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Amber Lee Gandy, 25, of Grand Ronde, Oregon, likes to drink and then go joyriding with her babies in the car. Allegedly. Charges are expected to be filed concerning the accident in which she flipped her SUV upside down in Widow Creek with her children, 2-year old Kylie Gandy, 3-year old Austin Gandy, and six-month old Kameron Gandy in the vehicle.

Luckily, a neighbor happened upon the wreck and was able to extract Kylie and Austin, and the mother. It took a few more minutes before the incubator remembered that she had a third child, who was still in the vehicle, underwater. The hero waded back in to the creek, but by the time he got the baby out, Kameron had no pulse and was not breathing.

Medical personnel managed to revive the infant and he was life-flighted to another hospital in critical condition, and his prognosis has improved since then. No thanks to the idiot who thought that getting her drink on was more important than keeping her kids alive.

Where do these selfish hootchies come from? And why do they have babies that they have no intention of taking proper care of? How hard is it to stay sober, anyway? I do it all the time, so it can’t be that hard. Just say no. Just another public service announcement from your neighborhood crime prevention specialist, Captain Obvious.

I have yet to find an article that gives Amber’s BAC, but the wording in one of the articles makes me wonder if alcohol was the only thing she was under the influence of. According to the second article linked above, “an investigation by the Sheriff’s Office and Oregon State Police revealed that Amber Gandy was under the influence of intoxicants and that alcohol was a contributing factor of the traffic crash.” If alcohol was listed as a ‘factor’, and she was under the influence of ‘intoxicants’ (plural), that leads me to believe that there were other substances that she tested positive for, as well.

Oh, and did I mention that she was driving on a suspended license? Yeah. It has been suspended since 2007. I bet it wasn’t suspended for anything as minor as unpaid traffic tickets, either. Something tells me that this ain’t her first rodeo, if ya know what I mean…..

And just so I don’t get slammed by the ‘double standard’ police….where in the HELL was the father? Surely he knew her license were suspended, and that she had a drinking problem. So why were the kiddies in the car with her? So many questions….anybody have any answers?

I sincerely hope they throw the book at this lush, and keep her away from her kids for a good long time. Like, until they are old enough to drive themselves around.

I’d like to thank Calvena for this tip.

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