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Alfreda Giedrojc

(Thanks to Ginger Snap for the post)

Alfreda Giedrojc

Grandmother pleads not guilty in baby’s sledgehammer death:

Grandmother used sledgehammer, knife to kill baby, prosecutors allege:

Alfreda Giedrojc, Grandmother, Bludgeoned Baby With Sledgehammer, Slit Throat: Police:

Most parents have no problem with their children’s grandparents babysitting for them, happy even for the break away from the kids with someone they know they can trust. Unfortunately, trust can and will be broken. In this case, it took an infant girl’s life.

Back in October near The Windy City (Oak Lawn to be exact), Joel Summers left his precious 6 month old daughter, Vivian, with his mother-in-law so he could help his father-in-law with some repairs on a nearby neighbor’s home. While they were gone, Alfreda had plans of her own for her granddaughter.

After her father left the home, Alfreda took little Vivian off the couch where she was sleeping peacefully and placed her on the floor. She then went to a closet and retrieved a sledgehammer, yes I said sledgehammer. The sledgehammer was placed there by Alfreda the evening before (premeditated?). She picked up the sledgehammer and allegedly hit little Vivian on the head and on the body repeatedly. When Vivian continued to move about and cry, the evil grandmother (if you even want to call her that), went to the kitchen and retrieved a carving knife. The evil, sadistic witch then proceeded to pick Vivian up, hold her and slit her throat. MY HEART IS BREAKING. Upon the men returning to the house, they made the horrible discovery. They immediately called police. Vivian was pronounced dead at the hospital the same day.

What a brutal, awful way to die. There is nothing more innocent, defenseless, and precious than a baby. My son is 7 months old. I can’t (and don’t want to) even imagine how anyone could do such a horrendous thing to an infant. My son is constantly giving me toothless grins, precious baby giggles, cuddling and “kissing” me. He depends on me for everything. How anyone could take total advantage of someone’s defenselessness and innocence is beyond my comprehension. It makes my stomach just turn inside out to think of the pain that little girl went through. To think of how scared she was. To think of her screams of agony and fear. It is just horrible.

Alfreda was arrested and held without bail. She is being charged with four counts of murder. Her attorney, public defender Michael Wilson, asked and received permission from the judge to have an interpreter present in meetings with Alfreda. She was born in Poland and speaks very little English. In November, Alfreda pleaded not guilty. Hopefully justice will be served and she will die in prison, alone. I pray for peace and comfort for the parents of that sweet girl.

Mother and Boyfriend charged with Murder in Missing Illinois Toddler Case

***Special thanks to SongBird for the write up***

Scott and Baker

Scott and Baker

Missing Infant’s Mother Charged with Murder:

Mother, boyfriend charged with killing Maywood toddler:

Prosecutors: Mom, boyfriend beat, killed child, made up kidnapping story:

Mother, Boyfriend Charged With Murder Of One-Year-Old:

SongBirds’ prayer:

“Little baby Bryeon, I hope as I write this, I do you proud
And the tears that fall for your journey, comfort your soul
All the worlds hearts hug and nurse you now, and in eternity
Be at home in the Lords house Little Man, Blessed Be”

Lakeisha Baker and her boyfriend Micheal Scott rang police and reported and abduction of her child claiming the involvement of three unidentified assailants. An amber alert was issued and the search began for the suspects and Bryeon Hunter.

While speaking with investigators her story began to unravel, she admitted to using a belt and plastic coat hangers to beat twelve-month-old Bryeon, on Monday 15th April muffling his screams with her hand on his mouth. She also admits she regularly beat Bryeon and she would force him sit for long periods of time on the toilet, as punishment.

Punishment for what!? He was an infant, most likely just learnt to waddle about the world, with eyes full of wonder, precious innocence in his cheeky smiles. And his mother chose only to show him the pain, greed and treachery of this world.

A mother is sent a child as a blessing, to nurture, to love and care for, but also to fill our hearts with love as we admire them, and watch them grow, inspire them to learn. For most parents, mothers, fathers, step-fathers, step-mothers foster mum’s and dad’s and other well-adjusted members of society this commonly understood.

Therefore in my opinion Lakeisha Baker is not a mother. She is a biological birth vessel and a murderer.

One year-old Bryeon Hunter died, on Tuesday 16th April, left alone in a cold bathroom with horrific, extensively painful injuries sustained when accused murderers Lakeisha Baker and Michael Scott beat the tiny boy with coat hangers and a belt, they cruelly and coldly sat by as he strained to take his last breath waiting for him to die! They showed him no more respect in death than they did in his short little life, his limp little body stuffed into a bag and thrown away.

