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Stepdad gets all stabby with wife and stepson

Investigators: Man who stabbed wife more than 100 times says he ‘just lost it’

What a smug looking bastard. It’s supposed to be a mug shot, not a “smug shot”!

Lawrence Clinton Chambers, 40, has been charged with murder and injury to a child after he stabbed his wife to death and beat his stepson with a frying pan.

Jemal Chambers, 43, and her 13 year old son were found covered in blood at their home in Tidewater, a suburb of Houston TX . Mrs. Chambers’ 14 year old daughter was staying at her grandma’s that weekend and escaped the attack. She became worried when she didn’t hear from her mum, and when she arrived home she didn’t see her mum’s car in the driveway. When she went inside, she discovered her mum’s body in the bedroom and ran to the neighbour’s for help. Jemal was pronounced dead at the scene by the police and her son was rushed to Texas Children’s hospital in a serious condition. He suffered blunt force trauma to the head, cuts from the knife used to kill his mum, and disfigurement to the face. Apparently his step-penis hit him so hard with the frying pan, that it shattered. So that’s a pretty hard blow!

The perp was absent from the scene but turned himself in the next day. He reckons that his wife came at him with a knife and he “lost it”. He also claims he doesn’t remember what he did to his stepson. So you blame your wife for her death, when she can’t come to her defence, and you mysteriously “forget” what you did to your stepson? Sounds like the son got a few whacks in on the step-penis, since he might be suffering from a convenient case of amnesia. Jemal had tried to lock herself in the bedroom to get away from Lawrence, but he managed to force his way inside by breaking the door frame. He stabbed her 119 times, with most of the stab wounds on the back of her head. That doesn’t sound like a man who “lost it”. It sounds like a determined murderer making sure his victim was dead!

The knife and the frying pan were both recovered at the scene. The step-penis is being held without bond and an order of protection has been issued on behalf of the boy. This isn’t the first time Lawrence has been arrested. He has a criminal past and had already served 10 years in prison for a prior conviction. Nice one, mum. Bring a jailbird around your kids. A criminal check costs $50 to do. It’s the best $50 you’ll ever spend if you decide to move a partner in with your kids. Peace of mind if they’re clean, huge sigh of relief when you kick them to the curb.

I hope these kids recover and live life to the fullest. It’s the best revenge they can get on this monster and the best way they can honour their mum.

Rest in Peace, Jemal Chambers.


Another broken baby courtesy of TX douche

Man arrested, charged with injuring infant

A 9-month-old baby in Goliad, Texas is was taken to the hospital, coutesy of his douche-dad, Emiliano Israel Zuniga (18).  The good new is, the angel is alive.  The bad news is, she’s broken.  She suffered a broken femus, broken ribs, a black eye, and bruises on her head.  All at the hands of the boner donor who contributed to half of her DNA.

Zuniga was arrested and charged is being charged with injury to a child.  He is being held in lieu of $200,000 bond.

The source article has some comments from people claiming to know this taint stain.  Please please please let them show up here.  I love when people try to defend these fuckers.

Thanks for the tip goes to Lori.

Kristi-An can’t take the constant crying.

Kristi-An Walker 

Police-Texas mom charged in 2 infant sons’ deaths in 2011 and 2012    

Mom charged in 2 infant sons’ deaths

Kristi-An Walker, 20, never learned how to use a condom or any other form of acceptable birth control.  Now that’s not remarkable in and of it’s self, and is a fairly common trend in our country.  Some young women, unfortunately, don’t have the access to education on reproduction that would help them to make more informed choices.  Often, some young women find themselves alone with children they aren’t able to financially support on their family without some help.    Most mothers who love their babies (and most do) would make sacrifices to give their children all that they could.

