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Mum’s “friend” accused of killing baby Silas

Man charged with Melbourne baby’s murder

Thanks to Lizzie for the tip on this one, and for Malevolent April for passing it on to me. I must admit I have been a bit behind on the tips, but I’m catching up.

Paul Ta Vuong (30) has appeared in an out of court session, accused of killing a one year old boy named Silas in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond. The news reports claim that he is a “friend” of Silas’ mum. A “friend” indeed…more like a “more than friend”! Ambos were called to the Richmond flat on May 15 but they couldn’t revive poor little Silas. He had extensive bruising to his head, fractures to his skull, ribs and arm, and a lacerated liver. When the cops interrogated Ta Vuong, he first claimed he tripped over and dropped Silas while his mum was out. Bzzzt! Then he said that he was playing too roughly with Silas. Bzzzt! The pathologist (medical examiner) said rough play did not explain the severity of Silas’ injuries. Unless Ta Vuong was “playing” with Silas by throwing him at a wall or dropping an anvil on him, that is.

Ta Vuong has been remanded in custody and faced court a few days ago. There hasn’t been any news on him yet, but I’ll keep my ear to the ground.

Rest in Peace little Silas.

Mom goes to work, Dad’s a jerk….

baby beater
Dad Accused of Beating Baby in Dearborn County
Eagle Country
Destiny age 7 weeks abused/Dad gets 15 years

There are times when I could gleefully smack the ever-loving snot out of someone I don’t even know. This is one of those times. Smiley Joe up there (aka Joshua Schulkers, 22) apparently thought he was being photographed for the cover of GQ rather than getting a mugshot done for almost killing his 7-week-old daughter. I doubt GQ would take him anyway, since last time I checked they weren’t going for the “grunge in a dirty orange jumpsuit” look. That smirk he’s wearing just makes me want to chew up a hubcap and spit nails at his face. He looks like he’s thinking, “Look, Ma! I’m a big man – I beat up babies!”

The details are as follows: Last October, Joshua was arrested when his daughter, Destiny, was taken to the hospital with six broken ribs, another in early stages of healing, a fractured skull, and a lacerated liver. She was only seven weeks old, and it was her mother’s first day back at work after the birth. What a great dad! He won’t work to support his family, but he is at least trying to save money by getting rid of that extra mouth to feed. Since I’m sure he eats more than the infant, though, I think the better idea would have been for him to go jump in front of a bus or something. That would have been a lot more cost effective, AND the mother wouldn’t have had all those medical bills for the baby’s injuries.

Like all thoughtful child abusers, this one gave authorities several different options to choose from concerning the cause of Destiny’s injuries. I think he got them from pages 6, 42, and 63 of the “Baby Beater’s Handbook”. He alternately blamed a couch, a baby changing table, and …..wait for it….the baby herself. Yup, he said she fractured her own skull because she was wiggling around while he was trying to change her, or some such garbage. Oh, another explanation was that he ‘squeezed her’ until she ‘made a sound’. I bet he liked playing with those little packing bubbles when he was a child too. I think his cell mate should be allowed to squeeze his head until it makes a sound. Preferably a “POP”.

Destiny’s family went to the court proceedings, and both the grandmother and an aunt spoke out against this monster and wished him the best in prison. By the best, I mean a lengthy stay and punishment equal to (or greater than) what he dished out to their precious angel. I agree whole-heartedly.

Although this waste of genetic matter initially denied any wrongdoing (because, as you know, Destiny caused her own injuries), he eventually pleaded guilty to the charges and was rewarded with 15 years in prison. The good news is that his child will be substantially bigger when he gets out and can avoid all the ‘squeezing’ activities – the bad news is that old Josh will still be young enough to create a few more babies that he can squeeze to death or seriously injure. Let’s hope he loses his attraction for women while he is in the grey bar hotel being Bubba’s babe.

I haven’t received any tips on this one from BB, but if April has any, and sends them to me, I will include my thanks to our fine supporters. For now I’ll take all the credit for the research, since I’m greedy that way.

The Devil DIDN’T make me do it!


John Lotts

Admitted Satanist In Court For Child Abuse
Sex offender, Satanist accused of abusing boy
Self-Proclaimed Satanist Talks From Jail About Abuse Charges

Just when I think I’ve heard and seen it all, something comes across my computer screen to prove me wrong. This is one of those situations that would be almost funny if it didn’t involve the abuse of an innocent. Usually, the people we feature here attempt to blame their actions on God, Jesus, Satan or any other supernatural entity they can think of. THIS guy is actually DEFENDING Satan! Go figure! Like I said, it would be humorous if it didn’t involve an abused child.

