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How long can you leave a baby in a car?

Parents charged after they ‘left baby in car OVERNIGHT after shopping trip then found him dead at lunchtime the next day’

Baby left in car for about 12 hours, parents arrested in death

Thanks go to Benighted for the tip on this one.

The title of this post is not a trick question. Nor is it a hypothesis for a sadistic experiment.

A Californian couple have been arrested and charged with one count of wilful cruelty to a child resulting in death, after they left their 4 month old baby boy in a car OVERNIGHT. Not surprisingly, drugs were also involved.

According to the police, the neglectful nincompoops Jessica Quezada (23) who is the female breeder, and her accomplice and meat swinger Israel Soto (30) who is the forgetful father, returned home from shopping on Friday afternoon with their baby in the car. They then went inside at their home in a block of flats in San Diego, without taking the baby with them. It wasn’t until lunchtime the next day, that another family member found the baby in the hot car and immediately called 911.

The baby’s tomb

Once another family member had done the dirty work of actually getting the baby out of the car, like the neglectful monsters should have done in the first place, the dopey daddy finally sprang into action and performed CPR. But it was all in vain. The little baby boy died in hospital a short time later.

At 1.30pm on that Saturday, it was 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius) outside. That car would have been an oven, with the baby being unable to free himself. He would have been hungry. He would have had a dirty nappy. Her would have been thirsty. Plus on top of all of that, he was being slowly cooked alive. The baby-broiling-breeders’ neighbours cannot believe that they would be stupid enough to leave a little baby locked in a car for 12 hours, especially in that sort of heat.

Did I mention drugs charges? Yessir, yes indeedy. Jessica Quezada has also been charged with possession of a controlled substance. Considering her, ahem, size and carriage, I highly doubt the substance was meth. It was probably pot, because it gives you insane munchies which then leads to weight gain.

Jessica Quezada contemplates mugging that cop for his donuts.

Israel Soto being chauffeured to his new home at the Grey Bar Motel

The baby broilers have 3 other uncooked children – ages 3, 2, and 1, that are now in the care of DCF. Medical examiners will determine the exact cause of their baby brother’s death. The baby broilers will be expected to appear in court on Wednesday.

RIP little baby boy.

Zombie arrested for killing her baby and then trying to eat her

PHOTO: Couple Arrested For Beating Their Baby To Death And Trying To Eat Her

HPD: Mom, stepdad charged after badly beaten tot found at southeast Houston motel

Suspects Arrested, Charged in Infant’s Death at 4749 Reed Road

This has to be THE most horrifying mugshot ever to grace BB.

Thanks to Benighted for this one, via the open thread. It’s a bit late, but it has so much potential. That mugshot, it has to be an out-of-season Hallowe’en costume. Or is the zombie apocalypse upon us?

The zombie, Ginyear Jones (23) and her handler John Frederick Caldwell (also 23) are facing serious charges after the zombie’s 1 year old non-zombified daughter Melony Jones was found to be badly beaten in a motel room in Houston, TX. She was bruised, had broken bones and lacerations, and perhaps not surprisingly, bite marks. The poor little girl later died of her injuries, while her zombie breeder faces eternal damnation, to wander forever in search of brains, until someone removes her head or destroys her brain.

The zombie’s handler trotted out the tired old excuse that Melony “fell off the couch”. Yeah, and onto some false teeth that magically bit her? Pull the other one. The police then had to bring in their Zombie-English translator and managed to get the message that it was the zombie handler who hurt little Melony.

Police have charged the zombie with two counts of injury to a child, and charged her handler with injury to a child and serious bodily injury. Now that poor Melony is dead, I believe the charges will be upgraded to murder. I’m not up there with law and order, but because Ginyear is a zombie and not a human, wouldn’t they just shoot her through the head instead of bothering to arrest her?

So many questions to be answered, but a poor sweet baby is dead.

Rest in Peace, Melony.

Bad granny shoots and kills her grandson

Grandmother jailed for murdering grandson

Sandra Layne sentenced to 20-40 years in death of grandson

UPDATED Sandra Layne, 75, sentenced to 20 to 40 years in grandson’s murder WITH VIDEOS

Sandra Layne being led out of court

Sandra Layne being led out of court

Sandra Layne (75) has been sentenced to life in prison, after being found guilty of second degree murder, for allegedly shooting and killing her 17 year old grandson Jonathon (Jon) Hoffman. Police say she shot him 6 times, including twice in the back, while he was living with her in her West Bloomfield condo, near Detroit MI. The bad granny testified that she had become afraid of Jon in the last month that he was living with her, and that she’d bought a Glock handgun. Things came to a head on May 18 last year, when Jon threatened to run away after testing positive to synthetic marijuana. That’s when bad granny went upstairs, grabbed the Glock, and shot Jon. Even as he dialled 911, screaming that his grandma shot him, she continued to fire, filling his lean young body with six hollow-point bullets.