Walker has given birth to 3 beautiful babies and is currently expecting her fourth child.  Sadly, that’s not why we’re talking about her.  No.  Ms. Walker has earned herself a spot on Bad Breeders because she purposely murdered two of her children as infants.  She admitted to Sgt. Kirk Coleman of the Angleton police department that she killed her 4-month-old son in April of 2011 by banging his head on objects and hitting him.  She repeated this process in July 2012 to murder another one of her sons at 6 months old.  Her reasoning for doing this?  She says she had two many kids.   REALLY BITCH? You had too many kids? So instead of any of the other options you had that would have been OK you murder two beautiful little children?

To add insult to the loss of these two precious lives her parents claim she’s “innocent”.  Kristi-An’s mother, Carol Shelton, is quoted as saying, “I know she wouldn’t have done that.”   SO SHE LIED TO THE POLICE ABOUT A CRIME SHE DIDN’T COMMIT?   That’s got to be a first for bad parents every where. William Bryant, her stepfather whom shared an apartment with Walker, her children and mother at the time of the first murder, says it’s also not true as well.

This story started last year when Kristi-An became frustrated with her 4-month-old son for crying.  Instead of trying any of the normal, non-lethal ways, of calming the baby (who, by the way had been born prematurely),  she slammed him on to the floor.  GREAT IDEA BITCH!  That won’t upset the baby any further!   She then threw this delicate little baby into his car seat and, at times, would bang his little head into objects such as furniture and walls out of frustration with his crying.  She also hit the baby’s heads on the metal part of their bassinette.

I’m fuming thinking about this because I currently have a 4-month-old little boy who was born a few weeks prematurely and I fought so hard to get that little boy here safely.  I love him so much and I get upset when I hit a bump in the road and I worry about his comfort.  Not Kristi-An.  No, Kristi-An found this way of “disposing” of her unwanted infants so effective she did is all over again with her next child in June of this year. With evidence that Kristi-An murdered her 6-month-old whom was hooked up to breathing monitor for an undisclosed problem.  She has admitted to police that she began abusing her youngest child when he was around 4-months-old. The day before he diedWalkerbanged his head and did not call 911 for assistance.  This little boy suffered until the next day when according to Sgt. Coleman someone called 911 and an ambulance was sent to the home.  When the sweet baby died at the hospital police began their investigation.

It is unclear at this time why the first child’s death was not investigated after the autopsy showed the head trauma. Walker is said to have shown “no emotion” when talking to police about her crimes against her children.  CPS has taken custody of her 3-year-old and Kristi-An is currently in Brazoria county jail on $1 Million dollars bond, where she is being monitored for the safety of her unborn child.  She’s charged with two counts of injury to a child and strangely only one count of murder.

We can only hope more charges follow and they take this child away from her and he or she has a shot at a decent life with parents who love them like they deserve.

Thanks to all who sent in tips.

***Special thanks to Jackie for the write-up.***

Trio arrested for starvation of sisters.

SAPD-Children starved, parents charged with abuse

Parents and babysitter jailed after little girls found starved

Neighbors shocked by child starvation case 

It’s really disgusting when we read about parents starving their child but what is even more disgusting is when parents starve BOTH their children.  That is exactly what police are saying Jeremiah Coleman (29) and his main squeeze Kayela McClintick (22) did to their two daughters (6 and 2-years-old)

McClintick is the mother to both girls; Coleman is the father of the 2-year-old.

Acting on an anonymous tip San Antonio Police and CPS conducted an investigation.  The 2-year-old was taken to the doctor who determined the child was starving with missing chunks of hair and abuse marks.  The 6-year-old was no where to be found.  After repeated inquiries into her whereabouts and repeated lies Coleman finally admitted she was hidden in a closet at the family home.

After locating her, she told investigators she would be “punished” every time she went to the refrigerator.  She and her little sister were only allowed to eat once per day. The slept in the closet and were often locked in the closet while their mother and a baby sitter danced for men.

Coleman said the allegations were false and real estate deal gone badly prompted the fake claims.

McClintick, Coleman and live-in babysitter Joann Brown (23) have been charged with two counts of injury to a child.

The sisters are in the custody of CPS.

