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A Wasted Life


A five year old boy is dead, and his one year old brother is in critical condition on the hospital, because the female human impersonator who gave birth to them got hold of a gun. La’ Tonya Dixon, 26, called 911 to report that she had killed both of her children.

When police got to her residence, she was waving a gun and telling the responding officers shoot her. It’s at times like that, that I wish more cops had my attitude. It wouldn’t do for me to be a cop – because I would have acceded to her demands. She was standing on a second floor balcony, and refused to drop her gun when she was ordered to the first few times. Again…..WHY didn’t they shoot her? They had just cause. Dixon also acted as if she were going to jump from the balcony at one point. What? No cheering and foot stomping from the cops? Too bad…

While she was putting on her one-woman gun show, she also yelled “I’ve wasted my life!” Noooo…..the only wasted life in this scenario is your boy’s, La’Tonya. You ARE wasting my oxygen, though, and I hope that ends soon. I’d be willing to part with a little of my electricity in order to keep you from continuing to use my oxygen….

When she finally decided to drop her gun, she was tackled by police. By several, I hope.

Her five year old was pronounced dead at the scene, and the one year old, who had multiple gunshot wounds, remains in critical condition.

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