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Meth-faced breeder and her grubby sex toy charged with bashing kids

3-year-old in critical condition after allegedly beaten by mother’s boyfriend

Cicero pair charged with assaulting children; 3-year-old in critical condition

No beauty prizes to be won here, folks.

Thanks go to Lucy on this one. She did warn me about the appearance of this aesthetically displeasing duo, but I still nearly managed to bring up my Java when I saw them.

Amanda Bishop and her fuck-of-the-month John Bonwitz (both 27) have been arrested after the egg donor’s 3 year old was allegedly severely beaten by the live-in sex toy. Police say that they found the little boy, drifting in and out of unconsciousness and being treated by paramedics, at the home in Cicero NY.  Egg donor was there, along with two other children, aged 7 and 10. All three kids had bruises and marks, but the 3 year old, being small and unable to defend himself against an adult monster, had copped the worst of it. He was taken to hospital, where he remains in a critical condition.

In their investigation, police found that Bonwitz had admitted to punching and kicking the 3 year old, which caused internal injuries. Bishop had also hit her 7 year old with a closed fist. Perhaps the 10 year old was able to defend themselves, because police only reported bruises and marks but no specific causes of the injuries.

Bonwitz was charged with assault in the second degree and child endangerment. The axe wound Bishop was charged with assault, endangering the welfare of a child, and obstructing government administration. I presume that last one is like obstructing police, and that the walking gash was trying to protect her gash plug. Judging by the mugshot, he seems to have a lot going for him /sarcasm. Such a sense of style, that sex-offender look, he should have all the girls clamouring for him! /even more sarcasm. He couldn’t possibly be a child beater or a creep, just look at him – he’s so wholesome /too much sarcasm.

The 7 and 10 year olds have been taken into care, while their 3 year old brother remains in hospital. Police are still investigating.

All the bad boyfriends on BB seem to have warning signs that they are not replacement babydaddy material. Take a look at the mugshot. John Bonwitz is filthy, looks like a sex offender and is wearing one of the ugliest shirts I have seen in a long time. His eyes have a slightly unhinged look. How can anyone look at him and think that he’s a perfectly acceptable bedmate/babysitter?

Who wants to bet that the po-po might turn up some meth when they investigate further? You don’t get cheekbones to stick out that far with just plain old exercise and sensible eating, that’s for sure.

Kimberley Harte and Samuel Duncan Abuse Daughter After Social Services Returns Girl to Them

british-flag.jpgKimberley Harte, 23 and Samuel Duncan, 26, of London, England, were found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm with intent, and could face life sentences. Just seven weeks after their daughter was returned to them by social services, they tortured her by making her eat feces, giving her cold baths, pouring boiling water over her hands, ripping out her hair, kicking her, and locking her in the bathroom. The child was originally removed from her home because of domestic violence between the parents.

The girl – whose name cannot be released for legal reasons – was examined under general anaesthetic because she was in too much pain and near death. The child has cerebral palsy, and the abuse has caused her to regress.

It appears that the decision to let her go back home highlighted failures in the British social services system. Social workers gave her back to her parents despite strong objections from the girl’s foster parents. Once she was home, staff readily accepted injuries as accidents, and made minimal contact with her dad. They also believed the mother’s excuse five times in two months that the girl couldn’t be seen by social workers because she was out with her father. Since abusers hide their victims, this should have been a huge red flag.

The case has horrified the British public who worked hard to change the system after eight-year-old Victoria Climbie was tortured to death in 2000.

Not to give any excuses, but it looks like underfunded and understaffed British social services is overwhelmed these days. Not only with run-of-the-mill child abuse matters, but with cases of ritual abuse inflicted when families believe a child is possessed by evil spirits. The vast majority of ritual abuse happen in first or second generation migrants from African countries, south Asia, and the Caribbean. 

Maybe folks have been watching the Omen and the Exorcist a little too much. Damn.

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