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7 hours at a bar = one dead child

Cops: Jeffco baby died after dad left, went to bar:

23-year-old Joseph Trujillo of Jefferson County, Colorado allegedly went and drank at a bar for 7 hours. That’s a monumental amount of drinking. The problem was he was supposed to be watching his girlfriend’s five month old baby at home. So to put two and two together the baby was at home alone while Trujillo was getting his drink on.

Unfortunately the baby died. The details of the baby’s death have been sealed.

Trujillo is not the baby’s father.

Now I know you’re thinking where was the mother. She’s got a legitimate reason for not being there as she is serving our country in the military overseas.

Can you imagine being thousands of miles from home in a war zone finding out that your child has died due to the neglect of your boyfriend who thought 7 hours at a bar while your infant was home alone.

It’s unfathomable.

Thanks to Kim for the tip.

Jefferson County Seeks to Humiliate Delinquent Parents into Paying

SinkholeJefferson County is proud of itself. The Kentucky county has gone ahead and published the names of all of mothers and fathers who owe past child support to the state their children. (Oops, sorry – a little libertarian-esque cynicism almost snuck its way in there.) It’s a yearly ritual that nets about $1 million in past payments.

The full list of delinquents is available online (PDF). The biggest offender: Troy S. King of 8307 Palatka Rd., who owes a mind-boggling $53,833.68. Day-yumn. I’ve been in debt before (he says unconvincingly in the past tense), so there may be a few too many glass walls around me to go chucking stones, but…DAY-YUMN. If there’s one debt you never want to fall behind on – one debt you have a clear, overriding moral obligation to pay, the one debt that could leave you sharing a room with a guy who thinks your ass looks mighty cute in a pair of Levi’s – it’s this one. Dude, there’s "being behind", and then there’s "owing the equivalent of an IT worker’s yearly salary".

Best of luck to Mr. King and the others in crawling out of the hole they’ve dug beneath their own feet.

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