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“Explain to him in the next lifetime why he dead”

"Explain to him in the next lifetime why he dead"

Mekielle Pullins

In case you ever wondered if monsters exist in our world, read the story about 22-year-old Mekielle Pullins of Indiana.

Back in July, she triggered an Amber Alert when she allegedly abducted her own kids, ages 2, 3, and 7. Luckily, they were found to be unharmed and have been placed with the Indiana Department of Child Services. It’s what she did while she was on the run that’s been grabbing headlines.

Pullins is accused of allegedly abusing one of her kids while recording it and sending the videos to the kid’s father. Investigators say Pullins covered her son’s mouth and nose and recorded the child struggling to breathe. That’s not even mentioning the messages she sent to the boy’s father…

“Bout to call police so they can come get his body.”

“Explain to him in the next lifetime why he dead.”

“I’m stabbing (the child) 2 night I hate him.”

“I wish u never gave me him. I don’t love him or you. U used me for a baby and money then left me on the side of the road and left kids n shelter with not one call in weeks.”

She even allegedly threatened to molest the boy and sell him.

It’s one thing to be mad at your child’s father for being a deadbeat dad, it’s another to choke your own child to get back at the father. We all know how hard it can be to try to get child support out of someone who refuses to pay it, but if a dad won’t pay, an innocent child shouldn’t have to pay in his blood.

However, she just wasn’t mad, she was violently insane. Hopefully, the kids can find a better life either with their father(s), other relatives, or through the foster care system. She should never be allowed near a child or see the light of day ever again.

(Thanks to Lady Gray for the assist)

Crazy Confederate anti-vaxxer kidnapper caught

Crazy Confederate anti-vaxxer kidnapper caught

Megan Elizabeth Everett

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I first posted the story of Megan Elizabeth Everett. She’s the woman from Sunrise, Florida, who had joint custody of her daughter and went on the run because she didn’t want her daughter vaccinated. Not only that but she allegedly wanted her then 2-year-old daughter to be homeschooled so she could only learn about the Confederacy. The crazy runs deep in this one.

Yesterday Everett was captured not too far outside of Jacksonville, Florida, while using an assumed name for both her and her daughter. She was featured on the CNN show ‘The Hunt’ that’s hosted by former America’s Most Wanted host John Walsh. I didn’t know he had a new show. Good for him. But I digress.

While I’m glad that her daughter is now safe and back in the arms of her caring father this story affords me the opportunity to discuss some things. The first is, like I keep saying, there is no scientific evidence linking vaccinations to Autism. For some reason Autism is the bogeyman of Luddites who want to scare people into believe whatever medical conspiracy theory they subscribe to. Secondly there needs to be more checks and balances when it comes to homeschooling. Too many people use homeschooling as a way to either hide child abuse from authorities or to indoctrinate them into some hateful thinking. I’m sorry to the legitimate homeschoolers but too many bad apples are ruining it for you. Lastly, as I’ve posted recently, the Confederacy is nothing to celebrate. Even if you take away the racism you still left with a bunch of seditionists and losers.

I don’t see why anybody would want their kid to be a disease carrying racist yet here we are.

Missing and in danger – Zaine Lee

Zaine Lee, aged 1, from Bakersfield CA is missing. He has been kidnapped by his mother and is presumed to be in the company of her and his half-sister. He is in danger because his egg-donor does not have custody of him due to drug and alcohol issues. He was last seen on Christmas Eve last year. Egg donor may still be in California or may be travelling to Washington or Oregon. If I can find a photo of the egg donor, I’ll put it up.

If you see this little boy or have information about his whereabouts, please call the National Centre for Missing & exploited children on 1800 843 5678. Or the Kern County District Attorney’s Office 1661 327 7111.

Boy kidnapped from Cessnock NSW

I was watching the news after finishing up at work when this story broke out. It’s very pertinent to me as Cessnock is just 30 minutes away from where I live. I have shared this little boy’s photo on Facebook in the hopes that someone has seen him or his non-custodial parents.

Grandma s appeal to find missing 4yo boy

Curtis Jack Ross has been kidnapped by his parents

Four-year-old allegedly kidnapped at Cessnock


Police are searching for Curtis Ross (4) along with his parents Rebecca Ellen Ross and Jason Robert Agocs after the couple kidnapped the little boy from a park in Cessnock, NSW on Boxing Day 2012. His parents were not allowed to take him because there is a court order stating that young Curtis must live with his Grandma. Federal police have grave concerns for his safety while he’s with his parents. I assume that means DoCS have had a good reason (like abuse) to take him away from his parents.