On to the details…Goatee devil-boy up there is none other than John (Lucifer) Lotts Jr. He is an admitted Satanist, and apparently proud of his evil affiliation with Old Scratch himself. And while I have heard the term “card-carrying” used in reference to die-hard fans of any given topic, I found out during my reading on this case, that there is actually something to that claim – at least as far as Satanism is concerned. Apparently Beezelbub’s boy up there is a card-carrying Satanist. No, really! When he was arrested, he produced a ‘red card’ and intimated that it was proof of his membership in the Church of Satan. Of course, that fine organization could not confirm his claim, because the names of its members are private. Again, go figure…

Anyway, Lotts, 40, henceforth to be referred to as Mr. Minion, was arrested for abusing a five-year old boy. But Minion claims that the abuse had absolutely nothing to do with his religious beliefs. No, he just lost his temper – re: he’s simply mean as a freakin’ snake. What a novel concept on here, huh? Personal responsibility. Who’d have thought that of all of the fine, upstanding religious individuals we feature here, it would be a Satanist who didn’t try to lie and blame his actions on his deity? But then, maybe Satan told him to lie about his Master’s involvement – sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Among the injuries sustained by the little boy are multiple facial injuries, injuries to the backs of his hands, numerous injuries to the child’s entire body (in varying stages of healing), and internal injuries including kidney contusions and a lacerated liver. I think I’m going to go ahead and say that I believe Lotts – no non-corporeal entity caused these injuries. And although I don’t believe that Satan injured the boy, I certainly hope someone reaches out and smacks the HELL out of this walking waste of flesh. And the boy’s mother, too – but we’ll get to her later. Lotts said that the injuries he inflicted on the boy were done out of anger, and he admitted to kicking and burning the boy. Oh, and Lotts is a registered sex offender, too. What a fantastic find for any young, single mother!

Speaking of the birth organism, her name is Elizabeth A. Hoagland and she is 23. She admitted knowing that Lotts was a registered sex offender, and still she left her son with this guy. But wait! There’s more! She also admitted to coming home a few days prior to the hospital visit to find her son incoherent on the floor with blood coming out of his mouth. But since he seemed OK when he regained consciousness, she didn’t bother to seek treatment for the injuries at that time, and continued to leave the boy in the care of this monster. Good call, Elizabeast Hagster! But maybe we should forgive the poor woman, since she did later admit “she was wrong for not protecting (her son) or seeking medical treatment for him.” Who wants to pat her on the back and tell her everything will be OK? Maybe have a group hug? Yeah, me neither. She has been charged with failing to protect her son, but I think she should be charged with reckless endangerment, as well as mental abuse for leaving her son in the care of someone as scary looking as Lucifer’s lover up there. That’s enough to traumatize anyone!

Although no name has been released for the child, he is reportedly recovering from his horrendous injuries, and has been placed with a relative until further notice.

We always speculate that there is a special place in Hell for the abusive freaks we profile here, but in this case, I’m not sure that’s a deterrent for this guy – he’s apparently looking forward to going there. Well, maybe there’s someplace even worse than Hell for people who are buddies with the pitchfork-wielding master of pain.

"Oh my god he… looks like he's been beaten to death" – UPDATE

Autopsy – beaten N.C. boy (4) had alcohol in his system

Some of you may remember the story I wrote about Trenton Michael Scott, he was 4-year-old little boy, who’s mother Heather Benson found him unresponsive the morning of April 19 and made a call too 911 sobbing and saying “Oh, My god… he looks like he’s been beaten to death.”

Well… unfortunately Heather was right and after an autopsy was concluded it not only showed that Trenton died from a lacerated liver caused by blunt force trauma to the abdomen and chest and showed signs of strangulation of the neck, eight broken ribs, a fractured skull, broken teeth, bite marks on his back and chest and numerous cuts and bruises.  To top it off… his blood alcohol content was 0.12 percent.  Umm..what?  The doctors believe Trenton ingested the alcohol.

Although toxicologist say it is possible the alcohol came from fermentation of bacteria in the blood after Trenton was killed, they do not believe that is the case here, due to the blood alcohol level being so high.