Thanks to Amiee and Angel for the tips.



Moronic Mommy Monday…

Happy Monday Folks…we have another group of stellar mommies to read about today. 

Child torture suspect arrested  

Starting us off on the fine Monday morning we have Moron Mommy #1, Amy Marie Imler (27).  Amy is accused of torturing her 8-year-old asthmatic daughter.  By torture I mean, pouring hot sauce in her eyes, smashing a kitten’s head in front of her, force feeding her cat feces, kicking her, “hog tying” her and withholding food.

The abuse inflicted on her daughter was reported in August of 2011 but Amy was only arrested and charged in July.  Her daughter was removed 10 months ago from her home and has been living with her bio-dad.  Since being removed she has been in therapy and has begun to make regular outcries about what her mother did to her

Court documents say the little girl was repeatedly abused by her mother having been “hog tied” enough times to be able to demonstrate to counselors the different ways she had been tied up. Her boyfriend is also named as a potential suspect, as he is accused of helping his woman use a pressure washer to spray down certain injuries to the child.

Imler’s other two daughters (3-years-old and 9-months-old) have both been relocated, although neither were found to have been abused.

Imler has been charged with injury to a child and was released on a $50,000 bond.

Woman who allegedly traded baby for pick-up apprehended 

Mother accused of trading baby for truck says, “Cops have it wrong”  

Mom accused of trading baby for truck

Ladies and gents meet Heather Kaminsky.  Heather was apprehended in Florida and is being sent back to Kentucky to face felony human trafficking charges and meth related charges, after police say she traded her 6-month-old son for a 1999 Dodge Dakota.  Kaminsky later sold the truck for $800.

Baby purchasers, Jaimee and Jeremy Brown are also facing felony human trafficking charges.

According to police Kaminsky was living in Florida, where 2 of her other children were removed so she fled toKentuckyto have her son to avoid him being removed.

Kaminsky claims everything is false and that Jeremy is the baby’s father.

I guess we will see.

Children found dead in car in Smyrna

Smyrna mom charged in heat deaths of children

Thursday August 2nd in Smyrna,TN temperatures reached the mid to high 90’s, not the kind of day you want to be outside, let alone trapped in car with the windows up.  But that is exactly how Daniel Marise (3) and his sister Savannah (2) spent the last minutes of their young lives.  The siblings died of apparent heat stroke after being left alone in their mother’s car.

At approximately 3:45 pm investigators arrived at the family’s home to find the two children lying near the car, unresponsive.  It appears someone found the children in the car and removed them before police were called and arrived.

According to their mother Samantha Harper (25), she put the children in the car and went back into the house and fell asleep.  Hummmm…excuse me…it was 90 effing degrees outside.

Samantha has been charged with two counts of especially aggravated child abuse and remains behind bars on a $200,000 bond.

Following her arrest the family’s home has been condemned after authorities found the living conditions “deplorable.”

Police say additional charges are likely.

R.I.P. Daniel and Savannah   

Mother arrested for leaving baby in locked car while shopping 

Well…we have ourselves another mother who decided it was good idea to leave her infant in a car with the windows up in triple digit heat.  I am not sure how it comes to be that people leave their children alone in the car in the heat, I don’t even leave my kids alone in the car to run in and pay for gas in the heat or cold…EVER.

A maintenance worker at a mall in San Diego, called police to report an infant locked in a car with the windows up and doors locked.  When police arrived the found the 4-month-old unresponsive and “sweating profusely” inside the car and forced entry to get her out.  Her mother Starley Cristal Geart (25) then emerged from a nearby store, telling police she had only intended to leave the baby alone for a brief period.  Well…Starley (love the name by the way…NOT) it’s against the law to do that asshole, not to mention you are in California in the dead of summer.  Dumbass!

Medics we able to revive the baby, she was taken to the hospital, treated, evaluated and released into protective custody.  After rescuing the baby police and firefighters closed up Starley’s car to test how hot the interior might get, the temperature reached a life-threatening level of 140 degrees.  A few more minutes and the baby would have died.