The couple’s last known address was in Kurri Kurri in the Hunter Valley, but they may have relocated to the Western Sydney area.

His dad is about 180cm tall, and of solid build, with brown hair. While his mother is around 175cm tall, with brown and blonde hair, and is of large build. Information should be forwarded to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or the Australian Federal Police on (02) 9286 4000. I have posted this information here because as my mum says about posting things on the internet, “You never know who might see it”

I understand custody battles can be frustrating, but there was probably a good reason for the boy’s removal from his parents and the fact that the Federal police are worried for his safety probably means that the parents are not fit to look after him. I hope the feds find him and return him to his grandma, she’s worried sick! And I hope his parents are punished appropriately.


if you see this person please contact the police.

if you see this person please contact the police.


 UPDATE: Thursday 17 January, 10:30am – The Federal Court has confirmed that Curtis has been safely reunited with his grandmother. Thank goodness for that!! Thanks to Cori for the update!!

Nasty neighbour raped and killed Jersey Bridgeman

You look a bit constipated there, Zach. Don’t worry, Bubba will loosen you right up!



Neighbor charged with murder, rape of Jersey Bridgeman, 6

‘A little old soul’: Girl, 6, found dead after dad, stepmom jailed for keeping her chained

That literal sack of shit up there (because he looks like he needs to crap real bad) is Zachary Holly (28). He raped and killed Jersey Bridgeman who had undergone abuse from her sperm donor and his cum-receptacle and had been sent to live with her mum DesaRae Bridgeman in Bentonville, AK after her abusers’ arrests. DesaRae and Jersey lived next door to Zachary and his wife Amanda, who were friends of the family and often trusted to babysit Jersey and her 2 year old sister.

On the night of November 19, the Hollys were babysitting Jersey and her sister while their mum was at work. DesaRae came home at 11pm and chatted with the couple. After that, Zachary carried Jersey home while DesaRae was carrying her sister, and placed them in the same bed. The very next morning, Jersey had disappeared.

Just minutes after a search for the little girl began, a horrible discovery was made. Jersey’s small body was found in an abandoned house, just two doors down. Crime scene investigators found sperm cells on her body (gag) and built up a DNA profile which matched that of Holly. Holly was the one to call the cops when her body was found and after he turned up to the cop shop to make a statement, he was booked on charges of capital murder, kidnapping, rape and residental burglary. At least he confessed and didn’t bullshit around with lies and excuses…

Holly is being held in Benton County Jail and was attacked by another inmate (YAY!!) Holly wasn’t seriously injured (BOO!!!) and the inmate who attacked him, who was in jail on a parole violation, may face charges (Someone should buy that inmate a beer!) All the other inmates know what Holly is in for, and prison staff have said that they’re going to try their best to keep him safe. Save yourselves the time and money, and hang the sorry bastard!


Rest in Peace, little Jersey. You were too beautiful for this world.

Now here is something that all parents and caregivers need to know:

“Ninety-six percent of people who offend on children are people that the child knows. We all have been so trained in the stranger-danger aspect, which certainly does happen, but I think the reality is that’s about 4 percent,” Beverly Engle, executive director of the Children’s Advocacy Centre of Benton County, AR.

While the laws can be amended to capture all aspects of child abuse, while the sick fucks out there can be made an example of, parents should teach their kids to fight back against an abuser, even if it’s someone they know and trust. Teach them to kick, to scream, to hit, scratch and bite someone who does something or says something that makes them feel uncomfortable. Make them understand that there are people out there who don’t have good intentions, and that if anything or anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, to run away and tell someone.

I have found that Arkansas has the death penalty, so hopefully they might put it to good use on this shitstain. Here’s hoping.

Thanks to Susan and Malevolent April for the tip.


***Our first post about Jersey is here:

♥ Mal A

The Moronic Guide to Child Safety

Deputies Find Girls Bed Wrapped in a Cage

Parents Use Wire Mesh to Keep 4-Year-Old in Bed

Parents Charged

911 received a call related to a domestic dispute and dispatched officers to the scene shortly after midnight.  The caller, 34-year-old Russell D Terry, told officers he awoke on the couch being choked with an extension cord by his girlfriend, 32-year-old Jaime M Curnell, because she was mad he’d been out drinking all night.  She told them he had been throwing things all around the house.

While police were there they noticed the house was filthy and there was a bunk bed with a makeshift cage around the bottom bunk, complete with a door, latching hook, and deadbolt that could only be opened from the outside.