Bad granny’s own daughter and the mother of Jon, Jennifer Hoffman condemned her mother’s actions, saying “Sandra Layne is pure evil and, if given the opportunity, would surely kill again,” and “Sandra Layne deserves the maximum penalty allowed. Please do not show mercy on her. She showed no mercy when she planned, stalked, ambushed and murdered my son in his bedroom.”

The reason why Jon was living with his grandma was because his younger sister Jessica was being treated for a brain tumour. Jon went to live with his grandma so that he could continue to go to school and reclaim some stability and normalcy. As if that wasn’t bad enough, now they have to deal with the fact that a beloved, trusted mother and grandmother shot their child dead. Bad granny even had the nerve to blame Jon’s parents for her cold murder of her grandson.

“I would have never let (Jonathan Hoffman) come here. I would have told his parents ‘It’s your responsibility to help him.’ I see my daughter and the pain she’s experiencing. My heart breaks for her. I know what I’ve done. There isn’t a moment in my life I don’t feel that pain.” – Sandra Layne.

Earlier she said that Jon’s parents ignored her pleas to take Jon with them. During that statement and a few others, Mrs Hoffman was seen to be whispering “She’s lying”. Michael Hoffman reflected on Jon, as a strong and independent young man, who did things “the Jon way”. He said he was looking forward to seeing the man that Jon would become. Now that’s all been taken away from him by Sandra Layne.

He also related the effect that Jon’s murder has had on his family, “My beautiful daughter (Jessica, who underwent surgery for a brain tumor) now has a hole in her heart to match the hole in her head,” he wrote.

“Death is final, and my prison is every bit as confining as that which Sandra Layne soon will inhabit.”

Jon could not have been that threatening, if bad granny had time to run up the stairs to grab her gun. If she had time for that, she had time to call the police if she felt she was in danger. Not to mention the fact that she kept shooting him even after he’d tried to call 911. If she really did need to shoot (say he was coming at her with a knife), surely a leg shot would have been enough to fell him? And shots to the back indicates that she either snuck up on him and shot him, or he turned away from her to flee, and she shot him some more. Either way, what kind of coward shoots at someone in the back? This was not an act of self defence. Granny had simply had enough of him being around and waited for the perfect opportunity to get rid of him. The poor kid was messed up because his sister was critically ill, needed understanding and love, did some pot to forget his troubles (not a great idea) but that did not warrant being shot dead. Due to the 40-60 year jail sentence, it’s very unlikely that she will ever live to see freedom. She will die in prison.


Rest in Peace, Jon. You did it “Jon’s Way”

Devon Sawyer is an evil step-daddy



Man charged with beating 2-year-old stepson to death


Our latest tale of sadness comes to us from DeKalb County GA.  I thought southerners were supposed to be gentle but alas, not this one.  Devon Sawyer was the step dad to a beautiful little boy named Michael Weeks.  Michael was a two year old and by all appearances a normal little boy. He had a budding personality and lots of energy and lets be honest they don’t call it the terrible two’s for nothing..  Michael Weeks is dead at two years old of cardiac arrest.

Since you’re reading about it here at BB you know though that the cardiac arrest wasn’t natural.  Devon beat Michael so badly he stopped the little boy’s heart.  Fuck. Seriously, can you imagine the force of a beating that stops someone’s heart?! My heart hurts just imagining the abuse this little guy took.  Danielle Calhoun, Michael’s mother told police that she left her sweet boy with her husband; and off topic-seriously how long could they have been married or even together if she’s got a child by another man that’s only 2, while she ran errands.  Michael’s POS step “dad” told police that he had been napping and when he woke up he found the little boy unresponsive.  The police report notes that there were bruises on his chest and thighs, he is charged with the suspected beating death.  Michael’s suddenly very concerned mother says that the autopsy showed her son had been abused. Ya think? I mean I have a three year old who is very active, he does get injured playing but I bath him daily and he’s got bruises on him that i didn’t personally witness I question how they got there.  Don’t worry about a man between your legs, worry about your child being alive!  Think it’s hard being a single mom and caring for your child(ren)? Imagine how hard it would be to bury them…
Thanks go to Marshalette for the tip.
**Special thanks go to my girl, Jackie, for the write up. 

