistic sheepfuckers finally decided to take him to Whakatane Hospital, where doctors found his core body temperature was 31.6C (88.88F), putting him at severe risk of fatal cardiac dysrhythmia. In other words, he was so cold his little heart could barely pump blood around his body!

The Towns couple became foster carers in 2006 and have successfully cared for over 24 children over the past six years. They had an exemplary record for caring for children. Last year however, was a stressful time for the Towns couple and the stress affected Eunice’s ability to react  calmly to situations. Yet she decided to take on another foster child which she then abused. Within three weeks of receiving the little boy the abuse began.

Eunice expressed remorse for actions, but couldn’t provide a motive for the abuse. You’re not sorry you abused him, you old cow. You’re sorry that your stupid selfish arse got caught. You’re a disgrace. Not only did you abuse this poor little boy, but you convinced your husband and daughter to do the same. This is obviously a result of damaged DNA that should be eradicated from this planet.

The little boy is recovering and is now living with his wider family. Wouldn’t that be the first option that CYFS thought of? I’m not saying that there would be no chance of abuse if he were placed with his family, but seeing familiar faces would help him settle in and recover from whatever his “parents” subjected him to.

I have found photos of Stephen and Rebekah, but they’re all too big to go in this post. I’m sure we don’t need to look at huge blowups of the prize pig or his damaged daughter. Malevolent April might be able to help me reduce them (pretty please?)

Rebekah Towns

The treacherous little tart Rebekah


3-year-old suffering from hypothermia and internal injuries, mom’s boyfriend arrested

3-year-old hospitalized for Hypothermia, Mother’s boyfriend arrested 

I can’t find a whole lot on this one, so I will share what I have been able to find.

At 6:20 pm on Sunday, January 22nd, police were called to Renown Medical Center for reports of suspected child abuse.  The victim (3-years-old) was in a hypothermic state and suffering internal injuries when he arrived at the hospital.

The child was in the sole care of his mother’s boyfriend, Daniel Basham (33), while she was at work.

Basham has been charged with neglect.

The lil’ man is being treated in the Pediatric ICU.

Thanks to MamaDW for the tip.

Father acquitted in Sage Aragon’s death

Idaho jury acquits dad in girl’s hypothermia death:

Some of you may remember the tragic death of Sage Aragon. She was the Idaho girl who died from hypothermia after she attempted to walk the 10 miles to her mother’s house after her dad’s truck broke down on a snowy day in December.

Her father, Robert Aragon, had been charged with involuntary manslaughter for letting her go off with her brother. This past week a jury acquitted Aragon in Sage’s death.

I’m sort of ok with this because like I said before aragon acted out of stupidity in my opinion and not malice. I think that with his daughter’s death he’s been punished enough.

Thanks to Cherish for the tip.

Update on 3 time baby dumper

bildeNancyOrtiz_mi_embedded_prod_affiliate_8Nancy Ortiz is the 24 year-old birth machine who has delivered five children and dumped three newborn babies. 

The baby dumping happened about 11 months apart.  The first two newborns were discovered prior to death … the 3rd not so lucky.  Ortiz allegedly hid her pregnancy’s from everyone but her scum bag penis who had no room in his pathetic life for children.

She gave birth to baby 3 in her bedroom, wrapped it in a sweatshirt and left it in the back of a pickup truck. 24 hours later when the baby was discovered, it’s little nails were blue and it had died of hypothermia.

Nancy is spending the next 22 years locked away — not hear enough in my opinion.


Not once but three times…

thumb_1254421087528_0p2685760657072158Wow I can’t fathom the nastiness of Nancy Ortiz.  She is 24 and believe to be the mother of 5, 3 of which she abandoned as new born babies ~ the most recent did not survive.

This one is complicated; Ortiz has 2 kids (a boy and a girl) and from what I can tell, she and those two live with her parents.  She alleges she had the last three babies without her parents ever knowing she was pregnant (about 11 months apart).  The first two babies were left in front of a house somewhere in the neighborhood and discovered in time to save them.  The most recent baby “Angelita” was said to have been a few hours or days old, premature by a month, and found naked swaddled in a black sweat shirt in the bed of a pickup truck.  It is believed she could have been there for as much as 24 hours before a teenager found her.

She froze to death!  Her tinly little toenails were blue… her blood altered to a coffee ground type substance from the cold.

When police came to Ortiz’s home to collect DNA (as they had done to several other young women) she refused.  A heated argument ensued between she and her mother.  In the end the mother gave a DNA sample; tests showed she was the maternal grandmother for the three babies.

24 year old Ortiz has been charged with murder and three counts of child endangerment for abandoning the babies and an additional child endangerment count stemming from a July 2007 incident in which her then 3-year-old daughter was found wandering naked and dirty about a quarter-mile from home.

Read It Here … thanks Robynn for the tip

Canadian man gets 3 years for leaving his daughters to die in the cold

Sask. dad gets 3-year term in daughters’ deaths:

In January of 2008 Christopher Pauchay got so blind stinking drunk that he took both of his daughters, Kaydance, 3, and Santana, 15 months, out into the -50 degree wind chill Saskatchewan winter. He had previously refused his brother-in-law’s offer to look after the girls. Did I mention that the girls were only dressed in t-shirts and diapers?

Pauchay was found on a neighbors doorstep almost frozen to death. It wouldn’t be for another 8 hours until he was able to say what happened to his daughters. They were found frozen to death in the snow.

While not an intentional murder you’d still think it would warrant some serious jail time, not so in Canada. Pauchay only received three years for his selfish act of inebriation that cost his daughters’ lives.

Pauchay is what the Canadian media refers to as an aboriginal, what we in the States would either call an Indian or Native American depending on your level of political correctness. The elders in his community requested to the judge that he receive a conditional sentence to be served at home on the reserve, basically house arrest. You would think that with the problem of alcohol abuse so common among the native tribes of North America that the elders would want to make an example out of Pauchay. Maybe they think protecting their own is more important.

Not like he got a real sentence anyway.

Thanks to J&K for the tip.

Charges reduced in girl’s blizzard death

Murder charges dropped in girl’s snowy death:

The headline is a little misleading. It’s more like charges have been reduced from first degree murder to involuntary manslaughter in the death of 11-year-old Sage Aragon from Idaho. If you’ll recall she was the girl who walked a mile in an Idaho blizzard after the car she was riding in broke down. Her father, Robert Aragon, let her walk off into the blizzard to her mother’s house.

The charges of Aragon and his cousin, Kenneth Quintana, carry a max sentence of 10 years.

I have no problem with these new charges because I don’t think Aragon acted with malice, just stupidity.

Thanks to Laine for the tip.

Idaho man lets daughter walk off in blizzard

Father charged with murder after daughter dies in blizzard:

Robert Aragon of Idaho was traveling in his truck with two children and an adult on Christmas when his truck got stuck in the snow. His 11-year-old daughter, Sage Aragon, and her 12-year-old brother were confident they could walk the 10 miles to meet their mother halfway from where the truck was and the mother’s house.

Rather then telling the kids that’s too far and stay here because you shouldn’t be wandering around in a blizzard and that the truck can provide heat, he let them go on their merry way.

Sage Aragon ended up dying from hypothermia. Robert Aragon has been charged with second degree murder.

You know, I don’t care what part of the country you’re from and your kid may be able to walk 10 miles on a normal day but part of being a parent is being the voice of reason for your kids. In no way should this guy have let his daughter walk 10 miles in a blizzard alone.

Thanks to hot tipper LadyJade.

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