Micheal Scott told investigators that his girlfriend was the one whom beat the child to death and left him to die on the bathroom floor. Micheal Scott never once stepped in protected Bryeon from this murderous monster, and prosecutors have stated that both admit to stuffing little Bryeons’ lifeless body into a backpack, and then they set about disposing of his remains in the surrounding areas of the Des Plaines River in Maywood, Illinois.

Both Baker and Scott are pointing the finger at each other, both claim the other had put Bryeon in to the bag and claim that each other had taken the bag from the apartment to an unknown location. Barker admits she bleached and cleaned the bathroom and disposed of coat hangers and other items.

Crews continue the search for Bryeon Hunter in the Maywood area. I hope Bryeon can be found and laid to rest with the dignity he deserves. May his spirit be free to fly through the Heavens.

Gorgeous little man Bryeon Hunter

Gorgeous little man Bryeon Hunter

No, Screws Aren’t On The Food Pyramid


Cops-parents charged after son forced to eat screws and do 1000 push-ups   

Mother charged in case of child beaten, forced to eat screws

As an adult, have you ever caught a whiff of some yumminess baking in the oven or simmering on the stove and suddenly found yourself transported back in time to a memory of your mother’s cooking? You know, how the sweet smell of chocolate chips brings back a moment from your childhood when your mom baked you cookies and watching you enjoy them was reward enough? Whatever happened to those moms that made those kinds of memories for their kids? I haven’t got a clue and unfortunately the mother in this case is the kind whose child won’t be remembering her fondly whenever he has a cookie or passes a hardware store.

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society…oops, I mean Bad Breeders…I call this story “If You Wouldn’t Eat It, Why The Fuck Would You Make Your Kid?” In a town I’ve never heard of in Illinois called Belleville, Lashawn Jennings allowed her adoptive 12-year-old son to be forced to eat crumbs and screws off the floor, punishment for the heinous act of eating cookies and not noticing some of the above mentioned crumbs had missed his mouth. The 12-year-old was also beaten with a wooden paddle and forced to do somewhere between 700 and 1000 push-ups by his stepfather, James Jennings.

Police began investigating after the boy reported the abuse and impossible-to-digest snack to a nurse at an elementary school on Scott Air Force Base, where Lashawn is stationed. It’s being reported that when the boy was checked out by medical staff, X-rays showed the screws inside his stomach. I vaguely remember eating pennies and dimes as a child and that they passed pretty easily, but coins are not the same as screws. Screws twist and turn and poke and destroy your drywall, so I hate to think what they’re doing to this child’s insides. I imagine the kid is going to be alright, but the fact that his “caretakers” made him eat screws and inflicted this abuse on him simply because they could, has probably done more damage to this child’s self-worth than that hardware is doing to his tummy.

Lashawn is being held on a $20,000 bond charged with misdemeanor child endangerment, while her husband has been charged with aggravated battery, domestic battery and child endangerment. He’s sitting in jail and making a fashion statement in some scrubs on a $400,000 bond. As usual, I’m wishing the best for the child and hoping the worst for another set of shitbag parents that will never live up to the title of Mom or Dad.

Thanks to Katie for the tip.

**Special thanks to BooBoo Kitty for the write-up.**


Mia Caito Lost Her Life As Neighbors Did Nothing!!

Man Charged in Death of 3 Year Old

Coroner’s Statements

Neighbor’s Could Have Saved Mia

Father’s Interview


Julian Gates aka Pussy Boy

That tough guy wannabe up there is 22 year old Julian L. Gates.  Pussy boy likes to beat on 3 year old little girls.  The tw*t is being charged with first degree murder in the death of his live in girlfriend’s 3 year old daughter Mia Caito.

This baby girl was covered from head to toe with bruises!  She died from “multiple trauma” according to the coroner.  Sgt Michael Hundelt stated, “In 20-plus years of law enforcement, this is one of the most heinous things we’ve seen.”

It seems that bio-bitch, Brandy Johnson, left that beautiful baby with the prick while she went to work Friday.  (That is not why I’m referring to her as a breeder and not a mother.)  At about 6:45pm a 911 call was made by the murder’s sister reporting an unresponsive child.  I need to make this clear; she was not there when he beat this child!  She came home hours after the beating and found little Mia and called 911.  Family members took Mia to the hospital before police arrived while the abusive bastard went for a walk.  One report said she died on the way to the hospital, another said she died at the hospital…