Jonah Mendoza was the victim of a selfish tw*t of a mother


Deputies: Mother killed baby, shot self in Ocala

Florida mother, 20, in hospital after killing her 6-month-old son in murder-suicide bid she warned about on Facebook

Mom who killed son taken off life support


There is only one thing I can think of that would be worse than losing custody of my son and that is my son losing his life.  You see, if I lost custody, I could still see him and even fight to regain custody.  If he died…. Well…. I don’t even want to go there.  I imagine that thought never occurred to Jonah Mendoza’s selfish tw*t of a mother.

Unemployed Melanie Reyes, who was pregnant with her second child, was on food stamps and was fighting little Jonah’s father, Jordan Mendoza, over paternity and his visitation rights.  Being as this chick was recently arrested on a domestic violence charge for attacking her most recent boner doner with a bat, it’s fucking beyond me how she even had custody of Jonah.  She bonded out on December 21st; 2 weeks before ending the life of her precious baby boy.

The day before the murder, police visited Reyes to do a wellfare check.  What good that did.  Reyes was found in her parents Florida home the morning of the murder.  She was in critical condition from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  6-month-old Jonah was ling next to her… dead… from a gunshot wound that was selfish-tw*t-inflicted.

Her parents were not home at the time of the murder.  A family member alerted police that they had been contacted via Facebook by Reyes about her sadistic  plans.  Sadly, police didn’t arrive in time to save poor little Jonah.

Prior to the murder, Reyes’ second baby daddy and her discussed abortion.  She was due to have the “procedure” on January 5th.  Two days before the murder, she texted him that she would kill Jonah and herself.  If he had only alerted police then, that precious baby boy may still be alive.

Having to have the last word, Reyes texted Mendoza a series of passively threatening texts.  The final one indicating that he would be tagged in it soon – I assume referring to “obituaryeque” post she left on Facebook.

Last Tuesday, Reyes was removed from life support and was pronouced dead.  The coward never had to face the consequinces of her actions.  Fuck.


Thanks for the tips go to Mandy and Sarah.

Bendigo baby dies in hot car

Baby girl dies in hot car in Bendigo
Two babies die in tragedies at Bendigo, Gisbourne (The second story refers to a 1 year old girl being backed over in her own driveway. Not necessarily child abuse, but a result of poor supervision and not watching where you’re going. Still very sad.)



This story is from a month ago but is relevant because we all know that you don’t leave babies or children in hot (or cold) cars. And also because you guys will be coming into spring/summer soon. It’s summer over here at the moment and I feel we’ll have more cases of children and babies being left in cars on blistering hot days.

A baby girl has died after being left inside a car in Bendigo, VIC – just a day after Ambulance Victoria warned parents not to leave children in cars.

The 6 month old baby was left in the car and fell unconscious around 7pm on the 11th December. After a call to 000, the precious little girl was taken by paramedics from a late-model Commodore to Bendigo Hospital. She died of cardiac arrest shortly after arrival, despite the concerted and valiant efforts of the ambos to save her.

The temperature for Bendigo at that time was 30.1C (86.18F), according to the Bureau of Meteorology. But it would’ve been a lot hotter inside the car, like an oven! And for a small baby that can’t regulate her body temperature, it would’ve been hell! How could a parent even think to subject their poor little baby to such terrible conditions?

A 27 year old woman was interviewed overnight but was released without charge. I don’t know whether she was the baby’s mother or a relative or neighbour.

A number of people from surrounding homes were visibly distressed and were being consoled by police. It’s clear that people knew the baby and that she was much adored by her neighbours.

The case has been turned over to the Homicide Squad and detectives are still investigating how the baby ended up being left in the car.

Now for my two bob:
I don’t care if this was an “accident”. Actually I don’t like that word – it implies that no one was at fault. You do not leave babies in hot cars! Ever! I don’t care that they’re sleeping and you don’t want to wake them, I don’t care that they’re a pain in the bum to shop with. I don’t even care that you “forgot” the baby was there. Don’t do it! Check your back seats, resettle the baby if he/she wakes, save shopping for another day for when you have a babysitter. But don’t leave them in the car to die!

