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Another mom killed her baby for being a baby

Another mom killed her baby for being a baby 

Lakewood: She placed blanket over 2-month-old’s mouth to keep pacifier in after he got fussy, police say

The one thing I miss (that I thought I’d NEVER miss) about my son not being a baby any more is the way he used to need me.  When he was a baby, I loved catering to his needs, no matter how loud is crying was or how little sleep I got.  I had this perfect, precious little person that I loved more than life and me being his mommy was the greatest job I have EVER had.  I never once opted to take the easy way out of any situation I found myself in as a new mother.  I enjoyed every thankless hour in hopes to see him giggle in his sleep or light up when I sang him silly songs. So why doesn’t every woman who has the ability to push a little bundle of joy from her loins embrace motherhood the way I did / do?

That’s probably a great question for 22-year-old Jamie McAdams.  McAdams is being charged with manslaughter following the January 12th death of her 2-month-old son, Jeremiah.  McAdams, claimed that her son’s death was a result of her using a blanket to keep a pacifier in his mouth because he was fussy.   Um… Pick him up?  Rock him?  Sing to him?  Maybe a warm bath… ANYTHING but suffocating him.

When officers arrived at McAdams’ home, about4 a.m.on  January 13th, little Jeremiah was lying on the floor, dead.  McAdams claimed that Jeremiah slept in his car seat because she didn’t have a crib for him, and that she placed the car seat near the foot of her bed and then went to sleep.  Very responsible parenting.  I guess we should all be thankful she at least had a car seat for him.  She said that she checked on the baby at4 a.m.and he was lying face down on the carpet with the car seat on top of him, stating that she never heard him cry from the time she laid him down until the time she found him on the floor.  Liar, liar!  Ina second interview, she changed the location of the sleeping baby and the car seat to a small stool.  Still lying…. A third interview revealed a little more truth.  She finally told officers that she “accidentally” killed her baby by securing his pacifier in his mouth with a blanket.  Another senseless act of criminal stupidity by a selfish breeder.  She was afraid she’d be blamed for Jeremiah’s death.  Instead of calling 911 when she initially found him (with the pacifier still secured in his little mouth) so she, in fact, took steps to make it appear that his car seat had tipped over.  She then went back to sleep for 30 minutes, hoping that her boyfriend would find the baby and she’d be off the hook.  FAIL!  He never found that baby.  McAdams eventually got out of bed and pretended that she happened upon this tragic accident that was not an accident at all.

An autopsy revealed that Jeremiah’s death was caused by suffocation.  McAdams pleaded not guilty to one count of first-degree manslaughter.  She is being held on $500,000 bail.

McAdams lived inTennessee prior to living inWashington.  While she lived there, she had two other children that were removed from her custody due to allegations physically assaulted them.  This is a perfect example of why there should be mandatory sterilization for these stupid fucks that hurt kids.  It would certainly make my inbox less “full”.

Thanks go to Denise for the tip.

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