The police have a timeline because the neighbors heard the beating!  Now, let that sink in a minute…  The heard him yelling at and hitting this baby and her screaming and crying out in pain and fear.  They heard it all and not one of the worthless, selfish fucks picked up a phone and dialed 9-1-1!  They say they couldn’t intercede because they feared for their lives…  What a bunch of fucking spineless, morally bankrupt c***s you all are!!!  You don’t know true fear!!  What do you think Mia felt?!?  I truly hope that you hear those cries for the rest of your miserable lives!!  I hope they haunt you until you waste away straight to hell!!  Sadly, that would only work if you had a conscience and obviously none of you do!!!  Mia’s blood is on your hands just as much as the fucker that actually killed her!!  You deserve the same punishment!!  It took officers less than 5 minutes to get to the scene, had these worthless pricks called 911 when it was happening she probably wouldn’t have lost her life…

According to the coroner this wasn’t a one time thing.  Mia’s injuries were in various stages of healing.  So even if the breeder didn’t abuse this baby she had to know her dildo was and she still left her with him!!!  She’s being investigated for neglect.

Mia was in a foster home for a year and then sent back to this worthless c***!  She should be charged with murder just like the fuck she let abuse this child to death!!

He’s pled not guilty and is being held on a $2 million bond.

I’m going to end this with a quote from Andrew Robertson.  He and his wife Shannon were Mia’s foster parents.  He says his family is mourning the loss deeply.  “Mia was an amazing, bright, happy baby,” Robertson said.  “She was a brilliant, shining child.”

My heart goes out to them and their family.

Your smile is lighting up the heavens beautiful Mia! Be at peace.

“Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.


Thanks to Deena for the tip on this one.



Another Abusive Slag Shakes the Baby

Banks Accused of Killing Infant

Mother Charged with Shaking Death of Baby


Baby Shaking Bitch


That pathetic excuse of a mother with the emotionless, bothered expression you see up there is 20 year old Starkenya Banks.  She’s being held in Chicago under a $1,000,000.00 bond for First Degree Murder.  You see the twit is like so many other young parents that aren’t prepared or capable enough to raise a child and cannot seem to control their temper or keep their legs shut!!

2 month old Omaria Beckon was having a rough time.  She was crying and wouldn’t go to sleep.

According to what she told police, the idiot shook Omaria “two or three times” to stop her from crying and dropped her on a tile floor.  When little Omaria didn’t wake for her next feeding 4 hours later, the abusive slag called an ambulance.  Omaria was pronounced dead that night…

Rant on:

When faced with an inconsolable baby a MOTHER would try various methods to soothe their baby, if that didn’t work they would then place the baby in a safe spot and walk away to calm down if the frustration level was to much to handle!!  I’ve even known some to sit down with their baby and bawl!  What they don’t do is shake the child and then drop them head first on a tile fucking floor!!! 

The question in my mind is did she drop her or fucking throw her???  This disgusting c*** was mad enough to violently shake that baby hard enough to cause enough damage that she stopped crying, who’s to say she wasn’t mad enough to then throw her on the tile floor???

My nephew has been with me all week.  He’s teething and today was miserable for him!  He’s cried or whined all day long because he hurts and doesn’t feel well.  Not once have I raised my hand to him, not once have I picked him up and shaken him!!  I’ve not so much as raised my voice to him!  It’s never been a consideration!! 

It’s simple she stole life from that child, murdered her, the only just punishment is immediate death!!  The c*** confessed!  There is no doubt about her guilt!!!  Kill the bitch! 

Rant Over


R.I.P. Sweet baby girl…



Thanks go to Deena for the tip!

Yokeia Smith… crazy or evil?

Woman  is accused of killing her children

2 children shot, mother arrested

Mother arrested for shooting her children

Judge denies bond for Illinois mother charged in shotgun killings of 2 of her children

On August 31st, witnesses heard the sound of an engine revving and a thud Yokeia Smith (25) had just hit a man and his 3-year-old son, before stopping her car, getting out with a loaded shotgun in hand and sitting on a bench.  In her car, was her 8-year-old son and he had a story to tell police that would lead them to what they called “one of the most gruesome crime scenes they have ever seen.”

8-year-old Xaveious Brown would tell the police that his mother had killed his brother LeVada Brown (5) and sister Yokeia Smith (4) and that he had fled the apartment.  Police, following up on what he said, went to the family’s apartment and found the babies both dead of a close range shotgun blast to the head.  Ugh… I can’t even believe I just had to type that. 

As of last week there was no motive released for why Yokeia had killed the children.  Her family is coming forward and saying she is bi-polar and on medication, but that is it.  She has a history with CPS. All allegations stem from neglect, not physical abuse, and the kids were never removed from her care. 

