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Bendigo baby dies in hot car

Baby girl dies in hot car in Bendigo
Two babies die in tragedies at Bendigo, Gisbourne (The second story refers to a 1 year old girl being backed over in her own driveway. Not necessarily child abuse, but a result of poor supervision and not watching where you’re going. Still very sad.)



This story is from a month ago but is relevant because we all know that you don’t leave babies or children in hot (or cold) cars. And also because you guys will be coming into spring/summer soon. It’s summer over here at the moment and I feel we’ll have more cases of children and babies being left in cars on blistering hot days.

A baby girl has died after being left inside a car in Bendigo, VIC – just a day after Ambulance Victoria warned parents not to leave children in cars.

The 6 month old baby was left in the car and fell unconscious around 7pm on the 11th December. After a call to 000, the precious little girl was taken by paramedics from a late-model Commodore to Bendigo Hospital. She died of cardiac arrest shortly after arrival, despite the concerted and valiant efforts of the ambos to save her.

The temperature for Bendigo at that time was 30.1C (86.18F), according to the Bureau of Meteorology. But it would’ve been a lot hotter inside the car, like an oven! And for a small baby that can’t regulate her body temperature, it would’ve been hell! How could a parent even think to subject their poor little baby to such terrible conditions?

A 27 year old woman was interviewed overnight but was released without charge. I don’t know whether she was the baby’s mother or a relative or neighbour.

A number of people from surrounding homes were visibly distressed and were being consoled by police. It’s clear that people knew the baby and that she was much adored by her neighbours.

The case has been turned over to the Homicide Squad and detectives are still investigating how the baby ended up being left in the car.

Now for my two bob:
I don’t care if this was an “accident”. Actually I don’t like that word – it implies that no one was at fault. You do not leave babies in hot cars! Ever! I don’t care that they’re sleeping and you don’t want to wake them, I don’t care that they’re a pain in the bum to shop with. I don’t even care that you “forgot” the baby was there. Don’t do it! Check your back seats, resettle the baby if he/she wakes, save shopping for another day for when you have a babysitter. But don’t leave them in the car to die!

This poor little angel never got to experience her first Christmas (a joy for all kids and kids at heart!), she’ll never get to experience the beauty and the wonder that this earth can offer. All because of a stupid decision (or lack thereof) on the part of her “parent”. Whoever you are, you snuffed out this little girl’s life because of your stupidity, your dumbarsery, your laziness and your selfishness. May she haunt you for the rest of your miserable days.

RIP Baby Girl. What a horrible way to die.

Thanks a bunch, Malevolent April for letting me get these stories up. The time differences will mean that there’s always something to read, no matter where you live!

Central Coast child left in locked running car

Central Coast child locked in car

Child locked in car treated by ambos
Child locked in car treated by ambos


A two-year-old girl was found locked inside a running car in a garage at Buff Point, NSW. Luckily paramedics were able to free her and after being examined, she didn’t need any medical treatment. Police have been notified of the incident, but it’s looking suspicious. Firstly I don’t believe she found the keys and went into the garage, unlocked the car, got in and started the car herself. This simply wasn’t a case of Mum going to the shops and leaving her in the car. It also wasn’t a case of her being forgotten. It’s more likely someone put her there!! But why? Did someone put her there to get her out of their hair? Was it some sort of misguided time-out measure? Or was it something more sinister…?

The NSW Central Coast (where Buff Point is) is just an hour away from where I live, and we have had very hot days, the hottest on record. 13 people on the Central Coast alone were treated for heat-related illnesses, and this little sheila was lucky she wasn’t in direct sunlight. But the biggest danger wasn’t heatstroke, not by a long shot. She could’ve died from carbon monoxide poisoning from the car fumes in an enclosed space, which would’ve also put paramedics at risk. She could’ve put the car into drive (or reverse) and stepped on the accelerator, ploughing through the garage wall. It could’ve been a whole lot worse than what it was.

Even if she did manage to get hold of the keys, go into the garage and start the car herself, that just speaks volumes about her parents’ supervisory skills. Where were they? Surely they would’ve heard her start the engine, if she really did get hold of the keys. Either way, it’s neglect at best and attempted murder at worst!

She was very lucky she didn’t die. Very lucky.

Horrid Hutt Hovel

** Deviating from our regular format, I’m starting this post by thanking our new helper, Aussie Sabbath, for the tip and write up on this account.  I’m loving that you can almost hear the ‘roo in her writing. 


Alleged child neglect investigation

Parents accused of neglecting kids  


Firstly, G’day! I will be covering mainly stories from Australia and New Zealand, as well as some other stories that I happen across. Thanks to Malevolent April for inviting me on board.

