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Daddy does his daughter, kills her and throws her away

DC man had sex with daughter then killed her, prosecutors say


This one is so twisted I am not even sure where to begin…..

The last time anyone seen Ebony Franklin (17) alive was November 26, 2010, when she was dropped for a weekend with her father Rodney J. McIntyre (45).  She was found stabbed to death in a garbage can on November 27th, the same day her mother reported her missing.

According to her mother, Ebony was dropped off to spend the weekend with her father, but McIntyre said she was actually planning to spend the weekend with her boyfriend.  I am not sure if he meant himself or another boyfriend, as he would eventually confess to having a sexual relationship with his daughter.  Gag!  Semen found inside Ebony would confirm what McIntyre admitted.  Double Gag!

McIntyre stated his daughter never showed up to meet him, but witnesses say he was seen with her the day she disappeared.

Prosecutors are calling the murder “premeditated and deliberate”, as McIntyre went to great lengths to cover up the fact his daughter was dead, using her phone to text friends and her mother.  Upon investigation, they found that Ebony was dead before the texts were sent and both McIntyre and Ebony’s cell phones pinged in the area where her body was found.  Did I mention the alley where she was found was within a block of where McIntyre worked?  I didn’t… well it was.  I am not a detective but in my opinion by process of simple elimination all fingers point to daddy dearest, she was last seen with him, they were sleeping together (I can barely type that without throwing up a little in my mouth), there were mystery texts from a dead girl and she just happened to be found a block away from dad’s work.   Hmmmm!

McIntyre has been charged with first-degree murder.

What in fucking shit is going on with these two?  I am disgusted to the fullest on this one!   Did Ebony want to break off the sexual relationship with her father and he lost it?  Was she going to spill the beans to her mother and he lost it?  Either way, this shit is twisted.

R.I.P. Ebony



Not enough time for Julie Carr

Julie Carr

Woman sentenced after streaming sex abuse of daughter over webcam:

I originally posted about the slagtastic 30-year-old (really?) Julie Carr here. She’s the axe wound from Maine who was busted for web streaming herself ‘performing oral sex’ (ie molesting) her youngest daughter who at the time of Carr’s arrest was 18 months old.

Carr was sentenced recently to 15 years for child abuse and 20 years for child porn. It’s only the 20 year sentence that matters though because some dumbass in a black robe decided that the sentences should be served concurrently instead of consecutively.

I never understood the point of concurrent sentences especially for the lowest form of scum like this who inserted her tongue into the vagina of her own 18-month-old daughter. I gagged just typing that. Concurrent sentences should be reserved for people in minor crimes that are looking at some county time not child molesters who internationally broadcast herself molesting her own child.

I can’t decide if she should have a giant Wile E. Coyote sized boulder dropped on her or if she should be bound by her hands and feet in the prison yard naked and let both male and female inmates take their turns with her anyway they see fit.

Doctor Do Wrong and His "Chickies"



Dr. Do Wrong

Feb. 28, 2011 Former car salesman,  Steven Demink  of Redford Township, Detroit, Michigan pled guilty to six charges of sexual exploitation of children. Demink told U.S. District Judge Gerald Rosen that before his arrest, he worked as a car salesman for about six months and before that for about five years at a local bank. He said he completed a U.S. Customs and Border Protection training program in 2002 and worked for the Immigration and Naturalization Service for about a year. He attended college for about two years but did not earn a degree, he said. So much for The Department of Homeland Security.

This demented road apple posted himself on the single-parent website as a single father of a 14 yr old girl and in at least 1 case he stated he had a doctorate in psychology in order to coerce weak minded women into abusing their own children and sending photos and streaming videos. “Demink intimated to these women that the result of the therapy would be healthier children,” one court document.

According to his plea agreement he engaged in online chats with a mother in Oregon about the sexual development of her 8 yr old son who suffers from autism. He told her to engage in sexually explicit acts with her son in order to teach him about sex, while he watched via webcam. WTF!!!! How does a mother concerned about the welfare of her child especially an autistic child allow herself to be “coerced” into something so fucking heinous? I just can’t fathom that kind of betrayal.

