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Dipshit drug dealer caught with pot and son in car

SA police bust open alleged drug-trafficking ring, arrest four alongside 12-year-old boy

Drug accused had son with him

Police bust alleged drug trafficking ring

Drug bust at Truro

A 59 year old breeder from Ingle Farm, SA has been caught with more than 30kg (66lb) of mary jane, just outside of Truro. The kicker? He brought his 12 year old son along for the ride. The drug dealer’s 4WD had been modified with a false fuel tank, which is where the pot had been stored. Police pulled him over at 3.30am, found the booty and nabbed him. The male breeder was part of a larger drug syndicate in the area that also manufactured meth and ingredients to make meth. The breeder has since been charged with trafficking a large commercial quantity of a controlled drug, and manufacturing a controlled drug after the police found a meth lab at Penfield Gardens last year.

“I think that’s very poor form on the part of any parent to expose their child to drug trafficking.” said the detective in charge of the investigation. “We will make the necessary notifications to other government departments . . . to follow up whether the parents are suitable for children.”

I know times are tough and it’s tempting to get involved in illegal activities such as selling drugs to get a bit of extra dosh to feed your kids or keep a roof over their heads. But with illegal activity, there are people who don’t play by the rules, not even the unspoken ones in the crime world. Dealing drugs brings many dangers to kids, such as if they accidentally eat them or rival dealers come by and try to take out the competition. This idiot could have been shot by a rival and his son left to fend for himself. When you have kids, you have to put that all behind you. It’s not all about you anymore.



Idiot breeders thought preschooler was next Casey Stoner

Adelaide parents accused of manslaughter get bail

Parents charged with girl’s manslaughter


Ingle Farm couple charged over death of their four-year-old daughter

Photo of StOnEd MiLf

Ashlee’s the one on the right. Her myspace name is StOnEd MiLf. Nice.

Right now it’s 9pm. I want to go to sleep but it’s still a balmy 30C, even after the storm broke. I’m cranky. The office air conditioner conked out. So I’m still up and if I find any ‘tard defenders, I’ll tear them a new one.

Ashlee Jean Polkinghorne (21) and Benjamin Robert McPartland (27) of Ingle Farm, South Australia have faced court charged with manslaughter by criminal neglect, after their four year old daughter was killed last January.

The story behind her death is quite simple: The silly breeders (probably after smoking too much pot) put her on a motorbike, which then crashed into a tree because we all know 4 year olds are capable of safely riding an adult-sized motorbike. The little girl was taken to hospital but sadly died shortly after arrival. The breeders knew they fucked up and that what they did was so stupid and so careless, because not only did they wait over 12 hours to call for help (and only called because their daughter was groaning and slipping ina nd out of consciousness), they gave ambulance crews conflicting stories about what happened to her. Like you know, “Oh the tree just leapt out at her!” or “The motorbike fell on her” etc. After a lengthy discussion with police (because, you know cops and ambos aren’t stupid) they finally admitted they put her on the motorbike and let her crash into a tree. They don’t call it “dope” for nothing, folks!

Their lawyer applied for simple bail, but the magistrate sentenced them to home detention bail because of the seriousness of the charge. Home detention? Where they can play Xbox and replace their daughter, the one they killed? I don’t think so!! They should be in jail, because they killed their daughter! The case has been adjourned till March, so we’ll see if the magistrate wakes up to themselves and chucks them in the slammer.

I really hope they come here and try to defend their stupid actions, the acts of fucktardery which cost their little girl her life, because I seriously will drag them behind the horse. For Polkinghorne, someone should “polk” a horn up her nasty disgusting hole. And not the sort that she’s used to, no siree. I’m talking one off of a Longhorn cow, the ones that gore matadors and rodeo clowns.  As for the male breeder, we’ll tie him to a motorbike, push it down a super steep slope and make sure he runs into one of those spiky “Fuck me” trees, with all the nasty bacteria and shit on the spikes. Poor little girl, you didn’t deserve shit-for-brains DNA donors like this dumbarse duo.


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