This poor little angel never got to experience her first Christmas (a joy for all kids and kids at heart!), she’ll never get to experience the beauty and the wonder that this earth can offer. All because of a stupid decision (or lack thereof) on the part of her “parent”. Whoever you are, you snuffed out this little girl’s life because of your stupidity, your dumbarsery, your laziness and your selfishness. May she haunt you for the rest of your miserable days.

RIP Baby Girl. What a horrible way to die.

Thanks a bunch, Malevolent April for letting me get these stories up. The time differences will mean that there’s always something to read, no matter where you live!

Ghastly girlfriend kills toddler by feeding her chilli powder



Sorensen, 21, has pleaded not guilty to charges  of murder and child abuse after child’s death

We don’t hear of many bad girlfriend stories, but it’s not just boyfriends who abuse and kill the children that they’re supposed to be babysitting.


Amanda Sorensen, 21, pled not guilty to charges of murder and assault after she allegedly killed her boyfriend’s toddler daughter by force feeding her chilli powder. She is being held on $1 million bond in West Valley Detention Centre.


Police were called to the couple’s Apple Valley home after Joileen suffered a seizure after the skanky slut fed it to her. She was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival :'(


Now I didn’t actually know that chilli powder could kill someone. I love chilli and I have a very high tolerance for it because I was raised on it since I was in utero. An autopsy is being conducted on little Joileen to determine how exactly she died, but the dangers of capsaicin overdose include airway constriction due to irritation and symptoms of overdose include difficulty breathing, convulsions and changes in skin colour. So it’s likely she inhaled it and asphyxiated.


No motive has been given as to why this bitch chose such a nasty way to punish Joileen. But the nasty piece of work has her own daughter which, surprise surprise, was unharmed. I think that the whore was jealous of Joileen taking up her man’s time. Or that she was sick of sharing resources with a child that wasn’t hers. Whatever the pathetic reasoning going on inside that bimbo’s narrow mind, Joileen never, ever, not in a million years, deserved this.


Joileen’s mother is devastated. Her mother’s boyfriend considered her his stepdaughter and described her as a “bright kid, smart, intelligent, always running around…she loved animals and horses”.


If you think the treatment of child abusers in men’s prisons is nasty, you should see what they do to child abusers in women’s prisons. I heard one story of a woman who abused her child and was sent into Gen Pop, thinking it wouldn’t be bad. They were wrong. She was beaten to within and inch of her life and had every hair on her head pulled out. And so she should. Amanda Sorensen deserves nothing less. In fact along with the usual beatings and hair pulling, I think someone should insert various sex toys and jumbo tampons into her festering snatch. Soaked in Tabasco sauce of course. Or we can see how many Trinidad Scorpion chillis can fit into that rotting hole.


Just looking at those photos of the skank, she looks like such a nasty little piece of work. A spoilt little brat.


RIP Joileen. Go look for my sister’s Bunny and look after her for me 🙂


Thanks to all who took the time to send in this tip.


****Special thanks to Aussie Sabbath for the most awesome write up.

Scum bags are all over the world it seems.

Baby Millie murder ‘wrecked’ mother’s life

Baby Millie was ‘scared’ of home

Racheal Martin of Kesh Ireland stands accused of allowing the abuse and murder of 15 month old baby Millie. On December 10, 2009, Millie was carried to hospital by boytoy moron and child abuser extraordinaire, Barry McCarney.

At the hospital sweet Millie was found to be covered with bruises and to be braindead from the beating she took at McCarney’s hands. She had 22 rib fractures suffered at different times, an abdominal injury, bruises all over her body and a burn to her pinky finger. Police arrested McCarney the next day and Martin denied any knowledge of abuse. Police investigated for several months and arrested her dumb ass for turning a blind eye to that abuse her little girl began suffering when her loverboy moved in with them in September of 2009. It boggles the mind that he was there for not even 4 whole months and, in that time, he did that type of damage to a child.

Martin claimed innocence to the police but, honestly, how could you not see that level of damage being done, or even the evidence of it. She went so far as to say she saw no bruises early in the day the day her child was murdered. She also denies that her bed warmer ever hurt the child she describes as a “happy, lovely adorable wee thing”. Some how I think that was true because children are, but I find the veracity of her claims to be pretty much bull.

She’s currently on trail for what investigators describe as her “turning a blind eye” to the almost daily damage being inflicted upon Millie.

Both Martin and McCarney are fighting the charges against them, but both have offered numerous stories as to how this baby girl was hurt. Here’s hoping the jury isn’t baffled by their B.S. and they go to jail for life. I wonder how long their “love” will survive behind bars?