William Godfrey, Heather’s live-in boyfriend at the time, was charged with Trenton’s death and has been in Buncombe County Jail.  He is due in court September 12th for a probable cause hearing.  The D.A. has said they will see the death penalty.

Heather, who has not been charged, has not been able to return to the home the three shared, since the death of her son.

Thank you to Tracy for the tip.


Jose does what we’ve come to expect – He killed his fiancé’s daughter

Child Killing Shit Bag

Fiancé arrested in 4-year-old girl’s death

Mesa police arrest man accused in deadly child beating

So… I took a week off, and it seems that shit around here is business as usual.  We still have methtards, parents starving and abusing kids and boyfriends killing toddlers.  I won’t even bother getting into the fact that this mother fucker, Jose Luis Gonzalez-Dominguez, is in this country illegally.  Having legal status in this country wouldn’t have changed the fact that he’s still a baby murdering prick – no more than it would have made the murder less tragic if he had committed it in his own country.  So before the debate begins over him committing crimes in a country that isn’t his, let’s not negate from the fact that there is still a dead child regardless of where this sack of shit is from.

Okay.  Now that I got that out of the way, on to the baby murdering assclown.

Friday the 13th… I’m not sure how many of you are superstitious, but my father in law died on Friday the 13th, so the day tends to set off my hink-o-meter.  There is no doubt that weird shit happens that day.  That’s why I’m a little shocked at the excuses 21-year-old Jose Luis Gonzalez-Dominguez was giving for the injuries to his fiancé’s 4-year-old daughter.  I suppose he just wasn’t clever enough to muster up anything more creative than the “she fell down and hurt herself” bullshit that all of these losers use.  Man… That fucking excuse is as played out as “the stairs did it” and “the evil baby killing bathtub is responsible”.

Gonzalez-Dominguez was responsible for his fiancé, Crystal Carimbocas’, children on Friday, May 13th, while she was at work. The troop of siblings consisted of 4-year-old Anays Chenal Carimbocas, a 6 and an 8-year-old and a 4-month-old baby.   Between 8 and 9 p.m., Gonzalez-Dominguez contacted   Carimbocas at work to tell her that little Anays had (earlier) complained of back pain and had vomited and that she was barely breathing.  While this would have prompted a mad fucking dash home from any of us reasonable parents, Carimbocas waited until 11:30 p.m. (when she got home) to check on her baby girl.  Despite the fact that her daughter’s breathing was very shallow and she appeared weak and pale, the obviously cerebrally deficient c*** waited another half hour (or longer) before picking up the phone to call for help.  My guess is she wanted to protect her tw*t filling shit bag, but that’s just my opinion.  Anays was transported to the hospital early Saturday morning where she was dead upon arrival. 

Of course we all know how the rest of the story goes.  The ER doc took one look at Anays’ battered little body and knew that something just wasn’t adding up.  She had visible head injuries and bruising, fresh and in various stages of healing, all over her little body.  He contacted authorities and that’s when the shit really hit the fan.  

According to Gonzalez-Dominguez, he had taken the four children to the community pool at their apartment complex.  As his story goes, he spent the entire day at the pool and that’s where Anays fell and hurt herself.  He claimed that Anays was complaining of back pain, so he called his mother (who lives in the same complex) and she gave Gonzalez-Dominguez some pain medication for the child.  About an hour later, he realized she was struggling to breathe, yet he didn’t call for help.  He offered Anays some mouth to mouth from his putrid facial orifice instead.  *puke*  A while later, he contacted his slag, who took her sweet ass time coming home to tend to her dying baby.

As if the condition of Anays’ body wasn’t enough to set off the investigator’s bullshit detectors, the apartment manager confirmed that the swimming pool was closed on May 13th.  Then there was the fact that a surveillance camera at the pool didn’t show the family coming or going from the pool area that day.  OH, SNAP!!!

As I mentioned before, Gonzalez-Dominguez is a Mexican national and has been living in this country, illegally, for the past 6 years.  I’m not sure what bearing that has on this case, but he was arrested on a charge of failing to render aid resulting in death.  It’s expected that a homicide charge will be added.  Neither he nor his tw*t has been cooperative with authorities.  I know, shocker, right?  I’m not sure why Carimbocas hasn’t been charged, but hopefully that will come with his homicide charge. 

Anays’ siblings are all in the custody of CPS. 