At least 3 women have been charged all from several states. Seems to me that a sexual predator found other sexual predators to interact with. Of course I’ll probably get flamed for my viewpoint but it is what it is. If these worthless gyps had not already been abusers not one of them would have thought twice about contacting their local authorities and getting him offline and into a prison gang rape as soon as possible.

A mother in Idaho, one Ms. Eileen Schwab, reported her own daughter’s conversations with this fuck in 2009 kicking off the investigation that led to the end of this predation. I applaud you Ms Schwab, for have the courage and moral fiber necessary to stand up for your grandchild.

“I don’t know how he wrangled her in,” Schwab said. “She could have turned off the computer and gone the other way. He must have had a power over her.” I don’t, however, applaud you for this grievous insult. Don’t defend her she deserves to be raped with a pimp stick everyday for the rest of her natural life. Not coddled by our overly cushy justice system.

This case encompasses woman and children in several states including , New Hampshire, Florida, Indiana, Georgia and others. Seven children were “rescued” and at least three mothers have been arrested. According to prosecutors all the children , ranging in age from 3-15 are safe. Let us hope they haven’t let any slip through the cracks.


Thanks to JJ for the tip.


***Special thanks to Cyn 2 for the write up.***

WV Breeder sentenced for incest, perpetuating stereotype

Grandpaw Daddy

They say that in every stereotype lies a little bit of truth. 41-year-old Larry William Darby is West Virginia’s little bit of truth as he has been sentenced to 15 to 35 years for committing incest with his then 19-year-old daughter. Not only did Darby have sex with his own daughter but he also got her pregnant and the baby is now 18-months-old, but it doesn’t end there.

Back in November when Darby of Rand, WV pleaded guilty to incest with his daughter he also pleaded guilty to fondling the breasts of his then 14-year-old stepdaughter. And we’re not done yet folks. Or as they say on TV “Wait, there’s more!”

To be fair to West Virginia Darby may not actually be from there as he was already a convicted sex offender in Indiana or Ohio depending on what article you’re reading.

So since he has his own children and stepchildren this assclown has been married at least twice and poisoned two different families. Not only should this deviant have never been allowed to leave Indiana, or Ohio, being a sex offender he shouldn’t even be allowed to procreate ever again.

I do have to say that I admire his daughter for being in such a situation that she not only kept the child but by accounts loves him unconditionally. She is the antithesis of what her son of a bitch of a father is.

Thanks to Renee for the tip.

Takes One to Know One

Rape suspect heads to court

I’m sorry I’m late – finals and work can be such a pain in the ass. But moving right along… 

Well, this upstanding piece of smegma, Jesse James Latham, got turned in by fellow rapist, Jonathan Michael Teston who was doing time for rape and sexual abuse to three little girls, one was Latham’s daughter. (In return it seems in return of this information, Teston got all the charges dropped – it seems incest trumps child rape. I believe though that’s crappy of the justice system really – what about the other two little girls?!?)  

Teston said he saw Latham doing his little girl which makes me wonder what the fuck are two grown men – and one’s suppose to be a FATHER – doing destroying the innocence of a child? Guess Latham’s the picture of epic fail fatherhood. 

This aggravates the living daylights out of me, for not only did ‘Daddy’ fail the little girl big time, ‘Mommy’ was epic fail too. Yes, Dorthea Latham who was married to the shitstain got arrested for carnal knowledge of a juvenile. She got also five years of hard labor (18 months suspended) and after release three years of probation. She also gets to add her name to the SRO list. 

Charges that ‘Daddy’ Latham received were molestation and aggravated incest. He’s in custody for he didn’t have anyone to cough up the money for a 1.5 million bond and if he’s convicted he could be sentenced from 25 to 99 years in prison with a parole or probation possibility in 25 years. 

But of course there’s more to these outstanding couples – they are both charged only days before for a whole kit-and-caboodle of drug charges pertaining to marijuana. Potheads and epic failure parents, a winning combination! Let’s all hope they enjoy their stay in the Big House and smedge enjoys the knockers tattooed on his back by Bubba. 

