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Confinement, starvation and neglect: the perfect course of treatment for a UTI!

Couple charged after little girl found locked in basement in deplorable conditions


Bad sperm donor Timothy A. Phillips and his hole-of-the-week Lacey A. Chaney

First of all hats off to Steve for the tip, and thanks to Lucy for some encouragement. I cannot stop laughing at the mugshot of the bad girlfriend up there. Look at her with her bottom lip stuck out, like a cranky toddler that won’t take a nap. But then again, it’s sort of like a smile. She just looks ridiculous. The bad dad just has that pissy defiant look on his face that most bad breeders have, which isn’t so funny.

The bad dad Timothy Phillips (30) and his live-in dick warmer Lacey Chaney (27), from Kansas City MO, have been charged with abuse and neglect of a child, endangering a child, and felonious restraint, after it was found that the bad dad’s 9 year old daughter had been segregated from the family and forced to live in the basement. The neglect and abuse of the young girl was noticed by the school nurse at an elementary school in Independence, MO. The diligent nurse noticed that the little girl reeked of piss and that she’d told the nurse that her private parts hurt. The nurse examined her and found that her vaginal area was red and irritated. She also told the nurse that she wasn’t allowed to use the bathroom at home and was forced to go to the toilet outside because her family didn’t want to contract the infections that she had!

The Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies turned up after the nurse filed a complaint, and indeed found that the little girl was forced to live in an unfinished basement with little food and water during the day as a punishment for a recent school suspension. Well, no shit, I’d act up too if my parents were anything like these fucksticks. She was forced to sleep on an air mattress in a basement, with dirty carpet, exposed wiring and overflowing sewerage. But the harsh living conditions weren’t instated before bad dad “popped” the little girl in the mouth and “whooped” her butt. Wow, Timothy’s such a tough man, smacking a little girl in the face. No wonder the bad girlfriend thinks he’s such a great catch, being able to defend her from those menacing pre-teens /sarcasm.

The bad dad, the bad girlfriend and her son lived upstairs while the little girl was forced to live in the basement. Bad dad’s reasoning for this, according to court documents, was that she lacked bladder control and that he couldn’t afford to keep cleaning up after her, and that “when she pisses, she leaves a huge puddle”. It didn’t occur to him that his little girl may have had a physical or pyschological issue that was causing her to lose control of her bladder. It didn’t occur to him that she may have been embarrassed by her lack of bladder control and needed help, not abuse. As for not being able to afford to clean up after her? How can you not be able to afford cleaning products? Unless he’s getting the carpet professionally cleaned every week, it’s just another bad breeder excuse. Here’s what I use to clean up animal piss (I have an ageing cat who sometimes has accidents) – Vinegar and bicarb soda. That’s it. The bicarb absorbs the smell and the vinegar neutralises the ammonia and also gets rid of the staining and smell. The fuckstick just could not be bothered.

Bad dad also went on gloat confess about his neglect of his daughter, saying that he only bathed her every 5 days or whenever she started to smell. He thought that she didn’t like to be bathed because of previous sexual abuse that occurred in the shower. I presume that might have happened elsewhere (like at her mother’s) but I have a very bad feeling it may have been while she was living with her sperm donor and his dick warmer. According to police documents, his excuse for not washing the little girl’s clothing was that the washing machine was broken. But when police went into the bad girlfriend’s son’s room, they found that all his clothes were clean and neatly folded. BUSTED!!

The bad girlfriend reckoned that the little girl peed herself to keep people away from her. So, why was it not investigated as a sign of something very wrong? The bad girlfriend was also the one to ban her from the toilet, because she thought she caught an infection from her. No, she probably caught it from the dropkick she was fucking.

On top of all of that, it was found that the little girl was suffering from a potentially deadly staph infection. Bad dad’s excuse for not getting her to a doctor? “She’ll just piss on herself anyway”.

Now for my two bob: Firstly, you cannot contract a urinary tract infection (UTI) from a toilet seat. That’s just ridiculous. Secondly, did it ever occur to bad dad and bad girlfriend to take the little girl to a doctor and have it cleared up? No? I’m not afraid to admit that a few years ago, I had a very bad UTI. It felt like I was pissing razor blades. A few rounds of bicarb soda in water (blech) and some cranberry juice (yum) and I was right as rain. You don’t even need to see a doctor unless you’re pissing blood. Easy as. UTIs often cause a frequent need to go to the toilet. And not just a “hold on a sec”, it’s “I’ve got to go NOW!”. Even if the little girl didn’t have pysch issues, that symptom of infection would cause her to piss herself if she couldn’t get outside in time.