Now us Aussies like to take potshots at the Kiwis. We laugh at their accents and the rumours of what they do with sheep, and we get annoyed when they flog us at Cricket. Today we’re taking potshots at these Kiwis for a completely different reason.

Two Kiwi breeders from Lower Hutt NZ have been charged with four counts of neglect after an initial police visit for a loud domestic disturbance. Police and CYFS (Child Youth and Family Services) found that the 4 children, aged between 4 years and 7 months, were unwashed, there was no food in the house and that they all shared a mattress in the loungeroom. The breeders’ names have been suppressed (but not their ages), so I’m going to name the male Sheep-fucker (25) and the female Sheep-sucker (22).

The family had moved in just before Christmas and neighbours reported (after the fact, of course) that there was constant yelling, screaming and drinking going on after the family moved in. Sheep-fucker and Sheep-sucker were constantly drinking and partying in the two days leading up to the bust. The children were often locked in the car for 15 to 20 minutes at a time while there was screaming and yelling coming from the house.

 Now, for those of you that don’t know, in the Southern Hemisphere, our seasons are kinda back to front. At this time, it’s summer and it’s as dry as buggery here in Oz and NZ is just the same. To be locked in a car in this heat and too scared to get out because of the fighting going on is just awful. And with the baby crying, it would be torture. Imagine if one of them got heatstroke and died!

One neighbour also reported that she was worried for the kids as they often crossed the busy road unsupervised to go play in the creek. In one instance, tires were heard screeching when a car narrowly missed hitting one of them. Other neighbours said that the kids were often up as late as 2am playing and that Sheep-sucker was spotted drinking bourbon early one morning. The Breakfast of Champions!!
Before the breeders and one other “adult” were arrested, partygoers hurled abuse at the police and a woman sped off drunk with three unrestrained kiddos in the backseat. Clas-sy! It turned out these poor kids were being babysat by these party pigs! After hearing what they did to their own kids, I wouldn’t let them babysit my plants!!

Breeders faced court today charged with 4 counts of neglect. Sheep-fucker’s brother made excuses for their appalling behaviour, saying that they’re a good family and that they were caught at a bad time. Yeah, being caught neglecting your children is always a bad time, mate. He said they hadn’t gotten their furniture because it was due to be delivered the day they were arrested and that moving house was stressful on them.  Sheep-sucker’s mother went as far as to blame society for not giving them a chance to move up in the world. Aww, of course it isn’t their fault, dear. It’s not their fault they won’t stop partying and that they don’t give a shit about their kids. Better blame everyone else but them, lovie. No doubt that these idiots will Google the case and come here defending them to the hilt.

I’ve moved house a billion times in my 23 years on this planet but bloody hell! You can wrangle some food for the little ‘uns, you know! You pop down to the corner shop on your usual trip getting your smokes and VB, and you grab some nuggets and chips, a bottle of milk and a box of cereal for the kiddies! Even if you have to buy a new oven tray because the old one’s mixed in with the legos or the bathroom supplies and you can’t remember which box you put it in because you forgot to label them.  


(MalevolenetApril reads this part ina very Kiwi accent that she knows well….)  Even grab some “fesh and chups”. Go to the shops and order “sex pices of fesh n sex dollars worth of chups”. If your new house has a “dick” go eat them out there if the weather’s nice. But feed your kids for Christ’s sake!

The little tackers are now in the custody of CYFS.

Baby dies in hot car – just across the street from the police station

4-month-old dies in car in Lufkin parking lot

Investigation: Huntington man forgot to drop baby off at daycare

The carseat where a 3-month-old Texas baby died after her father allegedly forgot to take her to daycare.

I have mixed feelings about this one, folks. Normally, I’m pretty clear on how I feel about the death of a child at the hands of a parent. But I’m of two minds on this one.

Christopher W. Stanaland, 27, of Huntington, Texas went to work on Tuesday morning at a printing and office supply company after dropping his son off at school. He claims he “forgot,” however, that he was supposed to take his 3-month-old daughter, Isabella, to daycare. He found her dead in her car seat several hours later.

Texas, as we know, is hot as hell in the summer and the baby probably had an agonizing death roasting in that hot car. Even more tragic – and ironic – the company where Stanaland works is across the street from the local police station. So this baby died surrounded by numerous adults who could have helped her, if anyone had thought to look for her.

It’s illegal to leave children alone in the state of Texas and the case will get a grand jury review, police say.

I have a lot of questions on this one. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – I don’t know how anyone “forgets” their child, even a small, quiet baby who probably spent most of her time in the car sound asleep. It is NOT like forgetting your car keys, no matter what the so-called memory experts say. They can research it all they want, it’s NOT the same and anyone with a heart and brain (and a child or two) should KNOW that it’s not the same.

