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Squalor, squatting and DCFS fail

Toddler left home alone, falls out of window

Mother charged after toddler falls from second-story apartment in MarquettePark


22-year-old Vernisha Carter gets a court date for being a failure as a parent.  What the lucky bitch doesn’t get to do is identify a tiny body or pay for a funeral.  You see, she’s a lucky fucker.  Unlike most babies that grace the pages of, little Jeremiah Carter is still alive.

After9 p.m.Tuesday night, Vernisha and her main squeeze left 2-year-old Jeremiah home alone to go fetch some food.  A neighbor found little Jeremiah on the ground outside of the supposedly vacant apartment building.  The baby had fallen from a second story window, escaping with only a scrape on his head.  He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Carter’s man claims that the pair was only gone for 5 to 7 minutes.  Anyone with an IQ higher than 15 knows you don’t leave a baby alone for ANY length of time.

The couple and the baby were squatting in the vacant apartment building and were living in squalor.  Hopefully Carter will be squatting behind bars and Jeremiah will be in the arms of a loving family with a little sense.

Just so we’re clear – Verninsha is not the only one who failed Jeremiah.  Neighbors say that they contacted DCFS about the apartment prior to this incident and got no response.  Good ol’ DCFS.

Carter is being charged with endangering the life of a child and reckless conduct. She’s due back in court in July.

How Jeremiah survived his mother’s dumbfuckery is a miracle, but I sure am glad he did.  I think he has a greater purpose in this life than government check for his mother.

Thanks go to Barroness for this tip.

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