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Couches and Bathtubs Vindicated!

Man Charged w/Abuse and Murder

Man Charged w/Murder of 18 Month Old Boy


Kerry Hawkins


I guess 29 year old Kerry Hawkins has read the child abuse for dummies handbook and decided the abusive couch and killer bathtub just wasn’t going to cut it when he beat his girlfriend’s 18 month old son to death.  So he hatched a master plan in that tiny pea brain of his.

He called 911 and reported a home invasion.  Jerk-off told police that two black males broke into his home, assaulted the baby and him and then fled.  Officer’s found the baby unresponsive; he was taken to the hospital and listed as critical but died the next day.

“Due to a meticulous and thorough investigation, the investigators identified the boyfriend as the suspect who (allegedly) physically assaulted the victim,” police said.  Hawkins was arrested and charged with first degree child abuse but now faces a murder charge.

Of course the defenders are lining up for their 15 minutes of fame…  His sister claims he could never do this because he has 5 kids of his own!  Since when has that ever mattered in these cases?!?  Not to mention, this wasn’t HIS child!!  Then there is a neighbor that states he’s lived there for 2 years and even worked with him a few times and never had any problems.  He says he’s a “good guy”.  Of course you wouldn’t have problems with this tw*t!!  This “good guy” beats on babies not grown men you fucking moron!!

According to the sister he was helping the mother out by letting her stay with him for a short while.  So here again we have a “mother” that leaves her precious baby in the care of the new boyfriend and the results are disastrous!  Neighbors say the “mother” has “moved on”…

I don’t know about anyone else but he doesn’t seem to have any injuries in his mug-shot above!!  One would think if “they” were callous enough to beat that baby to death then he’d at least have oh, I don’t know maybe a black eye, broken nose or jaw…  Something!  Here’s hoping the cowardly dildo actually does get assaulted in jail, repeatedly!!


R.I.P. Baby Boy


Thanks for the tip goes to Deena


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