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Another Murdering Boyfriend, SSDD

Gresham man accused of killing baby
Family releases statement after baby’s murder

SSDD = Same shit, different day for those that are unaware. And I don’t mean to call the murder of a 1-year old “shit”, it’s just an expression before anyone gets their panties in a bunch.  I do not ever take a child’s death lightly; whether it be from natural causes or some motherfucker snuffing out a young, helpless, innocent child. 

In Gresham, OR Jeffrey Locker, 22, called 9-1-1 to report an unconscious 1-year old who had hit her head on an object in the house. Two days later, little Brooklyn Saechao would die.  The doctors had diagnosed her with a severe head injury.

Can anyone take a gander as to what our buddy, Jeffrey, blamed as the culprit for the head injury? One of the regular excuses we see here at BB – she fell in the bathtub! But the state ME was smarter than this fifth-grade educated man, and declared that his account of what happened was inconsistent with her head injuries and that the baby had died of BFT to the head.  The ME described the trauma as severe and said the little girl died within 48 hours of receiving the injuries. The autopsy showed this little girl suffered subdural hematomas, optic nerve hemorrhaging and brain swelling.  All not things that a spill in the bathtub can get you.

Locker has been arrested for murder and first-degree manslaughter for his alleged involvement in her murder. But only after po-po had to track him down, as he had fled the area and was on his way to Washington when he was found.

Only word about the mother was that she wasn’t home at the time of the beating of this little girl. The paramedics were called to the house at 2pm on a weekday, so I’m going to guess that mommy was working and boyfriend was watching Brooklyn. Do men not work anymore these days? Every fucking man in my life does!  I’m not placing blame on her mother, Jamie, at all at this point as I have no details whatsoever to indicate that she was or that she’s defending him. If you know otherwise, please speak up.

RIP sweet Brooklyn.  How could anyone ever have wanted to hurt you?


***We were asked to remove Brooklyn’s picture by a person who claims we were not being respectful to the family by posting her picture here.  The mother (who was not the person who requested the removal) “supposedly” would like to remember Brooklyn as happy and smiling.  Well, remembering a happy, smiling baby who has been murdered is hard with out a picture… in order to make that “person” stop posting moronic requests, I have replaced one happy, smiling face with another happy, smiling face.  If you want to see Brooklyn, please visit one of the news sources I linked in the comments section.

Thanks,  A

Thanks to SarahO for the tip.

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