The poor children of the Lathams are in custody of the state, besides the six-year-old daughter, there was a one-year-old child too. Hope that those poor kids get a lot of therapy and prayers.

Thank you Lori for the tip.

*** Thanks go to Eccentric Lady for writing this one.

Aswad Ayinde – liar, rapist, famous music producer

Raped five of his daughters

NJ Father On Trial: Rape, Incest Charges ‘lies’
Man on trial for impregnating his daughter is cross-examined
New Jersey man
Father to resume testimony at NJ incest trial

Yes, this is old, but the trial is just starting, and this case had not been covered here, anyway. I don’t know how this was missed in 2006, but it was, so here we go…….The horrid hyena you see above, trying to look all bad and in control, is none other than Aswad Ayinde, 52. Back in the day, he was a successful music producer with hits such as “Killing Me Softly” to his credit. That used to be a favorite of mine, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to listen to it again after this without getting nauseated. On the up side, maybe that song will prove prophetic for Asswad (yeah, I know I misspelled it, but I think it looks more appropriate this way, don’t you?), and he will be killed when he gets to the big house. But I digress.

Asswad is on trial for raping five of his daughters and producing a total of six children with them. Presumably the mother knew about it, but I’ll get to that later. Asswad is pleading not guilty, and saying that his family’s spiritual adviser (Satan, anyone?) made all of this up and somehow brainwashed his wife and five daughters into going along with it. I guess the adviser was also a geneticist, and was able to manipulate the genes of his children/grandchildren so that they would appear to be Asswad’s children. Anyone buying that load of manure? Yeah, me neither.

Asswad (I love typing his name that way) is using several other lame excuses than the “my evil guru did it”. Here are a few:

1. He loves his kids and never harmed them. (I’m not touching that one – I’ll let y’all have a go at it.)
2. His wife is lying.
3. His daughters are lying.
4. The DNA of the children of his daughters is lying. (OK, I made that one up…)
5. We were just living in a peaceful polygamous household. (Am I missing something here, or does this moronic statement completely negate the necessity for all of the ones listed above?) I think my brain is bleeding……

I am now going to address the last statement above in detail, because it just BEGS for attention…. OK, the polygamy thing – besides the fact that is illegal in and of itself, isn’t polygamy supposed to mean multiple wives who are NOT related to you in any way? Sorry, Asswad, raping your own children is not polygamy – it’s incest. And disgusting. I hope you become the polygamous wife of six or eight big guys in prison.

It is also reported that Asswad beat his wife and children, and forced them to refer to him as “My God”, while telling them that the entire human race was polluted, and they needed to produce a “pure” bloodline. The only thing pure about this animal is his capacity for cruelty, arrogance and evil.

Oh, and he lied about his intelligence, too (big shocker there, right?). He said he got near a 1500 on his SATs, but his school records show he only scored a 70. I thought you got 400 points right off the bat just for filling in the bubbles with your name and other personal info…..what did he do? just write his initials?

There are so many levels of WTF to this one that I cannot possibly cover them all, but I included several links, if you care to read more.

I saved my final bit of loathing for the “mother” in this fiasco. She knew and did nothing. As far as I am concerned, she is worse than he is; because even if you buy the line about stuff like this being an illness, and that pedophiles can’t help the way they are (for the record, I think that is BS on an astronomical level), the “mother” COULD have done something. She claims she was terrified of him, too. Who gives a purple piss if she was scared? I’ll guarantee you those kids were more terrified than she was. It was her job to protect them, and she FAILED! She needs to be in jail too, not being pitied for being a victim. Victim, my left tit. She’s guilty of abuse. She betrayed her children, and allowed a man to abuse them for years. Screw her, and the dick she rode in on.

I’ve said all I can about this, I need to go puke now. Credit goes to me for finding this one, because for once I did my own research. If anyone sent in a tip to the tip line after I began this, I will be happy to give you credit, if Trench e-mails me.