The little girl has been taken to hospital for treatment of the infections she was suffering. Her sperm donor and the dick warmer are being held on a $100,000 bond. Hopefully the extended family are smart enough not to waste their money on these rejects and instead put it towards raising the little girl.

KCK Psycho-mommy flips her shit

***Special thanks to Warrior Artemis for the write up***

Johnna Green

Johnna Green

KCK mom charged in daughters’ near-drownings:

Mom in court, custody hearing for children who nearly drowned:

I remember back in the day being taught by my dick-head cousins how to swim, they tossed me in the fricken water then pulled me out when I appeared unable to breathe, however I did learn to swim and I don’t hate them but…I do remember it being one of the most terrifying experiences, being unable to do something so simple and natural, considering breathing above water comes without thinking to most people. Therefore when I read a story like the one I am about to write about I cringe because I cannot imagine how such tiny girls felt while being held under water to the brink of death by the one person that should love them unconditionally. Without further ado I bring you psycho-mommy (PM) Johnna Green hailing from Kansas City, Kansas a 23-year-old mother of two little girls who tried to end their life.

The little girls ages 1 and 4 years old were apparently held underwater until they became unresponsive then PM called the police to report her daughters’ being unresponsive, I suppose she thought they were little guppies? I’m not sure what the method was to her dumbassery other than the fact that she must be batshit crazy. According to reports PM had no prior run-ins with the law nor were the children on the radar for Child Protective Services, neighbors described PM as always being friendly and nice with her little girls thus leaving authorities to blame her actions on stress. Now, I know stress can be a bitch I have 3 kids that drive me nuts but never once did I say you know I think I will hold my kids under water so I can get some peace and quiet…no I send their asses to bed when they are making me lose my mind or if they burn up my time I burn up theirs with mundane tasks.

The little girls are still at the hospital in critical condition in protective custody. PM is still cooling her heels in jail with a 1,000,000 dollar bond, let’s hope no one will lay down that much for this psycho cow to wreak more havoc. During the hearing the little girl’s distraught father commented that the information in the case is sparse and no one is allowed any information due to the nature of the crime. God willing the father gets custody of these girls and keeps psycho-bitch mommy far, far away from them and that the little girls fully recover with no memory of what PM did to them.

“His eyes had a look of desperation”

Frail Missouri Teen Found Handcuffed to Basement Pole

KC neighbor saw teen handcuffed to door weeks ago

A 17 year old boy from Kansas City, Missouri, was found handcuffed to a steel pole in his basement by police. His sperm donor and wicked step-c*** had pulled him out of school in September 2012 and locked him in the basement. The boy said at first he was just locked in the basement, but in October he managed to find a way out and ate some food. Oh no, how dare he? This angered either the sperm donor or the step-c***, so he was handcuffed to a bed. The clever young man managed to take the bed apart and tried to use the rail to break the lock on the door to get food, but wasn’t successful. The dungheaded duo didn’t like the fact that the boy would seek food when he was hungry so they ‘cuffed him to a steel supporting pole in the basement. He remained there from that time on.

When police found him, he was shivering and emaciated, curled up in the foetal position. He was forced to sleep on a few blankets on the concrete floor. His eyes were sunken and officers described his eyes as having “a look of desperation”.

The boy described his daily routine as going something like this:

He said at 4am the sperm donor/step-c*** would come downstairs to let him use the toilet and eat one pack of instant porridge before locking him back up. At 3.30pm, the sperm donor/step-c*** would get home from work, give him a packet of Ramen noodles and lock him up again. Some time in the evening, sperm donor/step-c*** would make a last trip to the basement to give him two bologna sandwiches (wtf is bologna??) and a cup of water. Then he’d be locked up again for the night.

Sounds like this poor boy was in jail, instead of being in his own home! The motive given by the “wardens” was that the boy was “mentally challenged” and would “eat raw meat out of the trash and attack his mom”. Well bloody hell, have you ever tried feeding him once in a while? And not just 2 minute noodles and instant porridge either! And maybe he’s attacking people because he’s frigging hungry? Animals do that, and I heard children get mighty cranky when they’re a bit peckish. Maybe if you fed him more, he wouldn’t be so hostile and resort to digging through the garbage for food. Apparently he was locked up in December, because he got upstairs and ate a whole bowl of fruit. Oh no, how dare he eat something healthy? (I didn’t even know there was fruit in the US. Doesn’t it have to be deep-fried before Americans recognise it as food? I kid, I kid!)