When police questioned the two about the cage they stated that their 4-year-old little girl got up at night so they put her in there for her own safety.  She had been sleeping there for about 3 months.  She was not in it when the police were there.

When this case hit the news I read one article and saw one picture of the cage.  In that article it stated the Sheriff had said there were no signs of abuse or neglect.

After researching the tip I saw this picture:

That’s when I noticed the nasty bared mattress, the unfinished wall that is peeling.  The general condition of the room that can be seen in both pictures is horrid!!  If that isn’t neglectful I don’t know what is.  That mattress was so filthy it should’ve been burned and they couldn’t even be bothered to put a sheet on it…

These lazy, dysfunctional asshats didn’t lock this child in a cage to keep her safe it was most likely done to keep her out of their way.  That way they could drink, fight, throw shit and not be bothered by her running around!  Sadly, maybe she was safer in that cage after all…

These 2 morons have been charged on 10 counts each of kidnapping, abduction, and child endangerment.  They are being held on $500,000 bond each.

The little girl and her 8-month-old baby brother are in the custody of family.  There is no info on where the older two boys are.


Thanks go to Dodia and Sarea for the tip.


Sounds like G'ma needs a hobby. Now she can learn how to make license plates.

Baby Ramey


California missing baby-grandmother arrested

We have all seen bad mothers here on BB; she is by far not the worst.


However I think Ericka Gallego is a contestant for the craziest grandmother and mother in law featured on BB. Technically she’s a Bad Breeder candidate since she inflicted unimaginable trauma to her son and his wife. Sometimes we forget that some breeders terrorize their children well into adulthood.


Ericka Gallego (58) of California claimed she was pregnant. Ericka, who I suspect is a big hog of a woman, even went so far as to throw a baby shower for herself. Neighbors and friends of Ericka were skeptical though. More then likely stuck around just to see what the next stop on the crazy train was going to be.


Meanwhile her son and his wife Kristen had given birth to the cutest little girl named Ramey. On Mother’s day Ericka would see her granddaughter for the first time. I think everyone can guess what happens next.


Kristen and her husband had no idea what this psychopath was brewing for the last few months.


On May 21st around 10pm, Kristen put little Ramey (who was 4-months-old) to bed. During the night Ericka, the paternal grandmother quietly crept into the house and kidnapped little Ramey.  Kristen woke at 6am to find her daughter missing from her bassinet. I can not fathom the agony that the parents must have been in when they saw the bassinet empty. The police were called and 100 volunteers helped search for little Ramey.

When Ericka showed up at her home with a 4 month old that she claimed was a 2 1/2 week old newborn, neighbors and friends became rightfully suspicious. With in 24 hours neighbors and friends of Ericka had alerted police to little Ramey’s where abouts.


When the police found Ramey with Ericka they asked Kristen Gallego and her husband if they wanted to fully prosecute her. Kirsten said (hell) “yeah” and so did her husband.

The worst part of all of this? No one in the family suspected that Ericka would do this. Ericka Gallego had worked as a middle school teacher’s aide and retired in June. They didn’t feel that she would ever have done something like this and were beyond shocked when Ramey was located in Ericka’s care.


Ericka’s roommate Jamie Portugal said it best “She wasn’t all there from the get-go; it’s a good feeling to know the baby’s going back to her mother.”


Ericka Gallego was being held at Los Angeles County Jail on suspicion of kidnapping. Bail has been set at $150,000. On Monday she was charged with one count of felony kidnapping of a child under the age of 14 which can carry an 11 year sentence in prison.

That will give her enough time to practice knitting sweater sets, making candies and crocheting doilies like every other normal grandmother out there.


I would like to point out why this is a good story. Little Ramey was returned to her loving parents unhurt. She will continue to live in a loving home surrounded by concerned and loving neighbors, family and friends. That’s heart warming really.


Ramey’s mother woke early in the morning to care for bundle of joy which is unusual for BB. The parents were involved in the search for their little girl, they chose to prosecute a family member to the fullest degree and are grateful for little Ramey’s safe return home.

Finally I can end a story confident that a child has a shot at a good life.


Kudos to the friends and neighbors of Ericka for turning her worthless ass in. They may have saved little Ramey’s life. Who knows what that whack job would have done with her?


Thanks Diamond for the tip!


***Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up.***


Elizabeth Johnson is an evil, selfish bitch from Hell

Baby Gabriel case takes new twist as mom, Elizabeth Johnson, heard on phone saying she killed baby 

I can’t even come up with a clever title, let alone think of how to articulate my feelings for this whore.  I listened to the phone call.  Thank gawd Logan McQueary had enough sense to record this calloused whore admitting to killing her baby boy.  Too bad he didn’t have enough sense not to knock the sorry c*** up though.  I am in no way blaming him;.I can only imagine his pain. 

December 26, 2009 was the last day that anyone saw 8-month-old Gabriel alive.  Gabriel’s mother, Elizabeth Johnson, and father, Logan McQueary, were in the middle of a heated custody battle, when Johnson and the toddler fled from Arizona to a Texas motel room and “allegedly” handed her little boy over to a couple of stranger.  Likely…  Right?  Johnson even went so far as to give a description of Gabriel’s “new parents”, saying the man was tall with dark hair and the woman was average height with blond hair. Both are white and in their 30s.  Of course police have been unable to locate the couple or Gabriel. 

The scenario of a young, spiteful mother handing over her son to a random couple isn’t a good one, but it’s better than the taped phone call (made the day after anyone saw Gabriel alive), between Johnson and McQueary, that became public this week.  In the phone call, Johnson tells McQueary that she suffocated Gabriel and put in his diaper bag before tossing him into the dumpster.  She goes on to blame McQueary for the murder because he was talking to other women on Facebook.   You want to talk to girls, that’s the price you pay,” she tells him.  There’s a fine reason to murder your baby boy. 

 Go to the source and listen to the recording.  She so matter of factly tells of how she threw Gabriel away because she had emotional issues.  I can’t stomach to type it out for you to read.  It’s disgusting and I hate that whore a little more every time I hear it. 

Of course the bitch takes it all back!  She’s back to claiming that she gave Gabriel away.  While I hope that Gabriel is alive, happy and being cared for by some mystery couple, what sort of woman can so freely talk of murdering her child if she doesn’t have it in her to do so?  My guess is that little Gabriel will not be found alive. 

Johnson remains locked up with no bond in Arizona.

Thanks go to Marcy for this tip.

5 times digust turns to 6; a case update

Original Post Here

articleInline This is the story of Burrell E. Mohler Sr. – his four sons – and his brother

The Mohler’s are charged with now face nearly 30 felony counts relating to sex crimes against children, and more charges are anticipated. Three of the men were lay ministers in the Community of Christ church.

This all started with the 26 year old granddaughter of Mohler Sr told authorities she was struggling with suppressed memories of abuse by her grandfather and uncles.  The abuse was absurd … elaborate weddings to her uncles, rape, kidnapping… murder!

Since the arrest, five other children/grandchildren have come forward corroborating the stories and elaborating on more horrific events.  They say they were told to write down the bad things and put the papers in jars and bury them and the memories would go away.  During excavation of the land it is known that  jars or pieces of jars were uncovered.

Calls have been pouring into a hot line established including people who are not related to the family who claim to have been abused, raped, held captive.  One called alleges she was repeatedly raped and gave birth two babies on two occasions.  She said the first baby was buried in the basement floor in a box.

Investigators used a radar device to probe beneath the farmhouse and found an “anomaly” buried a foot below the surface, an item in the shape of a box approximately 20 inches by 30 inches in size, according to court documents.

One call to the police hot line is a woman claiming she was held captive in the Mohler’s basement for two years.

Yet another case of something that went on for years and years and was not discovered.

Read It Here

And Post Here

Woman fakes son’s kidnapping to get money from ex

Kidnapping staged to get money from ex, feds say:

This sounds like a plot to a bad 70’s sitcom.

Alejandra Arriaza of Miami, Florida told her 17-year-old son that she was taking him to Wal-Mart to buy him an iPhone. Instead he was kidnapped by a ‘masked intruder’. The ‘intruder’ then directed Arriaza to a trailer where ‘El Negro” was waiting. Really? El Negro was the best they could come up with? Why not Senor Grande? The kidnappers called the boy’s father for ransom. He had recently come into money from the sale of a business. Arriaza even told the father that the ‘kidnappers’ were using a blow torch on the boy’s feet.

They might have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those meddling FBI agents. The FBI found the location of the trailer. The boy was able to identify one of his captors as Alejandra Arriaza’s penis, Angel Ponce. The penis’ cousin, Joel Boza, was also charged in the kidnapping.

It was all a plot for Arriza to get some money from her ex-husband. Greed really does make people do incredibly stupid things. Kidnapping, faked or otherwise, is a federal offense and the trio could be sentenced to life behind bars.

Thanks to Lori for the tip.

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