Aimee Sword gets 9 years for incest

Michigan mom, Aimee L. Sword, sent to prison after having sex with teen son she gave up for adoption:

I originally posted about Aimee Sword here. She’s the woman from Michigan who tracked down the son she gave up for adoption and had sex with him.

She’s been sentenced to 9-30 years behind bars for her crime however more details have been made public since my last post.

It turns out that her son was 14 at the time of her basically raping her own child. She was married at the time and had five other children.

So basically she’s ruined the lives of six children and only has to spend 9 years in jail for it. Will she have sex with any of her other children when she gets out of jail?

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.

MO woman accused of allowing professor to rape her 13-month-old

Couple charged with rape, child porn involving 13-month-old girl:

Calif professor faces molest charges in Missouri:

Over at News of Doom I posted a story about a man who is wanted in Georgia for trying to purchase a 5-year-old boy online for nefarious purposes. I mentioned in the post that there are people out there who are willing to sell their children into sexual servitude right here in these United States. This is one of those stories.

20-year-old Tessa L. Vanvlerah of Ballwin, Missouri has been arrested for allegedly allowing 47-year-old Kenneth Kyle, a professor from California, to have sex with her 13-moth-old daughter. Kyle was already under investigation on a child porn case.

So not only has Kyle been charged with rape, sodomy and promoting child pornography but Vanvlerah has also been charged with the same offenses as well as a charge of incest as well.

I wonder what Kyle was promising her in exchange for baby rape or was this a case of a woman who would do anything for a man.

Thanks to Jenny for the tip.

Sorry mate, dad's sorry

Man raped son then tried to kill him:

I know I’ve been neglecting our Aussie and Kiwi readers. Please do not take it personally. The reason I’ve been passing on stories from Australia and New Zealand is because I’m ignorant of the way things work in your countries. However I will no longer do that as I realize that I have a number of great readers from that region of the world.

Anyway an unnamed 36-year-old man from Brisbane, QLD was sentenced to 15 years for the raping and attempted murder of his then 2-year-old son. Again as I am wont to do I will bitch about the sentence because after you read what he did I think you will agree with me that 15 years is nowhere near enough.

The court was told the man decided to masturbate in front of the toddlers, and so sat them down on the floor of the lounge room, drew the curtains and exposed his penis.

He then lay one of the boys down on the ground and forced his penis into the frightened boy’s mouth.

Mr Vasta said the man then decided to kill his son so he wouldn’t tell anyone about the incident.

He then strangled the boy until he went limp, all the while apologising to his son.

“He said repeatedly: ‘Sorry mate, dad’s sorry’,” Mr Vasta said.

When he realised the boy wasn’t dead, the father went to the garage to find a claw hammer.

He raised the weapon to strike the boy’s head, but realised he couldn’t follow through with the plan, and so resumed trying to strangle him and force his neck to snap.

While his other son watched, the man then tightly tied a shoelace around the boy’s neck before finally panicking and calling police.

So for that he only gets 15 years. Not only that but he may be eligible for parole after 80% of his sentence so he might only serve 12 years.

Why do courts still keep treating these scumbags with kid gloves? Harsher sentences need to handed down for child molesting attempted murderers.

Thanks to Connie for the tip.

NJ man going to trial for raping, beating and impregnating daughters

NJ man accused of raping, beating 5 daughters:

An unnamed 51-year-old man is getting ready to go to trial for the sexual and physical abuse of his 5 daughters that took place between the mid 1980s to 2002. The man was arrested in 2006 and was just recently ruled competent to stand trial.

Allegedly he was one of these end of the world types who wanted to create a ‘pure’ bloodline by impregnating his own daughters. 3 of the daughters are believed to have given birth to six of his children.

The girl’s mother testified some of the babies were delivered at home and never received birth certificates, and said in at least two instances babies who died in the home were buried without authorities being notified.

The mother claims that she felt too threatened to speak up.

The suspect, who thought of himself as a chosen one. is looking at five different trials; one for each victim.

The only chosen one he is going to be is when his new cellmates determine who gets chosen to be his new boyfriend.

Thanks to JJ for the tip.

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