Starley was booked on suspicion of felony child endangerment.  She was released on her own recognizance.

Mom allegedly whips son to death for wetting himself

Our final “Mommy” of the day is Vasti Coleman.  Vasti confessed to whipping her son Kyron Barnes (4) to death for wetting himself.  Why, why, why?

Coleman reportedly confessed to EMS workers when they arrived on the scene, saying “I did it, I beat him, it’s all my fault and I don’t care what happens to me.”   According to reports Coleman began whipping the boy for more than 20 minutes in the bathtub until he stopped breathing.  One of the boy’s sisters told investigators their mother beat him with a cord because “the belt was broken because mom kept whipping the kids so hard it broke into pieces.” That is awful, makes me feel sick.

Both girls were taken into protective custody and then placed with a foster family.

Coleman has a history with CPS that includes investigations in March 2007, 2009, 2010, August 2011 and April 2012.  The investigations included reports of physical abuse, sexual abuse, medical neglect and neglectful supervision.  Most were either ruled out or closed as “unable to determine.”

Coleman’s attorney said that his client needs a mental evaluation and is suicidal.  Well boo-hoo for her.

She has been charged injury to a child and is being held without bond.  The charges could (and should) be upgraded.

R.I.P. Kyron  

Thank you for the tips goes out to Casey, Masshole, Angel M., Cher, Mandi, Susan B., LM and our very own Suzee.


Jonathan Ramsey, Starved to Death, Deep in the Heart of Texas

Couple held in starving death of Texas boy 

Search for missing boy resumes Monday 

Missing 11-year-old starved to death in locked bedroom, Dallas police say

Police search for body of 11-year-old boy in Ellis County 

Neighbors ask why more aren’t facing charges in 11-year-old boy’s starvation death

Missing 11-year-old starved to death in locked bedroom, Dallas police say

Another day, another story of walking shit containers abusing their child to death. This nauseating case of starving the life out of an 11-year-old boy comes to us from that shit hole Texas, where even the child abuse is bigger. Child Killing duo, Aaron and Elizabeth Ramsey, have been arrested and charged with first degree felony charges of injury to a child for the starvation of Jonathan Ramsey, Aaron’s son.

According to reports, Jonathan’s grandfather called in to report his concern for his grandchild’s well-being, after having not seen Jonathan for almost a year. When the law came a calling, Aaron and Elizabeth gave conflicting accounts of just what had happened to Jonathan Ramsey, but from what information law enforcement could glean from the child torturing pair was that Jonathan is dead and dumped somewhere.

If you buy what Aaron Ramsey is selling, Jonathan’s death came about due to some good old fashion ass backwards discipline. Police reports reveal that for the last few months that Jonathan was alive, he was fed only scant amounts of bread and water, sometimes milk, as punishment for his bad behavior. His father claims the boy had started acting out violently early last year and struck his step-mother in the stomach, causing her to miscarry. According to what’s being reported, after this fetus evicting incident, Aaron hit his son and locked him in his room, where he would remain until his death, starved down from 90 pounds to 60.

Elizabeth Ramsey described Jonathan as naturally thin and “looking like one of those kids you see on commercials fromAfrica.” Um, sorry, but those kids in Africa aren’t just naturally skinny and working hard to keep their svelte figures. They are starving to death, just like Jonathan was. She also says that at times Jonathan was too weak to walk. I don’t know what her explanation for that is, but if it’s pathetic as the one she used to explain Jonathan’s unnatural weight drop, she should just shut her mouth now and quit while she’s ahead.

Aaron Ramsey told investigators he found his son unresponsive on the floor of the boy’s bedroom back in August and, like any good parent recognizing their child is in dire need of medical attention, he washed the boy’s body up and stuffed him in a sleeping bag, dumping his bagged body in the storm shelter of a nearby vacant home. Sometime after that, Aaron went back for Jonathan’s body and moved it to a wooded area. Law enforcement is currently searching for the boys remains. Let’s hope they find Jonathan’s body and Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey’s charges are upgraded to murder.