Also, did NO ONE walk past this car in those entire seven hours? Not even another employee on the way into the building? And why the hell did the baby’s daycare center NOT call to find out where she was? I was 15 minutes late dropping my kids to daycare one day and my cell phone was ringing as I pulled into the parking lot – the center director called to see if everything was all right and if my kids would be in that day. Imagine, if this baby’s daycare center had done that, it might have saved her life.

Ultimately, however, no one is to blame for this tragedy except Stanaland himself, and that’s where my mixed feelings come in. On the one hand, I can feel empathy for him because police say he truly seems devastated by what he did. On the other hand, he is an adult and (supposedly) a parent, and he should be aware that when you’re a parent you have to vigilant about your children every moment of every day. Forgetting your child in a hot car takes a level of distractedness and carelessness that can only be considered criminal.

So while I feel for him and his family, I still think this guy needs to be charged in his daughter’s death. He was unquestionably negligent, whether it was intentional or not. And maybe if more people were prosecuted for leaving kids in the car, more people would be aware of the dangers and think twice about where their kids are before they get out of the car and lock the door behind them.

Thanks to Holly for the tip on this one.

Day Long Baby Broil



This tip from Arlington TX was sent to us by Michelle.

It seems Keashia Dyon Matthews, 37, left her 17 month old son in her SUV all day long while she was at work. And this time there won’t even be any of that pesky “I forgot he was there” BS, because she admitted she did it on purpose. She even went out a few times during her busy workday to ‘check on him’. And each time, she turned on the AC for a while. Wow! What a great mom! She should be nominated for mother of the year…….er….make that baby killer of the century – with a healthy dose of chronic stupidity thrown in for good measure.

Darrell “Tre” Singleton III was pronounced dead at the hospital, after medical personnel tried unsuccessfully to revive him. The tw*twaffle said that her son looked ‘red’ when she left work that afternoon, but instead of seeking immediate medical attention, she went to pick up two of her other kids from school first. When they finally arrived at the hospital, little Tre’s body temp was 107.

Matthews gave birth to five children, but only had custody of the three youngest. The two oldest have lived with Keashia’s mother since they were babies. The grandmother says she knew her daughter was a bad mother, and that’s why she took the two oldest. OK…..what about the other three? Why leave them there? The egg donor’s sister also knew that the beast was unfit, yet there were still three kids living with her.

I can’t wrap my head around this one, y’all. Several people knew that she couldn’t be trusted with kids, yet she still had them. What a colossal failure for the CPS, extended family, and other authorities…but most especially for the poor child. May he rest in peace.

Danielle Tozer: Drunk-Ass Mom Found Passed Out in Car with Her Baby Inside

Bar“Oh Jesus fuckme Christ, I so need a shot of scotch. This little bastard is driving me up the wall. Too bad they don’t have those drive-up margarita stands here in Clermont, Florida, like they do in Louisiana. I really need to move my drunk ass to Louisiana.

“Hey…there’s a bar. Fuck! If I didn’t have this snotnose with me…Well, it’s okay. He’ll be fine for a few minutes, right? It’s just one wittle drink. Sweetie, be good for mommy and don’t get kidnapped by pedophiles, okay? Mmmm…shit, that hits the spot. Hey, that was quick. I’ve got time for one more. Mmmm. So warm…so warm. Well, maybe just another, right? Come on, barkeep, keep ’em comin’! Keep ’em…comin’……more…

“Mmmmm. Wha’fuck? Where am I? My…car? Yeah…someone’s talking to me…where’s my, wha, wait, slow down, don’t whisper so fucking loud…where’s my wha? My baby? My BABY?! OH SHIT, WHERE’S MY BABY???!! Oh. He’s okay?! Hell, shit, don’t scare me like that! I was just resting so that I didn’t have to drive drunk, and…what? Wait! Where are you taking him?! Where are you taking ME?!?! You c*ck-eating motherfuckers! This is bull fucking SHIT! I wanna speak to my lawyer! I’M A GOOD MOTHER!!!!

To Prevent Killing Kids, Leave Something Important in Your Car…

baby.jpgThe most amazing thing about this story is not that a father forgot his kid in his car, nearly killing her. This is, unfortunately, all too common. What’s amazing is the advice offered in the article to prevent tragedy:

Metro police recommend the following to help you remember that your child is in the car:

  • Leave something important, like a purse if you’re a woman, or a wallet if you’re a man.
  • Leave that item next to your child’s car seat, so when you go to get that item, you will remember that your child is still inside the car.

Yeah! That’s a GREAT idea! Leave something important in the car! Like, oh, say…YOUR CHILD?!?!

Honestly, there but for the grace of God go I and all that jazz. But if you can’t remember it’s your day with the baby, how the hell are you going to remember to leave your wallet behind?

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