A good Samaritan neighbour rang CPS after seeing the boy handcuffed to a door when she came to visit his brother. Yay, go neighbour!! She reported she heard lots of fighting coming from the house and knew something was not quite right. She has since received messages from the boy’s extended family thanking her for reporting them and stating the abuse had been going on for years (well, why didn’t YOU report it then?) If only there were more of her and less of the complacent neighbours who only look out for number 1 and end up reporting after the child is seriously injured or killed. Along with the boy, a 2 year old grandson that was living in the house was removed too. Can you guess whose grandson? Probably the step-c***’s.

The boy is now in foster care and is doing very well. He’s put on some weight and is not angry or resentful, officers reported. He had home-made pizza for dinner with his new family, which he thought was pretty cool because he’d never made pizza before. He’s well aware of what’s going on with the sperm donor and step-c***, as he’s been watching the news.

No charges have been filed against the sperm donor, the step-c*** and the step-c***’s crotchfruit (yes, the step-c***’s offspring was involved too), but watch this space. A petition has been filed alleging child abuse and neglect.

FYI – A 10-year old girl is not supposed to weight 32 pounds.

Police Rescue Malnourished Girl From Closet in Kansas City
Arraignment held for KC mom accused of locking girl, 10, in closet
Mother of Missouri girl found in barricaded closet is charged with child abuse

That’s a rough looking bitch – Jacole Prince.

My older daughter will be 10 a month from tomorrow. She weighs a healthy 100 lbs even. I also have a little one who will be 3 in August. She’s a little small for her age, tiny and petite. She weighed a hefty 28 lbs last time I checked.  When I read the story about Jacole Prince, my jaw dropped when I learned that her 10-year old weighed a mere 32 pounds after she was rescued from the closet that she lived in full time.

Acting on an anonymous tip to the child abuse hotline, Kansas City police paid a visit to Jacole’s apartment on Friday to find her to not be home. She was out to breakfast with her other 2 healthy children, leaving behind her dirty little secret. After the apartment manager allowed the police access to the apartment, they entered and began to search the place. Behind a closet door, with a crib pushed in front of it, cops asked “is there anyone in there?” and a meek “yes” was the reply.  Officers pushed aside a crib stuffed with blankets and shoes. Using a pocketknife, they cut open the doors that had been tied shut with a shoelace or rope.

This tiny 10-year old was found standing in the closet, along with her own waste. She told the officers that the closet was her room and she wasn’t allowed to go to breakfast with her mother and her sisters because she “messes herself”. She also told them that she sleeps in the closet and she hadn’t been let out for the past 2 days.  She went on to tell them that she doesn’t get to eat everyday and that her mother gets mad and punches her in the back because she always pees on herself.  She’s not allowed to go outside and play, like her little sisters. Instead, she’s allowed to play alone behind the living room couch.  Take a minute to digest that, I know I had to.

Jacole was arrested that after being discovered at her boyfriend’s place, where she was with the 2 other girls. Jacole admitted to keeping her malnourished daughter a prisoner. She claimed that she kept her locked up because she knew that she’d get in trouble if people saw how little she was. There is no record of the last time the girl was in school and the last time she was seen by a doctor was at the Children’s Mercy Hospital in 2006. Back then, she weighed 26 pounds. She had gained only six pounds in the six years since that visit.

The boyfriend claims he didn’t know that the girl was locked up in there. He has not yet been charged, pending the investigation.

Jacole was charged with assault in the first degree, child abuse, and endangering the welfare of a child in the first degree. She appeared in court this morning and reports say that she was expressionless and placed a “not-guilty” plea. The judge gave her a $200,000 cash-only bond and set her next court appearance for July 12.

The girl remains hospitalized and I would bet my annual salary that she’s gaining weight by the hour now that she’s getting nourishment. The other 2 daughters were taken into custody and there’s no speculation at this point why they were well fed and taken care of and the older daughter was not. Neighbors that had lived by the family for years didn’t even know that a 3rd child existed.

Cops have reported saying that during questioning, the girl was very sweet and constantly smiling while answering questions. Giving off the vibe that she was trying to please them. Probably a coping mechanism that she’s learned dealing with her devil of a mother. Poor, sweet girl. I hope there’s still time for her life to completely turn around. To gain a much needed 50 pounds and be placed with a loving family that will never stop feeding her and giving her love. Thank God for the anonymous call into the abuse hotline, whomever you are – you saved her life. This story could have a different ending, like them finding her remains buried somewhere near by because she’d died in that closet.

Thank you to everyone who sent in this tip.