I will never understand how someone can bring a child into the world only to hurt them in the most unimaginable ways possible. If you don’t have the natural desire to protect and raise a child, don’t have them or give them away to someone that does. There really is no excuse for this epidemic of child murdering that’s taking over the country. My recommendation for purging this rash of homicidal parents afflicted with the urge to hurt their flesh and blood? Shoot ‘em in the head! Works for zombies and is also my cure-all for psychotic off-the-wall murderous mental patients. I think it’s the perfect antidote for the kid killing faux-parents that are ailing us.

Thanks to everyone who sent in tips.

**Special thanks to BooBoo Kitty for the write-up.**

“The little girl told me her daddy bit her, the little girl told me her daddy bit her,”

Father allegedly bites 7-year-old daughter in face 

On December 26th the 7-year-old daughter of Billy Ray Hicks (31) and his wife LeAnn, ran to her neighbor’s house saying her daddy bit her in the face.  Apparently her father had bit her when she attempted to intervene in a family violence situation between her parents.

“The little girl told me her daddy bit her, the little girl told me her daddy bit her,” says Geline Dodd, the Hicks neighbor. According to Billy and LeAnn Hicks neighbor, the seven year old girl ran from her home after allegedly being bit by her father. “All the sudden, he ran out and he went in and grabbed the little girl and she was kicking like trying to get away from him,” says Dodd.

Police were called three days later to investigate.

 But according to Billy’s father and mother, Billy and his wife would never hurt their daughter. “He did not hurt his daughter, I mean I know she had a bruise, but it was an accident,” says Linda Hicks. An accident Linda says was blown out of proportion, “She fell on his mouth or whatever because she was squirming and that was it, and that’s where she got the bruise on her face.”

OK,  Linda now I have heard it all…she fell on his mouth and got a bruise… come on, seriously!

The little girl is with her grandparents…I hope it’s not the dad’s parents.  According to grandma, CPS ruled it an accident, but the Sheriff disagrees stating she had a mouth print on her cheek you could clearly see three days later.  Ouch!  CPS is involved and helping her to get proper care.

Billy Ray turned himself in to the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department and was arrest for injury to a child.  His bond has been set at $25,000.


3-year-old scalded in bathtub, mom charged.


Gabrielle Shantel Collins

Scalded girl, mother charged 

Meet Gabrielle Shantel Collins, a 22-year-old pregnant mother of four.  She has been charged with injury to child, after admitting she placed her 3-year-old daughter in a tub of scalding water.

On October 21st, Collins’ daughter was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital –Texas Medical Center with severe scald burns to both legs, the left thigh and both buttocks.  According to the doctors the girl’s burns could result in permanent scarring or impairment and may require her to undergo physical therapy.  Holy Shit!

Police say  Collins says she did not mean to burn the girl that she was only trying to bathe her after the children made a mess of themselves with cake, but admitted to holding the girl in the water despite her screaming and crying that the water was to hot.  She also told police she was overwhelmed with her four children and the one on the way, and that she needed help caring for them.

Her bond was set at $30,000.

Thanks to Lori A. for the tip.



Mom charged with injury to child in daughter’s death

Mom charged in death of 2-year-old-daughter

2-year-old’s heartbreaking last moments

“Daddy,” she said and started to grab for his face before going limp in her daddy’s arms.  Those words and that moment would be the last shared between 2-year-old Alessay Andrade and her daddy on Oct. 4.  Alessay would be pronounced dead at the hospital.

Alessay was with her mother Emma Cardona (19) and three siblings all day while her daddy worked.  He reportedly called Cardona at 10 am and she reported their baby was lethargic and her eyes were rolling back in her head.  Ummm…Hello…call 911!  Anyhow, she didn’t she said she stayed with her baby who, according to mom, was diagnosed with “short-bowel syndrome.”  The little girl, mom would say vomited and had diarrhea all day.