***Thanks for the tip and the write up go to Jackie.

GA breeder stabs her newborn to death

Athens woman charged with murder for fatally stabbing her newborn son

Police: Georgia mom stabs newborn baby to death, possibly just hours after birth

21-year-old Cassandra Elyse Norwood from  Athens Georgia has been charged with the murder of her newborn son.  According to the police, mommy dearest lived with her parents and other family members (who were all clueless that she was expecting).  How did they not know she was pregnant and about to blow??  Apparently when labor struck, she went to a different part of the house where no one could hear her give birth.  I’m sorry but if there are no pain meds involved i cant believe no one could hear her!  Anyway, Shortly after his birth, within minutes or hours (tbd by autopsy) she decided to stab and cut the little man to death.  Someone in the home found the body around 1pm Thursday and called 911.

Mommy dearest was arrested Friday but was placed in the hospital to be treated for blood loss from the labor.  She has been charged with murder and will be placed in jail as soon as she is released from the hospital.  I say let her bleed….to death!  Stupid ass does not deserve to live. 

There was no apparent motive and no apparent mental condition to cause this poor baby’s death.  The police are looking for the father.

Maybe the inmates will take turns slicing and dicing her ass and leave her to bleed to death!!

***Thanks for the tips and the write up go to Leslie.

Birth Apparatus Too Drunk to Care

Paso Robles woman arrested in connection with infant daughter’s death

Woman accused of killing 3-month-old baby faces murder trial

The woman you see up there is Erin Christine Martin, age 43. She has graced our pages for what happened to her daughter, 3-month-old Grace Martin, June 16, 2010. We recently received this tip, and if you check the source links, this wasn’t reported until about 6 months had passed since her daughter’s death.

On June 16, 2010 Martin called police at about 9:41 PM and told Paso Robles Police Department that her 3 1/2-month-old child was unconscious and had not been breathing for 30 minutes. Why the hell didn’t she call sooner? When police arrived they described her as, “white and blue in color.” Rip my freaking heart out why don’t you! Emergency personnel tried to save the baby at the scene, and then transferred her by ambulance to Twin Cities Community Hospital in Templeton for emergency treatment and then at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, the baby was pronounced dead June 18.

It wasn’t until January of this year on the suspicion of murder in her daughter’s death and assaulting a minor under 8 years of age resulting in death, after an extensive investigation, examination of medical records, and multiple interviews with martin, that Erin Martin was arrested in connection with her daughters death. A pathologist, Gary Walter, determined Grace’s cause of death to be severe lack of oxygen to the brain because of blunt force trauma to the abdomen. Oh, did I mention this shebeast was also drunk the night all of this occurred? She had a BAC of 0.23 which was determined by a specimen collected the night of June 16.

Martin initially told police the medical emergency was the result of pet dander in the residence where she was staying. She also told a friend she left the child alone in the bedroom while she went to the kitchen to make something to eat, and when she returned the child was in a deep sleep. She said all of this during a recorded conversation because it took place over the phone at the Paso Robles Police Department holding facility. She also told a detective that she and a former roommate performed the “baby Heimlich” on the child three days before the child stopped breathing while they were babysitting. Both of them deny the choking incident ever occurred and also deny performing the Heimlich technique on the child.

Investigation also uncovered a slew of medical conditions the baby has been treated for in her short life. These include whooping cough, pneumonia and a respiratory virus infection in the weeks leading to her death. Grace Martin spent a month at a hospital at UCLA for her condition. She was released June 6, 2010, a mere ten days before her death.

At a preliminary examination Gary Walter testified that that a homicide occurred, in his opinion, because of a pool of blood in the child’s abdomen that would indicate there was blunt-force trauma. The defense tried to argue that evidence showed that investigators shouldn’t have ruled out that the baby could have died from health complications and that the injuries caused to her abdomen could have been caused by the CPR administered by Erin Martin and a police officer that arrived at the scene. But San Luis Obispo County Deputy District Attorney Jesse Marino argued that evidence showed a ruptured intestine and other findings in autopsy reasonably couldn’t have occurred from chest compressions to revive the child.

After all the testimony at the preliminary hearing San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Jacquelyn Duffy found sufficient evidence to proceed in the trial against Martin. Duffy said a number of points led to her ruling, including the delay in the call to 911, and the nature of the baby’s injuries.

Martin was due back in court November 2, 2011 for further arraignment, but I haven’t found anything further.

R.I.P. Grace Martin. You deserved so much better than what you received. I hope you have found lots of love and happiness in the heavens.


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