Anays’ autopsy showed that she died from blunt-force trauma.  She was found to have skull fractures, a lacerated liver, contusion to the pancreas, torn blood vessels and numerous bruises.  If the surveillance camera didn’t prove that mother fucker was lying, the autopsy certainly would have.   I hope that shit stain suffers a little “fall” in the prison shower.  He deserves nothing less than what he gave to that little angel. 

Thanks go to Tina for the tip.

Janella Lewis isn't a boo-boo kissing Granny – She's a boo-boo MAKING murderer

 Grandma Goes To Court In Child Abuse Death 

When most of us think of a Grandmother we envision kind smiles, warm hugs and more love than the world can hold. For 2 year old Titus Gooseberry the word Grandmother is synonymous with executioner. According to authorities, the Harvey La. child died at the hospital on Jan 14 from a lacerated liver. An injury believed to have been caused by his GrandMonster, 40 year old Janella Lewis, stomping on his back so hard she left a foot print. An examination of the child revealed several injuries indicative of Battered Child Syndrome. Of course the vile monster had several excuses for the injuries, including a car accident and a fall down the stairs, where she accidently stepped on Titus’ liitle back trying to keep him from falling. The coroner states he had the worst lacerated liver she has ever seen.
My question is why did this evil creature have primary care of young Titus and his 3 year old brother. How bad must the birth vessel have been for the GrandMurderess to be the best choice of caregiver. Lewis also admitted to “disciplining” the toddler by burning him with a hot fork or metal spoon and well as repeatedly striking him with a belt. Neighbors have stated the children were never seen outside, one woman even saying she was unaware children even lived in the apartment. Anyone who has ever lived in an apartment has got to know how unbelievable it is that neighbors were unaware two toddlers lived in the home. No laughing, no running, no noise. It breaks my heart to think how scared those little angels were for them to be that silent.
Lewis is being held in Jefferson Parish Correctional Facility on second degree murder charges, her partner was booked for obstruction of justice as she lied about the boy’s injuries to cover up her snatch licker’s crimes. Titus’ 3 year old brother is in protective custody.
Rest in Peace little man.

***  Special thanks go to my Enchanted Mistress, Karan, for writing this one.

Special – Just for Super Bowl Sunday (a day late, sorry)

Sikeston parents charged with murder in infant daughter’s death

Even the twits on South Park know: Don’t Kick the Baby.    Robert Ransom (21) and Tabitha Hail (25) up there, however, never got that message.   And now their 17 month old daughter is dead.

This story will sound sickeningly, deadeningly familiar to most readers.  Here are the commonalities:   It’s an egg donor and her live-in clitoral stimulator boyfriend – both too young to be parents.  Two other children – older children of school age – also in the home who reported “spankings” by mother.  Two “parental” units who have absolutely no idea how the baby got like that.  “Dunno, George!  She musta falled down somewheres!”

Here’s the horrible:  911 was called to a home with an “unresponsive” infant.  When they got there, they found the 17 month old girl with a distended abdomen and rushed her to the ER.  There, the doctor described her injuries as what might happen if one kicked the baby “like a football.”  There was the obligatory bruising to the child’s head and kidney, which is horrid enough.  But.  BUT!!!   The poor little girl had a lacerated liver.  And it had been left untreated so long that she had bled out into her stomach.   According to the article, a child of this size has about 1.5 liters of blood in her whole body.  Of that 1.5 liters, 1 liter was in her poor little tummy.   Her pain and terror must have been gargantuan. 

While the baby must have been contorted in agony, our Bad Breeder’s World Worst Parents team’s Half-back and Wide Receiver decided the answer was to go to bed.  When they woke, she baby was unresponsive, had vomited on her shirt (must have been almost entirely blood) and they decided maybe this might be an emergency.

Tabitha Hail, 25, of Sikeston, was charged with second degree murder, abuse of a child and endangering the welfare of a child in the first degree.

Robert Benjamin Ransom, 21, of Sikeston, was charged with second degree murder and endangering the welfare of a child in the first degree.

Both subjects were each given a cash bond of $150,000 through Scott County Courts.  They are still in custody awaiting their arraignment. 

Hopefully, they will both develop appendicitis and the prison system will assume they are both faking their symptoms so that they die of acute septicemia.  That’s my wish for them. 

Thanks to Tasha Stacy for the heads up!

***A special thanks to  Eretrea for writing this one.

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