When her daddy arrived home at 2 pm he picked up his sick baby and tried to give her some milk, she went limp, her eyes rolled back in her head and she had a faint pulse.  He called 911, but not for another 30 minutes.  Could that 30 minutes have made a difference in whether Alessay survived…maybe and maybe not, we’ll never know.  I imagine he’s asking himself that same question right now.  One thing is for damn sure, her mother knew she was seriously ill and/or injured and she did nothing to help her daughter and if she had called 911 at 10 am, her daughter maybe here right now.

Well, as usual an autopsy was performed on her little body.  The norm was discovered, it’s sad I have to refer to the following information as normal, a large contusion on her forehead, a hematoma on her brain and numerous bruises all over her body.  Alessay’s cause of death… Blunt Force Trauma.  Well shit!  I guess mommy and/or daddy are liars, my guess its mommy and the police agree.

Emma Cardona was arrested and charged with injury to a child; her bond is set at $50,000.  Her first court appearance is scheduled for Nov. 10th.

I am going to assume that since dad has not been charged that there is reason to believe that the baby was injured while in the care of the beast that was supposed to protect her.  I will follow this one and update.

Both April and I looked for a picture of Alessay and could not find one, I am not sure if I could handle seeing her face after knowing how she spent the last day and the last moments of her precious life.

 **R.I.P. Alessay, fly with the angels baby girl.**

Death by Dehydration and Depravity Parents Charged in 10-Year-Old's Dehydration Death

Michael James and Tina Alberson

10-year-old victim’s twin wanted to help

Jonathan James (10) died after parents denied him water after wetting bed

10-yer-old punished for bed wetting died of dehydration

Boy (10) died parents refused let him drink water for 5 days as punishment

Boy who died of dehydration was punished for wetting bed


**Thanks to all the readers who sent in the tip.**

The lovely mother fucking sons of a bitch pictured above are responsible for killing a ten-year-old-boy by denying him water for five days while forcing him to stand in a window in direct sunlight, in the summer, during a heat wave, with no air conditioning! For FIVE FUCKING DAYS! These twisted assholes drew an x on the floor where the poor angel had to stand as punishment for whatever the hell they thought he did.

One source claims he wet his pants, another claims he broke guitar strings. Who the hell cares? This was a tiny boy. Ten is small. Hell, I am 50 and I could not withstand this. He was also a cub scout. And, he was a TWIN. His own twin brother witnessed this torture and was too afraid to speak out lest he be punished in the same manner.  My sisters are twins. Believe me; twins will do anything to help each; so this must have been an unbelievably horrific household to begin with in order to prevent a twin from coming to his brother’s defense.

And, on the last day of his tortured life, they fed that poor, thirsty baby boy peanut butter and would not give him water to help him swallow it.  His twin watched the whole thing.  Personally, I will never be able to eat peanut butter again, even though I used to love it.  And, I will never stand in front of a window with the sun flooding in without thinking of this sweet, brave little man who spent the last five days of his life in a Hell he had nothing to do with creating.

My prayers go out to Jonathan in Heaven and to his twin brother, Joseph, on Earth. May you stay together in spirit.  Jonathan, we are all so sorry for what you went through. Not one of us reading this would have turned a blind eye if only we had known.  From Heaven above, where I know you are, please help Joseph overcome the tragedy he witnessed.  He loved you so much. He was just too afraid to stop the madness. To everyone; for the love of God and all that is holy; please raise your hand and your voice to help these innocent babies. They don’t have anyone else!!

As for the parental pigs responsible for this; I am afraid to say what I would like to do given two minutes alone with either or both.

The handsome Mr. Micheal James and his not-so-lovely wife Tina Alberson have both been charged with injury to a child causing serious bodily injury.


**Thanks to Robin for the write-up.**

R.I.P Jonathan

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