Bad Mom throws Underage Party, Teen Girl Dies

Woman charged in connection with drunk driving death of teen

KC woman charged with supplying alcohol to minor in deadly accident

Woman charged with supplying alcohol to minor in deadly wreck

Underage Party Leads to charges against Mom

Man Charged in Crash that killed Teen

Bad Mom

Ok so here’s how it goes, “Bad Mom” up there who looks so nice and innocent had an underage party at her home in October 2009.  It was a Halloween party but that really doesn’t matter.  Apparently teens who attended the party supplied Sandra S. Triebel with the money and she in turn supplied them with the alcohol.  Real good responsible parenting there huh?  So did she at least do the responsible thing and make sure that the teens weren’t DRIVING drunk when they left the party?  Nope she sure didn’t.

Underage Party Guest, Kenneth Blake III

Kenneth S Blake III, age 19 left that party drunk.  Bad Mom up there knew he was drunk and let him leave in his car anyhow.  What happened next changed lives forever.  He hit another car and Laura B Reynolds age 16 was a passenger in that car.  She will forever be 16, she died at the scene. 

Angel Laura Beth Reynolds

Thankfully the driver of the car Laura was riding in and another passenger survived.

Kenneth S Blake III was charged with involuntary manslaughter with a vehicle with a blood alcohol content of at least .18. Blake was also charged with two counts of assault.  He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six years in prison.

Sandra S Triebel age 46 was charged with second-degree involuntary manslaughter, supplying liquor to a minor and a misdemeanor charge of allowing minors to drink alcohol inside of her residence.  She hasn’t been sentenced yet.

Although this is an old story and the incident happened nearly two years ago it should still be a lesson to parents out there on many levels.  Lesson one if there are teens drinking TAKE AWAY THE KEYS!  Lesson two DON’T PROVIDE TEENS WITH ALCOHOL AT ALL!  There is a reason why there are laws out there that pertain specifically to alcohol and to teens and alcohol, there is a reason why you have to be a certain age to drink!  This woman was irresponsible on many levels and it led to the death of an innocent girl.  Not that the teen that caused the accident isn’t to blame as well but this Bad Mom set the events in motion that led to the accident that caused the death of a teen girl.  Had she not allowed alcohol at the party at her home then that innocent girl may still be here but the world will never know because Bad Mom up there decided it was ok for teens to not only drink but also for them to DRIVE after drinking. 

Thanks to Jaime for the tip on this one!

Kid chews on PCP smokes

Kid Chews Mom’s PCP Cigarette, Goes into Cardiac Arrest:

That ravishing beauty is Velma C. Scott, age unknown, of Kansas City, Missouri. She’s been arrested for allowing her 21-month-old son to chew on PCP laced cigarettes. Scott denies the charges saying that “a friend” left the” cigarettes in the house which were found on the bathroom sink, the floor, and the living room couch. Apparently her “friend” is very clumsy with their cigarettes. They also found PCP in the bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom.

The child went into full cardiac arrest.

Now get this…

The boy’s aunt told police that the baby was born drug exposed and she believed her sister was high on PCP. The suspect’s sister said her nephew had not been “acting right” for several days.

Then call Child Services. Better to call and be wrong then not call and be right.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

KC woman kills son by sitting on him

Police: Mom Sat On, Killed Son:

28-year-old Lakeesha Brown of Kansas City, Missouri is accused of killing her 7-year-old son Esmond Ross. Brown told police that she put her legs across his head but would not give a reason why.

Police say that this isn’t the first encounter they had with Brown as they say in 2003 she was stopped for walking dangerously close to traffic with a child in tow. They say she appeared to be on drugs at the time.

Esmond Ross’ father says that he was trying to get custody of his son but couldn’t afford a lawyer. That makes me wonder if this was one of those cases where the court automatically sides with the mother.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

Mom Teaches Teen Daughter The Basics of Burying Dead Babies

Baby deathI’m not going to blame the 13-year-old girl who’s the subject of this story from Kansas City, Montana. She’s young, foolish, and, if this report is accurate, a victim of atrocious parenting. The full blame rests with her mother, who reportedly kept her kids so sequestered from the outside world that one neighbor didn’t even realize there were children in the home. The sheltering continued when the teen gave birth to a 10-inch-long baby, who was stillborn. (Can you say "inadequate prenatal care"?) Instead of reporting the still birth to the authorities, mom helped her kid bury the lifeless babe in their backyard.

Police haven’t released the names of any family members. If you know the names, gentle reader, feel free to leave them here, so that we can move to have this woman’s parenting license suspended.

Mom’s actions, of course, raise the inevitable "what the bloody hell was she thinking" question.  My bet is that she ceded to the girls’ pleas to "dispose of" the newborn’s body in order to protect the nameless daddy, who now faces statutory rape charges for drilling into a minor’s pants. Classy, eh?  Apparently, mom missed the part of her job description which includes grabbing your kids by the ear and shouting some sense into them when they’re..well, acting like kids.

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