Yokeia, who is on suicide watch, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder; the judge entered a not guilty plea on her behalf and appointed the public defenders office to handle her case.  She also faces charges of armed criminal action and first-degree assault for hitting the man and his son.

Thanks to everyone who sent in the tips.

Rest in Peace… Sweet Angels

14-year-old dies in house with hundreds of animals

Lydia Price

Mom charged after son dies at ‘deplorable’ home overrun with animals:

In Berwyn, Illinois a mentally handicapped 14-year-old boy was found in the backyard of a home, only partially clothed and unresponsive. He later died at the hospital of bronchopneumonia. You basically get bronchopneumonia from a common cold that goes untreated. If that is the case it would not come as a surprise because of what investigators found in the house.

49-year-old Lydia Price was charged with criminal abuse and neglect of a disabled child resulting in death, endangerment of a child, animal hoarding and cruel treatment.

Not only did they find four other children in the house, ages 12-18 who had never been to school, but they found so many animals in the house it would make some zoos jealous.

Found inside the house were…

109 cats, three dogs, 39 c*ckatiels, two kinkajous, a large racoon and other exotic animals.

Do you want to know what some of those other animals were? How about hundreds of hissing c*ckroaches? Those aren’t your normal filthy home c*ckroaches. These are imported c*ckroaches that some people keep as pets. They are from Madagascar and you’re not supposed to have this many in a house considering it would be introducing a foreign species to the environment which could be disastrous.

2010 Stepfather of the Year…. NOT!

Stepfucker aka Kenneth Hast

Stepfather arrested for duct taping stepson 

4-year-old duct taped, stepfather arrested 

Let me start by apologizing for my delay in posting this story.  Between the holidays, work, my kids, and my hubby having knee surgery, I’ve gotten a little behind.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have for you the stepfather of the year for 2010… or NOT!  Meet 22-year-old, Kenneth Hast of Shawneetown, IL.  What landed him here you ask?  Well, his solution to his 4-year-old stepson’s habit of sucking his bottom lip.  You see… tough guy up there must have been seriously annoyed with the fact his stepson sucked his bottom lip because on December 20th, while watching him he decided it was appropriate to duct tape the little guys arms and legs and slam his head into a desk when he refused to stop sucking his lip.  Jeez… what’s the big deal he’ll out grow it and if he doesn’t who freakin cares!  

When mom arrived home from work, she took her son to the hospital for a possible head injury he was treated and released.  Stepfucker was arrested and charged unlawful restraint, aggravated domestic battery and aggravated battery of a child.  Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!  

I have to say, that my 6-year-old son has a habit of chewing on the collar and/or sleeve of his shirts.  Now it has never occurred to myself or my husband to try the duct tape/head bashing treatment to break him of the habit.  I just let him deal with the soaked collar/sleeve and in time he’ll either out grow it or get used to having wet clothing, either way it’s his habit to deal with.  

No one was killed, or permanently maimed so all in all a happy ending, but if mom doesn’t get rid of stepfucker with the quickness, we may be reading about him again, in the near future.  He clearly has some control/anger issues. 

Thanks to our very own and the always-lovely Nicole for the tip.

Not Divine Not Mercy: Breeder slits throat of 4-year-old

Being crazy has her in stitches

Mother charged in death of Bloomingdale girl:

In Bloomington, Illinois police arrested 43-year-old Marci M. Webber for allegedly killing her own 4-year-old daughter, Maggie Webber.

Webber killed her daughter by slashing her throat with a 4 inch folding knife. The cut was so deep it severed her daughter’s esophagus and reached the spine. For those of you not up on your anatomy that means she almost cut her daughter’s head off with a small knife with a single cut. Even on a 4-year-old girl that had to require a superhuman effort. The superhuman effort may have come from the fact that Webber is obviously nuttier than squirrel shit.

Webber wrote on the bathroom wall in blood “Divine Mercy” and claims that she brutally killed her daughter so she wouldn’t end up as an internet sex slave even though she was not in danger of becoming that.

She’s obviously also been treated for self inflicted wounds. I’m guessing this is another case of an attempted murder-suicide where the murderer backed out. Webber had been involved in a custody dispute over another daughter.

Thanks to Holly for the tip.

Gang member throws baby against crib, goes to sleep

Man Charged With Murder Of 3-Week-Old Daughter:

19-year-old Jorge Galvez of Cicero, Illinois is accused of throwing his 3-week-old daughter, Liliana Galvez, at her crib during a fight with the baby mama. Rather than call for help both Breeders allegedly went to sleep for six hours then Galvez called his mother who told him to call paramedics.

She was pronounced dead at the scene of blunt force trauma.

Thanks to Kathryn for the tip.

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